33 Clonmore Road, Dublin

Clonmore Terrace, Dublin, Ireland
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1.1 mi from City Center
1.1 mi from City Center( 26m. 14m. 12m)
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Independent College | 0.4 mi
Dorset College | 0.4 mi
Ecole de Management de Normandi... | 0.5 mi
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About the Property

Your search for the best student accommodation in Dublin ends with us! Located at Clonmore Terrace, Dublin, Ireland, 33 Clonmore Road Dublin is a sought-after student accommodation offering a variety of comfortable living spaces. Students can choose from an array of room types, including ensuites and a non-ensuite. 33 Clonmore Road Dublin is near Independent College, Dorset College, and Alpha College of English to ensure peace of mind for every student coming from different parts of the world. This makes sure the daily commute for students is a breeze. Besides the prestigious academic institutions, 33 Clonmore Road student accommodation is near the local hotspots.

Dublin is a dynamic city teeming with educational and cultural richness, making 33 Clonmore Road student accommodation a prime choice for students. The student population is vibrantly woven into the city's fabric, contributing to its ranking as one of the world's most friendly cities for students. Dublin boasts an eclectic mix of modernism and tradition, with its literary history, prolific art scene, and spirited pubs. 33 Clonmore Road Dublin stands as a beacon of elegance and comfort, offering an unparalleled experience in hospitality. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, its timeless charm captivates discerning travellers seeking solace and sophistication. With a rich history steeped in tradition, this distinguished establishment promises a seamless blend of luxury and tranquillity. Renowned for its impeccable service, 33 Clonmore Road student accommodation ensures every guest receives personalised attention, catering to their every need with unwavering dedication. Whether for business or leisure, our esteemed guests are treated to an unforgettable retreat where every moment is crafted to perfection. Strategically located, 33 Clonmore Road Dublin provides easy access to key attractions, ensuring a convenient stay for travellers seeking to explore the vibrant surroundings. From its meticulously curated ambience to its unmatched hospitality, 33 Clonmore Road Dublin beckons those with a discerning taste for the finer things in life. Experience a sanctuary of refined luxury and unparalleled service at 33 Clonmore Road Dublin, where every stay is a testament to timeless elegance and unparalleled hospitality.


At 33 Clonmore Road Dublin, you can choose from a variety of accommodations, including a twin-room ensuite, a double room, and a double-room ensuite. Whether you prefer the convenience of ensuites and a bedroom apartment, this Dublin student accommodation is suitable for all. At 33 Clonmore Road Dublin, each room includes a double bed with linen, a desk and chair, and ample wardrobe and storage space. Guests can enjoy the convenience of high-speed WiFi throughout the property.

The rent includes the costs of WiFi, water, electricity, and gas. At 33 Clonmore Road student accommodation, you'll find a range of common amenities designed for convenience and comfort. Enjoy communal spaces and flexible terms for your stay. The property offers laundry facilities to take care of your dirty laundry and regular cleanings to ensure a hassle-free experience. With safe self-check-in, fast and secure processes, and 24/7 support, you can relax knowing all your needs are covered.

Location and What's Hot?

33 Clonmore Road Dublin is conveniently located near several prominent universities, making it an ideal spot for students and academics. Trinity College Dublin, one of Ireland's most prestigious universities, is just a short commute away, offering a rich history and a wide range of programs. Dublin City University is also nearby, known for its strong emphasis on research and innovation. Additionally, University College Dublin renowned for its extensive campus and diverse courses, is easily accessible. These institutions provide excellent educational opportunities and contribute to the vibrant academic atmosphere around 33 Clonmore Road.

Near 33 Clonmore Road Dublin, you'll find a variety of amenities and attractions. Restaurants in the area include the charming Clonliffe House, Da Mimmo, Bay Restaurant and the cosy Howth Road Café, both perfect for a delightful meal. Indian Taste Dublin, Max’s Takeaway, and Clonliffe House are a few blocks away from 33 Clonmore Road student accommodation. For a quick coffee fix, the nearby Insomnia Coffee Company and 3fe Coffee offer great options. If you need banking services, Bank of Ireland is a short distance away. For healthcare needs, the Beaumont Hospital is the closest major medical facility, providing comprehensive services near 33 Clonmore Road Dublin. Avid readers will appreciate the Raheny Library, which offers a wide selection of books and a quiet place to read. Cultural experiences can be found at the National Transport Museum, showcasing Ireland's transport heritage, and the Casino at Marino, a unique architectural gem. Landmarks such as St. Anne’s Park, known for its beautiful gardens and recreational spaces, and the historic Clontarf Castle, now a luxurious hotel, are also near 33 Clonmore Road student accommodation. These facilities and attractions provide a well-rounded array of services and leisure opportunities for residents of this Dublin accommodation for students.


