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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to move out over the Christmas and Easter holidays?

No, your room is yours for the whole of your tenancy. You only need to move out at the end of the agreement.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit is registered with a Government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. As long as your room is clean and nothing is missing or damaged from your stay, they will aim to get your deposit back to you within 10 working days.

Is visitor parking available?

All our student accommodation is centrally located, close to good public transport links and other facilities, so you should be able to get around easily without a car. A small number of sites have limited parking, available at an additional charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the Accommodation Team at your chosen location for more information.


Yugo UK

Yugo UK

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Yugo UKHow long does a viewing take? It usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes to tour their student accommodation in person, however, they also offer virtual viewings too. Can I choose who my flatmates are?You can choose to live with your friends by selecting the same flat number when you book with them. Please note, this is subject to availability, so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment! Do I need to pay a deposit?They don’t take deposits for any of their student accommodation. Instead you’ll need to pay an advance rent fee which will go towards your First rent payment. Do you provide female only accommodation?Yes, if you prefer to have a single gender flat just speak to their residence support team when you book with us. This is subject to demand and flat availability so they recommend getting in touch as early as you can. What is a guarantor and why do I need one?A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you’re unable to, for example one of your parents or a close relative. If you’re unable to meet rent payments please speak to your support team, they will only contact your guarantor to pay rent as a last resort if you cannot meet the agreement of your tenancy. What do I do if I’m an international student and don’t have a guarantor?If you’re an international student and would like to pay your rent in instalments, you’ll need a UK based guarantor. If this isn’t possible, you can still book a room, but you’ll have to pay your rent in an upfront annual sum instead. Do I need to be a full-time student to book a room?They can only accept full-time students. Get in touch with us if you have any questions. Is there an age limit for booking with Yugo?To live with us whilst studying at University, you will need to be 18 or older.

Can I choose who my flatmates are?

You can choose to live with your friends by selecting the same flat number when you book with them. Please note, this is subject to availability, so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment!

Do I need to pay a deposit?

They don’t take deposits for any of their student accommodation. Instead you’ll need to pay an advance rent fee which will go towards your First rent payment.

Do you provide female only accommodation?

Yes, if you prefer to have a single gender flat just speak to their residence support team when you book with us. This is subject to demand and flat availability so they recommend getting in touch as early as you can.

What is a guarantor and why do I need one?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you’re unable to, for example one of your parents or a close relative. If you’re unable to meet rent payments please speak to your support team, they will only contact your guarantor to pay rent as a last resort if you cannot meet the agreement of your tenancy.

What do I do if I’m an international student and don’t have a guarantor?

If you’re an international student and would like to pay your rent in instalments, you’ll need a UK based guarantor. If this isn’t possible, you can still book a room, but you’ll have to pay your rent in an upfront annual sum instead.

Do I need to be a full-time student to book a room?

They can only accept full-time students. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Is there an age limit for booking with Yugo?

To live with us whilst studying at University, you will need to be 18 or older.

Can I personalise my room?

As long as you are able to return it to its original state on check-out or you will be recharged for any damages. Check out their blog for ideas of how you can personalise your room without nails, glue or leaving marks on the wall.

Where can I smoke?

They don’t allow smoking inside your residence, but you’re free to smoke outside.

Can I keep a fridge in my room?

Additional fridges are only allowed in your room if they are for the purpose of storing prescribed medication.

Can I bring a pet?

They love fluffy animals but they do not allow tenants to bring pets into the building.

Are there spare rooms for visitors to stay in?

