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Hermann-Ehlers-Haus Oldenburg
Hermann-Ehlers-Haus Oldenburg

Hermann-Ehlers-Haus Oldenburg

Berlin, Germany
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About the Property


The Hermann-Ehlers-Haus Oldenburg is in the perfect location to make the most of your student life in this dynamic city.

The accommodation building is centrally located in a nice residential area with a pond and beautiful lawns- ideal for relaxing on warm days. Hermann-Ehlers-Haus is easy to get to from Oldenburgs Uni (Carl von Ossietzky University), which is about 800m away.

There is a direct bus connection to the main railway station and within the immediate vicinity theres a large selection of supermarket, shops and bars. Absolutely everything you need for living as a student.

The rooms are equipped with everything youll need for student life. In total there are 164 single rooms across 11 floors. Each floor has 15 bedrooms, all accessible via an elevator. Residents of each floor share a communal kitchen and shared bathrooms with toilets and showers.

If you want a bit more privacy, you can also select one of the 15 newly refurbished studio apartments, each equipped with kitchenette and private bathroom.

No matter which option you choose The Hermann-Ehlers-Haus guarantees a prime location.

If you are traveling by car, the nearest motorway access is Osnabrck-Hellern on the A30 and there are more than 100 free on-site parking spaces available. There are four bus stops to choose from in the surrounding area (Mittagskamp, Kurt-Schumacher-Damm, Sandgrube, Alfred-Delp-Strae).

If you are traveling by train, you can continue your way from the main station by bus. Want to enjoy nature? Then you are within minutes of the countryside here at Hermann-Ehlers-Haus.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Common Room
Games Room
On-site Laundry
On-site Management
On-site Maintenance
On-site Bicycle Storage

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live with my friends?

Absolutely! Just ensure you include their names on your application and, availability permitting, we will try to accommodate you on the same floor.

Can I choose who I share with?

As part of your application you are asked if you have certain preferences in people you wish to share with, such as gender of flatmates.  You can also add any other preferences on your application such as year of study etc..

Is there a booking fee?

No, we do not charge a booking fee, just a refundable deposit at the time of booking.

When do I need to pay the deposit?

You have to pay the deposit after you got our email with the tenancy agreement. In this email all details about the payment are provided. The deposit amount depends on the location you are looking for. Please click on the location of your choice and then click on the button Prices in order to see which deposit amount applies to you.

What is the next stage after booking?

After you have made your booking we will allocate you a room and send you tenancy documents to sign. Once you have returned a signed copy we will countersign and return a copy to you.

Are utilities included in the rent?

Utility costs are included in the rent.

Are TV licences included in the rent?

TV licences are not included in the rent.
You won't be charged yet

Student Accomodations in Berlin

Berlin Student Accommodation

For students pursuing their education in the city of Berlin, opting for Berlin student accommodation provides a multitude of advantages over on-campus housing. Student housing in Berlin offers not only more independence but also a variety of living experiences that can cater to different budgets and lifestyles. Amber plays a pivotal role in simplifying the search for student accommodation by offering comprehensive and user-friendly services to find the perfect home away from home.

Amber's extensive database includes an array of room types and convenient locations near primary educational institutions like BIMM Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, and Friei Universitat Berlin.

Student accommodation in Berlin usually comes with a range of amenities designed to enhance the student experience. These contribute significantly to both academic success and social life.

Properties such as Schönhauser Allee 91, Oranienstraße 163, and Klara Franke Straße 24-28 are standout options for student accommodation in Berlin because of their modern facilities and proximity to academic hubs. Choosing student accommodations through amber ensures that students have all the necessary resources to make an informed decision about their housing needs.

About Berlin

The city is also celebrated for its culture, including iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, and the expansive Tiergarten. Its economic prowess is reflected in its position as a leading startup ecosystem in Europe. Berlin's educational landscape is diverse and prolific, contributing significantly to the city's global appeal. With a student population that thrives on creativity and intellectualism, Berlin student accommodation options are plentiful, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.

Neighbourhoods such as Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg each possess unique characteristics – Mitte is steeped in history and culture, while Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg are known for their bohemian spirit and bustling nightlife. Students seeking student apartments in Berlin find themselves immersed in an environment that fosters learning and leisure in equal measure.

Among the reputed institutions, BIMM Berlin is prominent. It offers music-focused courses that echo the city’s rich musical heritage. Students at BIMM Berlin are just a glimpse of the academic spirit pervading the city. Berlin effortlessly blends its historical depth, educational excellence, and innovative spirit, ensuring students from around the globe a rich Berlin student accommodation experience.

Best Student Accommodation in Berlin

Relocating to Berlin for studies can be a thrilling experience, especially with the plethora of options for student housing. Berlin student accommodations can often be more affordable than on-campus options and enable students to establish a home-like environment. Explore some of the top-ranked student housing in Berlin that promise comfort, community, and connectivity to all academic and social spheres.

