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Newcastle Upon Tyne


A science city where you can find an abundance of universities and other education establishments, Newcastle upon Tyne is the epicentre for all kinds of research advancements. Being a shipbuilding centre, the city has transformed itself into being something much more significant than just being a manufacturing hub. The universities established in the town are Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Newcastle College, Newcastle sixth form college. Out of these notable establishments, Newcastle university stands out as the most prominent university that has contributed a whole lot of research and development to the field of science. The university has about 16,000 students in various genres of science that they wish to be in. Life in Newcastle upon Tyne is very different as there are many chances given to students to try out different things that they wish to do. It’s a mix and match of freedom, leisure, and education.


Student accommodation options in Newcastle upon Tyne are plenty as the city boasts several housing options that you could wish for. Student rooms, Student apartments, Student halls, and other Student’s village options come at a low price of about 80 pounds a week. This can later raise to 200 pounds a week depending upon the configuration and the place that you might be living in. Also, Student en-suites can be the best option to accommodate yourself in the city as they come in somewhat at a lower price. Other than this University Hostel and other options can be considered given that other students have not already occupied them. 


Travelling around the city of Newcastle upon Tyne is quite easy. As in the number of options that you are bestowed upon are of plenty. Not only this but then taking the metro that the city provides is the best option to go from one place to another. They are efficient, cheap and the best mode of transport. If the metro isn’t your thing, then you can take the buses that can take you from one point to another in a short period of time, being cheaper and efficient at the same time. Cycles are also preferred by the people of Newcastle as it doesn't require any form of cost and can be ridden anytime and to any place that you wish to go. Thus, taking these three options are the best ways to get around the city. Hence, if you ever wanted to go from your student dorm to anywhere else in the town, then you can always choose any one from the listed first three options as they are the most economical and beneficial ways to commute in the city.


Staying and getting out on the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne is a different experience. You can find many street performers and also street artists that will lift your spirit for music to a whole new level. Also, you can try out the best of eateries that the city has to offer in the Blackfriars restaurant and parlour bar. Do you want to check out some play? Then head to the Theatre-royal for some outstanding plays that go on over there. But the best part about the city is the tours that you can take. Newcastle tours and Newcastle stadium tours are the best and the most convenient ways to explore the city in the best way possible. So try out your options and see what works out for you. 

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