Near 33 Clonmore Road Dublin, public transport is easily accessible. For bus services, the Clonliffe Road bus stop provides routes connecting to various parts of the city. However, Ballybough Road, Charleville Avenue, and Summerhill Parade are the closest bus stopsnear 33 Clonmore Road. Drumcondra Station offers convenient access to the city centre and beyond. While Dublin's extensive tram network, the Luas, does not have a direct stop in the immediate vicinity, the Luas Red Line's Connolly Station is a short bus ride away, providing efficient tram services across the city. These transport options ensure residents and visitors have convenient and reliable connections to Dublin's extensive public transport network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay the rent?

The outstanding amount can be paid at arrival by card, bank transfer or cash.
They wish to remind you that rental amount must be completed within 24 hours after check-in or, in case of instalments, 24 hours after due date as indicated in the booking confirmation email. Failure to so so will result in a penalty fee of €50 from your deposit. Payment not completed within 72 hours will results in booking cancellation, forced eviction and loss of security deposit.
1)Card. If you want to use electronic payments over €500.00, they accept payments with credit card and debit cards issued only by EU financial institutions. You will receive a link to complete the payment by Stripe.
2)Bank transfer.
If you prefer to transfer the money by bank transfer, below is their account

What is the booking fee?

Property charges a €40 booking fee to all customers staying in their premises. They guarantee that all customers will find a clean room with fresh linen, in addition to biweekly common areas cleanings as well as quick and efficient maintenance service.
It still responsibility of all customers to contribute to regular household chores in order to maintain, at any time, an acceptable status of order and cleanliness. Property doesn't offer cleaning products and rubbish bags.

I placed a booking. When will we receive an invoice?

An invoice is issued between 6 to 4 weeks prior to the customer's arrival and must be paid 3 weeks before the arrival. The invoice charges the rental deducting the 12% partner commission plus the discounted booking fee and any additional service (transfer).
If the booking is a last-minute request (within 3 weeks of customer arrival), property will issue a invoice straight away and payment must be completed within 48h.

I want to cancel a booking before arrival. Is there any fee?

Short term bookings (less than 3 months)
● Free cancellation within 72 hours of booking, unless the booking date is
equal to or less than 21 days before the check-in date.
● Up to 21 days to check-in. The guest can cancel up to 21 days before
check-in and get a full refund minus the €40 booking fee.
● 21 to check-in. Bookings cancelled or altered are subject to a fee of €140.00.

Long term bookings (3 months or longer)
• Free cancellation within 14 days of making the booking, except when the
booking date is within 21 days of the check-in.
• Full refund less €140 up to 21 days prior to check-in
• €340.00 fee between 21 and 8 days prior to check-in
• €340.00 fee between 7 and 2 days prior to check-in.
• €340.00 fee 48 hours or less prior to check-in.

Do I have to pay the rent in full or I can pay per month?

The total price that you see when you place your booking online corresponds to the rent for the whole period.
If the booking is longer than 8 weeks, they will divide that amount in monthly rent or instalments. However, you can choose to pay upfront or merge some instalments.

The deposit has not been refunded in my card after 7 days?

If you paid the deposit by debit/credit card, it has been returned to the same card. In many cases, the amount you see as "paid" on your card is not a charge, but rather a temporary hold. When you paid a deposit to them, their payment processor will put a hold on the funds to ensure they are sufficient to cover the amount of the deposit. The hold on that amount has now been released, and you will see the funds returned to your account. However, the length of the hold may vary depending on the policies of your bank or card issuer. Typically, holds are released within 3-7 business days, but it can take longer for some cards. Basically you will not see any transaction between you and property: neither a charge nor a refund. In other cases, the amount will appear on your card shortly.

When will I get a refund of deposit?

Your deposit will be returned within 7 days after your check-out date, after inspection of the room.
If you paid by bank transfer or cash lodgement, please send them your bank account IBAN as soon as possible. They cannot process a refund without a valid IBAN. Transfers can be processed to Ireland or EU bank accounts only.

What happens if I don't like the room and I want to cancel after check-in?

