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Kerr Parade, Auburn
3.6 mi from City Center
( 1h 20m
18m )
laundry facility
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John St, Mascot
14.5 mi from City Center
( 5h 26m
1h 5m )
rooftop terrace
laundry facility
4 Room Options
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Juno Parade, Greenacre
7.8 mi from City Center
( 2h 52m
1h 15m )
laundry facility
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Arthur St, Punchbowl
8.5 mi from City Center
( 3h 8m
1h 7m )
laundry facility
bills included
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1 Offer
Tucker St, Ryde
9.5 mi from City Center
( 3h 32m
1h 8m )
game room
study area
4 Room Options
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Allen St, Pyrmont
13.9 mi from City Center
( 5h 10m
1h 22m )
TV area
Shared lounge
2 Room Options
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Charlotte St, Ashfield
9.6 mi from City Center
( 3h 35m
1h 2m )
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Old Canterbury Rd, Lewisham
11.0 mi from City Center
( 4h 6m
1h 1m )
bills included
laundry facility
on-street parking
5 Room Options
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1 Offer
Wattle St, Ultimo
14.0 mi from City Center
( 5h 15m
1h 15m )
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Guildford a nice place to live for students?

The city of Guildford in Perth comes alive with bars, cafes, and cultural architecture, which makes it the perfect location for student accommodations. The options for student accommodation in Guildford make it a beautiful place to live in

What is the name of the best Guildford student accommodations?

The best Guildford student accommodation in Perth is definitely Scape Guildford.

What makes Guildford student accommodation in Perth such a sought-after location?

Not only do you get a whole range of student accommodation options around Guildford and the rest of the city, but you can also take advantage of the city’s great public transport system, fun nightlife, and excellent academic facilities.

What's the process for securing Guildford student accommodations through amber?

Watch our step-by-step video guide to help you shortlist from our extensive catalogue of options for private student accommodation in Guildford options. Once you've made your selections, our experienced team will provide free assistance throughout the entire process. Feel free to reach out to us for any further questions or guidance – we're here to help!

Can I sort through my Guildford student accommodation based on my preferences?

Absolutely! Your preference is our priority, and options for private student accommodation Guildford are abundant. Our housing options cater to your expectations and needs. Click here to know more. Since student accommodation in Guildford tends to sell out quickly, so be sure to book yours at the earliest. Ensure that you get the best according to your choice.

What varieties of student accommodations are available in and around Guildford?

Numerous flexible Guildford student accommodation choices await you. Among the prevalent options are shared apartments, studios, ensuites, and non-ensuite accommodations.

What payment options are available for securing student accommodation in Perth?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

We also have our own payment portal where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I schedule a tour to inspect available student rooms Guildford?

Absolutely! If you wish to scout a location before finalising your booking near Guildford’s top universities, reach out to our booking specialists, and we'll organise a virtual tour for you. If you have any further inquiries or need assistance, feel free to contact us—we're here to help!

What attractions and amenities can I find in the vicinity of Guildford?

One can take a walk on the High Street and then enjoy an eventful night in G Live. The possibilities are endless!

Can I stay in a Guildford student accommodation with friends?

Certainly! While it's a possibility, regulations differ between properties. We recommend consulting the relevant authorities before making your decision to move in. Additionally, explore activities in and around Guildford with friends!

Student Accomodations in Guildford

Guildford Student Accommodation

Embark on your educational journey in Guildford, a vibrant city that offers an exceptional living experience for students from around the globe. With Guildford student accommodation options listed with amber, finding your ideal home away from home has never been easier.

Located in the bustling area of Guildford, Perth, Australia, student accommodation in Guildford Perth, places you in the heart of the local student community. The centrally positioned residences ensure you're never too far from your educational institution, whether you're attending Curtin University, Edith Cowan University Joondalup, or The University of Western Australia.

Our listed selection of student accommodation in Guildford Perth boasts a variety of amenities aimed at enhancing your student lifestyle. From stylish and comfortable interiors to communal areas ideal for socialising and studying, your living experience in Guildford will be unmatched. Each property comes with unparalleled amenities and securities difficult to find elsewhere functioning throughout your stay.

Nestled within the dynamic Cumberland City Council Australia, amber-listed student houses in Guildford offer easy access to local shops, restaurants, and cultural hotspots, ensuring that you have everything you need right on your doorstep. With its mix of urban convenience and serene landscapes, Guildford truly provides the best of both worlds for students.

About Guidlford

Guildford, an idyllic suburb nestled in New South Wales, Australia, offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Situated within the Cumberland City Council, this welcoming locality is known for its rich heritage buildings and amazing Guildford student accommodations in Perth. The region's pull is not only in its picturesque streets but also in its strong educational foundations, with acclaimed institutions nearby, attracting a lively student population. options for student accommodation in Guildford tend to be in demand, particularly among those seeking a blend of suburban tranquillity and academic vibrancy.

The locality thrives with students seeking Guildford student accommodation, conveniently located near top universities. Renowned institutions like Curtin University, Edith Cowan University Joondalup, and the University of Western Australia bolster the academic landscape of Guildford. Each of these universities contributes significantly to the educational prowess of the region, providing world-class opportunities for learning and research.

