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The Cam Foundry, Cambridge

Mill Rd, Cambridge
1.1 mi from City Center( 22m. 22m. 6m)
Cinema room
All bills included
11 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £210/ week

Brunswick House, Cambridge

Newmarket Rd, Cambridge
1.8 mi from City Center( 41m. 28m. 10m)
bills included
10 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From £210/ week

The Railyard, Cambridge

Station Pl, Cambridge
0.5 mi from City Center( 10m. 7m. 6m)
bills included
10 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From £235/ week

Castle Hill, Cambridge

Histon Rd, Cambridge
2.3 mi from City Center( 51m. 33m. 15m)
bills included
COVID 19 Cancellation Policy
Close To City Centre
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From £310/ week
Sold out

Yugo Anglia House, Cambridge

Newmarket Rd, Cambridge
1.9 mi from City Center( 42m. 29m. 11m)
bills included
study area
laundry facility
6 Room Options
2 Offers
From £219/ week

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Student Castle Cambridge, Cambridge

Milton Rd, Cambridge
2.2 mi from City Center( 44m. 24m. 13m)
Bike storage
Bills Included
7 Room Options
3 Offers
From £249/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hills Road student accommodation near Cambridge University?

Yes, it's conveniently located within walking distance or a short commute from Cambridge University.

What amenities are included in Hills Road student accommodation?

Amenities at a Hills Road student accommodation often include furnished rooms, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, communal areas, and sometimes catering services.

Are there single and shared rooms available at Hills Road student accommodation?

Yes, both single and shared rooms are available to accommodate different preferences and budgets.

Can international students stay at Hills Road accommodation?

Absolutely, Hills Road student accommodation welcomes international students and offers support for their unique needs.

How do I apply for Hills Road student accommodation?

Visit the official website of amber or contact the support for application procedures and deadlines

Is there parking available at Hills Road student accommodation?

Some of the Hills Road student accommodation options may offer limited parking spaces, but it's advisable to inquire beforehand.

Are there supermarkets and shops nearby Hills Road student accommodation?

Yes, there are often supermarkets, convenience stores, and shops within walking distance or a short commute.

What is the security like at Hills Road student accommodation?

Security measures typically include CCTV, secure entry systems, and sometimes on-site security staff for peace of mind.

Are there social events or activities organized for residents at Hills Road accommodation?

Yes, many accommodations organize social events and activities to foster community and student engagement.

Can I choose my own roommates at Hills Road student accommodation?

Some accommodations offer roommate matching services, while others allow students to request specific roommates during application.

Student Accomodations in Hills road, Cambridge

Hills Road Student Accommodation

Finding the ideal student accommodation in Hills Road, Cambridge, is an essential part of university life. Those studying at local institutions such as St Giles Cambridge, St Regent Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin Unievrsity or St Andrew's Cambridge often prefer the convenience and independence provided by off-campus Hills Road student accommodation. With more space, fewer restrictions, and often better value for money, out-of-dorm living enhances the student experience.

Amber is an indispensable resource for students searching for student accommodation in Cambridge. It simplifies the daunting task of housing-hunting by presenting a curated selection of properties that meet various needs, from shared flats to en-suite rooms. No matter which institution you'll be attending, whether it's Cambridge Ruskin International College or the University of Cambridge, amber provides convenient accommodation solutions that are just a short commute away. Student accommodation in Hills Road is designed for a comfortable and conducive study environment. 

About Hills Road

Situated in the historic city of Cambridge, Hills Road is a prominent area known for its academic atmosphere and proximity to prestigious institutions. This locality brims with a blend of cultural heritage and modern charm, making it a sought-after location for students. Hills Road Cambridge is not only a strategic artery linking the city centre to the outskirts but also a hub for intellectual and social activities.

As part of Cambridge's rich tapestry, Hills Road is surrounded by some of the city's most illustrious educational landmarks. The locale is replete with picturesque architecture, quaint cafes, and lush green spaces, ideal for students seeking a balance between study and leisure. The student population here is diverse, adding to the cosmopolitan character of Hills Road.  For those pursuing academic endeavours in Cambridge, Hills Road provides not only a place to stay but a community to thrive in. Amber serves as the go-to platform for securing top-notch student accommodation in the heart of academic excellence.

