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Understanding IELTS Score and Results 2024

January 15, 2024
Ielts Results

For those who've taken or planning to take the IELTS test this year, understanding your IELTS results is crucial for securing admission to your dream university or immigration pathway. This blog delves into everything you need to know about your 2024 IELTS results, from how and when they'll be released to calculating your IELTS report.

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Steps To View Your IELTS Result Online

Upon finishing the IELTS exam, test-takers will receive individual band scores (ranging from 1 to 9) for each of the four tested skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally, an overall band score will be provided. To check IELTS results 2024 online, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the official website of IDP IELTS.

Step 2: Enter your credentials on the IDP IELTS result page.

Step 3: Click on ‘IELTS 2024 Results’.

Step 4: Choose the date of your test from the available options.

Step 5: Enter all required details, such as your candidate number, ID number, and date of birth, and then proceed to access your IELTS results.

Step 6: Optionally, you can download your IELTS scorecard from the website and securely store the IDP result for future reference or until you receive your Test Report Form (TRF).

How to Get IELTS Exam 2024 Results Through SMS?

You can also check your IELTS band scores via SMS. Just send the text "RESULT [Your Candidate Number] [Your Passport Number]" to 92898 92898 after 12:00 noon on the day of the result.

How to Check IELTS Results from the Test Centre?

Students also have the option of getting their IELTS exam band score from the test centre:

1. Visit the test centre.

2. Show your ID or passport.

3. Provide the candidate number received on the test day.

4. If registered at the centre, results won't be available via phone, email, or fax.

Remember, the temporary results you see online aren't official. Don't use printouts or screenshots as your IELTS 2024 results. Wait for the mailed Test Report Form (TRF) for the official scores. Online results are only accessible for 28 days.

General Tips:

  • Make sure you have your Test Report Form (TRF) number handy. It's printed on your test confirmation email and admission slip.
  • You can also access your results by visiting the test centre where you took the test.
  • The results will not be disclosed over the phone or email.
  • If you took the IELTS for UKVI, you can only view your IELTS results online 13 days after the test date.
  • You can request an Inquiry on Results (remarking) within six weeks of the test date if you're unsure about your score. There's a fee for this service, which is refunded if your score changes.

What is the IELTS Test Report Form? 

The IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) serves as the official confirmation of your test results, validating your proficiency in the English language. Whether in paper or electronic form (eTRF), it is significant evidence of your language skills.

Paper Test Report Forms

For those who have undertaken the IELTS test on paper, the results become accessible within 13 days after the test date, while for computer-based tests, it typically takes 3-5 days. Retrieving the paper TRF is possible either by collecting it in person at the test center or opting for postal delivery. It's advisable to check with the local test center for available options and allow a minimum of seven working days for postal delivery.

Electronic Test Report Forms

For individuals who have completed the IELTS Online or computer-based test in select countries, results are exclusively provided electronically. Accessible through the Test Taker portal, the electronic version (eTRF) becomes available for download 3-8 days after the test. No additional paper TRFs are issued in such cases.

Upon obtaining the eTRF, applicants can either print it and submit it to relevant organizations or send it via email. Alternatively, they can share their results directly with the concerned organization through the Test Taker portal.

How Can I Get Copies of My Test Report Form?

Most places you're applying to will want the original version of your IELTS Test Report Form, not photocopies. But if you've taken the IELTS Online, you can either print out your eTRF or email it. We can send up to five extra copies of your Test Report Form directly to the places you're applying to, like universities, companies, or immigration offices. Just make sure to provide their addresses on the Test Taker Portal within two years of taking the test.

Although paper copies are still common, some universities and institutions now accept electronic downloads of IELTS scores. Before sending a physical copy of your results or requesting to do so, it's a good idea to check with your local test center.

Country-wise IELTS Results Validity 

The validity of IELTS results remains consistent across countries, typically spanning a period of two years. However, the applicability of this validity may vary depending on the purpose for which the results are intended. Below is a breakdown of these variations on a country-by-country basis.

IELTS Band-Score 2024

The 9-band scoring mechanism evaluates performance consistently, regardless of the test's time or location, and enjoys global recognition and comprehension. Scores for each component of the test and the overall band score can be reported in whole or half bands, such as 5.5, and 8.0.

How to Calculate IELTS Scores 2024

IELTS band and score, ranging from 0 to 9, measure both individual sections and overall performance. The overall IELTS scores is the average of reading, writing, speaking, and listening band scores, represented as whole or half-bands (e.g., 9.0, 9.5). Each section's score is scaled from raw scores, then averaged to determine the overall band score. 

Rounding rules apply: If the last decimal is <5, it rounds down; if ≥5, it rounds up. A higher score improves chances of acceptance; e.g., an 8.0 band score ensures acceptance at most institutions. See the table below for IELTS scores:

How to Send IELTS Scores to Universities Abroad

After registering for the IELTS exam, you can send soft copies of your IELTS scorecards to five universities of your choice at no extra cost. This process streamlines the application procedure and ensures that candidates' scores are promptly delivered to their preferred institutions.

  1. During the IELTS registration process, candidates will be presented with the opportunity to select up to five institutions to which they wish to send their IELTS scores.
  2. It's important to note that the cost of sending scores to five universities is already included in the IELTS exam fee of INR 17,000.
  3. Candidates who opt for this service will need to provide the details of their preferred institutions to IDP IELTS India for score transmission.
  4. Once the IELTS results become available, IDP India will promptly dispatch the candidates' scores to the universities they have pre-defined during registration.
  5. Additionally, test takers have the option to send hard copies of their IDP IELTS scores, known as Test Report Forms (TRF), to more than the initially selected five institutions. However, this process will require students to pay an additional fee.

IELTS Retake Exam

IELTS examinees who did not achieve their desired IELTS scores or wish to enhance their results have the option to retake the exam. To do so, you can visit the official website, select a new test date and preferred test center, and pay the exam fee of INR 17,000. Utilizing your previous test experience are advised to identify areas for improvement and focus their preparation accordingly. 

It's recommended that candidates review the test format, practice sample questions, and consider seeking guidance from tutors or preparatory courses. On the test day, arriving on time with the necessary identification documents is crucial.

Following instructions from test administrators and diligently completing all sections is essential. Make sure to note down everything important for your exam, and best of luck with your IELTS exam!

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What time IELTS results will be out?

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