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June Homes 60625, Chicago

N Bell Ave, Chicago
3.2 mi from University( 1h 11m. 38m. 17m)
Furnished Common Areas
Street parking
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From $900/ month
Upto £100 Cashback

Somerset Place Apartments, Chicago

N Sheridan Rd, Chicago
1.9 mi from University( 39m. 21m. 10m)
swimming pool
laundry facility
3 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From $1565/ month

Franklin, Chicago

N Franklin St, Chicago
7.7 mi from University( 2h 37m. 50m. 21m)
Wi-Fi Internet
laundry facility
3 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From $295/ week
Upto £100 Cashback

June Homes 60618, Chicago

5.9 mi from University( 2h 0m. 1h 3m. 25m)
laundry facility
bills included
6 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From $875/ month
Upto £100 Cashback

June Homes 60647, Chicago

7.4 mi from University( 2h 31m. 59m. 33m)
laundry facility
10 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From $725/ month
Upto £100 Cashback

June Homes 60622, Chicago

8.1 mi from University( 2h 45m. 1h 2m. 30m)
Furnished Common Area
bills included
14 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From $850/ month

The Link Evanston, Evanston

Emerson St, Evanston
4.4 mi from University( 1h 37m. 29m. 19m)
In-Unit Washer & Dryer
Blazing-Fast WiFi
Wood-Style Flooring
4 Room Options
1 Offer
From $2109/ month

June Homes 60642, Chicago

7.2 mi from University( 2h 27m. 44m. 22m)
Street Parking
Furnished Common Areas
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From $1025/ month

Post, Chicago

W Blackhawk St, Chicago
6.5 mi from University( 2h 26m. 38m. 20m)
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From $1180/ month
Top Rated

Lake Meadows Apartments, Chicago

S King Dr, Chicago
12.2 mi from University( 4h 34m. 1h 9m. 25m)
bills included
4 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From $1154/ month
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I view my student housing near Loyola University Chicago before booking it?

You can set up a pre-booking site check or virtual tour by contacting our booking experts.

How can I rent Loyola University student housing?

After browsing through our 9,900+ student housing options, you can follow Amber's quick and easy procedure to shortlist your desired student housing, during which we will provide you with free housing-related student services. For further assistance, feel free to contact us with any questions; our team will be glad to help.

Which is the most affordable Loyola University student housing?

The Letterman, a fully-furnished student housing in Chicago, is a luxurious, accessible, and pocket-friendly student housing near Loyola University.

How do I pay for Loyola University student housing?

You can use our payment portal with expert guidance when booking and paying for housing through amber. To better understand how to pay for your student housing at Loyola University, click here.

Can I get a furnished room near Loyola University student housing?

Yes, you will get fully furnished student housing near Loyola University student housing.

Can I stay with my friend at Loyola University student housing?

You can indeed stay with your buddies in a shared space. Yet, depending on the property, you could have to pay a small premium for this. You can choose dual occupancy studios or share an apartment. You may also be eligible for a discount if you live in a group.

What should I look for when booking Loyola University student housing?

The location of the Loyola University student housing, its distance from the university, and your budget are the most critical factors for booking student housing near the university. You should also check the following before booking your housing :

1. The desired number of roommates

2. Type of housing

3. Ensuite/Non-ensuite

4. Size of the room

5. Amenities provided

What will my rent include when booking Loyola University student housing?

Amber saves you the hassle of keeping track of bills and payments by ensuring any fees or charges for amenities are included in your rent. To get a better idea, watch this video.

What amenities, utilities and security options can you expect when booking Loyola University student housing?

Amber does its best to provide students with housing that matches their needs. Many Purpose Based Student housing s (PBSAs) offer basic facilities such as parking, laundry, high-speed wi-fi, hot water, and electricity. Some provide additional amenities like dishwashers, T.V.s, fitness centres, and game rooms.

How much rent does one pay for Loyola University student housing?

Several factors decide student housing at Loyola University rent, and location is one of the essential aspects. The housing price near this institution can range from a minimum of £116/week to a maximum of £343/week. You can expect to spend £117/week on a decent room.

Student Accomodations in Loyola University, Chicago

Student Accommodation Near Loyola University Chicago

The first thing a student looks for when studying abroad is housing. It can be a troublesome process for students to find pleasant housing in a foreign country. The Loyola University student housing provided by amber is the preferable alternative for the students. Amber ensures that the students get the most exemplary housing close to their universities. Also, the students looking for short-term tenancies will have the privilege of getting satisfactory housing after getting in touch with amber. When looking for student housing near Loyola University Chicago, there are many options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a studio, suite or shared apartment, you'll find student housing near Loyola University. Off-campus Loyola housing options provide students with a variety of options for living arrangements while studying at Loyola. To explore various options in student housing near Loyola University Chicago, you can visit our website, where we have listed a variety of housing options tailored to meet the needs of our students. Loyola University is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence and commitment to social justice. Lake Meadows, The Letterman, Tailor Lofts and Harrington Housing Downtown Chicago Skyrise Views are some of the off-campus Loyola housing options.

About Loyola University

Loyola University, located in Chicago, is a renowned institution with a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence. Established in 1870, Loyola University has grown to become one of the top universities in the United States. Saint Ignatius of Loyola is its alternate name. Programs in medicine, nursing, and health sciences are offered through Loyola's professional schools, which the Loyola University Medical Centre supports. It has slightly under 16,000 students and is ranked among the top 100 doctoral universities in the country under the category "R2: Doctoral Universities - High research activity". It has three campuses in Chicago: Lake Shore, the primary location by Lake Michigan; Water Tower, in the city; and Health Sciences, in the Maywood district.

