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Water Lane Bohermore, Galway

Water Lane Bohermore, Galway

Ballinfoyle, Ireland
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Bright, central located and spacious house on 2 levels in quite residential area 5 minutes walking far from Eyre Square, close to main commercial estates and shopping centres. The house is composed of 5 bedrooms (3 double and 2 twins), 3 toilets/shower rooms, 1 kitchen and living/sitting area. Free Bike parking at the property. Comfortable and ideal for students and workers. 24/7 Assistance provided by their team.

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Student Accomodations in Galway

Student Accommodation Galway

For students embarking on their academic journey in Ireland, finding the right student accommodation in Galway is a crucial step towards a comfortable university life. Galway, renowned for its vibrant culture and educational excellence, offers a plethora of living options. While on-campus housing provides convenience, the benefits of off-campus student housing in Galway are numerous, ranging from freedom of choice and larger spaces to often more competitive pricing.

Amber is the go-to platform for simplifying the search for student accommodation in this bustling Irish city. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive listings, Amber has revolutionized how students find their perfect home away from home. The website provides access to a variety of room types, from en-suite bedrooms to shared flats, all conveniently located close to the city's academic institutions and leisure hotspots, ensuring students can enjoy both study and social life with ease.

Ample amenities are available to make student living comfortable and hassle-free, including high-speed internet, communal study areas, and secure bike storage. Some sought-after properties in Galway provided through Amber include Dominick Street Apartments and Suburban Home Galway, each offering their unique benefits and community feel. Discover your ideal Galway student accommodation with Amber today, and make your university experience in Galway memorable for all the right reasons.

About Galway

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Galway, a picturesque city on the west coast of Ireland known for its rich history and cultural tapestry. Rooted in medieval origins, Galway, often referred to as the 'City of the Tribes', is a hub of activity, music, and tradition. Renowned for its bustling arts scene and friendly locals, Galway's reputation as a cultural heartland is well-established, with events like the famous Galway International Arts Festival drawing visitors from all corners of the globe.

The city boasts a population of spirited students, who invigorate the cobbled streets, becoming an integral part of Galway's unique charm. Galway's standing in the QS Student Cities index is a testament to its supportive student atmosphere and the exceptional quality of life it offers to those pursuing their academic dreams. Within Galway, neighbourhoods such as Salthill with its idyllic seaside promenade, and the historic Latin Quarter, rich with bohemian spirit, stand out as popular spots for both locals and students alike.

For those seeking Galway student accommodation, the city's educational landscape is headlined by the prestigious National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway), which consistently ranks among the top universities worldwide. Galway's institutions are not only lauded for their academic excellence but also for their invaluable contributions to the local and international community. With a diverse array of accommodation in Galway, students have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an environment that fosters growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences in the heart of this Gaelic gem.

Best student accommodation in Galway

Galway, a city known for its zest for life and lovely landscapes, is a hub for students seeking quality education and a memorable student life. It calls for an ideal student accommodation in Galway where one can juggle academics and enjoy the vibrant culture seamlessly. With a focus on independence, embracing a budget-friendly lifestyle, and establishing a sense of community, students often look for reliable off-campus housing options. Whether it's an ensuite to enjoy your privacy, a convivial student hall for social interactions, or a self-contained studio apartment for those who prefer solitude, finding the best Galway accommodation in Galway close to the university is crucial for a well-rounded experience. Amber is committed to making your search for the perfect Galway student accommodation an effortless journey.

Galway Central and Hubble Living offer top-of-the-range student living setups, ensuring every student finds their perfect spot to call home. Here's a closer look at what makes each of them stand out:

  1. Galway Central: Positioned conveniently with connectivity to University of Galway, and ATU Galway City, Galway Central offers a fantastic range of ensuite, studios, and twodios amidst a festive environment. Residents enjoy the modern furnishings, common amenities, and cultural hotspots of Galway, making it an excellent choice when searching for Galway student accommodation.
  2. Hubble Living Galway: Hubble Living Galway, known for its modern amenities and convenient location, offers ensuite and non-ensuite apartments in close proximity to NUI Galway and GMIT. With its stylish social hubs and secure environment, it stands as a popular Galway accommodation in Galway for those looking to balance their studies and social life.

