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Student Accommodations near 
Western Sydney University - Campbelltown, Sydney

Brian Smith Dr, Campbelltown
0.5 mi from University
( 12m
12m )
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you start looking for off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation?

It's beneficial to start your hunt for off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation early. Amber will help you with the paperwork about the place, the amenities provided, and the location and proximity to your university. Thorough research is essential to ensure smooth Western Sydney University student accommodation booking.

What should I look for when booking off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation?

Consider the following things while looking at off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation with amber.

Number of people you want to live with

Housing catered or self-catered

En-suite or studio

Single or double bed·

Room size ·


Off-campus accommodation

Any additional facilities

Remember not to miss anything, watch this video now!

How can off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation be rented?

Select, pay, and book. After you shortlist from our catalogue of more than 5,000+ options in off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you or watch a video for a detailed explanation.

How much rent does a student pay for off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation?

Several factors decide on off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation rent, and location is one of the essential aspects. Amber offers housing options ranging from  AU$187/week to even a whopping  AU$1080/week. On average, you can expect to spend AU$ 400-700 per week on a decent room. Apart from the location, the rent also depends on various amenities and facilities provided by the housing and the room's configuration. For a better understanding watch this video!

Which is the best Western Sydney University student accommodation?

Western Sydney University Village Parramatta is the best Western Sydney University student accommodation, providing you with excellent amenities and facilities.

Which is the closest off-campus Western Sydney University student accommodation?

The nearest Western Sydney University student accommodation is UME West Ryde. It offers accommodation at a minimum price of AU$490/week. To browse more options click here.

How do I pay for my Western Sydney University student accommodation?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

We also have our payment portal where we can help you with the procedure. For a detailed explanation, click here!

Can I get discounts for Western Sydney University student accommodation?

Yes, students who book earlier often earn generous discounts and pay much less rent for their hostel room. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Can I stay with my friends at the Western Sydney University student accommodation campus?

Yes, you can share your university accommodation with your friends, but the rules vary from University to University. We would suggest you consult the concerned authorities before you decide to move in.

Student Accomodations in Western Sydney University - Campbelltown, Sydney

Student Accommodation Near Western Sydney University

If you are looking for off-campus student accommodations at Western Sydney University, you will find many great options with the help of amber. Every year, numerous students Enroll at Western Sydney University for their studies. With such numbers, sometimes, it gets difficult for students to find the ideal Western Sydney University student accommodation.

Amber builds a bridge between the student and an ideal accommodation which helps students to compare numerous options. With a wide variety of comfortable, luxurious, affordable student houses, Western Sydney University student accommodation options include a broad range of non-ensuites, ensuites, studios, and shared apartments. The budget for Western Sydney University student accommodation varies from AU$182 to AU$187 per week. The student accommodation options on amber are equipped with all modern amenities like swimming pools, rooftop terraces, 24x7 building security, games rooms, cinema rooms, and study lounges and are inclusive of all taxes. All this in a single platform.

About Western Sydney University

The University of Western Sydney is a world-class university with an expanded international reach and a strong reputation for academic excellence and impact-driven research. Ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide, we are global, research-driven, and committed to making a positive impact locally, nationally and internationally. The University of Western Sydney is one of Australia's leading institutions and ranks among the top 250 universities in the world. At Western Sydney University, we unlock the potential of the next generation of global citizens, leaders and change-makers.

Our curriculum focuses on preparing our graduates for the workplace and reflects the needs of the world we live in. In today's fast-paced world, universities do not have a monopoly on knowledge and education. By promoting a model of co-creative learning that treats strategic partners as co-creators of education, we work with companies and industry leaders to develop course content that meets the needs and challenges of employers and the workplace of the future. develop. global workplace. Western Sydney University is ranked 234th among the best global universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance against a number of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

To know more about the city, keep this Student City Guide: Sydney handy!

