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Indalo, Madrid
2 Bedroom 2 Bath - Bedroom
Common Area
2 Bedroom 2 Bath - Common Area
2 Bedroom 2 Bath - Common Area

Indalo, Madrid

C. de Orense, Madrid, 28020, Spain
0 mi from City Center
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About the Property

Indalo, Madrid is a comfortable and affordable student accommodation in Madrid that offers an en-suite. The property is close to elite universities like the Comillas Pontifical University and the Complutense University of Madrid.


The property provides a private room, a private bathroom, and a shared kitchen including a comfortable bed where you can relax and chill after a long day of classes and work. Inclusive of blinds which will allow you to enjoy your space and privacy, an elevator, and air conditioning. So you don’t have to worry about chores at the end of the week with free high-speed Wi-Fi. A place you can call home away from home.

Location and What's Hot?

The property offers many dining options with good ratings like Restaurante El Reino de Drácula one of the best restaurants in town is just within walking distance from the accommodation also, there is an awesome place named El Buen Sabor just a drive away from the property.


Many train stations and bus stations are nearby, and the closest bus stop Santa Teresa-Estación. Other than this there are other modes of transportation like the train station, the closest one Laurier-Waterloo Park Station.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Air Conditioning
High-Speed WiFi

Cancellation Policies (1)

  • Cooling Off Period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time

Payment Policies (5)

  • Security Deposit
    Deposit property holds during the tenure
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    Flexible payment terms
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum stay?

Depending on the apartment and city, most of Properties locations require a minimum stay of one to three months.

Which amenities are available?

All apartments are equipped to meet all your comfort and professional needs. Each apartment comes with high-speed WiFi, a coffee maker, washing machine, hairdryer, first aid kit, Bluetooth speaker, kitchen & bathroom essentials, Smart TV, etc.

Can I book a monthly rental abroad as a foreigner?

Absolutely! They’re expat-friendly and encourage foreigners to live abroad at PMG. The entire pre-booking process can be handled remotely so your stay can be waiting for you upon arrival.

Can I tour your apartments before committing?

The Property offers 3D virtual tours to give you an insider’s look at exactly how the apartment is going to be from floor to ceiling.

What should I do if I have an emergency in the apartment?

In the case of a serious emergency, Property recommend that you call the local emergency contact numbers listed in each apartment’s home manual. PMG also offers customer support for pressing matters or urgent apartment repairs, such as a water leak or outage. All other matters are handled by the concierge service during regular business hours.

I plan to work remotely during my trip. What work from home solutions do you provide?

All of their apartments are outfitted with comfortable indoor and outdoor workstations and equipped with high-speed WiFi.

What if I need to modify or cancel my reservation?

Property encourage guests to book their dates with confidence to avoid any cancellation fees that may be incurred. Property do, however, understand that things happen and plans change, especially during these difficult times.

How do utilities work in a Property?

The Property makes it easy to live wherever you want, by setting up all utilities prior to your check-in. Depending on the city, each apartment is charged a flat fee to cover utility expenses.

What does Properties concierge service include?

Properties concierge service is comprised of local experts to help you navigate any questions or doubts you may have during your stay. Every Property stay includes concierge services and is available during working hours.

How are Properties apartments different from hotels?

The Property offers personalized turn-key apartments. Instead of generic accommodation, each apartment is custom-designed and includes the comforts of home that a hotel simply can not. They believe in offering an experience, as shown in their intentional design and prime locations, rather than just a place to stay.

How are your apartments cleaned?

Properties apartments are cleaned and sanitized before and after every booking. They adhere to all COVID-19 cleaning protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests. Fresh bed linens and towels are provided for each booking and can be refreshed during the reservation depending on the total length of stay.

Are all the photos real?

All of Properties move-in-ready properties use professional, real photos. Renders of the space are used when they are in the pre-selling stage of a listing, which is explicitly stated as a pre-selling and not a move-in-ready property.
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Student Accomodations in Madrid

Madrid Student Accommodation

Madrid is the capital of Spain, a city known for football and renowned universities. The city has two football clubs and various universities, like the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid, the Universidad Europea de Madrid, and the Autonomous University of Madrid. These universities attract students from all over the world to their Madrid student accommodation! Hence finding student housing in Madrid will be easy for many students. There are various student accommodations scattered across the city. These student housing options include affordable resident halls, studio flats, student dorms, shared rooms, and moderately priced single homes (PBSA), which provide students with fantastic amenities for enrolled students. These places are much closer to the universities and have less maintenance cost, making them quite difficult to vacant.

Amber offers various students luxurious and affordable student accommodations in Madrid, which include well-known residences ranging from modest en-suites to student apartments. These student housing options provide the enrolled students with the necessary amenities. Many other Madrid student accommodations are available at an affordable rate and provide equivalent services.

About Madrid

Madrid is Spain's capital and the most populated country in the entire country, with around 3.6 million people living there and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.7 million! The city covers almost 604.3 sq. km, which makes it the second biggest city in the European Union (EU). The city lies on the River Manzanares and in the central area of the Iberian Peninsula. The city is not only the capital of Spain but also the autonomous community of Madrid; the city's influence in politics, education, entertainment, environment, media, fashion, science, culture, and the arts can be seen throughout the EU and even the world which has just proved that Madrid is one of the major cities in the world! The city is also home to various universities, like the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid, the Universidad Europea de Madrid, the Autonomous University of Madrid, Comillas Pontifical University, and many more! The city is also home to two football giants by the name of Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid; both of these clubs have had a huge impact on the history of the city and what it has become now! The city also has various national parks, like Centro de Visitantes Peñalara and Tablas Daimiel.

