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Harrington Housing Sherbrooke, Montreal
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Harrington Housing Sherbrooke, Montreal

R. Sherbrooke E, Montréal, H2X 1C3, Canada
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36 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
On-site Security
laundry facility

About the Property

Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal, located at 65 R. Sherbrooke E Montréal, QC H2X 1C3, Canada, offers a variety of student accommodation options in the heart of Montréal. Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal is highly sought after for its convenient location and premium facilities. Students can choose from an array of rooms, studio apartments, and various non-ensuite options, which are furnished and equipped with modern amenities. Situated at a stone's throw from educational institutions, Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal is ideally positioned for students at Université du Québec à Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal, Trebas Institute and  McGill University.

Montréal, Québec's vibrant metropolis, is an inspirational locale for the student population, offering an excellent blend of education, culture, and history. Known for its high-ranking universities and diverse student community, Montréal fosters a nurturing environment for both local and international students. With iconic landmarks such as Mount Royal, the historic Old Port, and the bustling art district, the city offers a unique cultural experience alongside its academic excellence. Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal places students at the center of this dynamic city. Celebrated for its festivals, cuisine, and international outlook, Montréal is an ideal destination for those seeking an immersive educational journey. You'll be surprised that some of Canada's top banks have headquarters here! But Montreal is more than just a place to work. It's also exciting to have fun and be entertained, with numerous festivals and events throughout the year. There's always something exciting to look forward to, from the Montreal International Film Festival to the Canadian National Exhibition to Pride Montreal. Montreal is known to be the best regarding safe student accommodation in Montreal. Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal stands as the gateway to Montréal's rich heritage and contemporary lifestyle, where the balance of study and urban life is perfectly struck.


Immerse yourself into a comfortable and convenient living experience at Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal, a prime choice for student accommodation in Montréal. Residents can select from a variety of room types, including the deluxe balcony room, studio apartment, flex plus, and flex basic, as well as deluxe rooms and the spacious master room & ensuite bath. Each room is thoughtfully designed and comes fully furnished with bed linens, a full bed, and a wardrobe, ensuring a seamless transition into your new home. Students can watch some TV in the room for entertainment or study at the study desk under the desk lamp with a bookshelf in the room!

The communal amenities at Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal are geared towards enhancing your student life. A dedicated night watchman, concierge & doorman, along with onsite security and a gated community, ensure support is always at hand. At the same time, the fully-equipped gym and underground pool are perfect for staying active. Keeping clean clothes is a breeze with the onsite laundry facilities along with a washer/dryer, and when it's time to unwind, the sauna facilities stand ready to pamper. For students bringing their own vehicles, underground parking space is available for added convenience. Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal does not allow pets and smoking and covers bills of utilities included, Wifi internet, water and electricity in the rent.

Location and What's Hot?

Located close to esteemed institutions such as Université du Québec à Montréal and McGill University, the Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal student accommodation offers a strategic and accessible site for learners. Living at Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal ensures top-notch service and a worry-free environment. This allows you to focus on your academic and social life. Whether you're attending a lecture, enjoying nearby cultural hotspots, or simply revelling in the comfort of your room, each day is a step toward creating memorable student life experiences.

Situated on the vibrant streets of the city, Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal offers an exceptional living experience tailored for students. Right next to your door, indulge in a myriad of gastronomic delights at Bocadillo, famed for its authentic poutine, or enjoy the rich aromas of Asian cuisine at The Dumpling Hut. Coffee aficionados can savour their morning brew at the bustling Café Nocturne, while grocery shopping becomes a breeze with markets like Marché Tradition St-André or Fruiterie Plateau just around the corner.

For those seeking relaxation and green spaces, the tranquil ambience of Parc La Fontaine provides the perfect urban escape, and should you need medical services, Hôpital Notre Dame ensures peace of mind with its state-of-the-art facilities. Cultural enrichment is at your fingertips with iconic sites such as the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal and the historic beauty of Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal, each offering a unique glimpse into the city's artistic and architectural heritage.

