133 Lower Glanmire Road, Cork

Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork, T23 XHR5, Ireland
per week
1.6 mi from Cork school of music
1.6 mi from City Center( 33m. 23m. 13m)
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city center | 1.0 mi
Griffith College | 0.4 mi
Cork English College | 0.8 mi
Cork College of Commerce | 0.9 mi
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About the Property

133 Lower Glanmire Road (T23 XHR5) is one of the most liked student accommodations in Cork. Located very close to universities such as Griffith College and Cork English College, students find it extremely easy to travel back and forth between their student accommodation and university without much hassle. The property provides rooms in various different configurations, such as Twin Rooms and Single Rooms. Being conveniently located in a lively location of the city of Cork allows the students to have an engaging life along with the ease of having everything available at a hand distance.

Cork is the second largest city in the whole entire Ireland. It essentially has all the required amenities along with a vibrant nightlife. Various top-notch universities are nestled in this beautiful city, making it a student hub with individuals seeking educational opportunities from across the globe. This enhances the need for perfect student accommodation in Cork. 133 Lower Glanmire Road Cork student accommodation is one such student property which is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities as required by the students. Not just for students, Cork is also one of the famous destinations among tourists and those who love to travel to culturally diverse places. The city houses beautiful and scenic natural views, which aren’t less than heaven for those who love nature. There are various instagrammable spots, such as Holland Park or Marina Park. This is a great place for students to spend their evenings after classes and unwind after a stressful day at the university. Cork is a cute and small city which has a very welcoming and friendly neighbourhood, making it a liked destination among international students. The city also boasts some of the best cafes and restaurants. Nevertheless, it is one of the best cities to explore in Ireland.


As stated, the 133 Lower Glanmire Road Cork student accommodation provides multiple room configurations such as Twin Rooms and Single Rooms; students can choose based on their preferences and budget. There are various amenities and facilities available at the 133 Lower Glanmire Road student housing, which is to make students’ stay extremely comfortable and convenient. Being close to the top universities in the city of Cork, there are also several in-house amenities that make it a top-notch choice among international students.

The property has various common amenities, such as a common area for the students to sit and meet. The property also has a kitchen for the students to cook, along with a washing machine to do laundry. As for the room amenities, the room has a single bed with linen; the room also has a desk and chair for you to work and study. To avoid any storage issues, the property also provides a wardrobe and storage within the bedroom.

Chill around with friends in the common room and wash & dry your clothes in the washing machine. Cook your favourite meals in the kitchen with modern appliances. You’ll also have a shared bathroom with all the facilities while all of your utility bills (free high-speed Wi-Fi, water, electricity, heating, taxes) will be included in the rent.

Location and What's Hot?

The city is very well known among the international student flock for being an excellent alternative to explore and travel. It is essentially a place for people of all ages as they can explore the lively and bustling city filled with enthusiastic crowds of tourists and locals. What can be emphasised is the natural beauty that the city boasts with its picturesque landscapes and views within places such as Holland Park or Marina Park. The city also has several coffee shops, vibrant art galleries and historic museums that speak to your soul. Despite being a culturally routed city, Cork has a vibrant nightlife as it treads on to become a student-centric city. The city also has various tourist attractions, such as St. Patrick’s Street, St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City Gaol, and many more.

Apart from this, the location of 133 Lower Glanmire Road student accommodation in Cork makes it extremely easy for students to find places to hang out. There are several top restaurants and cafes near this private student accommodation in Cork, such as Lab 82 Coffee,  The Address Hotel Cork, Goldbergs, Sonny’s Deli, The Bookshelf at The Elysian, and many more! To enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Cork near the  133 Lower Glanmire Road student accommodation, there are various options, such as Crawford & Co, Paddy the Farmers, and Moody Cafe Vin Bar, including many more. Given the city's systematic layout of public transit, it becomes extremely easy to get around without much hassle.


The city boasts a robust transit system that enables simple access to all places and is a popular destination for tourists and students. There are several options accessible, whether students need to commute to class or tour the city. Depending on the form of transport and frequency of use, the weekly prices may vary, but most students should be able to get by with a weekly travel budget of between €25 and €30. The city has a comprehensive network of public transit, which makes it extremely easy for students to travel around the city, especially from the university to 133 Lower Glanmire Road student accommodation in Cork. Clahane is a bus stop situated right outside the student accommodation in Cork. You will also find Water Street Junction and Baele’s Hill at a little distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay the rent?