For students, finding the perfect houses in Guildford Perth is essential for a comfortable and conducive academic life. Amber's dedicated platform provides a list of various student housing options tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences. With a commitment to ensuring a seamless hunt for the ideal student abode, amber has become the go-to for many seeking their new home away from home in the heart of Guildford.

Best Student Accommodation in Guildford

When it comes to student life, finding the right accommodation is essential. Guildford student accommodations offer a wide range of benefits for students who are on the move. Enjoy the independence that comes with living away from home, often at more affordable rates compared to on-campus options. Student accommodation in Guildford Perth encourages a student-friendly sense of community, allowing you to forge lasting friendships and connections. These dwellings, close to top local educational institutions, range from ensuites and student halls to studio apartments, ensuring there's something that meets every student's needs. Guildford presents a variety of student houses in Guildford that cater to different preferences and budgets, all within reach of local universities. Here are the top picks based on amenities, proximity to academic institutions, and the wholesome living experience they offer

1. Scape Guildford
2. The Bridge
3. Ash Grove Court
4. Straits Garden
5. Hox Park
6. iQ The Pad
7. iQ The Podium
8. Victoria Ave
9. Guilden Village
10. Parish Hall

Cost of Living in Guildford

Understanding the cost of living in Guildford is crucial for students who must budget accordingly to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while studying. Guildford, a city of Sydney, offers a vibrant student life accompanied by a range of living expenses. The average anticipated monthly cost of living for students in Guildford student accommodations could be approximately AUD 1,500 to 2,000, considerably impacting how students can manage their finances and lifestyle choices.

1. Food & Groceries - AUD 400- AUD 600
2. Transportation - AUD 100 - AUD 150
3. Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) - AUD 150 - AUD 200
4. Clothing - AUD 50 - AUD 100
5. Sports & Leisure - AUD 50 - AUD 100

Student Travel Guildford

When it comes to student travel in Guildford, Australia, those staying in Guildford student accommodations can easily connect to all parts of the city and beyond, thanks to a robust public transportation system. The convenience of getting around Guildford is an added benefit for students looking for student flats Guildford Perth, as it enables them to explore the area and travel to their respective universities without hassle. Here's how students can navigate the Guildford locality:

1. Buses
Guildford is well-serviced by local bus networks, which are both economical and well-connected, making them a favoured option among students. With frequent service intervals, students can catch a bus to various destinations within the city near your student accommodation in Guildford Perth. The fare system is straightforward, with students often being able to use travel cards such as Opal in Sydney, which allows for discounted fares. Prices are usually around AU$ 2 - AU$5 for a single ride, depending on the distance travelled.

2. Metro Trains
The train network offers rapid travel across the city and to neighbouring regions. Guildford Station connects students to key locations, including the Sydney CBD. With services running every 15 - 30 minutes during peak hours, students can plan their commute efficiently. Fares vary based on travel zones, with a typical journey costing between AU$3 to AU$5. Students can also benefit from using their Opal cards on trains for capped fares and off-peak discounts.

3. Cycling
For those who prefer an eco-friendly and active mode of transportation, cycling is a viable option. Guildford provides dedicated bike lanes and paths that ensure safety and accessibility for cyclists. It is cost-effective as there are no ongoing costs aside from bike maintenance, and many student accommodations offer secure bike storage facilities.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Guildford

In the charming suburbs of Guildford, student life is as picturesque as the leafy streets and heritage architecture that define this Australian locality. Those fortunate to secure student accommodation in Guildford Perth find themselves enveloped in a community that's both safe and nurturing for their educational journey. Cafes and eateries such as The Cornerstone Cafe welcome young academics with their cosy ambience and coffee that keeps late-night study sessions buzzing. Meanwhile, Little Guildford offers a perfect brunch spot with friends, indulging in hearty Australian fare after a week of lectures. For those who prefer a livelier scene, The Guildford Hotel, with its enchantfully restored spaces, serves as a historian’s delight and a student's escape with its array of refreshing beverages and events near private accommodation Guildford.

Outdoor enthusiasts are not left wanting, with Guildford's green spaces like Riverside Park providing a serene retreat to relax or hit the books in the freshness of open air. Whether it's a brisk morning jog or a leisurely evening walk, this locality hosts pockets of nature that serve as students’ natural stress relievers. As the sun sets, Guildford's calendar lights up with events that range from music festivals to local farmers' markets, ensuring the student experience is peppered with cultural immersion and community engagement. The Spring Festival is particularly enchanting, painting the streets with art, music, and a convivial spirit that resonates with the youthful crowd.

Guildford Tourist Attractions

Steeped in history and brimming with culture, Guildford is a destination that offers visitors a unique blend of classic English charm and modern attractions. Those staying in Guildford student accommodation in Perth are perfectly poised to explore everything from picturesque parks to historic buildings and a lively entertainment scene, making it an ideal locale for students and tourists alike.

1. Guildford Castle
2. Guildford Cathedral
3. Stoke Park
4. River Wey
5. Guildford Museum
6. High Street
7. G Live
8. The Electric Theatre


Guidlford in Peth houses some of the best universities in all of Australia. Some of the top universities in Guildford Perth include

1. Curtin University
2. Edith Cowan University Joondalup
3. The University of Western Australia

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