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South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, is filled with a vibrant mix of history, culture, beautiful landscapes, beaches, and vibrant party scenes. Along with being the city of festivals, the town is also home to various historical heritage sites including the Carrick Hill, St Peter’s Cathedral, National War Memorial, Town Hall, and St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

Going to be a graduate student in Adelaide? Well then, get ready to have the time of your life. Housing a community of over 20,000 international students and four of the globally acclaimed universities- the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University and Torrens University, the city of Adelaide has witnessed a massive growth in the international student count. 

Apart from this, the cosmopolitan coastal city of Adelaide also harbours some of the most beautiful touristy places which include Adelaide Botanical Garden, South Australian Museum, North Terrace and State Library. 

student accommodation

Finding a roof over your head without blowing up your bank balance is one of the major concerns among the students. However, with continually increasing student count and Adelaide housing some of the well-renowned universities, finding student accommodation in Adelaide won’t be a snag.

The city offers a range of pocket-friendly to lavish student apartments in Adelaide. So whether you opt for an Adelaide uni accommodation or go for an affordable private student apartment in Adelaide, the city has it all. 

Student Housing Adelaide is further subdivided into three categories:

  • Private Halls of residence aka Off-campus Accommodation
  • Private housing/ Independent house
  • Adelaida uni accommodation or On-campus accommodation 

Private Halls of Residence include lavish, convenient and modest en-suites, shared apartments and studio apartments in Adelaide which comes with an all-inclusive rent. Also, international student accommodation in Adelaide ranges from A$130/week to A$300/week. Also, due to the maintained quality standard and attractive student offers, private halls of residence/ student apartments in Adelaide are always in popular demand among the students.

In Private housing, students can rent out the entire apartment/ house to themselves. However, the cost of private housing can be comparatively higher than the other student accommodation options around Adelaide. 

Adelaide uni accommodation, also known as On-campus student accommodation, generally comprises buildings with shared flats and dorms which are located inside the university campus. If you are a fresher or someone who wishes to stay away from the hustle of the city while staying close to the university, on-campus student accommodation is the best option to go for. 


Being centrally located on the Australian mainland, the town of Adelaide has an excellent and convenient transportation network that connects the city with most of the significant known universities and places. 

The coastal town has a wide variety of available transport alternatives including trams, buses, trains, cycling or private transportation services. So no matter where you want to go, there is always a means of transport to suit your funds and needs. All you have to do is take your pick! 

Also if travelling by public transport is a no-no for you- the city also has its fair amount of private transportation. This includes traditional taxi cab services, chauffeur, limousine services, or the many ride-share options.

However, note that the fares of transport might differ according to the time of the day you travel.


Along with being one of the student-friendly cities in Australia, Adelaide is full of attractions, beaches, entertainment, adventure in every direction to keep students hooked up while staying in student housing. With the wide range of universities and multicultural student populations, you’ll find a fortune of various cultures and communities across the city. 

Craving some salt on the skin? Hop on the tram and visit the sparkling seaside village of Glenelg or take a ride out to the Clare Valley or Barossa Valley and enjoy some of Australia’s finest vintages. Enjoy your Sunday evening with friends at the Henley Beach or catch up with locals at the Cleland National Park.

Apart from this, being a food capital of Australia, the town of Adelaide also has several restaurants and cafes to hang out and eat after having a hard day studying. Some of the most famous ones include Karma and Crow, Hey Jupiter, Baalaboosta and Chianti. Or go on a hunger spree feast at the Adelaide Central Market.

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