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The Cornelia House is located in the heart of Ridgewood, Queens, just a few blocks from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. The house is in a bustling part of the neighborhood, surrounded by restaurants and bars and only a few blocks from Myrtle Avenue, a major shop-lined thoroughfare through Brooklyn and Queens.

The house is true to Ridgewoods historic style, built in the Romanesque Revival style with a brick facade and elegant brick arches over each window. The interior of this walk-up has been renovated to support modern lifestyles while maintaining gorgeous elements like exposed brick walls.


The nearest subway station is the Forest Av stop on the M line, just a 5-minute walk away. You can also walk 10 minutes to the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop, which serves the M and L lines. You can reach the Lower East Side and the East Village of Manhattan in 20 minutes. If youre working in Midtown, Bryant Park is only 35 minutes away, and you can reach the Financial District in 40 minutes. Additionally, the nearest Citi Bike dock is just a 5-minute walk away and the neighborhood has excellent bus access.

Community Amenities

The (CO)Living Room
The Backyard
The Laundry Room
Cleaning and Maintenance

Apartment Amenities

Full Bed
Fully Furnished
Fully Fitted Kitchen
Storage Space
breakfast bar
cooking tools and appliances

Bills Included


Security and Safety

24/7 security


Standard $1,240 - $1,620/month
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Private Kitchen

All of the bedrooms in the Cornelia House are private and feature full-sized beds. Bedding is available for an additional fee.

Duration:1 month
Duration:3 month
Duration:4 month
Duration:11 month
Duration:12 month
Looking for different dates? Contact us
Standard Large$1,370 - $1,750/month
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Private Kitchen

All of the bedrooms in the Cornelia House are private and feature full-sized beds. Bedding is available for an additional fee 

Duration:1 month
Duration:3 month
Duration:4 week
Duration:11 month
Duration:12 month
Looking for different dates? Contact us

Booking Details

Cancellation Policy:-

You'll be liable to them for a re-renting charge  (not to exceed 100% of the highest monthly rent during the Lease Contract term) if you:

(1) fail to give written move-out notice as required in this Lease Contract; or

(2) move out without paying rent in full for the entire Lease Contract term or renewal period; or

(3) move out at their demand because of your default; or

(4) are judicially evicted.

The reletting charge is not a cancellation fee and does not release you from your obligations under this Lease Contract.

If you would like to cancel during your stay, you will be responsible for two additional payments: the payment of your next months rent, plus a $690 Tenant Replacement Fee. So, for example it's January 14th, and you have already paid for the month of January. Now you would like to cancel. You will be responsible for paying for the month of February, plus a $690 Tenant Replacement Fee.

They are happy to waive their  $690 tenant replacement fee and 30 days notice if you find someone that is willing to take over your lease, goes through their  process and meets their criteria. For additional information, please reach out to their  customer service team.

Payment Details

Payment Info:-

Application fee of $99 and two months security deposit to secure your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coliving?

Coliving is a shared housing model. Tenants, whom they call members, share kitchens, living rooms and other common spaces with all members, and have a private or shared bedrooms. Everything is included in  their   flat fee: utilities, WiFi, weekly cleaning, furniture, appliances, kitchen supplies, and the basics of what you would need upon moving into a new place, along with most events.

Whats your availability?

Availability is alway changing, so well send you  their   current availability (based on the type of room you're looking for) in an offer when you apply (which is free). The availability in the offer sheet is subject to change, as people sign offers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What do your cleaners clean?

Their trusted team cleaning team prepares your room before your stay, then cleans all common/shared areas and restocks all supplies during your stay.

What is the price?

Prices vary depending on which house you choose and whether you choose to stay in a private or a shared room. Exact pricing can be found on the specific webpage for each of  their   houses in New York, Jersey City  and San Francisco.

Why are there no addresses for your houses on the website?

For the security of  their   current members living in  their   spaces, they do not reveal the exact address of the spaces until you receive an offer. All of  their   houses are within a 10-minute walk of a subway line. You can check out the approximate locations of  their  houses here.

So you guys are an apartment?

No! locations are within apartment buildings, but operate unlike any apartment you've ever been it. Coliving is a shared housing model, so space is shared across apartments. However, if you and your friends would like to rent a full private apartment, please enquire and we'll see what they can do!

Who are the type of people who usually live in your spaces?

The typical people who live in  their   spaces are between the ages of 21 and 35; around half are international members and half are American; about 30 percent are students (undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, or short-term programs); and 70 percent are already in their professional fields, from all different professional backgrounds! The gender breakdown changes all the time, but on average its 50-50.
What if I've paid and now I can't come? (Pre-arrival cancellation)If you need to cancel more than 60 days before your arrival, you will be refunded your entire first months rent and your entire security deposit. If you need to cancel between 60 days and 30 days before your arrival, you will receive half your payments back (minus fees). If you cancel less than 30 days before your arrival, you will receive no refund.