Cost of living

Understanding the cost of living in Galway is essential for students planning to study and live in this vibrant Irish city. With an array of rich cultural experiences and a bustling student life, Galway offers a unique atmosphere for learning and leisure. However, managing your budget efficiently is crucial as the average cost of living can impact your financial planning significantly. Typically, students in Galway can expect a cumulative monthly cost of living to range around €1500-€2000, depending on lifestyle choices and accommodation preferences. It's these financial considerations that help students make informed decisions about their Galway student accommodation and overall expenses.

  • Food & Groceries - €300 - €350
  • Transportation - €50 - €70 
  • Utilities (including internet) - €150 - €200
  • Clothing - €50 - €150
  • Sports & Leisure - €100 - €200

Students Travel Galway

Galway is a small city, but despite this, it is well-connected and simple for students to get around. Galway is a fairly walkable city, and most of the utilities and attractions can be reached on foot near your private student accommodation in Galway.

1. Bus

Galway's students prefer the bus. A network of bus routes run by Bus Éireann serves Galway and neighbouring areas of Ireland. Private bus companies that provide services to and from Dublin and other cities include City Direct and GoBus. Students with a current student ID card are eligible for discounts and passes.

2. Rail

While the city of Galway doesn’t have a local rail system, you can take a train from the Galway railway station to nearby important locations such as Dublin, Limerick, and Cork. The Galway Railway Station is within the city centre, which means it's super close to your student accommodation in Galway.

2. Cycling

It is a common choice of transportation for students in Galway because of the city's welcoming attitude towards bicyclists. There are numerous bike rental businesses, and students can also buy used bikes. Cycling is made simple and secure by the city's extensive network of bike lanes and cycle paths. What’s more? Most of the student housing Galway options have bike storage!

3. Taxis

Taxis are frequently available and reasonably priced in Galway when compared to other European cities. Students can order a cab using the Hailo app or hail one down on the street.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Galway

Galway, a radiant and pulsating city on Ireland's west coast, extends a warm Céad Míle Fáilte to its student population. Renowned as a hub of culture and education, Galway assures an exceptional quality of life for its scholars. With a reputation for safety and a friendly local community, students can expect a nourishing environment that is ripe for their academic and personal growth. The city's compact size makes it eminently suitable for student living, allowing unhindered exploration of its charming streets and engaging locales.

The city's natural warmth is reflected in the popular hangout spots that cater to the vibrant student community. Less than a 5-mile radius from the heart of Galway accommodation, one can find cosy cafes like the Secret Garden Galway, where students immerse themselves in books over steamy mugs of hot chocolate. For those who prefer a bustling atmosphere, Monroe's Tavern provides live music and hearty meals. The cultural epicentre, the Spanish Arch, often has students lounging by the river or discussing ideas. Meanwhile, green spaces like Eyre Square serve as perfect picnic spots and venues for impromptu study sessions under the open sky.

Galway's vivacious spirit is further amplified by its packed event calendar. From the world-renowned Galway International Arts Festival to lively music sessions in the Latin Quarter, there's always something to stimulate the senses and inspire creativity. The Galway Film Fleadh is another highlight that beckons cinephiles from all corners of the academic spectrum. Taken together, these attractions contribute significantly to the unique tapestry that characterizes student life in Galway.

Whether one is seeking Galway student accommodation or simply the buzz of student life, this city proves to be an exhilarate haven that promises not just an education, but a memorable chapter of life. Galway facilitates a perfect blend of study and leisure, making it an ideal locale for those ready to embark on their university journey.

Galway Tourist Attractions

Galway, an Irish gem enriched with culture and vibrant history, offers a mesmerising experience for every visitor. From the bustling Galway Market to the serene beauty of Connemara, Galway is replete with attractions that showcase Ireland's charm. Discover why each of these spots draws crowds eager to immerse in the magic of Galway.

  1. Cliffs of Moher
  2. Galway Cathedral
  3. Connemara National Park
  4. Quay Street
  5. The Spanish Arch
  6. Kylemore Abbey
  7. Aran Islands
  8. Lynch's Castle
  9. Galway City Museum
  10. Salthill Promenade

Universities in Galway

Students looking to pursue higher education from all around the world frequently travel to Galway. The city is home to a number of prestigious institutions and universities that provide top-notch academic programmes. Here are a few of the top universities in Galway:

1. National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)

2. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

3. Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS)

4. The Burren College of Art

5. Independent College

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