No, unfortunately, their residences are filled to the brim with fun-loving students every year.
Are there any social events for residents?
They host socials all year round for you and your flatmates to enjoy; from spiritual and cultural get-togethers, to fitness events and much more.
If I don’t get on with my new flatmates can I change rooms?
They want to make sure that you love your experience living with us, so if you find you’re not getting on with your new flatmates it may be possible to change rooms subject to availability. Get in touch with your resident team for more information.
What happens if something in my flat breaks or doesn’t work?
Their friendly maintenance team is always on hand if something in your flat breaks or doesn’t work. Just fill in a maintenance request form and hand it into reception.
Can I have friends or family to stay?
Of course, as long as you are in the flat whilst they visit. They recommend friends and family only stay a maximum of 2 or 3 nights and that you let your flatmates know before they arrive.
Are the social spaces always open?
You can book out some of the social spaces on offer in their accommodation, but most of our common areas are open 24 hours a day unless alternative opening hours are advertised.
Is wifi included?
Yes, they offer high-speed 100MB broadband and Wi-Fi as standard in all rooms, and it’s also available in their social spaces and communal areas.
What appliances are included in your flat when you arrive?
The appliances included in your flat depend on the type of room or residence you book with. Check out our residence pages for more information or get in touch with their residence team.
Where do I do my washing?
They have on-site laundry facilities for you to use whenever you need during your stay.
What equipment is in the gym?
The residences that include a gym on site have free weights and/or weight training equipment, cardiovascular equipment and yoga mats. Some of their properties also have fitness suites with more specialised equipment or dance/yoga studios!
Can I have parcels delivered to my building?
Their reception team is always on hand to accept your parcels and signed-for items so you never miss a delivery. They’ll also send you an email reminder when your package is ready for collection.
Do they get a cleaner?
Some of their student properties offer weekly or bi-weekly kitchen & living area cleaners, but in others you’re expected to maintain your shared spaces and rooms yourself. All of their communal areas are cleaned regularly.
How secure is the bike storage?
Most of their bike storage is inside their secure properties, so only residents can gain access. However, in some residences their bike storage is outside on campus and where possible away from the main streets. In all cases, they recommend using a secure bike lock for extra security.
Is there parking for students on site?
Some of their residences have parking on site for you to use during your stay with us. Check their residence pages or get in touch for more information.
Can I move in before my contract starts?
In many cases, they can allow people to move in early at a daily rate, but you will need to contact the residence team to check.
What documents do I need to check in?
When you check in they ’ll need to see a copy of your ID, and also recommend bringing a printed copy of your tenancy agreement with your signed guarantor forms.
What time can I arrive the day I move in?
Some of their residences will let you to move in at any time on set days, whereas others will give you a time slot. They ’ll be in touch closer to your move-in date to give you more information!
Where can I park when I’m unpacking?
When your move-in date approaches, They ’ll be in touch to advise where you can park nearby to unload your belongings.
Is it okay to arrive out of hours on the day I move in?
If you need to arrive out-of-hours please let your residence support team know with as much notice as possible to make sure they ’re available to help.
How do I pay rent?
You can pay your rent instalments through their student portal. If you need help with getting your login details, or if you’re having trouble logging on, get in touch with your residence team.
How many instalments can I pay my rent in?
If you’re a domestic student or international student with a UK based guarantor, you can pay your rent in 3 or 4 instalments. Alternatively, you can pay your annual rent in an upfront sum. In special circumstances, get in touch with your residence support team to talk about what other options are possible.
Can I pay rent by bank transfer?
They ask students to pay their rent through their booking portal as it is safer and more efficient, but in some instances you may be able to pay by bank transfer provided you have spoken to your residence support team first.
Are there any extra bills I have to pay?
Water, gas and electricity are all included in your rent, so there’s no need to worry about paying utility bills on time.
Do I have to pay council tax?
No - full time students don’t need to pay council tax, so there’s no need to worry about extra costs.
Can I sublet my room for the summer?
No - unfortunately, they do not allow students to sublet their rooms throughout their contract with us.
Can I move out early?
Yes - Provided you find a replacement tenant for your room, then you can get in touch with your residence support team to discuss the details.
Is there always a member of staff available on site?
They aim to have staff available 24 hours a day, so if you ever have a request, a member of their resident team can help you day or night.
How safe is the accommodation?
Most of the entrances to their accommodation buildings are access controlled as well as monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, and all flat doors are all key controlled. They also aim to always have resident teams on site should you ever need extra support.
Is contents insurance included?
Yes, contents insurance is included in your tenancy agreement, so your belongings are protected throughout your stay with us. You will receive more information about this when you check-in.
Is the building regularly inspected for fire safety?
The safety of their students is very important to us. They have fire alarm tests and inspections on fire safety practices regularly across all of their residences.
What payment options are available for international students?
If you have a UK based guarantor you can pay your rent by instalments. Alternatively, you can pay your annual rent upfront in a lump sum.
Can I stay over the summer holidays?
Some of their student residences offer summer lets as well as tenancy extensions, but this is subject to availability. For more information, get in touch with your residence team or find out more here.
What do I do if I’ve booked a room, but can’t get a visa?
Please get in touch with your resident support team and they can cancel or postpone your tenancy depending on what works best for you.
Do I need to bring my own bedding?
Yes - They don’t provide any bed linen in their flats as they find students like to personalise their rooms. Check out our blog for room tips and ideas. Please note, this may be different for summer bookings. Contact their residence teams for more information!
Can I be picked up from the airport?
Unfortunately, They don’t offer airport pick up services for international students, you’ll need to make your own travel arrangements to and from the property.

How much does is it cost to stay at the accommodation?

Developments vary in price and they have different room options available to suit different budgets, starting from £115 per week.

Who can be my guarantor?

A guarantor is someone over the age of 18 who takes joint financial responsibility for your tenancy and is liable to pay your rent if you are, for any reason, unable to pay an amount owed to the Property You will need to name a guarantor when you make your booking if you select to pay your rent in instalments. This person will need you to choose to be your guarantor will need to be UK based and sign a guarantor agreement they have the right to pursue this person for any outstanding payments and it is, therefore, important your guarantor understands the liability.

Do I need to be a student?