What are the rooms like?

They have everything from single rooms with private bathrooms to shared rooms with shared bathrooms, depending on your budget. Let us know what you are looking for and well be happy to accomodate. You can check out their rooms here.

What happens after I apply?

If everything checks out, well send you a follow-up email within one business day with an offer.

When will I receive an offer?

Within one business day of filling out  their  application. Usually the same day as your application submission, even on weekends!

How many people are in each house?

It depends on the house, but their houses range from 6 members to 65 members. Keep in mind these members are spread across multiple apartments, in both share and private rooms.

How big are the rooms?

Smallest private rooms are around 70 square feet and  their largest private rooms are around 140 square feet, and they have everything in-between.  their smallest two-person room is around 75 square feet, and  their  largest is around 170 square feet. To see the exact size of  their  rooms, please schedule a viewing of our house. Viewings can only be scheduled after applying and receiving an offer

Whats included in my rent?

Your room, bed (prepared), utilities, wifi, move-in ready furniture, cleaning services, working space, security systems, constant access to your house leader, Netflix and new friends :).

How do I pay for rent?

All payments are sent as electronic invoices sent to your email. You may pay in any electronic format; they discourage cash or checks, though it is possible. For your first moth's rent, you will receive an invoice to pay after being approved as a client. For all future month's payments, when you pay depends on when you move in. If you arent moving in on the first day of the month, your first months invoice will be for one month starting from your move-in date. For the second invoice, you will be billed a pro-rated amount until the last day of the month. After that, all future months will be billed from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. If you are moving in on the first of the month, your rent is always due on the first of the month, with no pro-rated invoices.

What's the security like at your locations?

Most of their locations are equipped with keypad access and an August Lock security system, although a few use traditional keyed locks. they have Nest security systems in all of their common areas to keep everyones valuables safe. These are not monitored, and are only accessed when their members request that they look at them for justifiable purposes (missing items left in common rooms, suspicious activity, etc.). Most of their locations also have lockers for members valuables. In addition to the above, coliving provides a unique, unintended security benefit: Because many people are living in the same spaces, there is virtually always someone at home.

Why are there no locks on the doors?

The New York Housing Department policy disallows residential properties from placing locks on bedroom doors for fire safety purposes; however, even if property were allowed to put locks on the doors, property is committed to providing safe and secure coliving spaces through trust and mutual respect. Bedroom doors are unlocked because it is a display of this trust and respect; on top of their security systems mentioned above, their members are selected for their appreciation of a safe environment.

How do you create a sense of community?

From their house leaders (who will meet you upon arrival), to the events they hold multiple times per month, their team is dedicated to giving you the sense of community you are looking for, whether in a professional or personal capacity. You may choose to be as involved or uninvolved as youd like; you are welcome to stay with us either way! Check out their blog to get an understanding of their community.

Can I extend my lease?

Yes! Theyre happy to have their members stay longer; however, they can't extend you lease if they don't know about your extension. As soon as you decide to extend your lease, let us know by emailing them. If you have not committed to an extension, your bed can be reserved by anyone admitted to property

How does the mail work here?

Just address your mail to your houses address and our staff will make sure it gets inside. Follow the directions in your move-in guide to ensure a successful delivery.

Is there laundry?

It depends on the house, so some houses have no machine (but laundromats right around the corner), some houses have coin-operated machines and some have free laundry. You can find out the specifics on the house pages.

Who is the house leader and what do they do?

Their house leaders are members who stay at their houses to help you out! They help with move-ins, move-outs, events and general help. They live in the house and are always accessible

Guest policy?

Tenant is permitted an overnight guest up to 8 nights per month (2 nights/week). Guests must be at least 18 years of age; exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. If you have a significant-other that you would like to share a room with, you are more than welcome to have them join the lease for an additional $200/month (pending a successful background check). If you would like to have guests over during the day, you may do so as long as its not during quiet-hours.


While they abide by all current housing laws, please understand that this is a coliving space and that current and future members that you share the space with may be allergic to your animal.

Are couples allowed?

Yes! There is just a $200/month surcharge for couples, or any situation in which two people are sharing a private room.
Are the bedrooms co-ed? What about the rest of the houseAll rooms are gender separated unless otherwise requested by a group. The other spaces are shared by all!

When/how will you refund my security deposit?

Security deposits are refunded within 15 days of departure from property premises. Deposits are returned to the account they were paid with, and this is the only way they are able to return funds. If you have since closed the account that you used to pay the security deposit, contact that bank, explain the situation, and they usually can temporarily re-open the account so you can receive and withdraw the funds.  If you paid us your security deposit using Hello Rented, the security deposit will be refunded to Hello Rented. If you paid us your security deposit in cash, you will receive it back in cash or through bank transfer.