The outstanding amount can be paid at arrival by card, bank transfer or cash.
They wish to remind you that rental amount must be completed within 24 hours after check-in or, in case of instalments, 24 hours after due date as indicated in the booking confirmation email. Failure to so so will result in a penalty fee of €50 from your deposit. Payment not completed within 72 hours will results in booking cancellation, forced eviction and loss of security deposit.
1)Card. If you want to use electronic payments over €500.00, they accept payments with credit card and debit cards issued only by EU financial institutions. You will receive a link to complete the payment by Stripe.
2)Bank transfer.
If you prefer to transfer the money by bank transfer, below is their account

What is the booking fee?

Property charges a €40 booking fee to all customers staying in their premises. They guarantee that all customers will find a clean room with fresh linen, in addition to biweekly common areas cleanings as well as quick and efficient maintenance service.
It still responsibility of all customers to contribute to regular household chores in order to maintain, at any time, an acceptable status of order and cleanliness. Property doesn't offer cleaning products and rubbish bags.

I placed a booking. When will we receive an invoice?

An invoice is issued between 6 to 4 weeks prior to the customer's arrival and must be paid 3 weeks before the arrival. The invoice charges the rental deducting the 12% partner commission plus the discounted booking fee and any additional service (transfer).
If the booking is a last-minute request (within 3 weeks of customer arrival), property will issue a invoice straight away and payment must be completed within 48h.

I want to cancel a booking before arrival. Is there any fee?

Short term bookings (less than 3 months)
● Free cancellation within 72 hours of booking, unless the booking date is
equal to or less than 21 days before the check-in date.
● Up to 21 days to check-in. The guest can cancel up to 21 days before
check-in and get a full refund minus the €40 booking fee.
● 21 to check-in. Bookings cancelled or altered are subject to a fee of €140.00.

Long term bookings (3 months or longer)
• Free cancellation within 14 days of making the booking, except when the
booking date is within 21 days of the check-in.
• Full refund less €140 up to 21 days prior to check-in
• €340.00 fee between 21 and 8 days prior to check-in
• €340.00 fee between 7 and 2 days prior to check-in.
• €340.00 fee 48 hours or less prior to check-in.

Do I have to pay the rent in full or I can pay per month?

The total price that you see when you place your booking online corresponds to the rent for the whole period.
If the booking is longer than 8 weeks, they will divide that amount in monthly rent or instalments. However, you can choose to pay upfront or merge some instalments.

The deposit has not been refunded in my card after 7 days?

If you paid the deposit by debit/credit card, it has been returned to the same card. In many cases, the amount you see as "paid" on your card is not a charge, but rather a temporary hold. When you paid a deposit to them, their payment processor will put a hold on the funds to ensure they are sufficient to cover the amount of the deposit. The hold on that amount has now been released, and you will see the funds returned to your account. However, the length of the hold may vary depending on the policies of your bank or card issuer. Typically, holds are released within 3-7 business days, but it can take longer for some cards. Basically you will not see any transaction between you and property: neither a charge nor a refund. In other cases, the amount will appear on your card shortly.

When will I get a refund of deposit?

Your deposit will be returned within 7 days after your check-out date, after inspection of the room.
If you paid by bank transfer or cash lodgement, please send them your bank account IBAN as soon as possible. They cannot process a refund without a valid IBAN. Transfers can be processed to Ireland or EU bank accounts only.

What happens if I don't like the room and I want to cancel after check-in?

They offer a 24h "satisfied or money back" policy as seen below:
After you move in:
● 24 hour satisfied or money back. Upon arrival at the accommodation,
Guests are entitled to a “Satisfied or Refunded” policy.
The Customer can avail of two options:
1. A different bedroom, subject to availability
2. A full refund of the rental amount
In case of option 2, the Guest must leave the accommodation within 24 hours
after checked in. Deposit and other charges will not be refunded.
If the room does not meet the Guest's expectations, property must be informed within 24 hours from check-in time. The guest must provide photo/video evidence that there are significant deficiencies to the property or to show that property is significantly different from advertised.

How can I collect a post or package after my check out?

If you have already checked out of their accommodation and are still waiting for your mail or parcel to arrive, don't worry, they've got your back!