The location of Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal facilitates an enriching student life with the convenience of nearby cafes, restaurants, and services, making it a desirable student accommodation in Montréal. Celebrate student life at its finest, where every need is catered for and every leisure just moments away. Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal defines what it means to live, learn, and connect in the heart of an exhilarating city.


Getting around the city is a breeze when you're staying at Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal. Ease of access with nearby bus stops like Sherbrooke / Saint-Laurent makes traversing the city simple. If you prefer riding the rails, you're in luck— Gare Centrale railway station is also within close proximity, delivering you directly to the heartbeat of the city's bustling activities. Not to mention, the presence of nearest tram stops like Station Gare Centrale adds another layer of navigational ease. And for those quick, underground trips, nearby subway stations like Saint Laurent serve as gateways to efficiency, ensuring that Harrington Housing Sherbrooke Montreal seals the deal as the epitome of student convenience and connectivity.

What will you get

Your Rent Include

Utilities Included
Wi-Fi Internet

Common Amenities

Concierge & Doorman
Washer / Dryer
Indoor Pool
Underground Parking

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property does not offer cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • Replacement Tenant Found
    This property allows cancellation upon finding replacement tenant.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the rent include?

The rent includes all utilities, internet, as well as living in a fully furnished apartment. It also includes the use of the building amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, rooftop, and so on (if applicable).

Who can rent with property? I am not a student?

We are a purpose-built housing provider. We provide co-living housing both to students and young professionals. If you have concerns about whether you are eligible to apply, please contact our booking team by mail.

How does the rent payment work?

At the time of check-out, you are only required to make your deposit payment. Paying a deposit will secure your room. Your first rent payment is due upon your move-in. Let's say today is January 15 and you would like to book a room from March 1 to September 31. Today, you will need to pay the deposit amount to hold your room. The first rent payment is due any time until March 1. You will need to pay your first rent to receive your apartment keys. In other words, the deposit secures your room, and the first rent brings you the keys.

What is the verification process?

After the booking submission, you will be asked to follow the instructions to verify your identity and proof of study/work. We want to make sure we only accept people who are verified to be a good fit for our co-living community.

How can I visit the room before booking?

On our website, you will find a link where you can book a tour. This can be virtual or in person.

What is required for booking?

To book you will need to complete the verification process by uploading a photo ID, proof of study, proof of address, ID proof of guarantor, and then pay the deposit listed in the booking process. If you are a student, we require proof of study instead of proof of work. This full process can be completed online.

What is proof of guarantor?

It is proof that you have a guarantor agreeing to secure or 'guarantee' tenancy agreement/contract. A guarantor can be an individual (parent, spouse, relative, etc.) who promises to pay a tenant’s debt in the case the payment has not been transferred for a reason.

Why can’t I select the dates I want?

You can only select beginning and end of the month as a move-in date. If you have a specific move-in date in mind, you may contact by mail in case we can accommodate your inquiry.

How do my friend and I rent an apartment together?

Bookings are done individually, but you may request to live in the same apartment with your friend. We do our best to make this happen but it is based on availability. Please contact our booking team by mail.

Can I meet my roommates before moving in?

In most circumstances, your exact room is assigned the day you move in. Our housing coordinators will introduce you to your roommates when you move in.

Are property premises Co-ed?

We have all-female, all-male, and mixed apartments, based on availability at the time of booking. During the booking process kindly let us know your preference and we will do our best to accommodate it.

How do I cancel my booking?

Please see our cancellation policy.

What if my classes are canceled due to Covid-19?

Please see our cancellation policy, with a special Covid-19 update. Proof will be required for cancellation requests based on Covid-19. Additional fees might apply depending on how much notice is provided.

Will I lose my furniture deposit if my classes are canceled due to Covid-19?

