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About the Property

Dwell Dongdaemun is a lovely student accommodation in Seoul that offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. The property is located within a 5-minute stroll from Kyung Hee University and a 15-minute walk from the University of Seoul.


Each room has an attached bathroom, and en-suite and double occupancy rooms have a TV and a mini fridge to keep your beverages cool. Study tables in each room ensure that your productivity never suffers. After a long day at college, the communal lounge will relieve your stress and allow you to relax and catch up with friends. Enjoy complimentary access to the property's fully equipped gym. There is plenty of space for your belongings because each room has its own closet. 

Location and What's Hot?

Gorge on food at restaurants like Auntie Pancake and Born Luchbox which are a stone’s throw away. Nearby markets like the Hoegi branch of Daiso and Jin Ro Mart as well as the Hoegi Traditional Market will take care of your daily essentials. 


Public transportation, whether by train or bus, is easily accessible from the residence. The nearest metro station, Hoegi Station (metro 1 line), is a minute's walk away. This will help you save both time and money when commuting around the city. 

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Payment Policies (4)

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  • Pay In Instalment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Security Deposit?

 To secure your room at Dongdaemun, you will need to pay a Security Deposit. The amount of Security Deposit ranges from KRW 1,000,000 to KRW 2,700,000 depending on the room type and duration of stay. 

What is included in the Rent?

 To secure your room at  Dongdaemun, you will need to pay a Security Deposit. The amount of Security Deposit ranges from KRW 1,000,000 to KRW 2,700,000 depending on the room type and duration of stay. 

Can I view accommodation before applying?

Yes, you are welcome to come and have a look around.  

How do you assign room?

 Room assignment is made according to first-come first-served basis. Once you have applied, our Sales Team will look through your application and find the best room for you according to your requirements and then send you the Accommodation Agreement (AA). Please note that we will always try to meet your preferences but we cannot guarantee that we will meet them all. If you do not have particular preference of your roommates, assigning room is processed on a random basis. 

Can I live with my friends or specify preferences for my roommates?

 Of course, please state your friends name or your preference during your online application. It is not always guaranteed but we will do our best to meet your preferences and it is subject to room availability. 

I am not a Korean citizen and waiting for my Visa to stay in Korea now. What if I do not receive a VISA?

 A guest can cancel any Accommodation Agreement without penalty if you do not receive a visa to work or study in Seoul up to and including the first day of your Accommodation Agreement. You must notify Dongdaemun management within 3 days through email with your declined Visa documentation attached. No admin fee to be paid. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy for detailed terms and conditions. 

How long are the Tenancy Agreement?

Dongdaemun accommodation offers many contract lengths for our prospective residents. Please refer to our website for detailed information.  

What is the payment method of Tenancy Agreement?

 You can pay Security Deposit and Rent through bank transfer. Please refer to Bank Account of Dongdaemun.

What are the payment options?

If guest books a bed for staying 3 months or below, he or she must pay full rent in advance.
If guest books a bed for staying 4 months or above, he or she can choose to pay rent in full or instalment accordingly. 

How does Dongdaemun compare with other studios and accommodations in Hoegi Station area?

 Dongdaemun offers stylish and modern apartments in a secure accommodation complex within walking distance to Kyung Hee University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and the University of Seoul. You will enjoy access to vibrant communal facilities including resident lounge, gym, study area, pantry, and rooftop terrace.
Dongdaemun has an exciting Global Community Program, where you will make new friends, brainstorm on new business ideas and participate in different events and social activities. 

Do I need to resign my account when I move out?

When you decided to move out and want to still receive the newest updates from Dongdaemun, please stay connected with us!
We understand your personal information is very important for you. 

When should I move out?

 Please check-out by 12PM on the ending date of your tenancy. 

What is the process of check-out?

 At the end of the Accommodation Agreement (AA), Dongdaemuns management team will inspect each room before refunding the Security Deposit. The process is outlined as follows.
1. The resident will be contacted regarding the date of inspection.
2. At the time of inspection, Dongdaemuns management team will go with the resident to the room with Room Inspection Form. The room should be ready for check-out according to the Check-out Instructions below:
Please make sure you have paid all the rent.
All trash and personal belongings must be removed from the room.
The entire room and bathroom must be clean. Each resident is responsible for cleaning the room and bathroom.
The furniture in your room at check-out must be in the condition similar to that when resident checks in.
A close review is made of the cleanliness of the room and cleaning charges are assessed if appropriate. Any damage to the room is documented and given to the Dongdaemuns management team so that charges can be assessed. During a regular check-out period, damages are assessed at one-half of the charge to each room occupant. If you are checking out any other time, you will be charged the full amount, unless your roommate provides a written statement taking full responsibility for the damage and giving it to the site management team.
3. The resident must fill the Refund Form to get the refund of Security Deposit accordingly. 