Regarding National Universities, Loyola University Chicago is rated 104th in the 2019 U.S. College rankings from News & World Report. U.S. Loyola frequently appears on lists of "A-plus Schools for B Students" and "Best Value" schools. Washington Monthly ranked Loyola 21st in the U.S. for hours of community service, while USA Today placed Loyola 6th among "colleges most committed to community service" in 2011. The university offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines. Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, arts and sciences, education, law, medicine, and social work. Loyola University Chicago offers a dynamic and inclusive educational experience, coupled with quality student housing options, making it an ideal choice for students seeking a well-rounded university experience in the heart of Chicago.

Best Student Accommodation Near Loyola University

Student housing plays a crucial role in the overall college experience, providing a comfortable and supportive environment for students to thrive academically and socially. It serves as a home away from home, offering a space where students can study, relax, and build lasting friendships. A well-chosen student housing near Loyola University Chicago can enhance the student's lifestyle, foster a sense of community, and contribute to their overall well-being. Several of amber's Loyola University student housing options come with basic amenities as well as additional facilities for residents to enjoy. Here's a list of some of amber's most sought-after off-campus Loyola housing options.

1. Somerset Place Apartments, Chicago

2. Lake Meadows Apartments, Chicago

3. The Letterman, Chicago

4. The Buckingham, Chicago

5. Tailor Lofts, Chicago

6. June Homes 60647, Chicago

7. Prairie Shores, Chicago

Cost of Living

Loyola University, located in Chicago, offers students a vibrant academic experience in a city known for its diverse culture and opportunities. When it comes to the cost of living for students in Chicago, it is important to consider factors such as housing, transportation, meals, and entertainment. To help you out, amber has put together this list of the average cost of living in Loyola University student housing.

1. Food and beverages: $90-$160/ week

2. Entertainment and leisure: $45-$130/week

3. Transportation charges: $80-$100/week

4. Stationery and Course books: $15-$30/week

5. Gas and electricity bill: $55-$75/week

6. Mobile recharge bills: $35-$45/week

7. Clothing and accessories: $45-$60/ week

Student Travel Near Loyola University

Loyola University, located in Loyola University student housing, offers students a prime location with excellent travel accessibility in the city. Student housing in Chicago is known for its efficient transportation system, providing various modes of commute to explore the city and reach the university conveniently. The availability of various travel cards further enhances travel accessibility in Chicago University housing. The Ventra Card mentioned earlier is a versatile option that can be used for both bus and train travel, offering convenience and potential cost savings. The card can be loaded with a specific amount or used for unlimited travel passes valid for a certain duration, such as a day, week, or month.

1. Bus: Chicago's extensive bus network offers a cost-effective mode of transportation. The adult fare for a single journey typically ranges from $2 to $2.50. Additionally, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) offers the Ventra Card, which provides discounted fares for frequent travellers.

1. Train: The 'L' trains, operated by the CTA, are a popular and efficient way to navigate the city. The adult fare for a single journey on the train system is typically around £2 to £3. Similar to buses, the Ventra Card can be used to access discounted fares and unlimited travel passes.

2. Cycling: Chicago University housing is a bike-friendly city with numerous bike lanes and paths. The city's bike-sharing program, Divvy, allows riders to rent bicycles for a nominal fee. Annual memberships are available, costing around $100 and providing unlimited rides for a set duration.

Student Life At Loyola University

Loyola University, located in Chicago, offers a vibrant and enriching student life that welcomes students from diverse cultures. The university provides a supportive environment for students, fostering a sense of community and belonging. The student union plays a crucial role in organizing events, activities, and clubs, allowing students to explore their interests and connect with peers who share similar passions. Near Loyola University student housing, there are numerous chill spots where students can unwind and socialize. From cozy cafes to trendy restaurants, the surrounding area offers a diverse culinary scene to cater to different tastes. Students can also enjoy attending cultural events, music concerts, and theater performances in the city. Chicago's green spaces, such as parks and lakeshores, provide tranquil retreats for relaxation and outdoor activities. Loyola University Chicago is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience. With a wide range of academic programs, students have the opportunity to pursue their passions and develop skills for their future careers. For student housing near Loyola University, Chicago, the university provides resources and support to assist in finding suitable housing options. Loyola University off campus housing and Loyola University student housing offers a range of choices, including studios, ensuites, and shared apartments. Loyola University student housing is designed to meet the needs of students, providing a comfortable and convenient living environment. Overall, Chicago University housing offers a vibrant student life with numerous chill spots, cultural experiences, and academic opportunities. With its commitment to diversity, community engagement, and quality education, Loyola University provides a fulfilling university experience for students, complemented by the availability of off-campus Loyola housing.

Tourist Attractions Near Loyola University

There are many tourist attractions near Loyola University student housing that students can visit on weekends or during a free lecture. Some of them are listed below:

1. Buddha Head

2. Loyola Park Natural Area

3. Leather Archives and Museum

4. Leone Beach Park

5. Tobey Prinze Beach Park

6. Lane Beach

7. Loyola Park

Courses At Loyola University

Loyola University is amongst the top universities in California. The university provides students with top education in all of their courses, but here are a few courses that are popular among students:

1. Accounting & Commerce.

2.  Business & Management Studies.

3. Engineering.

4. Humanities & Social Sciences.

5. I.T. & Software.

6. Medicine & Health Sciences.

Nearby places to visit

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