A furniture deposit could be used as a credit for a future booking if the cancellation is related to Covid-19. Other terms and conditions can be found.

Why am I paying a furniture deposit?

The furniture deposit is to secure the room and cover any potential damage to furniture, other loss, or default in rent payment. Please see our furniture deposit policy here (does not apply to Toronto and Montreal premises).

Is the furniture deposit returned?

The deposit will be returned within 21 business days after the rooming agreement term stays, provided that the contractual obligations have been met and mandatory fees have been deducted.

What is the Service Fee?

The service fee is a non-refundable administrative fee, to cover costs associated with your application process, verification, screening, and contract preparation.

Do I pay my rent month to month, or weekly?

We allow flexible lease terms, and rent payment is due every 4 weeks. A payment plan will be generated and added to the end of your housing agreement for your reference. Let's say you rented a room at a rate of $275/week, and your total duration of stay is 12-week. You will need to make payments in 3 installments of $1100/each.

What if I want to change my room type?

Room type changes are subject to availability and will involve an extra cleaning fee pending approval.

How can I extend my stay?

You need to provide a written request to extend your stay, preferably with a 30-day notice. Extensions are based on availability and we do our best to accommodate them.

How many people will I be living with?

You will live in a co-living space with other roommates. 95% of our premises accommodate three (3) roommates in total. An exact number of roommates depends on the apartment layout and location.

Do I get my own bathroom?

Unless specified otherwise, all rooms have shared bathrooms. If you are looking for ultimate privacy, we do have a master room with a private bathroom and entire apartment options in certain locations.

How many people share the same bathroom?

Generally, you will be sharing the bathroom with 2 other roommates depending on the apartment layout. We have some apartments with a master room with a private bathroom, based on availability.

Does the apartment have a common living room?

There is a small dining area near the kitchen area. Particularly with the Covid-19 precautions, we discourage our residents to gather in common areas unless necessary.

Is a kitchen included?

Yes, all of our apartments come with a fully furnished, shared kitchen. This includes a small dining area, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and appliances.

Is the internet included?

We are happy to provide each resident with an unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection. This is included in the rental price. Also, property prepares the rooms with fresh bed linens and deep cleaning before the move-in. Residents need to leave the room in the same condition as it is found, including the replacement of fresh bed linens and completion of deep move-out cleaning.

Is there a laundry?

Yes, all our premises have either in-unit or on-site laundry.

Is parking included?

Parking may be provided for an additional fee, provided that the duration of the stay is a minimum of one year. Please contact by mail for details.

Are there locks on doors?

Unfortunately, we do not place locks on doors. Due to existing fire code requirements, we attach importance to the security of the co-living units, and individual locks create a less preferable environment in terms of the security of our tenants.

What is flex space?

Flex space is one of the budget-friendly options we offer. It’s ideal for students looking for luxury living with basic privacy. The space is an alternative to a shared room and is created with a temporary bookcase partition. The full description can be found on our website.

Do you have a cleaning service?

Prior to moving in, your room is cleaned and you are provided with fresh linens. It is up to all roommates to keep their rooms and common areas clean.

What is your guest policy?

Due to the unique living environment at property premises, constant overnight guests are not allowed. You are able to have friends and family visit you. However overnight guests overpopulate the apartment and are not permitted.

Do you provide a meal plan?

Meal plans are not provided. Our apartments have fully furnished kitchens with standard appliances including pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery. There are grocery stores nearby.

Can I bring my own sheets and furniture?

We provide fresh bed linens prior to moving in. Our rooms are fully furnished with a bed, study desk, side table, lighting, and smart TV. As long as the room is left in the same condition after your stay, you may replace your own linens and small furniture.

Can I rent an apartment to myself?

Yes, you can rent an entire studio or one-bedroom apartment. Please check our website for availability.

What if I have a roommate issue?

Our residence is a co-living shared space and we encourage open communication to try and resolve any household issues. Please contact your housing coordinator, for some further assistance.

