Addams Coliving, Chicago

W 15th St, Chicago, 60608, United States
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2.5 mi from City Center
2.5 mi from City Center( 57m. 35m. 11m)
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city center | 2.0 mi
University of Illinois, Chicago... | 0.9 mi
Rush University | 1.0 mi
University of Illinois | 1.0 mi
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Property provides your own private bedroom in a furnished, shared apartment. These move-in-ready units come complete with a wide variety of appliances, toiletries, and furniture to make this your easiest move yet.

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    This property offers 1, 12 flexible instalment plans.
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    Payment via easy transaction modes.
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    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do PMG properties include parking, or do you have to pay an extra fee?

Parking can vary by property. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in for complete details.

Are pets allowed on PMG properties?

Some PMG properties are pet-friendly. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in to see if "pet friendly" is included in the list.

Are utilities included in the rent of PMG properties?

It varies by property. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in to see if utilities are included.

Will utilities be set up before my move-in day?

If utilities are included in the rent, then all utilities will be set up before you move in. If they're not included, it's your responsibility to schedule them. Please contact them with any questions — they're happy to offer guidance and assist you in any way they can.

Is furniture included?

Furnishings vary by property, so check the amenities section of the property details page or contact your leasing agent for complete details.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, but when moving out, your unit should be restored as it was originally. If it was there when you arrived, it should be there when you leave.

Is there a washer and a dryer in every PMG unit?

It varies by property. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in to see if a washer and dryer are in the unit or on the property site.

What’s the WIFI speed at PMG properties?

PMG WIFI is typically around 50 Mbps / person. Speeds may vary depending on the internet service provider.

Is cable internet included?

It varies by property. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in to see if cable internet is an option.

Who can I contact if I’m having trouble accessing my lease or have additional questions about the lease service?

If you have any questions about your lease, please contact your leasing agent directly. They'd be happy to help out.

What credit score do I need to qualify?

Credit score requirements vary by state as well as income requirements. Please contact them for more details.

If I need a co-signer in my PMG lease, who’s eligible?

Co-signers should have a US-based address and a credit score of 680-700 (depending on location) or higher. Your co-signer’s income should be at least 3 times the monthly rent.

What do I need to complete the PMG application process?

It varies by location and home. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in to see a full list of what's available. You can also reach out and talk to your leasing agent.

How do I view and/or download my PMG property lease?

They use Docusign to generate the lease agreement, and it will be sent to your email.

What's included in my rent?

It varies by location and home. Check the amenities section of the property you're interested in to see a full list of what's available. You can also reach out and talk to your leasing agent.

How soon will I receive my security deposit after moving out?

You'll receive your security deposit via check within 2 - 3 weeks after your move-out date.

Does PMG require a security deposit?

PMG does typically require a security deposit, though this can vary by market. The amount is usually equal to one month's rent.

Is there an income requirement to apply to a PMG property?

Yes, there is an income requirement when applying for PMG properties. The specific amount varies depending on the region, with the general guideline being that the income-to-rent ratio should ideally range between 2.5 and 3.

Do I need renters' insurance?

They strongly recommend that all tenants purchase renters' insurance to protect the home and their own property. You'll be charged a penalty if there's any damage to the house and you don't have insurance.

What methods of payment are accepted?

They accept Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, and bank ACH.

Is there a fee if I make payments online?

Yes. They're using Stripe, which requires a 2.9% fee+30-cent fee or a 0.8% ($5 maximum) fee with ACH payments.

How do I tour an apartment online?

They have virtual tours available for various properties, and they can also send out tour videos to interested prospects.

I didn't receive the link to sign my lease. What do I do?

If you didn't receive the lease documents, please double check your email and the spam folder. If not, reach out to your leasing agent directly.

My lease signing was canceled. What do I do next?

Please reach out to your leasing agent, and they will send you a new copy.

Do all tenants have to sign the lease?

Yes, all tenants will have to sign the lease agreement.

My state/city/county has specific rental policies; does the lease cover that?

All their leases are unique to their region and should be able to cover all local laws and ordinances.

What if there are changes I would like to request before signing the lease?

Please reach out to the leasing agent that has been in communication with you, though not all requested changes may be possible.

How do I get the key to my new place?

They will send check-in instructions a week before you move in, including a checklist with details explaining how you can get your key. If it's a smart lock, you'll receive the code. If it's a traditional lock, you'll receive access to the lockbox service.

What kinds of community events can I look forward to?

Their community events include small inclusive board games, open house barbecues, baking, bowling, floral design, fashion shows, and even fancy yacht parties!

Are community events free?

Regular community activities such as Game Night are free for community members only. You might have to pay to attend large-scale events, but as a PMG community member, you'll enjoy big discounts — as much as 50% to 80%.

How can I become a PMG community member?

If you're one of their tenants, you're a PMG community member. they do open some events to the public, but mostly they're just for tenants.