Do I need a guarantor?

No, you don't need any guarantor to book with them (a second person such as a parent who is solvent and liable for extra payments).

Are meals included?

No, the accommodation is self catering. You can use common kitchen to store and cook your food.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We require a security deposit of €100 or €300 for longer period bookings. The deposit will be returned after you leave the accommodation based on contract and room conditions.

How can I book a room?

You can book online in 3 easy steps. You can search availability and prices on the top of the page. To complete the booking you need to complete a payment of €150 in advance.

Can I view the room before booking?

We recommend you to book in advance so you can come at our accommodation the same day that you arrive in Ireland. However, if you are Ireland, you can contact us for arranging a viewing.

Do you charge an extra for utilities?

When you book the property, you don't need to worry about bills and utilities: they are included in the rental cost.

Why I cannot book for one week?

We require a minimum booking of 2 weeks.

What is the maximum duration?

You can book for a duration of 1 year.

How can I pay the rental amount?

Once you have booked the room, the rent is due when you enter to the accommodation. We don't charge you before you can see the place. Bookings longer than 8 weeks can pay rent in monthly instalments.

Do I lose the money if I don't like the room?

No. If you are unhappy of your accommodation, we can offer an alternative or refund. We have a 24h satisfied or money back policy. Check our Terms & Conditions for further information.

I have a problem at the accommodation. What can I do?

We have a 24/7 service by phone or whatsapp. Our service includes property maintenance.

133 Lower Glanmire Road, Cork
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Student Accomodations in Cork

Cork Student Accommodation

As a bustling educational hub, Cork offers students a wealth of housing opportunities, and opting for Cork student accommodation can yield numerous benefits. Securing student accommodation provides freedom, independence, and often more space than on-campus options in Ireland. Beyond just a place to stay, these student accommodation Cork options embody a balanced lifestyle, strategically positioned in relation to various educational institutions like University College Cork and Cork School of Music.

Amber serves as a great tool in this search, simplifying the otherwise daunting process of finding the right student accommodation. With an intuitive platform, amber connects students with housing that fits their individual needs, from a selection of room types to convenient locations near their respective campuses. These student accommodation Cork options boast a variety of amenities designed to cater to students' comfort and well-being, providing a home away from home. Noteworthy properties that stand out in Cork include properties like Coleman Court, 133 Lower Glanmire Road, Yugo Amnis House, and many more!

About Cork

Cork, Ireland's second-largest city, is a vibrant cultural hub renowned for its historic significance and lively atmosphere. Situated in the southwest, Cork is a blend of quaint cobblestone streets and modern urban development, reflective of its rich history and contemporary growth. Home to a dynamic student population, Cork is an educational hotbed with a range of reputable institutions. University College Cork (UCC), a leading university with a global academic reputation, plays a pivotal role in shaping the intellectual fabric of the city. In addition to UCC, Cork's educational landscape includes the Cork School of Music, Cork English Academy, Cork College of Commerce, and St. John's Central College, each contributing to the rich environment of learning and creativity in the city.

Known for its friendly locals and festive spirit, this city is a mosaic of cultural heritage, gastronomic excellence, and scenic landscapes, drawing students and travellers alike.

Cork's popularity among students is reflected in the demand for student accommodation Cork options. Within Cork, areas like the city centre, Douglas, and Bishopstown are sought after by students for their convenience and local amenities. With a mix of historical sites, contemporary arts, and a bustling food scene, Cork offers a fulfilling living experience. The presence of multiple learning centres makes student residence Cork options an essential aspect for students, one that amber provides solutions for. Overall, Cork resonates with an undeniable charm, where the past and present coalesce, making it a memorable place to live and study.

Best Student Accommodation Cork

Many students move to Cork to pursue their ambitions and professions because it is home to numerous prestigious universities. For many, locating student accommodation can be a challenging task. Picking, booking, and paying are three easy steps amber walks you through when searching for the best student accommodation. We make the tedious and complicated process of booking student accommodation as simple as pie. Many different student accommodation Cork options are provided by amber, like purpose-built apartments, flats, and other affordable choices. Students should consider the neighbourhoods close to their university while deciding which Cork student accommodation to live in. The sorting feature makes it simple for students to do this. Even if everyone has different needs and interests, it's important to consider important factors like the cost of living, similarity with the neighbourhood, and transportation. We've compiled a list of the top student accommodation Cork options to choose from:

