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Scape Carlton, Melbourne

Swanston St, Carlton
( 20m. 11m. 17m)
12 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
study area
Study Area
Games Lounge
Social Lounge
dual occupancy
bills included
Events program
Management Community
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
From AU$429/ week

Scape Peel, Melbourne

Peel St, North Melbourne
( 32m. 18m. 20m)
9 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
Game Room
study area
Social Lounge
dual occupancy
bills included
Events program
Rooftop Lounge
Management Community
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
From AU$379/ week
Upto £500 Cashback

Scape Franklin, Melbourne

Franklin St, Melbourne
( 19m. 13m. 19m)
8 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
study area
Study Spaces
bills included
Communal Lounge
Communal Kitchen
State of The Art Architecture
From AU$459/ week

Campus Melbourne, Melbourne

Bell St, Preston
( 2h 3m. 35m. 32m)
2 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
A Garden
BBQ Deck
Bean bags
free parking
85' Smart TV
dual occupancy
Fitness Studio
4 Meeting rooms
free shuttle bus
Basketball Court
Linen And Towels
High Speed WI-Fi
A Co-working Area
Blackout curtains
Friendly Community
Community Kitchens
Plenty Of Fun Events
Weekly House Keeping
Lounge And Chill Areas
weekly cleaning service
Free Shuttle Bus To CBD
The heated Swimming Pool
Yard Eatery And Swim Club
Access To Washers And Dryers
3300 Sq. M Of Common Social Space
From AU$364/ week

Carric House, Melbourne

Howard St, North Melbourne
( 28m. 18m. 18m)
5 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
Digital TVs
Board games
Lounge room
BBQ machine
Books in Lounge
laundry facility
Alfresco Terrace
Bicycle Storage Room
Entertaining lounges
Full furnished rooms
Heating In All Rooms
Cooling By Way Of Fans
Fully functional kitchen
Fully Functional Kitchen
Within the free tram zone
Laundry & Dryer facilities
Located on the edge of Melbourne CBD
Just opposite to Queen Victoria Market
Private Food Lockers With Crockery Items
From AU$275/ week

Walsh Residence, Melbourne

Walsh St, West Melbourne
( 28m. 18m. 18m)
4 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
Bike storage
Outdoor Deck
bills included
laundry facility
Tram and bus stops
Open Air Clotheslines
20 minutes walk to RMIT
20 minutes walk Melbourne University
Complimentary weekly cleaning in common areas
From AU$275/ week
Filters for you
AU$230 - AU$5000

Carric Hostel, Melbourne

Victoria St, Melbourne
( 22m. 14m. 20m)
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
Quiet Space
Quiet Space
Clean rooms
Cooking areas
Storage units
Desk and chair
From AU$280/ week

Bouverie Residence, Melbourne

Bouverie St, Carlton
( 22m. 16m. 17m)
5 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
Bike Storage
bills included
Rooftop Terrace
laundry facility
Open Air Clothesline
24/7 Fully Equipped Gym
From AU$285/ week

Scape Melbourne Central, Melbourne

La Trobe St, Melbourne
( 19m. 13m. 17m)
6 Room Options
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
Game Room
study area
Shared lounge
Events program
Rooftop Cinema
laundry facility
Management Community
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
From AU$339/ week

Scape Victoria Street, Melbourne

Victoria St, Melbourne
( 18m. 14m. 15m)
7 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
Events Program
Rooftop Terrace
Resident Lounge
breakfast included
All-inclusive food offering
From AU$609/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you start looking for off-campus Torrens University student accommodation?

It's beneficial to start your hunt for off-campus Torrens University student accommodation early. Amber will help you with the paperwork about the place, the amenities provided and the location and proximity to your University. Thorough research is essential to ensure the smooth booking of Torrens University student accommodation. 

What should I look out for while booking Torrens University student accommodation off-campus?

Consider the following things while looking at off-campus Torrens University student accommodation with amber. 

  • Number of people you want to live with
  • Housing catered or self-catered
  • En-suite or studio
  • Single or double bed
  • Room size 
  • Budget
  • Off-campus accommodation

How can off-campus Torrens University student accommodation be rented?

Select, pay, and book. After you shortlist from our catalogue of more than 4,700+ options in off-campus Torrens University student accommodation, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you.  

