Student Housing in Victoria

Student Accommodation in Victoria

If you are looking for off-campus student accommodations in Victoria, you will find many great options with the help of amber. Undoubtedly, you can find a wide range of luxurious yet affordable student housing options. Amber tries to make the time-consuming process of finding perfect student accommodation in Victoria easy and hassle-free for you with 24/7 student service. The student accommodation options provided by amber are designed by keeping the students’ needs and uber comfort in mind. All the necessary amenities provided with the accommodations are all-inclusive in the rent. 

The student housing options in Victoria are divided into halls of residence, private and shared accommodations, private housing, en-suites and non-en-suites. Everyone can find something according to their preferences. Victoria offers student accommodation from £105 to £3465 /week. Some amber-recommended student accommodations are in Victoria Davies Court, Friendship House, Wood Green Hall, Newington Court, Arch View House, Station Court, and Park House

About Victoria

Victoria is a part of the City of Westminster in central London. It bears the name of Victoria Station, a significant transportation hub. The surrounding Victoria Street served as the station's inspiration. Victoria is primarily made up of commercial real estate, private and public housing, and retail establishments along the main roadways. The neighbourhood is home to one of London and the UK's biggest transportation hubs, which includes a listed railway station, an underground station, and Terminus Place, a significant hub for bus and taxi services. Stag Brewery, a sizable brewery located at the western end of Victoria Street, existed even before Cardinal Place, the area in front of the cathedral, was built. The Mayor's London Plan and Westminster City Council's Adopted Core Strategy, a policy planning document, both designate Victoria as an "Opportunity Area," recognising the potential of the area to support commercial and residential growth given its good transportation connections. A number of new plans for significant redevelopment are arising in the region, including upgrades to the Victoria Underground Station and the regeneration of nearby areas. 

Best student accommodations in Victoria

Victoria provides students with comfortable and affordable student accommodation options. These student accommodations are built with the comfort and needs of students in mind. All the amenities will make your stay more comfortable. Here is a list of some of the best-recommended student accommodations in and near Victoria.

1.Railton House

2.Leinster Hosue

3.Holland House

4.Belsize House

5.Sandeman Allen House

6.Bowden Court 

7.New Mansion House

8.Halpin House

9.AXO Camden

Cost of living

When students live alone and move out, the expenses tend to increase. Since keeping track of your spending is essential for students, we have an approximate idea of how much you might spend on average.

1.Accommodation- £500 - £800/ month

2.Travel (bus/trains/taxis)- £0 - £80

3.Food- £50 - £400/ month

4.Mobile phone- £5 - £30/ month

5.Leisure/entertainment- £30 - £200/ month

6.Study costs (books, photocopying)- £10 - £20/ month

7.Gym membership- £15 - £30/ month

8.Total- £800 - £1200/ month

Student Travel in Victoria

The overall transport system in England has the potential to be among the most efficient. The city is cleverly connected to every major transit hub that is easily accessible and is close to all of London's institutions. 

1: Train

London has a dedicated metro rail network that connects the city's central business district to Waterloo and Piccadilly Circus Station. These train stations have clear connections to other stations. Students won't have to worry about making weekend trips to adjacent cities.

2: Bus

More than 100 buses travel up and down the city of London 24 hours a day as part of the city's extensive bus network. Students can board buses that link to all of England's national highways at Victoria Bus Station, which is close to the city centre. An "Oyster Card" bus pass is another option available to students, which greatly lowers the cost of local transportation.

3: Cycle

Students can explore Victoria and neighbouring areas on a cycle.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Victoria

Students can visit some of the famous museums and art galleries and charming coffee shops, and amazing restaurants. There is something for everyone here. London, one of the lively and vibrant cities, has thousands of students flying into the city. The culture in Victoria is very rich and diverse. This area is perfect for students to live in. 

Meanwhile, exploring local shops and city malls can also leave you in awe of Victoria's eateries that bring a wide variety of cuisines and drinks from almost every corner of the world. One can also enjoy a drink watching the city's football team match at Brewmaster or groove to the trendy disco beats in the vibrant clubs in The Roxy situated right next to City Centre. Granaio Leicester Square - Italian Restaurant and Pizza Pilgrims Waterloo are London's most popular restaurants and takeout places if students crave a sufficient dining experience at affordable prices. Students can also experience and enjoy the famous London nightlife by visiting some of the famous bars and nightclubs. 

Victoria tourist attractions

Victoria always has something for students to do. Students can explore several must-see tourist attractions in and around the city during their leisure time. They can visit numerous renowned museums and parks. The following list includes a few of these attractions.

1.Little Ben Clock

2.Ferdinand Foch

3.The British Museum

4.Tower of London

5.Buckingham Palace

6.Natural History Museum

7.St. Paul’s Cathedral 

8.The National Gallery 

9.Victoria and Albert Museum

Universities in Victoria

Many well-known and notable universities in and near Victoria provide students with a wide array of courses and degrees. Some of them are enlisted below.

1.Westminster Kingsway College 

2.University of London

3.University of Westminster

4.Imperial College London

5.London Metropolitan University

6.University of Greenwich

7,London South Bank University

8.Regent’s University London

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