Best Student Accommodations In Madrid

With many famous universities, many students flock to the city to pursue their dreams and careers. Finding student accommodations in Madrid can become a daunting task for many. Amber helps you find the best student accommodation in Madrid in three easy steps: picking, booking and paying. We make the tiresome and lengthy process of booking student accommodation as easy as pie. Amber offers purpose-built studios, flats, and other affordable student accommodations in Madrid. When planning to move to Madrid, students should look at the localities next to their university. Students can easily do this using the sorting feature. Although everyone's needs and wants differ, they should look at crucial variables like the cost of living, similarity with the neighbourhood, and commuting. Many students prefer to live in student-friendly neighbourhoods; hence we have listed the best student accommodation that you should look at.

  1. Xior Madrid Retiro
  2. Yugo Claraval
  3. Yugo Emilia Pardo Bazán
  4. Yugo Galdós
  5. Yugo Lope De Vega
  6. Yugo Coliseo Europea
  7. Yugo El Faro
  8. Picasso Residence

Cost Of Living

Student accommodation in Madrid is ideal for students. Living in Madrid can be expensive, but careful assessments and planning can help students avoid spending extra Euros. For Madrid student housing, it is recommended to have a budget of €1000-1500 per month, including all living and other personal expenses.

  1. Food: €250 - €300/ month
  2. Gas and electricity: €150-120/ month
  3. Mobile phone plans: €10 - €30/month
  4. Laundry: €5 - €25/month
  5. Stationery and Textbooks: €10 - €30/month
  6. Clothing: €50 - €75/month
  7. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): €100 - €150/ month

Student Travel In Madrid

Madrid is a city where people are constantly on the go, and the transportation system helps to keep up with this constant rush. Madrid public transport has a record of having an untainted reputation for many decades; the reason for this consistency is the speed, reliability, affordability, and cleanliness of the entire system. This system consists of day & night buses, suburban rails, and underground metros. Students can easily travel from their student accommodation in Madrid to various parts of the city. They can also issue their travel card (TTP), which takes you a step ahead in helping them save a lot of time and money on transportation. This card is used on all types of transport and can be obtained from Metro de Madrid and Metro Ligero ticket machines.

1. Bus: Buses are another excellent choice if you want to move around Madrid. This city has bus lanes with more than 200 bus transit lines to ensure efficient and free-flowing bus traffic. The typical bus frequency in Madrid is 4 to 15 minutes for each bus, depending mainly on the time and bus lane. One peculiar feature of Madrid's bus system is that it continues its operational duties at night. So, there is a 24X7 bus service in Madrid that you can use to travel from your Madrid student accommodation.

2. Metro: Running late in Madrid is not a thing; courtesy, it's the seventh largest metro network in the world. With twelve lines and 300 stations, the metro is dispersed throughout the city. For most Madrilenos, the underground metro is the most convenient, quick, and efficient form of transportation from your student residence in Madrid. One-way tickets for the metro are reasonably priced at €1.50.

Student Lifestyle and Living In Madrid

Living in Madrid means that each day will be as entertaining as the day before. The city is filled with various things to do and a lot of music fests and events! The city of Madrid hosts various festivals, events, concerts and more almost every month, ensuring students will not be bored in the city. Madrid is a city filled with various restaurants, clubs, and cafes that students can visit from their student accommodation in Madrid to unwind after a long day. Students can visit all of these places and can be easily reached by walking or using public transport from Madrid student accommodation.

The cafes and restaurants in Madrid offer various types of cuisines that students can indulge in anytime they want! A few restaurants and cafes that are a must-visit areCafés Tornasol, Cafelito, Café de la Luz, La Torcida, Zuma Madrid, and CEBO Madrid Restaurant. Students can travel from their Madrid student accommodation to go watch football games at either Santiago Bernabéu, the home of Real Madrid or Civitas Metropolitan, the home of Atlético Madrid. Students can support either of these football giants in the city, especially when they play against each other! The city also has various clubs, like Planet Club, Executives Club Madrid, Intime Club, Marula Café Madrid, and Sala Republik Club. You’ll never have a dull day during your stay in Madrid as you’ll find plenty to do in your free time.

Madrid Tourist Attractions

Students living in Madrid can easily use public transportation from their Madrid student accommodation and visit the many must-see tourist attractions on their days off from college. Here is a list of a few popular tourist attractions in Madrid:

  1. Plaza Mayor
  2. Palacio de Cristal
  3. Puerta de Alcalá
  4. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
  5. Royal Palace of Madrid

Universities In Madrid

There are many well-known and respectable universities in and near Madrid that provide various degrees and courses to students. Several universities are listed below:

  1. Polytechnic University of Madrid
  2. Complutense University of Madrid
  3. Universidad Europea de Madrid
  4. Autonomous University of Madrid
  5. Comillas Pontifical University
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