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Yugo Adelaide City, Adelaide
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Common Area
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Yugo Adelaide City, Adelaide

North Terrace, Adelaide, 5000, Australia
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17 students viewed this property in last 24 hours
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About the Property

Located on North Terrace, Adelaide, 5000, Australia, Yugo Adelaide City is a one-of-a-kind student accommodation in Adelaide. Located near the University of Adelaide, Torrens University Australia and the University of South Australia, Adelaide City student accommodation provides a wide range of studio, ensuite, and shared apartments. This student accommodation in Adelaide offers best-in-class amenities that ensure a comfortable stay. Most properties are conveniently located near grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes, where students can visit post-uni hours. Along with the proximity to universities and hangout spots, you will also find several bus stops and tram stops, so you can easily explore the rest of the city via public transport.

Ranked as one of the world's most liveable cities, Adelaide is relaxed and safe, which attracts students from all over the world, which makes it a diverse city. You are sure to find someone from a different country almost every day! The city is also more affordable than other cities like Sydney and Melbourne, making it favourable for all students moving to Adelaide! The city is also close to beaches, which you can visit on your days off to get some sun and grab a drink by the beach. The city also comes alive during the festive times, and when we say festive times, there are many festivals, which means that your days will never be boring! The city is also littered with various restaurants, cafes to fill your Instagram feed with, clubs to dance your heart out in and attractions that you can spend your entire day roaming around in! Living at Yugo Adelaide City means living near the city centre, which allows you to experience everything this city has. You will also never miss out on anything happening in the city! So, what is the wait? Book your stay and experience everything this city has to offer!


Adelaide City, with more than 118 metres in height, is one of Adelaide's highest buildings. You will find rooms to meet all your needs, with unrivalled views to the North, East, and West. Each room is fully furnished with a comfortable bed where you can relax and sleep after a hectic day, a desk and chair so you can have a designated place to study, a wardrobe to assemble your clothes and a beautiful kitchenette.

Yugo Adelaide City offers some amenities like co-living kitchens and co-living lounges where you can relax and unwind. You can watch your favourite movies in the cinema room. The on-site gym allows you to work out. The property also offers study rooms, bicycle storage and on-site laundry to save your laundry runs. You can easily surf and watch your favourite shows as the Adelaide student accommodation offers high-speed internet. The property offers a 24 hours residence team, key access and CCTV cameras that ensure a high level of security, making Yugo Adelaide City student accommodation an ideal pick for you!

Location and What's Hot?

Adelaide, with its famous art festivals, vibrant food markets, and bustling academic culture, is a great setting for an exciting student experience. As Australia is known for its vast and outstretched range of wildlife, you should consider immersing yourself in nature at Cleland Conservation Park. You can visit the Adelaide Botanic Garden, Kangaroo Island and many other tourist attractions located in and around the city. In between courses, you may explore the local food and wine scene or take a tram to one of the city's beautiful beach districts, such as Glenelg. On weekends, if you want to unwind and relax, you can visit the famous Yankee's Burger bar - CBD or Grill'd Rundle St. have some amazing food as they are located just a street away. You can visit Sushi Hub Rundle Square if you crave sushi or Betty's Burger to try some delicious burgers. The Howling Owl, Elephant British Pub, Austral and Exeter allow you to go bar hopping without worrying about driving back home, as they're located a few minutes away from Adelaide City student accommodation. Head to Community or A Pot Called Kettle to have your coffee. You can visit Romeo's Foodland to take care of your grocery needs. You can also explore other stores like Target Centrepoint, Clarity Records and Kmart Rundle Mall located near the student accommodation. Adelaide offers every mode of transportation you might desire to see the iconic Adelaide Hills in the east or enjoy gorgeous sunsets over the lovely beaches in the west, as a city designed for discovery and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Adelaide has a very well-connected transit network, internally and externally. The city boasts a transportation network connecting the town typical of the significant known universities with various areas of the city. Yugo Adelaide City is located near many public transport spots, which are a few minutes walk from the Adelaide student rooms. You can easily take a tram from Botanic Gardens Tram Stop. Stop R1 North Tce - Southside, Stop I1 North Tce - Northside and Stop T1 North Tce - South side are the nearest bus stops from Adelaide City student accommodation. All of these factors make Yugo Adelaide City an ideal student accommodation in Adelaide.