1. Schönhauser Allee 91
2. Oranienstraße 163
3. Klara Franke Straße 24-28
4. Richard Sorge Strasse 25, Berlin
5. Libauer Straße 11, Berlin
6. Klara Franke Straße 16, Berlin
7. Neon Wood Berlin Mitte Wedding, Berlin
8. Schmidstraße 2F-K, Berlin
9. Wedekindstraße 25, Berlin
10. Ratiborstraße 9, Berlin

Cost of Living in Berlin

For students contemplating a move to Berlin student accommodation, accurate budgeting is fundamental to managing day-to-day expenses effectively. Known for its exciting student life and cultural diversity, the average cost of living in Berlin can influence pivotal decisions regarding student accommodation in Berlin and lifestyle choices. A student's monthly expenses in Berlin, excluding Berlin student accommodation, revolve around €850-€1,200, a figure that's essential for planning ahead and ensuring a comfortable stay during their academic pursuits.

1. Food & Groceries - €200 - €250/month
2. Transportation - €80 - €100/month
3. Utilities (including internet) - €220 - €350/month
4. Clothing - €42 - €80/month
5. Sports & Leisure - €60 - €80/month

Student Travel Berlin

Student travel in Berlin is exceptionally convenient, offering affordability and accessibility right at your doorstep. The city is equipped with numerous public transportation options that resonate well with students' needs for quick and cost-effective travel. Let's delve into the specific modes of transportation that make student accommodation in Berlin an urban mobility haven.

1. Buses
Berlin's extensive bus network operates around the clock, offering services that connect you to the farthest corners and Berlin student accommodation. Travel frequency varies based on route and time of day, but rush hour services typically run every 5-10 minutes. Fares start from €3.00 - €4.00 for a single ticket, and various travel cards, such as the Berlin WelcomeCard or the monthly subscription, are available for those who want to save on frequent trips around their student residence Berlin.

2. Metro (U-Bahn & S-Bahn)
The U-Bahn and S-Bahn systems are the arteries of Berlin's public transport. These trains are punctual, running every 2-5 minutes during peak hours. A single journey costs as little as €3.00 - €4.00, but the Berlin Travel Card can reduce your costs significantly, letting you travel farther from your Berlin student accommodation.

3. Cycling Options
For the environmentally conscious and health-centric student, cycling is an excellent option. Berlin is a bike-friendly city with numerous cycling lanes around student housing in Berlin. There are bike-sharing schemes like nextbike, offering convenient rentals.

Explore Berlin student accommodation options with amber, and enjoy seamless travel connections to BIMM Berlin and other significant locales. The Berlin student accommodations, available through amber, ensure that convenience is matched with comfort and style for every student’s needs. Discover apt and affordable living in a city that's as vibrant and dynamic as the academic journey ahead.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Berlin

Immersing oneself in the student lifestyle in Berlin is an experience punctuated by the city's rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and welcoming community. As a hub of academic excellence and youthful energy, Berlin offers an ideal milieu for students prioritising both their studies and social life. Noted for its diversity and safety, this bustling capital ensures that those choosing Berlin student accommodation are positioned in a stimulating environment conducive to personal growth and academic success.

For those residing in student housing in Berlin, there is no shortage of popular hangout spots to explore and enjoy. The city is dotted with an array of cafes that serve as perfect study nooks during the day and social hubs in the evening. Elevated bars nestled within the city's historic quarters provide a taste of Berlin's unique nightlife, while contemporary arcades offer a nostalgic retreat from coursework. Students also benefit from numerous green spaces scattered throughout the city, offering peaceful havens for relaxation and recreation.

Beyond the daily routine, Berlin's calendar is filled with events and festivals that showcase its cultural dynamism. Music aficionados can revel in an assortment of music festivals that cater to every genre, from electronic beats to classical harmonies. Meanwhile, the Berlin student accommodation places students at the heart of cultural offerings, including art exhibitions, film celebrations, and food markets that reflect the city's cosmopolitan spirit.

In essence, students opting for Berlin as their new home will discover more than just academic fulfilment. The city is a playground of opportunity, where learning extends beyond university walls, friendships are formed over shared experiences, and life-long memories are crafted in every corner of this historic yet modern metropolis housing a huge amount of student housing in Berlin.

Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Berlin, a city steeped in history, offers a wide range of famous landmarks and hidden gems. From the remnants of the Berlin Wall to the panoramic views from the TV Tower, there's something to enchant every visitor close to their Berlin student accommodation.

1. Brandenburg Gate
2. Reichstag Building
3. Berlin Wall Memorial
4. Museum Island
5. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
6. East Side Gallery
7. Charlottenburg Palace
8. Potsdamer Platz

Universities in Berlin

Berlin student accommodations are perfectly situated in the midst of the best universities in the city. Some of these include

1. BIMM Berlin

2. Humboldt University of Berlin

3. Free University of Berlin

4. Technical University of Berlin

5. Berlin University of the Arts

6. Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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