Yes developments are only for students.

I only have a conditional offer, can I still book?

Yes, you can secure your room for a £150 advanced rent payment and if you don’t get into the University of your choice or decide to go to another city where there is no property then this will be refunded.

Do you offer short term lets?

Most of their rooms are occupied throughout the year but they might be able to accommodate your needs. Please contact us to see if they can meet your short-term accommodation needs.

Can I see who else has booked in my flat?

They have a closed Facebook group set up for each of their accommodations– the best place to find the answer to this question is to join as soon as your booking is secured and start socialising with your new housemates.

Do I need a guarantor?

If you would like to pay in either 4, 11 or 12 instalments, they do require a UK guarantor. If you are unable to provide a UK guarantor, then please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

How old do I need to be to live at the accommodation?

They accept all full time students over the age of 18.

Can a dual occupant be added to my tenancy?

Dual occupants need to be arranged and approved before check-in by email. They can not be added on once the tenancy has started. Where possible, all dual occupants need to be arranged at the time of booking. Once a dual occupant has been approved, any changes to this need to be sent for approval before changes to the booking can be made. Dual occupants need to be full-time students and residents for the full tenancy (along with the main tenant). Any exceptions to this need to be arranged and agreed upon by the team prior to booking.

Can I cancel my booking for free?

You can cancel for free if… You fail to get the results to attend the university you selected Your VISA is declined You choose to move to another university in a city where they are yet to have Property accommodation T&Cs Apply There is a 48-hour cooling-off period once the Tenancy Agreement has been signed, after which the Tenancy Agreement is legally binding. This applies to all 22/23 contracts. In some cases, they will cancel the booking if a replacement tenant is found who will take on the rent liability. This decision will be made by the management team at their discretion. The property guarantee only covers your booking prior to check-in, once you have moved into a property - you are no longer able to cancel your booking for the reasons stated above.

Can I get someone to take over my Tenancy?

If you want to be released from your tenancy agreement, licence agreement, or SAT (Scotland) and you do not meet the requirements of a tenancy release, it is your responsibility to find a replacement tenant. The replacement tenant must agree to the existing rent and term conditions of the existing tenant. If you find a replacement, you will be released from your tenancy from the start date of the new tenancy, however, you may be charged to the Friday nearest to this date. You will be responsible for paying a £160 administration fee, paid directly to the property. This fee covers the deep cleaning of the room in the period between you and your replacement, as well as the administration relating to issuing a new contract. A tenancy takeover will be deemed complete to the point where a replacement is found when the following criteria are met: The new tenant has paid any current due rental charge, and this has been confirmed as received by the property The new tenant has signed their AST or Licence Agreement The new tenant has confirmed receipt of keys The new Tenant has moved into the building and completed an inventory form. The property will not refund any advanced rent payment until all the above criteria are met. This policy will be reviewed regularly as the situation surrounding Covid-19 develops. The property reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy at any time.

What bills do I need to pay when I stay with the property?

All utility bills including broadband Wi-Fi and contents insurance for your belongings are all included. You are responsible for the purchase of a TV license if you intend to watch or record live terrestrial TV programmes or use BBC players, even if you have been provided with a TV by Property.

What happens if I can't pay my rent on time?

Please come and talk to us, they know it can be stressful to manage your finances when studying and their team will be able to help if you are prompt in letting us know. they will always work with you to find the best way for you to pay your rent.

When do I need to pay my rent?

your rent may be due before the contract begins and the dates may not coincide with student loan dates. This should be taken into consideration when planning your accommodation as late payments may be subject to interest charges and, in some cases, legal action against the resident and their guarantor.

What happens if my rent payment isn't made within 14-days of the due date?

You will be required to pay interest at the rate of 3% above the base rate of Bank of England (calculated on a daily basis) on the unpaid amount of any sum due to property which is not received within 14 days of the due date (whether demanded or not and without prejudice to any other remedy) for the period beginning on the due date until the date it is received in cleared funds inclusive of both dates.

Can I pay cash?

At present, they are unable to accept cash payments. Their preferred payment method is via a card transaction through their online portal. It’s 100% safe and secure. they also accept bank transfers – you can find their details through your property account.

What if I run into financial difficulties before or during my stay?

Their onsite teams are dedicated to providing you the support you need. If you run into any kind of financial difficulties before or during your stay, please reach out to a member of the team for advice.

How do I pay my rent?

There are two options to pay your rent (bank transfer or card payment). Bank Transfer or Card Payment.

Do you have staff at your properties?

The property has a team of trained staff on-site to respond to your needs. Their job is to make your property experience as enjoyable and safe as possible 24/7. Their on-site management offices are open Monday to Friday and will answer any questions, respond to any issues, offer advice and ensure a friendly face is there to greet you every day. Outside of these hours they also have a team of ambassadors on call for guests. They also have a highly skilled maintenance team available around the clock. They’re there to resolve any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently – keeping the site safe and secure. While most students settle into living away from home quickly, they understand it can take a little longer for some than others. So, while their tenancy agreement limits how far they can get involved, their people are trained to offer advice that helps residents to overcome a range of issues.

