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Student Accommodations near 
The University of Sydney, Sydney

Property of the Day
John St, Mascot
3.1 mi from University
( 1h 5m
43m )
rooftop terrace
laundry facility
4 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Flinders St, Darlinghurst
2.3 mi from University
( 53m
27m )
6 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Allen St, Pyrmont
1.8 mi from University
( 42m
30m )
TV area
Shared lounge
2 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Victoria St, Potts Point
3.0 mi from University
( 1h 9m
42m )
bills included
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
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Receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences.
Yurong St, Darlinghurst
2.3 mi from University
( 48m
30m )
dual occupancy
laundry facility
Highly sought after location
1 Room Option
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Wattle St, Ultimo
1.1 mi from University
( 27m
15m )
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
bills included
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Abercrombie St, Redfern
1.0 mi from University
( 23m
23m )
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
bills included
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Top Rated
Darling Dr, Haymarket
1.5 mi from University
( 37m
23m )
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
bills included
study area
8 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
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Pitt St, Redfern
1.3 mi from University
( 28m
26m )
dual occupancy
communal kitchen
Quality furnishings
1 more
9 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Flinders St, Darlinghurst
2.4 mi from University
( 50m
36m )
dual occupancy
laundry facility
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get student accommodation near the University of Sydney?

Yes, you can get University of Sydney student accommodation.

Which is the best student accommodation near University of Sydney?

Scape At University Of Sydney is the best student accommodation near University of Sydney which provides you with excellent amenities and facilities.

Which off-campus student accommodation is closest to University of Sydney?

The nearest student accommodation to the University of Sydney is Western Sydney University Village Parramatta It offers accommodation at a minimum price of 167/week. To browse more options, click here. 

When should you start looking for off-campus student accommodation near University of Sydney?

It's beneficial to start your hunt for off-campus student accommodation near University of Sydney early. Amber will help you with the paperwork about the place, the amenities provided, and the location and proximity to your university. Thorough research is essential to ensure smooth student accommodation near University of Sydney booking.

What should I look for when booking off-camous University of Sydney student accommodation?

Consider the following things while looking at off-campus University of Sydney student accommodation with amber.

  1. Number of people you want to live with
  2. Housing catered or self-catered
  3. En-suite or studio
  4. Single or double bed·
  5. Room size ·
  6. Budget
  7. Off-campus accommodation
  8. Any additional facilities

How can you rent off-campus University of Sydney student accommodation?

Select, pay, and book. After you shortlist from our catalogue  for University of Sydney student accommodation, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you or watch a video for a detailed explanation.

How do I pay for my student accommodation near University of Sydney?

Multiple payment options are available for the payment of your student accommodation near University of Sydney. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

We also have our payment portal where we can help you with the procedure. For a detailed explanation, click here!

Can I get discounts for student accommodation near University of Sydney?

Yes, students who book earlier often earn generous discounts and pay much less rent for their University of Sydney student accommodation. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Can I stay with my friends at off-campus University of Sydney student accommodation?

Yes, you can share your University of Sydney student accommodation with your friends, but the rules vary for different accommodations. We would suggest you consult the concerned authorities before you decide to move in.

Is it compulsory to stay in University of Sydney’s hostel?

No, it is not mandatory to stay in the university hostel. You can choose to stay in any student accommodation near University Sydney of your choice.

Student Accomodations in The University of Sydney, Sydney

Student Accommodation near University of Sydney

If you are a student looking out for student accommodation near the University of Sydney,  you do not have to worry as the city offers a wide choice of student accommodation to cater to the housing needs of the students. Sydney offers a variety of affordable housing alternatives, including student residence halls, dormitories, and pocket-friendly private apartments. Since the University of Sydney is a recognised institution of higher learning in Australia, finding housing close to the campus won't be a problem.

Near The University of Sydney, amber offers students economical self-catered living options around its main campus, including Abercrombie, Darlington House, Selle House, the Arundel St Terraces, and the Queen Mary Building. But, the University of Sydney student accommodation fills up quickly due to its high demand. Therefore, students may always choose from the wide variety of available private student accommodation near University of Sydney, which include luxurious shared and non-shared apartments. Additionally, the rent for these private student residences provides payment for all utility costs.

Urbanest Darling Square, Forest Lodge, Scape Abercrombie, Douglas Street, Urbanest Cleveland Street, and many more are just a few of the top private housing options near the University of Sydney.