I want to leave before my contract ends. What should I do?

If you expect to move out before your Accommodation Agreement ends, please refer to the Cancellation Policy for detailed terms and conditions. 

When will I get my Security Deposit back?

All Security Deposit will be returned as long as the room is left in the similar condition with check-in. All Security Deposit should be returned to resident within 30 working days after the original check-out date.

Do I have to pay for damages?

We want to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible. Dongdaemun onsite maintenance team will attend to your requests on time. We do not charge for unfair wear and tear.
However, if something gets damaged through abuse or misuse, we will repair or replace the item and will charge for doing so. The behavior of guests/visitors is the responsibility of the resident who has welcomed them into the property.
Any charges that result from guest/visitors behavior will be charged to the respective resident. If there is a charge that applies to the shared area within a room and we are unable to identify the responsibility, the charge will be shared between all of the rooms residents. All charges will be applied to your account and payment will be due within 30 days. 

Is Dongdaemun safe?

 Your safety is our priority so Dongdaemun is equipped with security cameras that are in operation 24 hours a day. Each resident is issued with a unique access card which is required to gain entry to the building, lifts, and individual apartments. 

Is there place to park my car?

Dongdaemun does not provide parking facilities.
Vehicle owners can be informed of public parking facilities located around Dongdaemun at the reception on the 1st floor. 

Is there Wifi?

 Yes, the wifi is included in your rent. 

Is there cleaning service?

 All residents are responsible for keeping their rooms and apartments clean.
A cleaning service can be organized for a fee. Please enquire at reception. 

Where is the laundry?

 Dongdaemun has a laundry facility at the basement. The facility includes 3 washers and 3 dryers. 

What are the opening hours of communal amenities?

 It is opened for 24 hours. *Subject to change 

How do I receive parcels and letters?

 We will sign for your parcels or registered mail on your behalf during working hours (OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY~FRIDAY, 7AM~9PM) if the parcel or registered mail has your name and your room number on it.
Therefore, when ordering items online, please make sure you provide the shipper with your full name (name on passport) and room number. Parcels or registered mail without full details will not be signed for. After we sign for your parcel or registered mail, you will receive an email notification from Dongdaemun. Please collect your parcels or registered mail at the reception. 

Can I have guests to stay over?

 Guests and visitors of residents are welcome to Dongdaemun, only with the prior consent of the manager. However, residents are responsible for their guests and visitors at all times and will be held accountable (including financially, where applicable), for any misconduct, injury to any person or property damage by their guests and visitors. Overnight guests are not permitted at Dongdaemun. 

Can I smoke in my room?

 Smoking of any substance is prohibited in the room/apartment/building of Dongdaemun. 

Can I use personal electric heating appliance?

 A personal electric heating appliance is prohibited at Dongdaemun. 

Is food delivery allowed? Can I eat at my room?

 Yes, food is allowed to be delivered to the lobby. Please take note that food with a strong smell can only be consumed at the basement pantry. 

Can I change my roommates during my stay?

 If you prefer to change your room, please feel free to contact us at the reception or email us  (OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY~FRIDAY, 7AM~9PM). We will do our best to assist but it is subject to room availability. 

Will there be any events happening during my stay?

 We hope all of our residents get to know one another and make lifelong friends! As a way to help, our Global Community Program includes many fun and exciting events throughout the year. Please keep an eye out on our website, social media accounts and around Dongdaemun for details. 

How to report maintenance?

 Please contact us at the reception or email us  (OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY~FRIDAY, 7AM~9PM).
Residents are not allowed to repair equipment/items belonged to Dongdaemun or engage external parties for such repairs on their own.
All repair or replacement of equipment/items costs will be charged to the resident if the damage is caused by the negligence of the resident. 

What should I do if I lose my room’s access card?

 Residents are issued with a card for access to their room and to site communal areas. If residents have lost access card, you must report to site management immediately and a replacement will be issued once the identification of resident is established. A replacement charge, KRW 5,000, will be levied against the resident. All issued access card must not be duplicated. (OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY~FRIDAY, 7AM~9PM) 

What should I do if I get disease?