What will you get

Common Amenities

24 hour Residence Team
High-speed Internet
Co-Living Kitchens
Co-living Lounges
On-Site Laundry
Cinema Room

Cancellation Policies (3)

  • Cooling Off Period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time
  • No Visa No Pay
    Free Cancellation if student visa is not secured
  • No Place No Pay
    Cancellation policy if admission not confirmed

Payment Policies (5)

  • Booking Deposit
    Secure booking with this amount
  • Security Deposit
    Deposit property holds during the tenure
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    Flexible payment terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move in before my contract starts?

In many cases, they can allow people to move in early at a daily rate, but you will need to contact the residence team to check.

Where can I smoke?

Outside. Their buildings are non-smoking and incidents of smoking indoors will be dealt with strictly.

Can I personalise my room?

As long as you are able to return it to its original state on check-out or you will be recharged for any damages.

How long does a viewing take?

Usually between 15 and 30 minutes. However, the team are happy to spend as much time as is needed assisting you with your booking.

Can I keep a fridge in my room?

Additional fridges are only allowed in your room if they are for the purpose of storing prescribed medication.

Can I bring a pet?

They love fluffy animals but they do not allow tenants to bring pets into the building.

Can I sub-let my room for the summer?

They do not allow students to sublet their rooms throughout their contract with us.

Can I live with my friends?

Yes of course! Depending on availability, you can book a shared flat online with your friends.

Are there spare rooms for visitors to stay in?

No, unfortunately, their residences are filled to the brim with fun-loving students every year.

Can I share a room with my partner/friend?

Rooms (both en-suite and non-en-suite) are for single occupancy only and cannot be shared. However, 1-bedroom apartments or studios can be shared with a partner.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who takes joint financial responsibility for your licence/lease. If you default on any payment under your licence/lease, it is your guarantors responsibility to pay the outstanding amount. A guarantor will be asked to sign your licence/lease in order for us to accept it and must be UK based as well as have sufficient status to support your application.

Who can be a guarantor?

A UK based person who is able to take financial responsibility for your licence/lease if you are unable to do so. A guarantor cannot be another student, another resident of Bramall Court, or anyone under the age of 22 as well as anyone in a bad financial situation. A guarantor will be required to provide us with their photo ID, proof of address and they might ask for a copy of a recent utility statement or other documents. they also reserve a right to refuse a guarantor that they do not feel is suitable.

What if my university, my government, or some other institution has agreed to act as guarantor?

A named person from your university, your government, or some other institution will need to sign your licence/lease and, in doing so, accept the terms and conditions of their responsibility. They will be able to use the university's or the named organisation's address. they will need an official statement from such guarantor to fund license fees shall you default on any payments.

Who needs a guarantor?

If you are looking to pay us via instalments, you will need a UK-based guarantor. If you select the option to pay us in full, no guarantor will be required.

What happens if I change my mind after booking my room or don't get the grades/visa for my chosen university?

That depends on your circumstances, but if you do not get a place at the University of your choice or did not manage to obtain a student visa and let us know in time (as per terms and conditions of the licence/lease), they will refund your deposit in full.See full terms and conditions of their cancellation policy for England (if you were planning to come to Salford)

How do I know when my booking is complete?

Once your application is fully complete, they will send you an email confirming the licence/lease booking. The steps to finish your application will be shared with you once you receive an offer of accommodation from us.

I have a disability. Do you accept disabled students?

Yes, they do. And would love to have you stay with us. Please note, though: not all of their locations have disabled-ready rooms or can accommodate any disability, so they advise to check with us and discuss your requirements before making a booking.

What contract lengths do you offer? Can I move out before my licence expires?

