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Norfolk Street, Sunderland is a luxurious student accommodation in Sunderland, also closely located near the city centre, next to the main train station and less than a 10-minute walk from the University of Sunderland main campus. The building has been stylishly designed with student comfort and convenience in mind. In addition to the superfast WiFi, 24-hour surveillance and all-inclusive prices, there are numerous brilliantly designed social spaces to enhance your stay. 

These spaces include a fully equipped on-site gym, games room, study room, a cinema room with projector and large screen and even a fantastic Chefs room which is a fully equipped kitchen with a large dining table so you can cook and host your own dinner party! Within each room in Sunderland student accommodation, you will find thoughtfully laid out furniture, private bathroom and kitchen, and comforts such as remote-controlled heating and lighting. 

In addition to the building alone, the fantastic location within the heart of the city centre means you can get to university and explore the city easily. The main Sunderland train station next door provides quick, direct trains to surrounding areas such as Newcastle, and also convenient services to major cities further afield including Leeds, Manchester and a direct train to London.

Community Amenities

Central Heating
Vacuum Cleaner
Washing Machine
Self Catered

Apartment Amenities

Desk & Chair
Central Heating
Lockable Bedroom
En Suite

Bills Included


Safety and Security

Lockable Bedroom


Classic En-Suite£70 - £80/week/person
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Room Amenities

3/4 Bed
Desk & Chair
1 Image
Duration:46 week
Move in:5 Sep, 2022
Duration:51 week
Move in:5 Sep, 2022
Duration:30 week
Move in:1 Feb, 2022
Sold Out£80/week
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Deluxe En-Suite£75 - £80/week/person
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Room Amenities

3/4 Bed
Desk & Chair
2 Images
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2022
Duration:46 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2022
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Booking Details

Cancellation Policy:- 

1. Cancellation cooling off period(s)

If you choose to cancel your booking with Property, you have 7 calendar days acer signing your AST to do so. 

If you made your booking fewer than 7 calendar days before your AST start date you may cancel your booking up until the day prior to your tenancy start date, without incurring penalty.

You may request to cancel your booking by sending an email or contacting your property management team. 

Property will refund your deposit within 10 working days of accepting your cancellation. International bank transfers can take longer to process funds and incur a transfer fee.

2. Cancellations after the cooling off period(s)

Any requests outside the above period will require you to find a student to replace you, who in turn will need to complete the AST and paid their deposit via Stu Rents. Once they have passed the 7 day cool off period you will be released from the tenancy.

3. Cancellations after you have moved into the accommodation

You must speak to your local Property Manager if you are thinking about leaving your accommodation. If you do decide to leave your accommodation during your contracted term, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract, providing the conditions set out below are met: 

-You find a suitable replacement (who must be enrolled as a full-*me student at a local university or college) to take a new tenancy agreement for your room for the remaining period of your contract.

-The incoming tenant must sign an AST with Property, providing the relevant requested documents, and where relevant also providing a suitable UK Guarantor.

-Refunds due will not be processed un*l the incoming tenant taking over the contract has signed the AST, paid and moved into the accommodation

Please note that you will be charged for the length of stay you occupied the room, and for any different in rental amount between yourself and the replacing student (if applicable).

If you fail to find someone to take over your tenancy, you and your guarantor (if applicable) will be responsible for paying the full rent un*l the end of your contracted me at the accommodation.

4. Cancellations by Property or the Landlord

Their terms and conditions require you to sign your AST within the period specified on your electronic AST. If you and your Guarantor (if applicable) fail to sign your AST within this timescale, your AST will be automatically cancelled. If for any reason Property is not able to offer you accommodation once your AST is fully signed, they will contact you as soon as possible detailing the reasons why, or offering an alternative solution. If they cannot offer an alternative, or the alternative is not suitable, they will refund all monies paid to Property

5. First-year students who do not get a place at university: No Place, No Stay

This offer is applicable to undergraduate first-year students only. If you are a prospective first-year undergraduate student, and your offer of a place at your preferred university/higher education institution is withdrawn as a result of not achieving the required entry grades, you will be eligible to receive a refund of your deposit

You may also be eligible to cancel under No Place, No Stay if you choose to go to a different university in a city that does not have availability in a property because you have exceeded your expected grades. 

To cancel under No Place, No Stay, you must supply either;

(a) a copy of a written rejection  from your chosen university/college or UCAS, which confirms that the results

you required for acceptance were not achieved; or

(b) a copy of the proof of acceptance to a new university by UCAS adjustment.