What is there to do at Property?

The real question is what isn't there to do at the property! Here are just a few of the ways in which they give their residents a truly unforgettable experience during their stay: Weekly events calendar Gym with class timetable and personal training Picture house with regular movie nights and presentations Social lounges with ping pong, pool and table football Private dining rooms Gaming areas Away Day the property Trips Skills Workshops from Industry Experts.

Is food and drink available onsite?

Yes! Oaka is an Asian cafe and supermarket on-site at Salford which serves fresh dishes including; dumplings, steamed buns, sushi and also warm food, including; chicken curry, pork ribs and ramen. Otherwise, they're lucky enough to have some of the city's best bars, pubs and restaurants located right on their doorstep. Unfortunately, Oaka is not available across all locations.

How do I get to know people at Property?

Their communal zones and weekly events calendar mean that getting to know like-minded people at the property won't be an issue! Keep an eye on their social media channels to see what they get up to.

Can I bring pets?

Unfortunately not however they do have dog therapy workshops for those who miss their pets.

As a disabled person I have specific living needs, can the property cater for these?

they make every effort to ensure that their accommodation is accessible for all and they will always do everything they can to find you suitable accommodation. All the property buildings have step-free/level access. Adaptations can be made to their studios including grabrail provision in bathrooms, stair lifts in accessible rooms, visual fire alarms and assisted door opening devices if required. they can provide information on the availability of disabled parking for customers, there are accessible toilets in the communal areas for visitors.

Do I need to bring any furniture?

All their rooms come complete with high quality furnishings that provide space to store your belongings. Because of fire restrictions, you are not allowed to bring your own furniture or large appliances.

Will I get a cleaner?

You will receive a free clean each semester and also when you move out, meaning it is hassle-free for you. If you would like a more regular clean then you can upgrade at an extra cost.

Can I bring my car?

Some of their sites have additional guest parking available, to check this please check the facilities section on the location pages. All their developments are in great city-centre locations that are close to the University and have great links to public transport so they hope this reduces your need to have a car on site.

Where do I wash my clothes?

All their residences have an on-site laundry room with washing and drying machines that can be used at an extra cost. The laundry rooms are also open 24 hours a day.

Do I need to move out during the holidays?

Your property contract is for a fixed length of time – so your room is yours throughout that period. That means that you don’t have the hassle of moving your belongings out during the Christmas or Easter vacations, and you can choose to stay in your property over these holidays if you want. It’s usually possible to book additional accommodation over the summer period if you want to stay then too. But they advise booking early to ensure rooms are available.

What should I do before I move out?

Before moving out, it’s best to arrange an inspection with a member of the management team. You have joint responsibility for shared living areas, and individual responsibility for your own room. On the moving out day, you’ll need to vacate the premises before a certain time – just ask if you’re unsure.

How do I make a complaint?

The property is committed to delivering great service at all times. However, they accept that there may be times when they don’t get things right the first time. If you wish to make a complaint, please take a look at their complaints policy to follow the correct procedure.

Can I have overnight guests?

Yes of course. The property is your home, so you can have guests staying over from time to time but they do ask that you let the on-site team know and for health and safety reasons, you will need to sign overnight guests in at the Welcome Hub. They ask that overnight guests, stay no longer than 2 consecutive nights per week. If you have any longer-term requests, please discuss this with the accommodations General Manager. they ask that you respect your fellow residents as you are responsible for the behaviour of any guests you bring to the property. If you are residing in a shared apartment, please first consult with your flatmates to ensure they have no objections.

Is there free WiFi at Property?

Yes, there is! they have free superfast WiFi around the building, which allows you to stay connected no matter where you are at the property. The speed of wireless connectivity is up to 50mgb per device, and up to 100mgb for wired connectivity.

Will I need to buy my own TV licence?

Here at the property, they pay for all TV licences in the shared areas, so this includes their shared kitchens/lounges and their TVs in social spaces. If you wish to use the TV in your room to watch Freeview channels or on-demand services, then you will need to purchase your own TV licence, you can do this via TV Licence - TV Licensing ™.

How safe are the accommodations?

The accommodation takes safety seriously. they have a dedicated member of staff or security guard on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you peace of mind. Their electronic door entry systems, intercoms and CCTV ensure that everyone who lives with us benefits from the highest security standards, so the only thing they have to worry about is your studies.

What happens if I have a maintenance problem?

The property has a dedicated caretaker team to respond to and solve your maintenance issues. they respond to every issue quickly and, if possible, will complete the repair during the first visit. Of course, this isn’t always possible and there are times when parts need to be ordered or external contractors arranged. When this happens, they’ll keep you updated on the progress.