 Residents can get help from Dongdaemuns management team for disease or injury such as getting information about adjacent hospitals, pharmacies, or ambulance arrangements. If it is an emergency, please call 119. Residents will be charged for the expense if applied. 

What is the process of check-in?

 Please make sure you have paid your Security Deposit, signed the Accommodation Agreement (AA), and supporting documents before moving in. Rental payment can be made during check-in. You need to show your photo ID, such as passport when you check-in at the reception of Dongdaemun. You will receive a check-in checklist. After everything in the check-in checklist is marked as received, you will be given the access card of room. Please return filled and signed Room Inspection Checklist back to reception of Dongdaemun within 24 hours after check-in. 

When can I move in?

 The check-in time is 2PM on the starting date of your tenancy (OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY~FRIDAY, 7AM~9PM). For after office hours check in/out, please email us 

What is Induction Session?

 All residents are required to attend at least 1 Induction Session within a calendar month upon their check in date. The session will cover fire safety, maintenance and various dos and donts for Dongdaemun. This will allow a smooth transition into the community and ensure the safety, security and well-being of all residents on site. 

When should I pay the Rent?

 Rental payment can be made before or during check-in depending on the payment plan. 

Can I change my contract after I sign it?

 If you want to change room type, contract length or anything else, please email us  (OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY~FRIDAY, 7AM~9PM).
We will let you know if your request is possible, and if so, what the next steps would be. 

Can I cancel my contract after I sign it?

 If you have signed the Accommodation Agreement (AA), you are eligible to pay the rent unless you find somebody to take over your room/bed. 

Can I bring my pet?

 Sorry, pets are not allowed at Dongdaemun. 

What should I pack?

Please refer to What will you find inside your room under the title MOVING IN.
Dongdaemun is a short walk from Minimart and Health & Beauty stores where you can purchase anything you might need upon arrival.
Guests are required to bring their own towels, pillows, bedsheets, and blankets. Pillows, bed sheets, and blankets can be rented for a fee. Please enquire at reception. 

Is there place nearby Dongdaemun I can purchase my daily necessities?

You may find daily necessities at Jinro Mart, GS25 convenience store, Daiso, and Olive Young (all within one-minute walking distance from  Dongdaemun).

How can I go to Dongdaemun from airport?

Option 1: Transfer at Seoul Station to subway No.1 Line and then get off at Hoegi station. Option 2: Transfer at Cheongnyangni Station to subway No.1 Line and then get off at Hoegi station. Option 3: Take the Airport Bus 6002 to Cheongnyangni Station. Then, take subway No.1 Line and get off at Hoegi station.

Dwell Dongdaemun, Seoul
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Student Accomodations in Seoul


Seoul, the capital, is also the largest metropolis of South Korea. As Capital to many Korean kingdoms, Seoul received over 10 million international visitors in 2014. It is the world's 9th most visited city and 4th largest earner in tourism. This city also holds the honour of the first city in East Asia to introduce electricity to the royal palace. The majority of South Korea's most prestigious universities, including Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University are homed here in Seoul. Seoul ranked 10th on the QS Best Student Cities 2019.

Student Accommodation

The statistics illustrates that in 2018 there were approximately 2.03 million students enrolled in universities in South Korea (source: Statista.com). South Korea is quite affordable, with many different housing options available. Along with student accommodations such as hostels, paying guests, and shared apartments, organised accommodations such as co-living and student living have come into existence. The average cost of student accommodation in Seoul is 2,500 to 900,000. 

Daily Commute

Public transport is a significant living expense in Seoul. Traveling by train and bus costs around 2 for every trip. The primary factor to consider here is the distance of your accommodation to your university or place of work. If public transport is yours, everyday needs, then this cost will become one of your major monthly costs of living in Seoul. Buses are the prime and cheapest medium of commute in the city.

Trunk buses are operated partly by private bus companies and partly by the city government.

Branch buses are flexibly operated by private bus companies. It connects major subway stations or bus terminals outside downtown Seoul. 

Rapid buses are express buses designed especially for passengers commuting between downtown Seoul and the metropolitan area. 

Circulation buses will circle major parts of Seoul.

Student Life

Being a well-developing city, the cost of living here in Seoul is quite high. You can still hog around the town as it has something for everyone. For some nightlife in Seoul, Hongdae - near a famous Art college is the best place to go to as it has a young crowd and exciting vibes. Meokjagolmok (food alley), is the city's busiest street with more than 200 food stalls. Not only this but the city has a lot more fun things to d

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