This must be received by Property or directly to your property management

team) within 5 calendar days of the date on which your results are published. On receipt of the required documentation,

the agreement will be cancelled with a refund of your deposit.

6. Visas

If your Visa has been refused then you will need to contact your accommodation team within 5 days of the refusal with the

evidence of the refusal in order for your cancellation to be processed and deposit refunded 

Payment Details

Payment Info:

Direct Debit, or Debit card payments. Your payments will match those on your tenancy agreement. 

Rent Info: 

If you have a UK guarantor then you are able to choose between 4 or 9 instalments, if you do not have a guarantor then you will need to pay in full and prior to your arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I left something in my room after I have checked out?

Once you have left your room and checked out you should have taken all of your items with you, therefore all the items left behind are disposed of without liability.  You must ensure that all of your items are taken with you.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of the end of your tenancy, if there are any deductions then you will be alerted to this. You will be contacted by the DPS to arrange the return.

What happens after I have checked out?

Following your departure the onsite team will conduct an inspection of your room and communal areas, they will check this against the check in inspection (and inventory form completed).  If there are any issues or damages then they will then contact you with information on damages and charges.

Can you store my luggage for me once I have left?

No.  they are not able to store any items following your departure so you will need to take them all with you, or organise for a storage company to assist

Can I leave my items in my room if I have rebooked for next year?

If you have rebooked for next year however your current tenancy ends before the beginning of your next tenancy, then you will need to speak to the onsite team to have a summer short stay tenancy to fill in this gap.

I forgot to add something onto my inventory form, will I be charged?

Yes most likely you will be, the inventory form is sent out so that you can add any issues when you move in.  The onsite team also do a full inspection of the rooms prior to your arrival. Please do speak to your onsite team if you have any questions

An item in the kitchen has been broken, will I be charged for it?

they do not charge for damages in the rooms and communal areas.  In the kitchen this is a shared space with shared responsibilities and unless one person takes full responsibility (and therefore the full charge), then this will be split between all people in the cluster.

What do I need to do to check out?

You will need to ensure that your room (and kitchen) is left clean, tidy and free of waste.  All of your items need to be removed, with the room left in the same condition that you found it You simply then will need to sign at Reception to say that you have left

What is the latest time for my check out?

You will need to check with the onsite team in advance of your checkout, usually the check out time is 14:00

When am I due to check out?

Your latest check out date is the end date of your tenancy.  You are able to leave prior to your tenancy end date, you will just need to sign at Reception to inform the onsite property team that you have left and do not intend on returning.

When will the onsite team need access to my room / kitchen?

When access is required the onsite property team will give you prior notice. Regular maintenance and health and safety checks are required throughout the building, if regular access is required to your communal areas then you will be informed either in your welcome pack or on the noticeboard in your kitchen

When are the room inspections?

As a part of your tenancy you will have inspections 3 / 4 times a year, these are organised by the onsite team who will give you prior notice.

My room does not look exactly like the website can I move?

All of the images on their website show the representation of the rooms and room types in the accommodation, and are for marketing purposes only.  Your room will have the same fixtures, fittings and equipment although it may be in a slightly different set up or layout.

Can I have friends stay over with me overnight?

With them you truly are home, therefore your guests are more than welcome to stay over with you.  they would ask that you let both the onsite team know, and also take into consideration your flatmates. You are solely responsible for your guests, and you would be liable if they cause any complaints or damage.

Do I have to be there when my post is delivered?

Our team are more than happy to assist you with this, you will need to agree to them signing for your post when arriving.  they will take in your parcels, store them safely and let you know when you have an item to collect when collecting you will need to make sure that you have your ID with you! they can only hold your parcels for 14 days before they must return them, as they have very limited space to store items

How do I have my post delivered?

You will need to ensure that your post is labelled correctly; YOUR NAME, YOUR ROOM ACCOMMODATION NAME 1ST LINE OF ADDRESS CITY POSTCODE This information is available from your tenancy agreement, or in your welcome pack

Can you store my luggage before I arrive?

they are not able to store any items prior to your arrival as they will be in the process of getting your room ready for you! you can always organise a store service who can store and deliver any items to the property on your behalf.

What is included in my room?

they provide all the basic furniture that you will need for your stay with us, including bed, desk, wardrobe etc.  they do not provide bedding, linen or kitchen items.

Do I need to let you know when I am checking in?

You will be sent an email from your property team asking for this information, this is so they can prepare for your arrival and have someone available to check you in faster after your journey they do recommend that you let them know

Can someone else check in for me?