They  offer 2 contract lengths; 46-week and 50-week terms. You can move out any time, but you will be responsible for any outstanding rent due on your licence/lease unless you are able to find like-for-like replacement student to take over the remainder of your licence/lease. From time to time they  will also offer short-term lets/ semester lets but those contracts are subject to availability.

Can I send my belongings before I come in?

This depends on the capacity of the property you've booked at, so its best to get in touch with your team directly. If your property can take care of your belongings put your full name and room number (or VIN number) on the package before you arrive and your belongings can be stored for you.

Can I choose my room?

Please let us know your room priority and they will try to get you the same room depending on the availability.

Can I choose who my flatmates are?

You can choose to live with your friends by selecting the same flat number when you book with us. Please note, this is subject to availability, so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment!

Do I need to be a full-time student to book a room?

We can only accept full-time students.

Is there an age limit for booking ?

To live whilst studying at University, you will need to be 18 or older.

If I don’t get on with my new flatmates can I change rooms?

We want to make sure that you love your experience living with us, so if you find you’re not getting on with your new flatmates it may be possible to change rooms subject to availability.

Are the social spaces always open?

You can book out some of the social spaces on offer in our accommodation, but most of our common areas are open 24 hours a day unless alternative opening hours are advertised.

Reviews (4)

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(4 ratings)
17 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Adelaide

Adelaide Student Accommodation

Moving overseas is a courageous decision. Every student feels lost when they move to a new city or country. So, if you decide to move to Adelaide for your higher studies, don't worry. We are with you! Amber is here to help you and assist you in finding the most suitable Adelaide student housing. Adelaide is located in Southern Australia and is the coastal capital that displays an expansive indigenous art collection. It houses the South Australian Museum, which is devoted to natural history. The city has various intriguing factors for people of all age groups. The town boasts about the wide range of opportunities it provides professionals from diverse career backgrounds. Adelaide student housing is not an expensive job, but considering you're new in the city or the country, it can be a bit of a grind. It can be challenging to navigate through the areas and find the best student accommodation in Adelaide Australia. Comfortable student accommodations in Adelaide Australia may be sparse, but we can certainly arrange it for you. Amber is here to cater to all your needs regarding Adelaide student housing from Scape Adelaide Central, Scape Waymouth, and Dwell East End.

About Adelaide

Adelaide, the education hub of Australia, boasts some of the world's leading universities. As the capital of South Australia, it fosters a rich multicultural environment, ensuring students feel welcomed and at home. Despite its high standard of living, Adelaide remains more affordable than many global cities, offering students a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Renowned as Australia's most laid-back city and the third most liveable city globally, Adelaide combines modern amenities with a relaxed atmosphere. Affectionately known as the "20-minute city," Adelaide's compact size allows easy access to the city centre within a short timeframe, thanks to its well-planned layout. Navigation is a breeze, minimising the risk of getting lost in Australia's vast expanses. The city's mild climate, vibrant festivals, lively music scene, and diverse central market contribute to its charm.

For nature enthusiasts, the nearby Adelaide Hills beckon with breathtaking scenery and opportunities to explore diverse wildlife. With its blend of academic excellence, affordability, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, Adelaide offers students an unparalleled experience that enriches both their academic and personal lives. In essence, Adelaide encapsulates the essence of an ideal student city—offering world-class education, cultural richness, and natural wonders, all wrapped in an inviting, affordable package.

Best Student Accommodation in Adelaide

Moving away from home and settling in a different country is overwhelming. Adjusting and ensuring that all the student apartments in Adelaide offer amenities that fit student needs is very important. Student accommodation in Adelaide CBD caters for everything a student needs. It is understandable to choose student accommodation in Adelaide city near your university that is popular, affordable, and culturally diverse.

Before selecting the best student housing in Adelaide, students frequently consider sustainability, lifestyle, and transportation services. But no matter where you choose your student accommodation in Adelaide Australia, you will be living in beautiful neighbourhoods like Edwardstorm, Adelaide CBD, Daw Park, North Adelaide, St Mary's, Magill and many more. Students can find a wide range of Adelaide student housing via the amber website in these localities.