Is there 24/7 security on the premises?

Most of our locations have a concierge security desk. Additionally, a key fob is needed, to enter the building.

What is the check-in process?

Check-in generally begins after 4:00 pm on your planned move-in date. You will receive move-in instructions by email, which will include the housing coordinator’s contact information. You can inform them when you’re on the way, or a time you plan to be at the residence and they will meet you.
You will have a short orientation when you arrive and will receive your keys if your first rent payment was made.

For earlier check-ins (early arriving flights)?

You can call / message the coordinator via WhatsApp and let them know your arrival time. You will be able to leave your luggage in the common area of the apartment and return later once your room is ready.

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36 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Montreal

Student Housing in Montreal

Finding the perfect student housing in Montreal can be daunting, but with options for student residence in Montreal, students can explore the city's cultural vibrancy and bilingual charm beyond the university boundaries. Student housing in Montreal offers advantages in terms of flexibility, a broader range of living environments, and often more immersion into the local community, which is especially beneficial for those attending institutions such as Université du Québec à Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal, Concordia University, and the University of Montréal.

Amber simplifies the search for Montreal student housing, offering a seamless, user-friendly platform that connects students with a variety of options. From shared rooms that encourage community living to studio student apartments in Montreal for those who cherish privacy, Living here, you are also close to major areas and cities, such as Ottawa, Oshawa, Toronto, and Downtown. Amber's accommodations are tailored to various preferences and needs. Strategically located, these Montreal student housing options ensure convenience and ease of access to key university campuses and city attractions.

About Montreal

Montreal, established in 1642, is one of Canada's oldest cities. Located in the southwest of Quebec province, it spans 166 square miles and boasts a population of two million. Montreal blends youthful energy with old-world charm. Its cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, reminiscent of other places, lend it a touch of European ambience, earning it the nickname of "a little piece of Europe in North America."

With one of the world's largest French-speaking populations, Montreal embraces its French heritage while also maintaining bilingualism on the island city. Residents effortlessly switch between French and English, adding to the city's dynamic cultural fabric. Montreal's popularity is evident as it consistently ranks among the top destinations globally. It offers an exceptional student experience with affordable living costs, great options for student housing, a diverse mix of languages and ethnicities, captivating entertainment options, and mouthwatering cuisine. In fact, Montreal now ranks 13th in the 2024 QS Best Student Cities.

Best Student Housing in Montreal

For students relocating to the city in search of off-campus student housing in Montreal, the choices for student apartments in Montreal are plentiful and tailored to every need. Envision yourself settling into a living space that offers not just comfort and privacy but also the thrilling autonomy that comes with independent living. Away from the confinements of on-campus dorms, student residence in Montreal bestows affordability and the rewarding opportunity to immerse in the diverse and vibrant student community. Considering proximity, there's a host of choices for student housing in Montreal close to renowned institutions like McGill University and Trebas Institute. Your options range from the cozy en-suite to luxurious student apartments in Montreal, and modern studio apartments, ensuring a match for every preference. Here is a list of top Montreal student housing, each presenting a range of amenities to cater to your educational lifestyle:

1. Pearson Housing Drummond Street

2. Harrington Housing Sherbrooke

3. Harrington Housing Guy & Concordia

4. Harrington Housing Summerhill

5. Place Du Boulevard

6. Harrington Housing McGill Ghetto

7. Harrington Housing Drummond

8. Harrington Housing Gramercy

9. Harrington Housing Lincoln

10. Harrington Housing Regency

Cost of Living in Montreal

Understanding the cost of living in Montreal is essential for students planning their expenses. The vibrant city is known for its cultural diversity and excellent academic institutions, but it also comes with its own set of costs. On average, students can anticipate a cumulative monthly cost ranging from CA$ 1,200 to CA$ 1,500, which will significantly impact their financial planning and lifestyle choices. However, the cost estimate doesn't include your rent for Montreal student housing. Grasping the expense breakdown is the first step to smartly managing your budget for a smoother student life in Montreal.