What does a fully fitted kitchen mean?

The property designs homes that provide everything you need to enjoy living with us. Their apartments and suites come kitted out with all your cooking appliances: cooker, hob, oven, fridge, and microwave.

Do I have to share my bathroom/kitchen?

Their studios have an ensuite bathroom and kitchen area within the room meaning you won’t have to share a thing. If you have booked a shared apartment, then you will have a private ensuite but share a communal kitchen and lounge area perfect for relaxing with your friends. There is a communal student area outside of your studio that has individual and group study spaces, pool tables, gym facilities and huge comfortable social areas for you to enjoy whenever you need a break from university work.

Is contents insurance included?

Contents insurance is automatically included with your rent. When you arrive, they’ll provide you with details of the policy and, if you need anything extra adding to the cover, you can contact the provider to make an upgrade.

Does the property offer bike storage?

They have plenty of secure bike storage space at all of their residences.

Can I smoke in my room?

No. As per your tenancy agreement, it is not permitted to smoke inside any building. There are designated smoking areas which you are welcome to use.

What happens if I lose my key fob?

They have an accommodation staff member of a security guard on the premises 24 hours a day to help with any enquiry. Their team are more than happy to help with any issue, especially helping you accessing your room when you get locked out.

What is the floor layout of my accommodation?

You can see the floorplans for all of their locations.

What are the House Rules?

You will receive a copy of their House Rules via email before moving in, please ensure you read through them prior to your arrival.

Where can I get additional bedding and kitchen items from?

Take the hassle out of buying and transporting your bedding and kitchen items by preordering from their friends at UniKitOut. choose the items you want, select your residence, and then confirm and pay for your goods. The pack will then be pre-delivered directly to your residence so it is there ready and waiting for you when you arrive, leaving you to quickly settle into your new and exciting environment.

Do I need a visa?

If you are a foreign national, in order to take up your offer at your preferred University, you will need a UK visa.

Where can I register a bank account?

Whilst living in the UK, you will find it a whole lot easier having a UK bank account. Many British banks offer students a range of deals for setting up an account, so do a little research before making a final decision.

What are the best ways to get around?

If you are a UK student, you are entitled to travel discount cards that apply to national train and bus networks across the country. Here are some travel options to help you get started: Young Persons Railcard - If you are 25 and under, these cards are £30 for the year and save you 1/3 off train travel Young Persons Coach Card - If you are 26 and under, these cards are only £10 for the year plus p&p or £25 for 3 years plus p&pSpecial to Glasgow, these cards are a flexible, reusable and quick way to travel on the subway. You can register for a smart card free of charge online. Uber - If you wish to travel by taxi, Uber is a simple App to download and order taxis straight from your smartphone.

How do I set up a UK mobile phone?

If you are an international student coming from abroad, they recommend buying a UK SIM card for your phone to help keep bill costs down. There are two options you can choose from if you are looking to set up your phone here in the UK. Pay-as-you-go - This is the easier option as most phone providers offer SIM cards that allow you to top your phone up as and when you need too Contracts - If you haven’t lived in the UK, starting a contract may prove more difficult but there are a range of providers who offer different deals so shop around before making a decision. Here are some UK phone providers to help you get started, however talk to any of their staff who will be able to help: EE O2 - As an O2 customer you can receive priority tickets to gigs and events across the UK Vodafone Three.

How do I register with a local doctors surgery?

It is important that whilst you are living in the UK that you register with a doctor. As a full-time student, you may qualify for free NHS treatment. Depending on which university you are with, they will be able to provide you with details of medical and dentistry practices in the area.

Can I visit my son/daughter living at the accommodation?

Of course! They love having their guests’ friends and family come to visit us. At the moment, though, due to Covid-19 legislation, there are local restrictions on visiting other households so please check with their management team to check what's possible.

I'm worried about my son or daughter living away from home?

They pride themselves on providing a safe and supportive environment for your son or daughter, and their teams are trained in first aid and mental health awareness, and actively encourage healthy lifestyles through their calendar of social events and activities. If you ever have concerns for your child, they are here to listen and provide help in any way they can.

How can I prepare my son/daughter for university?

Help your son/daughter pack for university with their easy packing checklist. This outlines all of the useful bits and bobs they will need to make their room feel like their home away from home. Rest assured that they provide complimentary contents insurance, find out more about what's covered.
They understand that your son/daughter may also feel nervous meeting new people, so they create a Facebook Group for each of their developments, so they can 'virtually' meet their new flatmates before arriving. they also provide regular events and updates on these groups throughout the academic year, helping to build anticipation.

How can I get in touch if I'm concerned about my son or daughter?

They're always happy to pick up the phone and have a chat. If you have any concerns or questions about your son or daughter.

Will my son/daughter be safe at the accommodation?