They offer a 24h "satisfied or money back" policy as seen below:
After you move in:
● 24 hour satisfied or money back. Upon arrival at the accommodation,
Guests are entitled to a “Satisfied or Refunded” policy.
The Customer can avail of two options:
1. A different bedroom, subject to availability
2. A full refund of the rental amount
In case of option 2, the Guest must leave the accommodation within 24 hours
after checked in. Deposit and other charges will not be refunded.
If the room does not meet the Guest's expectations, property must be informed within 24 hours from check-in time. The guest must provide photo/video evidence that there are significant deficiencies to the property or to show that property is significantly different from advertised.

How can I collect a post or package after my check out?

If you have already checked out of their accommodation and are still waiting for your mail or parcel to arrive, don't worry, they've got your back!

Do I need a guarantor?

No, you don't need any guarantor to book with them (a second person such as a parent who is solvent and liable for extra payments).

Are meals included?

No, the accommodation is self catering. You can use common kitchen to store and cook your food.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We require a security deposit of €100 or €300 for longer period bookings. The deposit will be returned after you leave the accommodation based on contract and room conditions.

How can I book a room?

You can book online in 3 easy steps. You can search availability and prices on the top of the page. To complete the booking you need to complete a payment of €150 in advance.

Can I view the room before booking?

We recommend you to book in advance so you can come at our accommodation the same day that you arrive in Ireland. However, if you are Ireland, you can contact us for arranging a viewing.

Do you charge an extra for utilities?

When you book the property, you don't need to worry about bills and utilities: they are included in the rental cost.

Why I cannot book for one week?

We require a minimum booking of 2 weeks.

What is the maximum duration?

You can book for a duration of 1 year.

How can I pay the rental amount?

Once you have booked the room, the rent is due when you enter to the accommodation. We don't charge you before you can see the place. Bookings longer than 8 weeks can pay rent in monthly instalments.

Do I lose the money if I don't like the room?

No. If you are unhappy of your accommodation, we can offer an alternative or refund. We have a 24h satisfied or money back policy. Check our Terms & Conditions for further information.

I have a problem at the accommodation. What can I do?

We have a 24/7 service by phone or whatsapp. Our service includes property maintenance.

33 Clonmore Road, Dublin
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Student Accomodations in Dublin

Dublin Student Accommodation

Finding the right Dublin student accommodation is a crucial step for any student embarking on their academic journey in the vibrant capital of Ireland. Dublin boasts a variety of options when it comes to student accommodation, each offering their unique set of advantages. One of the benefits of selecting off-campus student accommodation Dublin options over on-campus alternatives is the autonomy and independence it brings, along with a diverse range of living experiences. Amber stands as an indispensable resource in streamlining the search for suitable student accommodation in Dublin. With an intuitive website that simplifies the housing hunt, amber assists students in finding their ideal student accommodation Dublin options close to key educational institutions such as University College Dublin, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, and the Institute of Technology.

Students can enjoy student accommodation Dublin properties well-equipped with facilities and amenities. In particular, properties like James Street, Dublin, LIV Student Dublin, Dublin, 33 Clonmore Road, Dublin, and more offer a blend of comfort and convenience perfect for a hassle-free student life in Dublin.

About Dublin

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is steeped in history and rich in heritage. Renowned for its vibrant culture, literature, and arts, Dublin has a magical allure that draws people from all corners of the world. A hub of economic activities and social life, this city is bustling with opportunities and exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Notably, Dublin is a city that cherishes its past while looking forward to the future, which is evident from its architectural landscapes that blend historical buildings with modern structures. The city is also famous for its literary contributions, with several Nobel Prize laureates in Literature including Dublin in their histories. Moreover, Dublin's traditional Irish music and pub culture are integral to its character, ensuring there is no shortage of entertainment for its residents and visitors alike.

With a sizable student population, Dublin provides an excellent environment for academic growth and networking. When it comes to the best student accommodation Dublin choices, students have a variety of options to choose from. Each locality within Dublin, such as the historic Temple Bar or the serene suburb of Rathmines, offers unique living experiences and atmospheres. Whether it's proximity to educational campuses or thriving city life, Dublin's student accommodations cater to the diverse needs of its international and local students.