1. Food & Groceries - CA$250 to CA$350

2. Transportation - CA$50 to CA$82

3. Utilities (including internet) - CA$100 to CA$150

4. Clothing - CA$50 to CA$100

5. Sports & Leisure - CA$50 to CA$100

Student Travel in Montreal

Montreal is a bustling metropolis with a reliable public transport system that ensures seamless student travel near student housing in Montreal. Exploring Montreal student housing with ease is a hallmark of this vibrant location.

The public transportation network around student housing in Montreal is extensive, comprising various modes to suit different preferences:

1. Buses: Operated by Société de transport de Montréal (STM), the bus network encompasses extensive routes across the city, making it easy to reach various localities. Students may opt for a monthly pass, the OPUS card, at CA$54.50, which offers unlimited rides.

2. Metro: Montreal boasts a well-developed metro system consisting of four lines that interconnect the city, including stops close to the major universities and student housing areas.  A single metro trip costs CA$ 3.50, and the OPUS card also applies to the metro.

3. Cycling: For those who prefer an eco-friendly mode of travel, Montreal's BIXI bike-share program is an excellent option. It allows easy pick-up and drop-off at numerous stations citywide. With rates starting as low as CA$3.25 for a one-way trip and subscriptions available for frequent users, cycling is not only affordable but also a healthy way to explore.

4. Commuter Trains: The suburbs and nearby regions are well-connected to Montreal through a network of commuter trains managed by Exo. Depending on the zone, fares range from CA$4 to CA$10. The OPUS card is valid on these services, providing another convenient option for students living in Montreal student housing.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Montreal

Embarking on a student journey in Montreal promises an exhilarating blend of culture, education, and a high quality of life. Known for its diverse and inclusive atmosphere, Montreal is not only a hub of knowledge and academia but also a haven of safety and convenience, ideal for student living. Amber's selection of Montreal student housing ensures that every scholar can find a perfect home base in close proximity to major educational institutions. Montreal is dotted with charming cafes and bustling restaurants that cater to every culinary preference. From the classic poutine at La Banquise to more avant-garde options at local bistros, there's no shortage of spots to unwind after a day of classes. Students can enjoy leisurely afternoons at cafes like the ever-popular Café Chat L'Heureux, mingling with peers over a cup of coffee. The city's vibrant culture extends to its plethora of green spaces, such as Parc La Fontaine and Mount Royal, where students can both relax and participate in various outdoor activities. Arcade lovers will revel in the retro charm of spots like Arcade MTL, where the nostalgia of gaming meets modern student life. Montreal's calendar is packed with music festivals, cultural exhibitions, and seasonal events that contribute to the dynamic spirit of the city. Events like the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Just for Laughs bring the community together in celebration of arts and creativity, enriching the Montreal student housing experience. Living in Montreal as a student extends beyond academics. 

Montreal Tourist Attractions

Montreal, a vibrant city with a blend of historic charm and modern allure, provides a plethora of stunning sights for visitors. From the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal to the panoramic views atop Mount Royal, there's a treasure trove of landmarks awaiting exploration, perfectly complementing your Montreal student accommodation experience near prestigious universities.

1. Old Montreal

2. Notre-Dame Basilica

3. Mount Royal

4. Montreal Biodome

5. Jean-Talon Market

6. Place des Arts

7. La Ronde

8. Atwater Market

9. Saint Joseph's Oratory

Universities in Montreal

Montreal, an illustrious city known for its vibrant culture and academic excellence, ranks as a top destination for students worldwide who are drawn to its reputable higher education institutions. As students flock to this city for their studies, finding suitable Montreal student accommodation becomes a priority.

1. Université du Québec à Montréal

2. Polytechnique Montréal

3. Concordia University

4. University of Montréal

5. Trebas Institute

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