All of their accommodations have CCTV and are only accessible with a secure fob, while each and every room has its own individual locking system. Their accommodation team are also ready and prepared to support you 24 hours per day no matter how big or small the incident may be.
I'm worried about my son/daughter's well-being mental health and well-being are so important to us. Whilst living with us, your son/daughter will be surrounded by amazing opportunities and experiences that boost their well-being, personal network and life skills. And they hope to make them feel energised, connected and inspired. They also work with Dr Dominique Thompson from Buzz Consulting, she’s an expert in student mental health and works with us to improve their student’s wellbeing. Whilst they cannot provide counselling for students, they can refer them to a specialist for further support.

How can I keep up to date with what my son/daughter is up to?

It might be difficult getting much conversation out of your student, but this way you'll feel reassured that they're probably busy having a great time at all the events and activities going on at the accommodation.

What is Clearing and how does it work?

The UCAS Clearing period is a second chance at getting a place at university, by pairing students that want a university place to universities with unfilled spaces. Students are able to use Clearing if they: Didn’t get into your firm or insurance choices. Didn’t receive any offers when you first applied for university? They were unsure about the university during the first round of applications and didn’t apply, so are applying for university after 30th June. Changed your mind and don't want the places you've been offered (you can self-release into Clearing). Got better grades than predicted (you may be able to get a place on a different course at a university that asks for higher grades).

What is COVID-19?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. These can range from the common cold to more serious diseases. Covid-19 is caused by a new form of Coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2). It was first reported in December 2019 and is now an ongoing global pandemic. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well-informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub frequently and not touching your face. The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are: A high temperature – this means you may feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature) A new, continuous cough – which means coughing a lot more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual) A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.

How can I protect myself?

Read more about how to stay safe and help prevent the spread here. The NHS offers guidance on how to avoid catching and spreading Coronavirus.

What safety measures are in place at Properties?

Every effort they make can have a huge impact on reducing the transmission of Coronavirus within the accommodation. They have measures in place to ensure their buildings are managed as safely as possible for both their residents and their team. As they have done from the start of the pandemic, they continue to closely monitor the guidance and advice of the UK Government guidance, the NHS and HSE and manage their buildings accordingly. At the property the health, safety and wellbeing of their residents is paramount. To reduce the risk of transmission in their accommodations, they have the following measures in place: Hand sanitising stations are available throughout the accommodation at all high touch point areas Upscaled cleaning of all communal areas and regular cleaning of all high touch points in line with HSE Guidance Social distancing guidance remains in place to help keep their communities safe. Capacity limits may be in place in some areas of the accommodation. This will be clearly displayed where necessary. Their property life events calendar is reviewed regularly in line with UK Government Guidance to ensure events are hosted safely. All visitors are required to sign in/out of the accommodation and complete a visitor Covid Questionnaire confirming they do not have symptoms of Coronavirus which may put the wider property community at risk Should you test positive of Coronavirus or have to self isolate/quarantine in the accommodation – the property hug policy ensures you are well supported A member of team is available to support you 24/7 their accommodations feature an access controlled entry system and are covered by CCTV allowing us to monitor/restrict access into the accommodation they regularly review and update as necessary their Coronavirus Risk Assessment to ensure their buildings are operating as safely as possible Team have been trained on their COVID secure protocols, adhere to latest UK Government guidance and ensure safeguarding measures are in place Whilst they continue to operate their buildings as safely as possible to reduce the risk of transmission within their accommodations, it is important that all residents take the necessary precautions to help keep themselves safe and reduce the risk of transmission amongst the wider property community.

If I am travelling internationally, do I need to quarantine upon arrival at property?

They recommend that you keep up to date on the latest UK Government Guidance prior to travel to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. You can review the latest guidance here Please note - If you need to quarantine upon arrival at the property, please let the onsite team know in advance, to allow us to make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.

What do I do If I feel unwell?

If you begin to feel unwell and have symptoms of Coronavirus, isolate in your room immediately and book a test.

What do I do If I need to self isolate?

You need to follow the guidance given by the test and trace service including obtaining a test and any self-isolation required should you be contacted. Please see here for the NHS guidance on self-isolation, its advice on COVID-19, and information on student accommodation. If you live in Scotland check here. If a positive case is confirmed through testing, they will act quickly and decisively on the instructions given by the relevant authorities and will work with their university partners to ensure a coordinated response, to ensure that students receive the right advice and support. They ask that you let the onsite team know so they can ensure you have all the support you require.

What should I do if I test positive with Covid-19?

If you test positive for COVID-19 at any point, you must let your site team know via phone or email, as well as let your university know. They will ensure you have all the support you require. They will act quickly and decisively on the instructions given by the relevant authorities and will work with their university partners to ensure a coordinated response, and to ensure that you receive the right advice and support.

What procedures do I need to follow when quarantining at property?

