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Durham is formed from seventeen faculties and though you do not apprehend that course to major during this is wherever you'll live for the primary year and presumably longer. Durham University, new Durham faculty, King King of England Academy.

Examples of what students will expect to pay in Durham:

A pint of Lager: £2 +

Double strong drink & mixer: £2 +

Average Rent: £85 per week

A single ticket to uni: £1.50


Durham has student accommodation largely within the centre of town. this can be nice for college students because it means that easy access to most of what town must provide and also the university. it's a powerful recommendation to remain within the centre of town once you board a student house for a second and third year. it's not too busy or loud however everything is on your doorstopper. you'll be able to save a great deal of cash by walking to school. For student digs, average rent will vary between £80 to over £100 every week, clearly betting on location and quality of the house, Check for additional student homes at


Durham isn't solely simple to navigate around except for a little town, there are several transport links to areas all around the country.

Buses:In Durham the most public-service corporation is Arriva. Go North East conjointly offers a good service however principally to areas off from town centre. The bus network in Durham covers virtually all over that you just might want to travel and conjointly runs comparatively oft. one fare in Durham is around £1.50. For long-distance locomote coach or bus, several students like better to take the National specific coaches.

Trains:The railway station is simply a brief walk from the town centre and it's low-cost on the Cathedral Bus to induce there. it's linked everywhere the country to places like London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Manchester thus obtaining home to your family are no issues.

Cycling:Durham has some superb scenery and delightful hotspots that are nice for athletics to and around. athletics to school is usually one in every of the most effective and least expensive choices. to not forget the health edges.


On the face of things, Durham could seem to be a little and quiet town however there's masses to try and do. you have got the selection of diversion each in and around the town and you'll be able to even venture as so much as Newcastle-upon-Tyne for the foremost attractions. 

Bear in mind that Durham could be a terribly scenic space. there's a great deal to ascertain within the method of heritage and scenery. it's a stunning town that has such a lot to ascertain. Here are some of our prime picks:

Durham Castle, Durham Cathedral, Durham University biology Gardens, aristocrat Bishop watercourse Cruiser  

Seasonal Attractions - there's masses happening in Durham throughout the year. There are a Christmas market and plenty happening on November 5. Look out for posters nearer to the date to ascertain what's happening.

It has to be aforesaid that the town of Durham doesn't boast the most effective clubs or student nights within the country. However, there are still some clubs that provide some nice student deals and can assist you to own a good night with a spread of genres.

Loveshack - settled within the Walkergate advanced, Studio/Loft - This club has 2 self-contained floors and could be a nice venue for a blues. Klute, it's a bum night out however the worth for cash is good. Revolver @ DSU.Walkabout - there's a Walkabout in Durham. Fishtank.

There is little doubt that you just can eat a minimum of once you visit Durham. there's a decent choice of restaurants within the town with some placeable chains dotted concerning. However, it's nice to undertake one thing a touch totally different from time to time.

Pan Din Thai, El Greco, Brewers Fayre, Tia's a few of the most effective places to undertake varied cuisines.

It's easy to stay slot in Durham like most cities within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There are various gyms which provide student discounts and trials. However, the most effective possibility for college students would be to try and do it for free of charge. There are some nice parks and trails that you just will jog on.

If you get pleasure from swimming then Durham is nice. There are swimming pools settled everywhere town giving nice costs. Coxhoe leisure centre could be a nice example.

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