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Victoria University


Founded in 1916, the Victoria University is an Australian public university located in Melbourne, Australia. The university has more than 100 years of experience in teaching and research. Victoria University is one of the few Australian universities providing both higher education and vocational education through its TAFE provider- Victoria Polytechnic. The university caters more than 40,000 students studying in various disciplines. The subjects offered at the university include business, engineering, management, science, biomedicine, law, sports and many more. Its courses in computer science, engineering and technology are considered to be among the world's best by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.

The first Block Model pedagogy by the university received the Victorian Government's highest honour of excellence, the Victorian International Education Award. Victoria University was ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide according to THE ( Times Higher Education) world university rankings 2020. Some notable alumni of the Victoria University include - Christian Williams, Catherine Xiaocui Lou, Garry Kuan, Ron Barassi, Liam Adams and many more.

Student accommodation Victoria University

Thinking about where to live in Melbourne? Well, the students can find and choose from a variety of student housing options in Melbourne, which includes Victoria University accommodation or on-campus accommodation, and private housing options or off-campus accommodation. Victoria University provides shelter to the university students known as Unilodge Victoria University. This option can be considered as one of the best for the students living away from home for the first time. But because of the increase in its demand, the Victoria University accommodation gets occupied at a rapid pace.

Students can also find a range of affordable private housing options with excellent transport links to the rest of the city. The private accommodation options include budget-friendly studios, en-suite apartments, shared flats and non-ensuite rooms which boasts all the modern amenities and are also inclusive of all the utility bills as well.

Some of the exceptional private student accommodation near the University include Atira La Trobe St, Urbanest Melbourne Central, 360 King Street, Scape Swanston and many more.


The University has many campuses located throughout Melbourne's western region and the city centre including - City Flinders, City Flinders Lane, City King, City Queen, Footscray Nicholson, Footscray Park, St Albans, Werribee, VU Metrowest and VU Sydney.

City Flinders Campus -

The campus is located in the centre of Melbourne's central business district (CBD), opposite to Flinders Street Station, and the Yarra River. Courses offered by City Flinders Campus include osteopathy, business and many more. City Flinders Campus is an ideal location for transport, delightful restaurants, cafes, shopping, and many special events. Therefore, ensuring a fun-filled student life around the campus.

City Flinders Lane -

City Flinders lane houses the University's international office and Osteopathy clinic. City Flinders Lane campus is located next to the City Flinders campus.

City King -

The City King Campus is located close to Melbourne's principal railway station and transport hub. City King campus majorly offers TAFE courses including 

courses in massage, beauty, dermal therapies and hairdressing.

City Queen - 

The City Queen campus is home to Victoria Law School, moot courts and Law Library. 

Footscray Nicholson- 

Footscray Nicholson is a short walk away from the Footscray train station and provides TAFE courses through VU Polytechnic.

Footscray Park -

The campus is situated next to parklands, the Maribyrnong River and is a short walk away from Footscray Station. The campus also boasts many delightful restaurants, chill cafes, world-class sports science facilities, bookshop, gym and a pool. The Footscray Park campus offers courses in business, science, engineering, community and youth work.

St Albans Campus -

St Albans Campus specialises in arts and science programs and is a hub for nutrition and health research. The campus provides a modern community feel and a comfortable place to study with a gym and an award-winning architecture.

Sunshine Campus -

The campus is home to VU Polytechnic building, construction and engineering courses and the Western Melbourne English Program. The Sunshine Convention centre is the premier conference centre of Melbourne's western hubs.

Victoria University at MetroWest -

Victoria University's community space is located near the 138 Nicholson Street Footscray. VU at MetroWest hosts exhibitions, events, talks, seminars and a range of services. VU at MetroWest also provides various services such as Fresh Student Media, Psychology Clinic, WiFi, Hatch Studio and Skills and Job Centre.

Werribee Campus -

The Werribee campus is a part of a modern technology precinct. Students and researchers at Werribee campus contribute to the local and international scientific community.  The campus provides facilities such as teaching and research, water treatment, food science, fire safety and biomedical science.

Victoria University Sydney -

VU is a world-class university, and VU Sydney is an international-only campus, and the University is renowned for its world-class education system.

Student life

Students studying at the University can have the best student life experience abroad by joining a wide range of clubs and societies offered by Victoria University. Students can also join VUSU - Victoria University's Student Union for supporting all students at VU, which also organises on and off-campus events, such as the end of examination parties, orientation and many more fun activities as well. The University also hosts forums to discuss and understand student's issues and views so that none of the students experiences any inconvenience.

Victoria University is a vibrant, multi-diverse University filled with social, culture, sports and recreational activities. Informal lounges and learning spaces are available for the students at all the campuses of Victoria University. Students can socialise, work on group assignments, and hang out and unwind in these lounges after their classes. The lounges have kitchenette facilities, power points and WiFi access as well. Students can even participate in various surveys and competitions that are regularly organised in the university.

Students can enjoy after their lectures in the city and experience the best of Melbourne by exploring its lively music scenes, fantastic nightlife, delightful restaurants, trendy cafes, sports and much more.

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