What are the benefits of being a PMG community member?

Too many! Detailed benefits depend on where you reside. In general, you are able to gain special discounts from local restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shows and other entertainment spots with PMG membership. You can join their regular social gathering and networking events for free. they also frequently give away high-value prizes such as iPads and Xboxes through their online activities. Shoot them an email and tell them what's the next community benefit you want them to offer!

How does the PMG Community Shuttle Bus service work?

The free PMG Community Shuttle Bus service serves the Los Angeles USC neighborhood and Pittsburgh neighborhood. Look for the buses with a PMG logo, and check your WeChat Mini Program to get the real-time location of the bus. Simply scan this QR code with your Wechat account.

How soon will you respond to and complete my maintenance request?

Their maintenance staff responds to requests within 1-3 business days. They'll keep you updated and give you a window of time when they'll arrive on the day-of.

What if I didn't ask for maintenance when damage occurred in my home?

They're serious about maintaining the quality of PMG properties, and ask that you report any suspected damage to PMG Management as soon as possible. You'll save yourself money in the long run, too, because they won't deduct anything from your security deposit.

What type of maintenance service does PMG cover?

They cover all the maintenance within 48 hours after you move in. After 48 hours, their professional maintenance staff / partners will help you figure out whether they can cover it. To learn more details ahead of time, please refer to your lease agreement.

What should I know before signing a lease?

Before signing the lease, renters should be aware of all rental details such as the monthly rent, concession, utility calculations, whether or not furniture is included, etc.

How do I cancel a payment?

Unfortunately, they do not support the option to cancel payments.

How do I find the status of my payment?

Once you have made a payment, you will arrive at a payment success page. An email notification will also be sent to your email confirming the payment.

How do I stop my in-progress payment?

Unfortunately, they do not support the option to stop an in-progress payment.

How do I split the rent with roommates?

If you are part of a group lease, please coordinate the rent amongst yourselves.

My payment failed: What's next?

There will be a $30 NSF fee if your payment got rejected by the bank. Please try to make the payment again.

Are the apartments and houses in safe locations?

Safety is a very subjective matter. Before signing the lease, they encourage prospects to tour the apartments and houses to find a place in their desired locations.

What if I have roommate issues?

Though they don't guarantee roommate compatibility, they have PMG Community Success Managers to help you create strong bonds throughout the PMG community. You can count on them to organize activities and events to help you get involved in the community and meet people.

How is PMG different from other rental services?

PMG offers both traditional property management, as well as co-living spaces to help cater to different needs.

Will PMG help me locate a new place to live?

Yes they will be able to assist based on their availability at the moment.

Can I search by the zip code or neighborhood of interest?

You can search by neighborhood or by map on the website.

Does PMG accept subleases?

Please reach out to the leasing office if you have a qualified person and the office will assist directly.

What types of rentals does PMG have: houses, apartments, or condos?

PMG has a variety of rentals available. they have apartments, houses to rent by the room, or whole when available, and coliving spaces near universities.

Does PMG have a mobile app?

Yes! they have a PMG App that can be used to make payments and submit work orders (Currently for USC only).

How do I report a glitch or technical issue on the website?

Reach out to the property manager if you are a tenant.

Addams Coliving, Chicago
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Student Accomodations in Chicago

Chicago Student Accommodation

Finding the right Chicago student housing is crucial for any student who wants to make the most of their college experience in this vibrant city. Opting for off-campus student housing in Chicago can offer a variety of advantages including greater independence, more living space, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the city's culture beyond the university campus.

Amber is a leading name in simplifying the search for the ideal student housing in Chicago. They streamline the process, giving students access to properties that strike the right balance between comfort, convenience, and affordability.

Students can choose from a range of room types—from private studios to shared apartments—all conveniently located close to key educational institutions. The student housing in Chicago options are equipped with a host of amenities such as high-speed internet, laundry facilities, fitness centers, and study spaces, designed to support both academic and leisure activities. Amber assists in simplifying the process for you by helping you get the best student apartments in Chicago, which is also well-suited to your budget requirements. Some of the most popular student housing Chicago options include Harrington Housing River North, Scio At The Medical District, The Letterman, The Flats East West, and many more!

About Chicago

With a vibrant student community flocking to Chicago as their preferred study destination, finding Chicago student housing is a breeze. Known for its delicious pizzas, the city is also renowned for hosting several prestigious universities, including Rush University, DePaul University, and the University of Chicago. These esteemed institutions attract a significant influx of international students, contributing to a thriving student population. However, during peak periods of high demand, securing suitable student housing Chicago options can pose a considerable challenge.

You'll discover a wide range of student apartments Chicago options catering to various preferences and budgets, all conveniently located in the heart of the city and in close proximity to the aforementioned universities. These Chicago student accommodations range from luxurious to affordable and budget-friendly. Whether you seek ensuites, non-ensuites, studio apartments, private rooms, or shared rooms, ample choices are available.