No. You have to be able to present your ID and sign for your key yourself, even if you are going to be late you need to be present to check in

What do I need to do to check in?

Once your tenancy has been completed and co-signed you will be looking to move to the next step moving in!  you will need to ensure that your first instalment (or full payment if you are paying upfront) is paid before you will be able to check in.  You will need to bring your ID with you too!

Can I pay by bank transfer?

If you are an international student and unable to pay via Direct Debit or card then they are able to offer the option of a bank transfer.  Please note that many banks charge a transfer fee, and you will need to ensure that the money sent will need to cover both the fee and the full rental payment. If you are wishing to pay via bank transfer you will need to contact their team for bank details.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you have a UK guarantor then you are able to choose between 4 or 9 instalments, if you do not have a guarantor then you will need to pay in full and prior to your arrival

How do I sign my tenancy?

The tenancy agreements are sent out to you via  their tenancy portal StuRents.  You will be emailed with a link to your agreement where you will be asked to upload your ID (passport) and student ID (this can be your offer letter), and then simply sign!

When can I check into my room?

Your room is cleaned, prepared, and ready for you from the start of your tenancy with us.  You do not have to check in on the start date of your tenancy agreement, but your room and the team will be there to help you!

What's the difference between an en suite room and a studio room?

they are able to offer both en-suite and Studio rooms in most locations.  Their en-suite bedrooms are shared living spaces, you have your own private bedroom and a shared kitchen/living space with other students (4-6 bedrooms per cluster depending on the property or your choice).  Whilst  their Studio rooms have a private kitchenette within your own room that is not shared with another student.

Can I view a room?

Of course! you can. Just contact them and they will arrange it for you.

How can I pay my rent?

All rental payments can be made through this using either Direct Debit or Debit card payments.  Your payments will match those on your tenancy agreement. If you are wishing to pay in instalments then you will need a UK Guarantor, you can then choose to pay either in 4 or 9 instalments.

What happens if I need a lightbulb changed or something fixed?

You can report any maintenance issues either by; using the online form that is sent to you on check in, via email to the onsite staff.

Do you have on site laundry facilities?

Yes, all their accommodation buildings have their own laundry facilities, full information on location and prices will be provided to you prior to check in via a Welcome Pack

Will I have a TV in my room?

they do not provide TVs in the private bedrooms, however, if you are in an en-suite bedroom then a TV is provided in the shared kitchen/living space.  You are more than welcome to provide your own TV.

Will my room be cleaned?

It is your responsibility to keep your private room clean and tidy, and the onsite teams will conduct termly inspections of your rooms.  they advise that on your departure that you clean your room and ensure that it is tidy and free from waste, as any additional cleans required will be deducted from your deposit.

Is the internet included in my rent?

Yes, your rental payment includes, gas, electricity, water, and Wifi everything a student needs!  You will be provided with a how to guide of connecting to the internet within your Welcome Pack sent to you prior to your arrival.

What happens if I don't get my place at university?

they offer a No Place No Stay policy for their first year undergraduates.  If you are unable to get into your university then you will need to email them with the UCAS or University letter within 7 days of being notified they will then be able to cancel your tenancy and refund your deposit. Please note that if you are going to an alternate University then they will attempt to transfer your tenancy to any other accommodation in the city (subject to availability), whereby the cancellation will not take effect.

What if Im doing an internship or placement?

If you are registered with a University/College or School then this will not be a problem, they will just require proof of student status to be able to offer you a tenancy with us

What documents do I or my guarantor (if applicable) need to provide?

When the tenancy is sent to you the tenancy portal (StuRents) will ask you to upload; your ID (this is usually your passport), Visa (if applicable), Student ID (this can be the acceptance letter provided to you).  Once this has been uploaded and you have paid your 200 deposit, you can simply sign the tenancy if there are any issues with the information that you have provided, then a member of the team will be in touch to guide you through the process. If you have a UK Guarantor they will also need to provide documentation also, this includes; their ID (passport), proof of address (utility or bank statement), proof of income (this can be a wage slip or a P60), and also proof of homeownership (mortgage statement).  If your Guarantor is not a homeowner then they will need to provide proof of income again.

Is everything included?

Your rent includes the utilities; gas, water, electricity, and of course internet, however, you will need to provide your own duvet, pillows, kitchenware etc.

How long is the contract length?

Their contract lengths vary from 44-51 weeks subject to location and room type.

Do I qualify to stay in your accommodation?

If you are registered with a University/College or School and over 18 years old then this will not be a problem, they will just require proof of student status to be able to offer you a tenancy with us