They want you to feel comfortable in your new home. To keep everyone safe, there are some basic rules that you must follow during this time. These are in line with the UK Government Guidance and are a precautionary measure, whilst living in shared accommodation. During your period of quarantine, you must not leave your own room unless: During the period of Quarantine you cannot use any communal spaces or visit the welcome hub however, the team are available to support you with the following: At the property, they are committed to supporting you during your time in Quarantine. Check out the support that will be available to you with their property hug.
* To use a shared kitchen. You should only use the facility when no other guests are present. If this is not possible, ensure social distancing measures are in place and refrain from face-to-face contact. You must clean any surfaces you have touched before and after use and take food back to your room to eat.
* To evacuate the accommodation in the event of an emergency, such as a fire alarm activation. You must physically distance yourself from others.
* To smoke in the permitted outdoor smoking area, for a short period of time only. You must physically distance yourself from others.
* Refuse Collection
* Parcel/Mail Delivery
* Grocery Delivery
* Essential repairs and maintenance
* 24/7 onsite team

What if more people move into my flat after I have arrived?

It is likely that new arrivals may need to quarantine upon arrival in the UK or self-isolate. If they have tested positive or are presenting symptoms. You will not need to self-isolate with your flatmate unless advised to by track and trace, or you begin to present symptoms yourself. If you test positive for COVID-19 at any point, you must let your site team know via phone or email, as well as let your university know. They will ensure you have all the support you require. They will act quickly and decisively on the instructions given by the relevant authorities.

I am unable to move in/return to my room because of Government Lockdown. Do I still need to pay my rent?

You should continue to make rental payments in line with your agreed payment plan.

Who decides If my accommodation will be locked down?

Property follows the guidance of the UK Government, NHS and PHE. They will advise If a building is placed on local lockdown. They will remain transparent and will continue to communicate with residents in any eventuality.

Will all facilities be available to me when I move in?

Social spaces are currently open, in line with UK Government guidance. Some spaces are subject to capacity limits, marked clearly on the front door. The maximum capacity must not be exceeded at any time. Where restrictions require it, they may have to temporarily close social spaces and gym facilities. They only act in accordance with Government guidance at which time, they keep restrictions under close review and remove restrictions as and when they can.

What if I need mental health support?

They understand that life can be a struggle sometimes. There is a member of the team available 24/7 should you require any assistance. They enjoy a chat and a cup of tea, so please feel free to reach out to us at any time. There will be support available to you via your University, please contact student support services for further information. SHOUT is a free, confidential, 24/7 support text line. The service is confidential and can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Simply text “SHOUT” to 85258 to have a conversation with one of their trained volunteers. The NHS also offers lots of help and advice, read more about the support available here. If you are living in Scotland, visit Clear your head. The NHS offers helpful advice, support and guidance specifically for students with mental health problems.
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Student Accomodations in Dallas

Dallas Student Housing

You can find everything from budget-friendly to modest Dallas off campus housing. All of the student housing in Dallas is made to match the needs and requirements of the students. They have something to offer everyone. Although from the variety of options for student housing in Dallas, amber provides you with a good list of accommodations based on students' preferences and likes, as the city houses all the widely acclaimed universities like Southern Methodist University, Dallas Baptist University, and more, the student community is growing. It is challenging to locate student housing in Dallas alternatives within the town.

Ranging from chic student housing in the Dallas city center to budget-friendly student housing in Dallas, the city offers accommodations for everyone. Residences, private halls of residence, and private housing are the different types of public Dallas student housing options. Student apartments in Dallas are affordable, comfortable, and chic, and the property configurations include en-suites, studios, and apartments for rent in Dallas.

At amber, we are committed to making your search for a home in Dallas easier for you. Some of our famous student housing in Dallas alternatives include Cross Creek Apartments, The Village Apartments, and La Valencia, among others.

About Dallas

Dallas is the most populated city in the US state of Texas. It is also celebrated as the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country, home to 7.5 million people. With this, it also has many colleges and universities in its vicinity, famous for being exceptional institutions worldwide. There are universities such as UT Southwestern Medical Centre, Texas Woman's University, Paul Quinn College, the University of North Texas at Dallas, and many more. All the areas within the city vary from the other, making it easier for everyone to get something that matches their interests!

Every year, many tourists plan to visit Dallas with their families during summer to enjoy the city's cultural attractions and bustling nightlife. The gardens, beaches, top-tier museums, fine-dining restaurants, shopping destinations, etc. There are hundreds of reasons to fall in love with this magnificent and massive city known as Dallas. Based on the data, the city also has a record for the highest salaries paid to workers throughout the US. This is caused by the major corporations based in and around the town. The USA is the world's third or fourth-largest country by total area and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe. Most of the country is located in central North America between Canada and Mexico.

