Common Amenities
Table Tennis
Air Hockey
Relaxation room for learning
On-site staff on site
Room Amenities
Fully furnished apartments
Internet with up to 1 Gbit / s

Room Types


Area17 sqm

Classic Apartments have everything a student needs to live - and of course, have some on-top amenities.

Classic Balcony

Area18 sqm

The Classic Balcony offers not only rest and relaxation on 18 square meters, but also beautiful views from the French balcony.


Private Room

Nowhere you will find better access to the courtyard and at the same time private retreats than at our Patio Apartments. In addition to the 18 square meters of living space you get your own piece of nature outdoors.


Private Room

All of our deluxe apartments are spacious, inviting and accessible for disabled guests.


Area17 sqm

Their penthouse apartments combine excellent interior design with great views over 17 square meters.

Penthouse Balcony

Private Room
Area22 sqm

Impressive views of the city and a total of 22 square meters of living space make the Penthouse Balcony a unique apartment category.

Penthouse Balcony Double

Area30 sqm

Their most spacious apartment, the Penthouse Balcony Double, offers 30 square meters of space and is great for longer stays.

Frequently Asked Questions

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.Is there somewhere I can put my bike?

Are there any car parking spaces?

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