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One of the most famous cities of Scotland, Aberdeen is well known for its cultural heritage and its historical backgrounds in architecture and great relics. The town has a lot of offer with splendid seashores and breathtaking architecture. It has it all. University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University, king’s college are some of the essential institutions for higher education. The University of Aberdeen is if not the most popular amongst the lot and has an annual intake of about 5000-6000 students through various deaneries. Needless to say, that campus life is entirely peaceful but can get hectic towards the end. 


Studying in Aberdeen can get quite tedious and searching for the right student accommodation options such as private student halls, student residencies, student en-suites, etc. can be a challenging task to fit all your desires into a particular budget. Student private halls and student en-suites start from about 100-130 pounds per week. Also, student villages provide single sharing rooms with surplus amenities and semi furnished rooms. All of these might come around 120-150 pounds per week. A guarantor might be required depending upon the place that you might be living in and the duration as well. 


Getting around the city of Aberdeen is quite easy and doesn’t require much effort at all. Almost all the student apartments, student suites, student room shares are located in and around the city. Public transport is the one that is preferred at all times because they are cheap. Even transit cards are offered such that it becomes economical. Not only this but then cycles and walking are also preferred. Hiring private cars or carpooling can also be another way that you can get around the city to know more about what the city has to offer. 


Aberdeen is one of the busiest cities in Scotland. There are so many places where you can merely relax and have a peaceful time. Bars and pubs are present everywhere to enable you to have the time of your life. Malls, open spaces and other recreational centers are all up for grabs for you to enjoy your leisure time peacefully. From your student accommodation options, you can either choose to have food in the amenities provided or want to travel the city as the food is quite exquisite and Aberdeen is a place where the food is just out of this world. So, try to see what suits you the best and have fun in engaging yourself I getting the best out of what the city has to offer — all the best.  

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