Best Student Housing In Dallas

Even though Dallas is a lovely place to live, a few spots in the city will make you love the city and make your stay more memorable. As the primary factor for any student apartments for rent in Dallas is its location and distance from the university, students often consider sustainability, lifestyle, and commuting services before choosing an ideal student housing option. Student housing in Dallas adheres to the facilities a student would require. We have the best choices for student housing in Dallas. Choosing an ideal student apartment for rent in Dallas can be tedious as one has to consider ease of commute, amenities in the area, sustainability, and, of course, the right price range. The city center location of the area makes it a popular choice for students for Dallas student housing. Here are some of the best picks for student housing in Dallas:

1. The Atlantic Highland Park

2. Cross Creek Apartments

3. Tribeca On The Creek Apartments

4. Princeton Court

5. The Biltmore

6. The Village

7. Lofts at Mockingbird Station Apartments

8. Canyon Creek

9. La Valencia

10. Prairie Creek Villas

Cost of Living

Living in Dallas student housing comes with a slightly higher cost compared to many other US regions. Nevertheless, managing expenses becomes more feasible with savvy shopping. To facilitate budget planning, we've outlined estimated costs for various items. Creating a budget can enhance your financial efficiency, making apartments for rent in Dallas Texas, more affordable. Take advantage of strategic spending to make the most of your budget in this vibrant Texan city.

1. Food & Groceries: $100 - $300/month

2. Transportation: $100 - $125/month

3. Utility Bills: $155 - $160/month

4. Internet and phone bills: $60 - $70/month

5. Miscellaneous: $50 - $100/month

Student Travel In Dallas

Dallas boasts a robust transit system, seamlessly linking its diverse neighborhoods and ensuring a convenient commute for daily travelers. Despite the city's car-centric culture, public transportation stands out as the optimal and cost-effective choice, particularly for students. The well-established network provides an efficient and reliable means of navigating Dallas, enhancing accessibility and reducing the reliance on personal vehicles.

1. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART): It is the country's most comprehensive light rail system and efficiently navigates the city with 72 miles and around 120 bus routes. It provides easy access to major job centers in Dallas, its surrounding suburbs, and DFW International Airport. It accepts cash and coins and costs about $2.50 for a single-ride, one-way trip. This makes traveling from your student housing in Dallas to anywhere in the city very easy and simple.

2. Trinity Railway Express (TRE): This is a rail line laid between the Dallas and Fort Worth regions. The line runs northwest with around ten regular station stops. It is a rapid transit system that operates Monday to Saturday and is generally closed on Sundays. The fare varies from your location to your destination distance. But on average, it costs around $2.50 for a one-way journey and $5 to acquire an all-day pass. To travel through these two, you can also consider purchasing a DART pass, saving you from buying a ticket every day.

3. Bus: Students can catch a bus from the nearest bus stop near their Dallas student housing and can explore the city. The routes are well-connected, which makes exploring and navigating the city easy!

4. Cycling: You can also explore local parts of the city via cycling, which is good for your health and the environment! It's a win-win!

Student Lifestyle And Living In Dallas

After finding some of the best student housing in Dallas, you'll find a thriving arts district and high-end shopping in Uptown, Highland Park, and North Park Center. It is a city brimming with exciting, notable attractions, museums, restaurants, boutiques, and parks. The Dallas food scene is vastly underappreciated. There are Michelin-starred chefs in restaurants all over the city. And now, the level has been elevated as the James Beard Awards have taken a keen interest in Dallas' culinary development in recent years, including nine nominations in 2022. If you're a food lover, you can choose from the various options as various new places with exceptional food have come into existence.

The famous sites from over a decade ago are well-established and known for their quality food. You can enjoy your food at Loro and Terry Black's or Sweetgreen and Sadelle's. The city also houses a few prominent historical museums around the US. You can visit the Nasher Sculpture Center. The city also houses the Dallas Museum of Art and the Crow Museum of Asian Art. You must visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science to learn about nature and science phenomena. Dallas boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene, with world-class museums like the Dallas Museum of Art and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, offering students a chance to immerse themselves in art, science, and history. For sports enthusiasts, Dallas is a haven, being home to the iconic Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks, providing exciting games and events to cheer for.

Dallas Tourist Attractions

Dallas is known for its various museums, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. The city also offers some extravagant tourist attractions which students can visit to explore the city's culture. Here are some of the most famous tourist attractions you can visit while you stay in Dallas. The city attracts millions of tourists every year who visit the city to witness some excellent tourist places in Dallas like:

1. John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

2. Six Flags Over Texas

3. Dallas Zoo

4. The Dallas World Aquarium

5. Klyde Warren Park

6. Reunion Tower

7. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

8. Dallas Museum of Art

Universities in Dallas

Dallas is a city filled with various universities, and these colleges make Dallas a fascinating option for students. Amber also offers accommodations near many universities in Dallas! Some famous universities in Dallas include:

1. Southern Methodist University

2. Dallas Baptist University

3. The University of Texas at Dallas

4. The Art Institute of Dallas

5. Amberton University

6. Richland College

7. Arlington Baptist University

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