Best Student Housing in Chicago

Relocating to Chicago for educational purposes comes with exciting opportunities, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect student housing. Off-campus housing in Chicago offers students a blend of independence, affordability, and an enriching community environment. From ensuite bedrooms that offer privacy to vibrant student halls that encourage community living, and modern studio apartments that are ideal for those who prefer solitary living, Chicago's student housing market, showcased beautifully through amber, is rich and diverse. Specific Chicago student housing properties provide convenient access to university campuses, ensuring that students can balance their academic and social lives seamlessly.

1. River North, Chicago

2. Infinite Chicago, Chicago

3. The Letterman, Chicago

4. June Homes 60607, Chicago

5. Pilsen Coliving, Chicago

6. The Buckingham, Chicago

7. Prairie, Chicago

8. Tailor Lofts, Chicago

9. Addams Coliving, Chicago

10.  McCormick, Chicago

Cost of Living in Chicago

Chicago is very well known to be one of the most affordable cities in the US, especially for students. The average cost of living for an international student in Chicago depends on various factors such as food, transport, and rent. Here is a list of all the associated costs, apart from the rent for your student housing in Chicago:

1. Food & Beverages: $90-$160/ per week

2. Entertainment & Leisure: $45-$130/per week

3. Transportation Charges: $80-$100/ per week

4. Stationery & Course Books: $15-$30/ per week

5. Gas & Electricity: $55-$75/ per week

6. Mobile Recharge Bills: $35-$45/ per week

7. Miscellaneous: $45-$60/per week

Student Travel Chicago

Finding student accommodation in Chicago that is closer to the university becomes a bit difficult given the population of students and the student housing in demand. Although, the city has a systematically laid out transit structure to make the connectivity throughout the city more seamless, especially for students. The CTA, or Chicago Transit Authority, helps in running this complex network of public transportation within the city. A few more transportation options include:

1. Bus

Pace is one of the most prominent bus service providers in Chicago, covering 284 municipalities city-wide. It runs through various routes, especially among universities, to airports and other tourist destinations. The average fare of the bus in Chicago (one-way) is  $2.25. To pay for buses in Chicago, students can avail of discounts and use the Ventra Card.

2. Metra Rail

Another efficient way to travel across Chicago is the Metra Rail, which can take you across the multiple suburbs in the city. It has around 11 lines and connects 240 stations laid across the city. The fare depends on the distance you travel, the maximum being $ 9.50 to travel from Zone A to Zone J.

3. Taxis & Cabs

Taxis and cabs are a great alternative if you wish to reach somewhere point to point. Cabs can help you get to your desired exact location without much hassle. The fare for taxis and cabs in Chicago starts from $3.50 and keeps adding on for every extra mile you travel.

4. Water Taxis

Being one of the most unconventional options to travel across, it is still one of the many experiences that you might not be able to grab everywhere.. The fare ranges from $6-$7 for a one-way ride, and is definitely worth exploring.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Chicago

Chicago is a lively city with various attractions for expats. There are various Chicago student housing options to explore. Chicago is well-known for its haute couture, and Oak Street is the main attraction for fashion stores. The city has sandy beaches along with Lake Michigan. The most preferred Beaches are Ohio Street Beach and 63rd Street Beach. The city comes with numerous dining options suitable for every taste bud. Some of the must-visit restaurants for students in Chicago are Lou Mitchell’s, Wildberry Pancakes & Cake, Portillo’s, Sweetgreen, 5411 Empanadas, and many more!

The days are pleasant, but as the nights draw in, students must experience the city's nightlife. The famed nightclubs, bars, and public attractions in Chicago provide a safe evening for you to enjoy. Some of the top pubs for soft drinks, margaritas, and mocktails are The Underground, Berlin, Five Iron Gulf, and Kirkwood. There are a number of museums and galleries to visit, like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. The theater scene is vibrant and buzzing, and it includes places like the Goodman Theatre and Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where students can enjoy performances. There are no fewer party spots to enjoy on weekends and burst out all the stress.

Chicago Tourist Attractions

With a beautiful view of skyscrapers, the city also comprises museums and multiple tourist dining options. Off campus student housing Chicago options provide freedom to students and allow them to enjoy the nightlife and various other attractions in Chicago. Following are some fascinating tourist attractions of Chicago:

1. Millennium Park

2. Art Institute of Chicago

3. Riverwalk

4. The Magnificent Mile

5. Navy Pier

6. Field Museum

7. Shedd Aquarium

8. Cloud Gate

Top Universities in Chicago

There are a number of esteemed universities in Chicago that attract students from all over. With amazing faculty and top-notch education, here are some of the best universities in Chicago:

1. University of Chicago

2. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

3. University of Illinois (UIC)

4. Illinois Institute of Technology

5. Loyola University

6. Rush University

7. DePaul University

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