How much rent does a student pay for off-campus Torrens University student accommodation?

Several factors decide off-campus Torrens University student accommodation rent, and location is one of the essential aspects. Amber offers housing options ranging from AU$150/week to a whopping AU$409/week. On average, you can expect to spend AU$2,500-AU$5,000 on a decent room. Apart from the location, the rent also depends on various amenities and facilities provided by the housing and the room's configuration.  

Which is the best student accommodation near Torrens University?

Student Living - 570 Lygon, Melbourne, is the best accommodation near Torrens University, providing excellent amenities and facilities.  

Which off-campus accommodation is closest to Torrens University?

The nearest Torrens University student accommodation is Student Living - 399 Swanston, Melbourne. It offers accommodation at a minimum price of AU$255 per week. To browse more options, click here.

When should you book your housing for the September intake?

Most of these university accommodations start their intake in February, but they will let you book rooms at the last moment if they have student rooms available. But booking earlier will be the best bargain because there is every chance that the prices may hike depending upon availability. For booking accommodation, click here.

How do I pay for my student room near Torrens University?

 Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure. 

Student Accomodations in Torrens University, Melbourne

Student Accommodation Torrens University

Finding student accommodation close to Torrens University won't be difficult because of its reputation for providing top-notch education worldwide. Students can choose from inexpensive, well-connected accommodation facilities to the rest of the city, close to the University. There are several possibilities for student housing in the city. Still, some more popular ones are economical residence halls, studio apartments, ensuite private rooms with shared rates, and reasonably priced single homes (PBSA). The college provides housing alternatives to all first-year undergrad students, so finding a place to live for newcomers might be straightforward. Due to its low capacity, it fills up quickly.

Multiple halls developed near and on-campus by Torrens University offer students luxurious rooms and all essential amenities, including security, internet, kitchens, and more. These types of student accommodation are more conveniently located near institutions and require less maintenance. Students can find spacious apartments and upper amenities at amber's student accommodation options close to Torrens University. Student accommodation at Torrens University starts at AU$199/week.

About Torrens University

The Torrens University(RMIT) is an Australian public research university situated in Melbourne, Victoria, and was established by Francis Ormond in 1887. In 1954, Queen Elizabeth II granted the University royal patronage in recognition of its commitment to education. The University has a 5-star QS accreditation for quality education.

95,000 students at Torrens University come from more than 100 nations. BMW, Adidas, and Deloitte are just a few international organisations and institutions with which the University has associated. The University continues to assist its students even after graduating by offering them free learning opportunities and services like financial and legal support.

The Vietnamese government requested the University to become the nation's first foreign-owned University at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Ho Chi Minh City hosted its first international branch campus in 2001, and Hanoi hosted a second in 2004. It began operating in Europe in 2013 when a centre in Barcelona, Spain, was opened. Jim Stynes, James Wan, Lydia Lassila, Charles Billich, Felix Colgrave, and many more are examples of successful university alums.

Best Localities near Torrens University Student Accommodation

To meet the necessities of life would be challenging enough for any student.

On the other hand, student accommodation is one of their most essential necessities.

Most students choose to reside in a hospitable neighbourhood while in college because each student has distinct demands. The amber website provides a list of numerous student housing alternatives.

South Yarra

South Yarra is a thriving suburb with supermarkets and discount stores. This area is renowned for its chic working-class culture. Students can reside in Iglu South Yarra.


It is a north Melbourne inner suburb. Numerous intriguing restaurants, cafes, and recreational areas are adjacent to many different possibilities for student accommodation. Millions of people visit this area yearly because of its historical sites, cultural attractions, and artistic heritage. Students have various options to reside in Carlton, such as Unilodge @ 550 Lygon, Melbourne, Unilodge @ 740, Melbourne, Students Living – 590 Lygon, Melbourne, Student Living - 570 Lygon, Melbourne, Carlton, Melbourne

North Melbourne

One of the city's most vibrant and complex parts is North Melbourne. Commercial, industrial, retail, and communal amenities are spread throughout the area's residences, a mix of older and newer construction. Shopping districts, including Errol and Victoria streets, are well known for their various cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Dwell Village Melbourne City, Scape Peel, Melbourne, UniLodge Royal Melbourne, Unilodge on Villiers, Melbourne

Melbourne City Centre

The city centre of Melbourne is distinguished by wide, tree-lined streets, many of which have tram lines running along them. The Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, which has its underground train station, the Bourke Street Mall, the Swanston Street Mall, and Collins Street, home to upscale clothing and jewellery boutiques, are all located in the retail district. Chinatown offers classic Chinese dining and shopping experiences. Federation Area, a well-known landmark with cafes, shops, and a sizable central square, is located across the street from Flinders Street Station.