About University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia, is home to the University of Sydney, founded in 1850. The University is regarded as one of the top universities in the world, and its graduates hold highly valued and respected degrees. The University is now ranked fourth globally and first in Australia for graduate employability in the QS World University Rankings. The University belongs to CEMS, APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities), ACUA (Association of Commonwealth Universities), and WUN (Worldwide Universities Network). The Guild Center for Advanced Education, the Cumberland College of Health Sciences, and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music are just a few of the institutions that have been founded on the grounds.

The Huffington Post and the Daily Telegraph rate the university's campus among the top 10 of the world's most picturesque campuses. The University is divided into nine faculties: Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney Law School, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Science at The University of Sydney. Worldwide, Sydney University has more than 60,000 donors and more than 350,000 alumni. Seven Australian Prime Ministers, nine state governors, 24 justices of the High Court of Australia, heart transplant surgeon Victor Chang, politician Michael Kirby, and many others received their education at the University of Sydney.

Best Student Accommodation near the University of Sydney

Any student would struggle with life's necessities. On the other hand, student accommodation is an essential factor for students. Searching for suitable student accommodation in The University of Sydney can be tedious for students. Amber does everything from finding a convenient location to booking and handling the booking formalities smoothly. Although every student may have different needs and requirements, they have one need in common, that is, the student accommodations need to be close to their university. In order to help you in your quest for a place to live, amber provides a variety of possibilities for student housing. The following are some of the top student housing near the University of Sydney:

1. BELONG Zetland

2. BELONG Waterloo

3. Y Suites on Gibbons

4. BELONG Mascot

5. Scape Glebe

6. BELONG Rosebery

7. Iglu Mascot Student Accommodation

8. BELONG Eastgardens

9. Flo Harris Lodge

Cost of Living near University of Sydney

Student accommodation near the University of Sydney takes up most of your expenses after tuition fees. But a student can manage their costs and not run broke. For this, we have a list of your average expenses:

You will have to bear costs while living as a student in the city. Most of these estimates prices will vary depending on personal preferences but are a helpful way to gauge how much you could be spending.

1: Food and groceries: AU$100- AU$200 per month

2: Travel: AU$ 40- AU$100 per month

3: Phone plan: AU$10- AU$30 per month

4: Recreation: AU$50- AU$200 per month

Student Travel Around University of Sydney

Students can travel to the city using the well-developed public transportation system. Finding student housing near your university or public transportation in Sydney will help you save money on trips.

1. Bus: The most cost-effective form of transportation for students is the bus. Numerous private bus networks provide service throughout the city, including Transdev NSW, Busways, ComfortDelGro Australia, and Forest Coach Lines. Depending on the service, a weekly bus pass will run you anywhere from 10 to 30 AUD.

2. Metro: Students can easily use the city's extensive metro system, which passes through it. There are 13 separate significant stations along its mostly underground route. New metro lines and stations are continuously being built to increase connections throughout the city.

3. Cycling: You can also explore the city by bicycle. Visit The University of Sydney's premier cycling areas, including The University of Sydney's famous Pioneer Park.

Student Life in the University of Sydney

Student life at the University of Sydney is vibrant, diverse, and full of opportunities for personal and academic growth. Its main campus is located in the heart of Sydney, providing students with easy access to the city's cultural, social, and professional opportunities. The University of Sydney has a vibrant student life with numerous clubs and societies catering to various interests. Whether you're into sports, arts, culture, academics, or any other area, you're likely to find like-minded individuals and groups to connect with. You can always find some type of entertainment if you need it in the city because there are so many things to do and locations to see. The city offers something for everyone, from cafes and restaurants to museums and events. Visit Kafeine if you need a quick, light breakfast before class or just a place to relax with a coffee and catch up on work. Grilled Nutritious Burgers, a student favourite with a variety of delectable and healthy selections to choose from, is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy an excellent burger without feeling any guilt the next day.

There are many museums in the city that anyone interested in the arts and culture can visit. If students wish to spend some time taking in the culture that the city has to offer, they can see the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, the Justice and Police Museum, the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, and the Museum of Sydney.

University of Sydney Tourist Attractions

Both tourists and students can enjoy the city's various attractions. Millions of tourists visit Sydney each year to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the city's offerings. The city is renowned for having numerous significant, internationally famous tourist attractions. Among the city's must-see attractions are:

1. Sydney Opera House

2. Sydney Harbor Bridge

3. Bondi Beach

4. Royal Botanical Garden

5. Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Top Courses Offered by the University of Sydney

This university offers many courses under a wide spectrum of subjects. Some of the popular courses offered here are:

1. Agricultural Sciences

2. Arts and Humanities.

3. Biology and Biochemistry.

4. Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology.

5. Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems

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