Best Student Accommodation in Dublin

Finding ideal student accommodation in Dublin is a crucial part of ensuring a comfortable and enriching study experience for students relocating to Ireland’s vibrant capital. As students plan their move to Dublin, off-campus housing emerges as an attractive option, offering more independence, often at a more affordable rate compared to university dormitories. Additionally, living off-campus fosters a sense of community as students reside among locals and international peers, contributing to a more integrated life experience. With options ranging from ensuites and student halls to studio apartments, every student can find their perfect home. Conveniently located near educational institutions, these options for Dublin student accommodation ensure that students are never too far from their academic commitments. Some of the best options include:

1. James Street, Dublin

2. LIV Student Dublin

3. 33 Clonmore Road, Dublin

4. Bangor House, Dublin

5. Dublin Nest Point Campus

6. Yugo Highfield Park, Dublin

7. Yugo Ardcairn House, Dublin

8. Brickworks, Dublin

9. The Residence Stoneybatter, Dublin

10. Yugo Dominick Place, Dublin

Cost of Living

Understanding the cost of living in Dublin is crucial for students planning their finances and lifestyle choices. The vibrant capital of Ireland can be on the pricier side, with students expecting an average monthly cost of living to be around €1,200. This estimation goes a long way in helping students prepare for their stay while searching for Dublin student accommodation and managing expenses effectively. Here’s an approximate range to expect:

1. Food & Groceries - €250 - €265 / per month

2. Transportation - €135 - €175 / per month

3. Utilities (including Internet) - €150 - €75 / per month

4. Clothing - €50 - €65 / per month

5. Sports & Leisure - €75 - €90 / per month

Student Travel Dublin

Finding Dublin student accommodation that's not only comfortable but also well-connected to educational institutions is a prime concern for students. Dublin, a bustling hub for students, offers a mix of public transport that's affordable and accessible. Whether you're rushing to your morning lecture or exploring the city over the weekend, these transport options near your Dublin accommodation ensure you're well on your way without unnecessary hassle. Students can utilise a Leap Card across buses, LUAS, and DART for convenient travel and can also avail of weekly or monthly caps on travel costs. These modes of transport make the city accessible from their student accommodation Dublin property for every student residing here:

1. Buses

Dublin Bus operates an extensive network covering the entire city, including routes to University College Dublin and other institutes. With frequent services, the average fare starts from around €2.15 with a Leap Card, which offers discounted fares.

2. Light Rail

The LUAS tram service is another popular option, splitting into the Green and Red lines that traverse key city points. Average starting fare is €2.00 with a Leap Card. Trams run every 4-10 minutes during peak times.

3. Trains:

DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is ideal for those staying in coastal regions, linking to suburbs. Standard fares vary starting from €2.00. Trains run at a frequency of every 10-20 minutes during peak hours.

4. Biking

Dublinbikes, the city's public bike rental scheme, is adequate for short commutes. With a €25 annual subscription, students find it a cost-effective and fitness-friendly way to navigate around. Additionally, most student accommodation Dublin options offer secure bike/cycle storage spaces for added convenience.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Dublin

Living as a student in Dublin, Ireland, offers a vibrant and enriching experience, blending academic rigor with a dynamic social scene. The city is home to renowned institutions like Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, attracting a diverse student population. Student accommodation Dublin options are a key aspect of this lifestyle, with a variety of choices available to suit different needs and budgets. From modern apartments to traditional student flats, student accommodation in Dublin caters to both international and local students, providing a comfortable and convenient living environment. Dublin's rich cultural heritage and bustling urban life offer students numerous opportunities for exploration and entertainment. The city's historic sites, lively pubs, and eclectic eateries create a unique backdrop for student life. Additionally, the extensive public transportation network makes it easy to navigate the city and beyond. Students often find student accommodation Dublin properties strategically located near campuses, facilitating easy access to classes and university facilities. The sense of community within student accommodation in Dublin is another significant advantage. These living spaces often foster social interactions and friendships, enhancing the overall university experience. Many student flats in Dublin offer amenities such as study rooms, gyms, and communal areas, promoting a balanced lifestyle that includes both academic and recreational activities. Overall, living in Dublin as a student is characterized by a blend of academic pursuit, cultural immersion, and social engagement, with student housing Dublin Ireland playing a pivotal role in creating a supportive and enjoyable environment for students.

Dublin Tourist Attractions

Steeped in history and buzzing with youthful energy, Dublin is a city of cultural charms and architectural splendor. Whether you're residing in student apartments Dublin options or just visiting, the city's landmarks are sure to captivate with tales from the ancient past and vibrant present. With its picturesque locales and myriad attractions, Dublin is a perfect blend of old-world mystique and contemporary cool. Some top attractions include:

1. The Guinness Storehouse

2. Dublin Castle

3. Trinity College Library and The Book of Kells

4. St. Patrick's Cathedral

5. Temple Bar

6. Kilmainham Gaol

Universities in Dublin

Dublin, a vibrant city known for its rich history and cultural heritage, also boasts a reputation as a prominent educational hub with some of the world's most esteemed universities. Some of the most well-known universities include:

1. University College Dublin

2. Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art

3. Institute of Technology

4. UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

5. American College

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