Students can reside in Scape La Trobe, Melbourne, Scape Melbourne Central, Melbourne, Melbourne City, Park Avenue, Y Suites on A'Beckett, Melbourne, Scape Franklin, Melbourne

Cost of Living

Melbourne student accommodation is quite favourable. Although the cost of living in this city may be high, wise preparation and assessment can assist them in avoiding incurring additional Australian dollar costs. It is advised that students set aside between AU$2,500 and AU$5,000 per month for all living expenses and other personal expenses.

1. Food:  AU$100-AU$150 per week

2. Gas and Electricity: AU$150-AU$250 per week

3. Internet and Mobile Phone: AU$70-AU$100 per month

4. Dinner at a restaurant: AU$60-AU$120 one time

5. Laundry: AU$15-AU$50 per week

6. Clothing: AU$100-AU$1000 per month

7. Travel (buses and trains): AU$150-AU$300 per month

8. Movie Ticket: AU$40-80 per month

Student Travel near Torrens University

Melbourne's roads are always congested with moving automobiles. This city offers a variety of transportation alternatives, making commuting and living as a student simple and convenient. Travelling around the city is hassle-free for residents and students because of the well-connected and extensive transit infrastructure of trains, buses, and taxis.

Additionally, the cost of driving is far less expensive than in other cities. Students can purchase railcards and a travel pass for a simpler journey.


The accessibility of this service makes it convenient for students to travel. The concessionary cost is AU$2.25, and the standard bus fare is AU$5.


With 218 suburban stations on 16 lines, Melbourne has the most subway stops. Flinders Street Station is the busiest train hub in all of Australia, a well-known landmark and gathering spot in Melbourne. A concession, elderly, or kid myki costs $3, while a full-fare myki card costs $6.

You need a myki card to ride our trains, trams, and buses. You must use this reusable travel card when you board and exit a public transportation vehicle. You can purchase Myki cards at airports, 7-11 convenience stores, or most railroad stations. After receiving your card, you'll need to load funds onto it so that you can travel. You can do this online or at a train station.

Student Life at Torrens University

The institution offers a wide range of welcoming, exciting, multicultural, athletic, and recreational opportunities. Students will have the most unforgettable time of their lives while attending the institution, thanks to various programmes and activities. Students studying at Torrens University will have the ideal student life experience because there are over 100 student clubs and societies to choose from where you may socialise or meet individuals with similar interests. University life is not just about books and academics. The institution also organises frequent activities on each campus and provides organised trips to places like Phillip Island and The Great Ocean Road. Torrens University’s  Melbourne city and Bundoora campus have a fully-stocked gym with a wide selection of amenities, activities, and multipurpose courts. Melbourne is home to various entertainment venues, including live music venues, laid-back cafes, delicious restaurants, sports, energetic bars, and more. Hence, Melbourne students will have a great student life.

Tourist Attractions near Torrens University

Melbourne is among the most well-known cities in the world, and it's easy to see why with all the fascinating tourist attractions and activities available. Every year, millions of tourists visit Melbourne to take in the city's panoramic views, historic buildings, green areas, and cultures, all of which excite and draw a sizable crowd. Students are drawn to Melbourne by its centres, pubs, beautiful cafes, recreational areas, parks, and clubs. Popular attractions include:

1. Cricket Ground

2. Albert Park

3. Melbourne Park

4. Melbourne Skyline,

5. Royal Botanic Gardens

Courses at Torrens University

The University offers many courses under various domains, mainly under multiple banners such as

  1. Arts & Design
  2. Business Analytics
  3. Architecture
  4. Engineering
  5. Accounting
  6. Marketing
  7. Cyber Security

Nearby places to visit

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