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University of Glasgow


Located in the city of Glasgow, the University of Glasgow is a public research university established by Papal Bull in the year 1451.

The University ranks 65th in terms of best universities in the world and is the fourth oldest University in the English speaking world. Apart from this, the University caters around 25,000 students every year. 

The University of Glasgow specialises in the area of medicine, veterinary science, life science and medicine, geography, physiology, performing arts and anatomy. 

Student accommodation University of Glasgow

You can find a whole range of student accommodation options near the University of Glasgow varying from cheap student accommodation to luxurious and expensive student accommodation as the University of Glasgow is one of the most prestigious universities in the city,

The student housing options around the University of Glasgow includes Halls of Residence (On-campus accommodation), Private halls of residence (Off-campus accommodation) and Private housing.

Private halls of residence near the University of Glasgow offers a pocket-friendly shared apartment, non-en-suites, en-suites and studios which is mostly inclusive of all the utility bills. It also provides some great student offers, which makes this one of the most popular housing options among the students.  

On-campus student accommodation, also known as Halls of Residence are buildings with rooms and flats situated inside the college or universities campus where students can rent out and live during the term.  

Private housing is one of the most expensive housing options around the University of Glasgow as students can rent out the apartment for themselves. Some of the popular student flats in Glasgow includes Nido Boyce House, Collegelands, Havannah House and Firhill Court

Apart from all these, for the students who are looking for short term tenancies in Glasgow, fret not, there are also other short term housing options near the University of Glasgow.


The University of Glasgow is currently spread across three different campuses. Two of which- Gilmorehill campus and Garscube campus are located within the city, and the third campus is situated to the south of Glasgow in Dumfries.  

In the year 1870, the University of Glasgow moved its base from High Street to Gilmorehill. Now located in the west end of Glasgow at 9 University Ave, the Gilmorehill Campus (G12) is just 16-minute drive away from the city centre. Initially centred around the buildings positioned on the top of the hill, the University, later on, extended out to the north of University Avenue. 

Located on the Switchback Rd in Bearsden Glasgow, The Garscube Campus is just 4-mile away from the University of Glasgow's main campus. The Garscube campus is home to School of Veterinary Medicine and 4 Research Institutes in the College of Life Sciences, Medical, Veterinary as well as outdoor sports facilities.

Established during the 1980s, the Crichton campus was formed in order to meet the needs for the post-secondary education in the areas far away from major cities. Located in Dumfries, the campus is jointly operated by the University of Glasgow,  the Open University and the University of the West of Scotland. The campus provides a standardised undergraduate curriculum and is the region's only gateway to postgraduate study.

Student life

The student life at the University of Glasgow is more than just books. Home to over 700 bars, 90 public parks and gardens and a fantastic range of cafes and restaurants, the city will never disappoint you in terms of entertainment options.

The University of Glasgow offers a range of facilities for its students, right from Student's Representative council and IT service to Library, Clubs and Societies. The library is well-stocked with books, journal articles, e-books along with printers, microfilm readers and computers. Besides this, you will also find 80 group study pods and tables which you can book online. Each of the study booths can accommodate up to 6 people and can be booked by a group for 1-2 hours per day.

Located alongside the bustling city of Glasgow, the University is also at a close commutable distance from some of the famous museums, restaurants, bars and shopping centres. Some of the must-visit attractions include Kelvingrove Park, Hunterian Museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, A play a Pie and a pint, Voltaire & Rousseau, The Stand Comedy Club and Ben Nevis Pub.

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