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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


Founded by Francis Ormond in 1887, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ( RMIT ) is an Australian public research university located in Melbourne, Victoria. Queen Elizabeth II awarded the University royal patronage for its education service in 1954. The University offers courses in areas such as architecture, engineering, art and design, computer science and much more. The University also holds a 5-star QS accreditation for its academic excellence.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is home to 12,000 students from over 100 countries. The University has also partnered with many organisations and institutions around the world, including BMW, Adidas and Deloitte. The University also supports its students after they have graduated, by providing them services like financial and legal support, advice and free study. Some successful alumni of the University include- Jim Stynes, James Wan, Lydia Lassila, Charles Billich, Felix Colgrave and many more.

Student accommodation Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is globally acknowledged for its world-class education; therefore finding student accommodation around the University won't be a complicated task. Students can find a wide range of best-quality student housing options near RMIT University, which are not only affordable but also have excellent transport links to the rest of the city. Students can choose from options like RMIT University accommodation or on-campus accommodation, private housing options and homestays. Those who are living away for the first time can choose to stay at the on-campus accommodation at Bundoora known as Walert House.

But because of the increase in its demand and closeness to the college, the RMIT university accommodation gets occupied at a lightning pace. The students can also choose from a variety of private student accommodation options available for students studying at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. These private student housing options include affordable studios, en-suite apartments, shared flats and non-ensuite rooms, which comprises of all modern amenities and are inclusive of all the utility bills as well.

Many of the student accommodation is located at a convenient distance from RMIT University as well. Atira La Trobe St, Urbanest Melbourne Central, 360 King Street, Scape Swanston are some of the most exceptional private accommodation near RMIT University.


RMIT has three campuses in Australia, three campuses in Vietnam and one campus in the European hub in Barcelona. 

City campus

The Melbourne City campus is surrounded by public transports, cafes, theatres, galleries, restaurants and parks. The campus has about 45,000 students studying in across all interest areas. The unique feature of this campus is that it is not surrounded by walls. There are award-winning buildings based near the campus- like the Swanston Academic Building, Alumni Courtyard and the A'Beckett Urban Square.

Brunswick campus

The Brunswick campus is part of the multicultural Sydney Road district located close to pubs, eclectic shops, markets, thriving art scenes and restaurants serving cuisines from all around the globe. The campus provides programs and research related to design including fashion, product development, merchandising and textile technologies. The Brunswick campus is also well served by metropolitan trains and trams.

Bundoora campus

Bundoora campus is located in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne with outdoor sporting facilities for tennis, netball and athletics. The campus is on Plenty road between Bundoora and Mill Park and can be accessed from the M80 road. The campus houses many of RMIT's health, medical sciences and engineering programs. The train line- Hurstbridge and tram route 86 provides easy access to Bundoora Campus. Therefore, solving the hassle of commutation for the students.

Student life

The university is welcoming, vibrant, multi-diverse and filled with numerous cultural, social, sporting and recreational activities. With a vast range of programs and activities- students will have the most memorable time of their lives while studying at the university. 

The student life at the university is not just about books and academics, but the students studying at RMIT will have the best student life experience as the university has over 100 student clubs, and societies to choose from where you can socialise or meet people with similar interests.  The university also runs regular events in every campus and also offers group tours to destinations such as Phillip Island, and The Great Ocean road. The Melbourne city campus and Bundoora campus of the RMIT University provides a fully-equipped gym with a vast range of facilities, activities and multi-purpose courts.

Bored and tired of completing a pile of assignments? All you have to do is get ready and heady and head out!  The city of Melbourne is filled with numerous entertainment options, including live music scenes, chill cafes, delightful restaurants, sports, vibrant bars and much more. Therefore, ensuring quality and fun-filled student life in Melbourne.

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