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Paisley is a town that is located in the southwest region of Scotland — being a religious centre for all sacred activities; it's a town that endorses educational institutions as well. There are several universities in the town such as Reid Kerr college, university of west Scotland and so on. Amongst these, the University of western Scotland happens to be on the epitome of all educational endeavours. There are about 16,000 students that are present on the campus, and also their life is quite divided between education and leisure. Hence you can expect a mixed sort of feeling from the university. 

Accommodation Options

In a town like paisley, you can expect some interesting takes on student dorms and student suites. There aren’t many options as well as in and around the University of West Scotland; you can expect some private student halls to be present that can make your life easier. But then they have a starting price tag of about 85 pounds a week. So, if this is your nominal options, then you might fancy it. Other than this to find student accommodation around the town, then you might have to use third party services that help you out in some extent in determining which one might seem to be the best option according to your budget.


Usually, for traveling in the city, you might have to think twice as there aren’t many options that could take you around the town. Yes, there is public transport that would take you from one place to another, but then from your student halls to the university, there are many hurdles that one might have to cross. some of which might be related to getting the right kind of transport and traveling options. Other than this there are bicycles and bike rental shops as well where you could rent out particular cars for some amount of time to move around the town and experience the sheer beauty of paisley. But the last and final mode of travel would be by walking from one place to another. Needless to say, that carpooling is also an option that one could fancy in getting to the desired location. Hence, the best way to get from your student village to your university or anywhere else in the town would be to take the public transport or bicycles as they are much cheaper and the best form of transportation. 


Living in paisley often tends to be the best experience that you would ever have in your life. Being a student and needing to know more about the city is a tedious task at hand. It's mainly because the entire town is a religious hub. Hence finding your desired centre of attractions might be a tough task at hand. But even then there are other attractions that you could try out such as showcase cinema, the wynd centre, Paisley town hall, paisley farmers market, paisley art centre and so on. Such a place can give you the true essence of paisley and also allow you to know the town better. Hence try to segregate your traveling options around the town to get the best of what it has to offer.  

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