Best Student Accommodation In Hills Road

Finding the right student accommodation is a pivotal part of the university experience, especially for those relocating to Cambridge—a city renowned for its esteemed academic institutions and vibrant student community. Opting for off-campus housing in Hills Road offers students a blend of independence, a diversified social network, and, in many instances, more affordable living costs when compared to on-campus alternatives. Hills Road student accommodation provides easy access to educational hubs such as King's College, Anglia Ruskin University, Bellerbys College, St Giles Cambridge, and the University of Cambridge. Students can choose from a variety of living arrangements, including ensuite rooms, student halls, and studio apartments, ensuring their home away from home caters to their personal preferences and lifestyle. Discover the top Hills Road accommodation in Cambridge, precisely tailored for student needs:

1. The Cam Foundry

2. Castle Hill

3. Yugo Anglia House

4. Student Castle

5.  Brunswick House

Cost Of Living In Hills Road

Understanding the cost of living in Hills Road, Cambridge, is essential for students planning their finances while studying in this renowned academic hub. With a vibrant student community, expenses can vary, but typically, the average anticipated monthly cost for a student can roughly amount to £1,600. Gauging the cost of living in Hills Road is critical as it significantly influences budgeting decisions, which in turn impacts a student's lifestyle and academic experience in this iconic locality.

1. Food & Groceries: £250 - £300

2. Transportation: £55 - £110

3. Utilities (including internet): £150 - £200

4. Clothing: £75 - £100

5. Sports & Leisure: £50 - £100

Student Travel In Hills Road

Students seeking exceptional Hills Road student accommodation will appreciate the convenience and ease of getting around the bustling city of Cambridge. 

In terms of affordability and accessibility, the student travel near Hills Road includes a variety of public transportation modes designed to meet diverse needs. Students can hop on frequent buses for short trips around Cambridge, utilise the efficient park-and-ride system for day-long excursions, or even take advantage of the city's bicycle-friendly roads for a quick, healthy ride to their destinations.

1. Buses: The backbone of Cambridge's public transport, buses ply regular routes connecting Hills Road with key spots in the city. Travel is affordable, with a single bus fare costing around £2.50, while students can save further with a Megarider travel card offering unlimited bus travel from £14 per week.

2. Park and Ride: Designed to decongest the city centre, the Park and Ride service is economical and convenient. It has five sites around Cambridge. Tickets for short stays are about £1, and a day ticket is around £3.

3. Cycling: Embracing Cambridge's bike-friendly reputation, cycling is a popular choice among students. It offers both an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to navigate Hills Road and beyond. The city's bike-sharing program requires a modest deposit and small rental fees.

Student Lifestyle In Hills Road

Embracing the vibrant culture of Hills Road, Cambridge, with its welcoming atmosphere, is a prime choice for students looking for an enriching study environment. This district is synonymous with safety and student-friendly amenities, making it a go-to choice when searching for Hills Road student accommodation. The locality is not only steeped in academic tradition, being in close proximity to esteemed institutions like King's College and the University of Cambridge, but it’s also a hub for a blend of leisure and learning.

Students who have settled into their Hills Road student accommodation find a wealth of social opportunities within arms' reach. For those keen on savoring the local culinary scene, a variety of restaurants and cafes line the streets. Hangout spots in the area include the bustling local pubs and bars, including The Emperor and the Wine Rooms. Green spaces, like the Coton Countryside Reserve and nearby botanical gardens, serve as serene study spots or a place to connect with nature. Best part? All are located within the vicinity of student accommodation on Hills Road.

Beyond the standard fare, Hills Road Cambridge teems with cultural experiences. Whether it's the rhythm of music festivals that locals look forward to annually or pop-up art exhibitions, the atmosphere here is always lively and dynamic. The area’s charm is heightened by its convenient blend of tranquillity and city life, fostering both academic focus and a fulfilling social experience for students.

In short, life on Hills Road is a tapestry of academic focus, safety, and a spectrum of dining and cultural experiences. It is a true haven for students looking for both educational success and a memorable university experience.

Tourist Attractions In Hills Road

Experience the vibrant academic and historical charm of Cambridge from the conveniently located Hills Road student accommodation. Located in the heart of the city, Hills Road student accommodation offers cultural delights and stunning architecture, making it a prime spot for tourists and students alike. Let's explore the top attractions that surround this picturesque locality.

  1. King’s College and King’s College Chapel
  2. The Fitzwilliam Museum
  3. Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  4. The Backs & River Cam
  5. Trinity College
  6. Mathematical Bridge
  7. Cambridge Market Square
  8. Pembroke College
  9. Corpus Clock
  10. St Mary the Great Church

Universities In Hills Road

Located in the heart of Cambridge, Hills Road is celebrated for its proximity to some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. This bustling area stands at the epicentre of student life, offering convenient Hills Road student accommodation options close to higher education landmarks.

1. King's College

2. Anglia Ruskin University

3. Bellerbys College (Cambridge Campus)

4. St Giles Cambridge

5. University of Cambridge

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