Best areas for student accommodation near Western Sydney University

There are several areas that offer some of the best student accommodations near Royal Veterinary College. Students can make their living experience a comfortable and modern one. The University has a lot of opportunities that students can make sure to grab. These student accommodations near Royal Veterinary College are full of old-school yet modern vibes that most students look for. Students living in these areas will surely experience holistic development and growth. Below are some of the best students near accommodation at Royal Veterinary College, where you can find rooms at exceptional rates. There are many important residential areas in the city. Wherever our student residences are located, they are in beautiful neighbourhoods such as Richmond, Parramatta, Kensington, Ryde and North Ryde. Popular areas for student housing in the city are:

1. Western Sydney University Village Campbelltown, Sydney

This amazing student accommodation in Wollongong is one of the best you’ll come across. It is close to universities like Western Sydney University, which directly makes the commute convenient.The rooms at this accommodation have all the necessary features required for the students to have a comfortable stay.  Some amazing facilities students who stay here get to enjoy free high-speed wifi, a games room, a BBQ deck, dedicated study space with fully fitted and equipped rooms and kitchens.

2. Western Sydney University Village Bankstown, Sydney

Western Sydney University Village Bankstown, Sydney, is a comfortable student accommodation in the city that offers villas, studios and shared apartments. Thanks to its convenient proximity to universities like Western Sydney University (Bankstown) and the University of Sydney Cumberland, hundreds of students have chosen this studnet accommodation in Sydney. One amazing feature you’ll get here are the permitted parking space. Laundry facilities, outdoor volleyball, games area and much more.

Cost of living

Student accommodation costs in Sydney can be the most expensive after tuition fees. To help you plan your budget and spending, we have provided an estimate of other essential expenses you will have to incur while living in the city as a student. Most of these approximate prices are subject to personal preference, but they are a useful way to estimate how much you are likely to spend.

  1. Food and groceries: $100-$200 AUD per month
  2. Travel: $40-$100 AUD per month
  3. Phone plan: $10-$30 AUD per month
  4. Recreation: $50-$200 AUD per month

Student travel near Western Sydney University

The city has a well-developed public transport system that students can use to get around. To save money on travel, finding student accommodation in Sydney close to the university and public transport is best.

1. Bus- Buses are the most budget-friendly mode of transportation for students. There are several private bus networks in the city, including Transdev NSW, Busways, ComfortDelGro Australia and Forest Coach Lines. Depending on the service, a weekly bus pass costs approximately AUD 10-30.

2.Metro- There is also a metro running through the city, which is convenient for students. It runs primarily underground and has 13 main stations. The metro network is constantly expanding, with new lines and stations being built to improve connectivity within the city.

3. Cycle: Cycling is one of the healthiest ways of transport. Students can visit and explore the nearby areas on a cycle.

4. Taxi: Taxies are the most efficient mode of transport to travel around the city. You have the liberty of fetching a cab or booking a taxi through applications like Uber. Additionally, you get privacy and reach your destination on time. But keep in mind that will all these perks, it also isn't cost-efficient.

Student lifestyle and living at Western Sydney University

Student life at Western Sydney University is rich and exciting. It's not just about classes, research and exams. You can make new friends, discover new things and have fun! its team strives to provide students with unique and engaging events, from trivia to outdoor movie nights.

Also, the Western's Out & About program, offer offers activities and adventures at discounted rates to all students. Whether you prefer sightseeing, bushwalking, adrenaline pumping or exploring Australia's great outdoors, they've got you covered. Just like on campus, news feeds and events change every day, so there's always something new to try. From joining a club to volunteering. Play sports until you participate in exciting events. You are well-being until you ask for help. We are here to build your community and make the student experience the best it can be. Student clubs are an integral part of college life. It offers students many advantages such as a space to meet like-minded people who share their interests, discover new interests, and connect with other students of similar cultural backgrounds. There is room for making new social connections, developing long-term friendships, and developing a sense of belonging. Additionally, clubs offer opportunities to promote causes and get involved in social/political issues, campaigns, and more.

Tourist Attractions near Western Sydney University

The city has a lot to offer to students. The city is known for its many world-famous attractions and millions of visitors come to Sydney each year seeking the opportunity to experience what the city has to offer. The city's must-see attractions are:

  1. Seymour Centre
  2. Nicholson Museum
  3. Carriageworks
  4. Lake Northam
  5. White Rabbit Gallery
  6. Blue Mountains
  7. Powerhouse Museum
  8. Darling Harbour

Popular Courses at Western University Sydney

Western Sydney University offers some great courses under different domains such as:

1.     Arts and Humanities

2.     Civil Engineering

3.     Clinical Medicine

4.     Environment/Economy

5.     Material Science

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