1. Scape Waymouth

2. Scape Adelaide Central

3. Y suites on Waymouth

4. Dwell East Ed Adelaide

5. Unilodge City Gardens

6. The Switch Adelaide Central

7. Yugo Adelaide City

8. Unilodge Metro Adelaide

9. Capital Student Stays

Cost of Living in Adelaide

In Australia, where Adelaide is located, the cost of living for students is a crucial aspect of academic life. Australia is known for its high-quality education, and students must understand the expenses they might incur during their stay. From student accommodation in Adelaide Australia and daily essentials to leisure activities and transportation, managing finances is a key part of the student experience here. Let's explore what students can expect regarding living costs and how to navigate them efficiently.

1. Rent: 2,305.25 AU$ /per month

2. Utilities (gas, electricity, water): 329.12 AU$/per month

3. Food: 25.00 AU$/per month

4. Mobile phone/internet: 44.62 AU$/per month

5. Public transport: 4.60 AU$/per month

Student Travel in Adelaide

Australia has a large transportation network that connects it to regional hubs, interstate, and international locations. Travel by public transportation from student accommodation in Adelaide Australia comprises rail, bus, and ferry services. The transport links in Adelaide student living connect swiftly to all of the major student properties in Australia.

1. Buses: Adelaide boasts an extensive bus network. Three prominent bus stands are Southern Cross Station, Flagstaff Station, and Melbourne Central Station. A myki card, available for adults at affordable rates, allows seamless travel on buses and other public transport.

2. Bicycle Routes: The city encourages cycling, with dedicated bike lanes and trails. Melbourne's bike-friendly infrastructure ensures that students can conveniently pedal their way to RMIT. Some of them are- Arden Street/Macaulay Road, Bourke Street/Spring Street and Flinders Street.

3. Train Stations: Melbourne's well-connected train system is ideal for students. Key stations like Flinders Street, Melbourne Central, and Parliament provide easy access to RMIT. Adult fares can be conveniently managed with a myki card.

Student Lifestyle and Living In Adelaide

The city is known to be one of the most student-friendly cities in Australia. Adelaide is full of attractive destinations, such as beaches and picturesque landscapes. Entertainment runs in every direction of the city, keeping the students hooked up with something closer to their student housing in Adelaide. One can view all these Adelaide sights to enjoy and explore the city. Instead of travelling back and forth from the outskirts, students can exploit amber’s excellent Adelaide student housing options located in the heart of the city to make the most of their time abroad and experience the city of Adelaide to its fullest!

You can know more about the cuisines and culture that the city incorporates by visiting the Adelaide Central Market. It has 80 stalls that have the widest variety of fresh produce from around the country. You can have your favourite cuisines around the city centre of Adelaide CBD. You can visit Shobosho if you're a fan of Japanese Cuisine and get to dig into Australian cuisine at Fugazzi. One of the must-try if you are in Adelaide is Roof Climbing at the iconic Oval's Western Stand Rooftop. As Australia is known for its vast and outstretched range of wildlife, you should consider immersing yourself in nature at Cleland Conservation Park. Besides, you can always witness the astonishing views from Bank Street Social or Maybe Mae rooftops, along with delightful cocktails and chilled beers.

Tourist Attractions in Adelaide

Adelaide has a broad scope of places to visit and explore for travel enthusiasts. You can visit renowned museums, attend various festivals, and chill at the beaches. Here are some tourist attractions in Adelaide you must visit:

1. Adelaide Botanic Garden

2. Mount Lofty

3. Migration Museum

4. Cleland Wildlife Park

5. Waterfall Gully

6. Adelaide Hills

7. Sunset Rooftop Adelaide

8. Kangaroo Island

Top Universities in Adelaide

The student life offered in Adelaide makes it an ideal place to stay during your university years. Additionally, the high-quality education offered in famous universities makes this area the perfect place to pursue higher education from. Below is a list of famous universities in Adelaide.

1. The University of Adelaide

2. Torrens University Australia

3. The University of South Australia

4. Flinders University

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