1. Nido Ashlin House

2. 71 Noonan Road

3. 6 Friars Walk Mews

4. 10 & 11 James Street

5. 54 Friars Walk

6. 19 Tower Street

7. 15 Annmount

8. Yugo Melbourn Point

9. Bottle Works, Cork

Cost of Living in Cork

As students flock to Cork, understanding the average cost of living in this bustling Irish city is paramount. Balancing academics and lifestyle choices requires a keen eye on expenses for those opting for student accommodation in Cork. The cumulative monthly cost of living in Cork typically ranges around €1,200 - €1400 per month. This estimate is crucial in budgeting for anyone looking to make Cork their new home, ensuring a comfortable and financially sound experience while studying in this charming locale.

1. Food & Groceries - €250 - €300/ per month

2. Transportation - €100 - €120/ per month

3. Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) - €60 - €80/per month

4. Clothing - €50 - €100/ per month

5. Sports & Leisure - €70 - €85/ per month

Student Travel Cork

Finding suitable student accommodation has never been easier thanks to amber, with multiple housing options perfectly located for ease of travel to and from the city's academic institutions. Students seeking student accommodation Cork options will appreciate the well-established network of affordable and accessible public transportation options available around their lodging. In the heart of the vibrant city, the public transportation offerings range from frequent bus services, a reliable train network, to sustainable cycling routes, all designed to help students navigate Cork's charming streets with ease:

1. Buses

Buses are a common mode of transport for students due to their extensive network. The city's principal bus operator, Bus Éireann, offers regular services, including routes directly connecting students to University College Cork and other educational institutions. With an average fare starting around €2, the Leap Card, a rechargeable smart card, can be used for paying fares, offering discounts for frequent passengers.

2. Trains

Cork's Kent Railway Station provides students with quick and efficient connections to the suburbs and nearby towns. Train travel is slightly more expensive, but offers a comfortable and speedy alternative, especially for those living further from the city centre.

3. Cycling

Cork offers an environmentally friendly bike rental scheme known as the Cork Bike Scheme. With stations around the city and affordable daily, monthly, or annual subscription rates, it's an excellent option for those looking for flexible Cork accommodation, as well as short-term visitors. Additionally, most student accommodation Cork options offer secure bike/cycle storage spaces as well.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Cork

Embracing student life in Cork means submerging oneself into a city that's safe, lively, and perfectly suited for learners from around the globe. This bustling Irish city is renowned not only for its warm welcome but also for creating an environment where students can flourish academically and socially. Cork's array of student accommodations caters to different preferences, ensuring that whether you're seeking a tranquil study environment or a vibrant social scene, you'll find your perfect haven. Students in Cork have their pick of eclectic hangout spots, all within a stone's throw from their accommodation. For a caffeine kick or a break between lectures, the inviting coffee houses around University College Cork become a second home for many. Foodies delight in the plethora of eateries serving everything from hearty Irish fare to international cuisine, ensuring every palate is satisfied. When Friday night rolls around, Cork's pubs and bars are buzzing with student energy, offering a great mix of live music and local ales.

But life in Cork isn't confined to the indoors; green spaces such as Fitzgerald's Park provide a picturesque backdrop for a well-deserved study break or a lazy weekend afternoon with friends. Cultural enrichment is never far off either, with music festivals and events peppering the calendar, adding a layer of cultural vibrancy to student life in Cork.

Indeed, Cork embodies the ideal balance of study and play, with the many student accommodation Cork choices placing you at the heart of it all.

Cork Tourist Attractions

Nestled on Ireland's southwest coast, Cork is a picturesque hub of cultural history, lively pubs, and vibrant art scenes. With its meandering streets, bustling markets, and rich heritage, Cork offers an array of unforgettable experiences just a quick distance away from your student accommodation Cork property. Some of the most popular spots include:

1. Blarney Castle & Gardens

2. English Market

3. Cork City Gaol

4. Fitzgerald Park

5. St. Fin Barre's Cathedral

6. Spike Island

Universities in Cork

Cork, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, is also home to some of the most prestigious universities, attracting students globally. Some of the most well-known universities near your student housing Cork properties include:

1. University College Cork

2. Cork School of Music

3. Cork English Academy

4. Cork College of Commerce

5. St. John's Central College

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