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Student Village North Ryde, Sydney
1 Bedroom Apartment East - Bedroom
Common Area
Common Area
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Student Village North Ryde, Sydney

Culloden Rd, Marsfield, 2122, Australia
0 mi from City Center
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Games Room
laundry facility

About the Property

Student Village North Ryde 2122 is a popular student accommodation in Sydney that offers a range of en-suites in shared apartments for you to choose from. The property has several ensuites and bedroom apartments and is conveniently located near Macquarie University (North Ryde Campus) and Western Sydney University, making it an ideal student housing. This student accommodation in Sydney is located near several renowned universities and other public hotspots, enhancing student life and making Student Village North Ryde one of the finest places for students to live. One often looks for comfort, affordability, and walking distance amenities when planning to move to the city, and Student Village North Ryde Sydney student accommodation is like a dream come true.

Sydney is a beautiful town located in the state of New South Wales in Australia. Sydney is a bustling town with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving student community. It is also known as "The Emerald City of Australia". Sydney is situated on the eastern coast of Australia, surrounding the Sydney Harbour, which is extended for 70 km. The residents living in Sydney are called Sydneysiders. Sydney is a favoured location for students seeking a supportive and welcoming environment. Sydney is home to various universities, including the University of New South Wales, the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Taylor College, the Sydney Film School, and many more. Sydney also offers a variety of amenities such as shops, cafes and five-star restaurants, as well as cultural diversity and bayside location. There are various tourist attractions in Sydney, like the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Royal Botanic Garden, and many others. Student Village North Ryde is perfect for students seeking a convenient and comfortable living environment. With its prime location, top-notch facilities, and vibrant community, our student accommodation in Sydney offers students an enhanced living experience in the heart of this vibrant town. Sydney is a city of buzz. Students often flock here to make their careers; the city will undoubtedly shower them with a lifetime of opportunities and well-being.


Student Village North Ryde has modern facilities that enhance your student living experience. The property offers several ensuites and bedroom apartments. Ensuites facilitate private rooms with private bathrooms and shared kitchens, and bedroom apartments are private rooms with private bathrooms and kitchens. Each room offers a desk where students can study and work with full focus, nightstand, fridge, freezer, single bed, microwave, etc. Student Village Sydney provides students with all necessary in-house amenities for a hassle-free, affordable stay.

This student housing in Sydney offers several other common amenities like parking, green space, cultural food nights, Craft workshops and trivia nights where students can spend time with their friends. An on-site games room allows students to enjoy game nights and tournaments. Similarly, you don't have to worry about laundry runs as the student accommodation also offers an on-site laundry. If you get bored, visit the BBQ deck or the E-library. This Student accommodation, Sydney, also provides a dedicated study space. The property provides 24/7 on-site support and an in-house maintenance staff. Student Village North Ryde is an excellent choice for you as the rent of this student accommodation in Sydney includes electricity, water, heating and Wi-Fi bills.

Location and What's Hot?

Student Village North Ryde is located at ideal distances from several prestigious universities famous worldwide. Macquarie University (North Ryde Campus) and Western Sydney University are in proximity to the student village Sydney. The Charles Sturt University and Kolling Institute of Medical Research are more educational institutions near this Sydney student housing. Students are often attracted to the popularity of courses these colleges hold, and the courses are taught by their world-renowned, experienced faculty who guide students to their deserved career paths. With such convenience, you will always be connected to your studies yet be able to get back home for a relaxing time!

Sydney is a beautiful city on the eastern coast of the Australian continent. Student Village Sydney is located rather conveniently for you to experience the city in all its glory; long commutes won't be a problem anymore. Student Village North Ryde is located in the vicinity of several cafes and restaurants one can visit. You will find many restaurants and bars where you can explore different cuisines of the world in this popular area, which are not very far from the student accommodation, including Twist Potato Sydney, Marsfield Chinese Kitchen and Eat Istanbul. Students can visit shopping malls like Woolworths Marsfield or the popular Bunnings Carlingford on weekends. The RnK Espresso Marsfield is located a few minutes away, where you can grab some amazing morning coffee to kickstart your day. You can visit the Kangaroo Point or the Epping Aquatic and Leisure Centre to spend time with your friends. Sydney has several beautiful parks like Henry Brigg Park to take a stroll. You can also find popular tourist spots and museums located nearby. Of course, there are many other things to do in Sydney, with numerous cafes, green spaces and events. Be sure to tune into them at Student Village North Ryde and explore city life to the fullest with this ideal student accommodation!


Sydney offers a high coverage of the city due to very well-connected routes. Students usually take the subway, trains or metro to travel to places. Student Village North Ryde is also very well-connected to public transport, making travelling around the city extremely convenient. Nearly 14 bus stops are within walking distance of this student apartments Sydney. The Waterloo Park Bus Stop stand A, B, and C are within walking distance, and one can take the bus to their university or for running errands. Signing up for a travel card is always recommended to save on some travel expenses. The Macquarie University Subway Station is just a few minutes from the student accommodation in Sydney. The property offers excellent connectivity as the property is located near transport stops that connect the students to the entire city, making Student Village North Ryde an ideal pick for you!

What will you get

Your Rent Include


Common Amenities

On campus location
Games area
BBQ deck
Laundry facilities
Free events and activities

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time
  • No Visa No Pay
    Free Cancellation if student visa is not secured
  • No Place No Pay
    Cancellation policy if admission not confirmed

Payment Policies (5)

  • Security Deposit
    Deposit property holds during the tenure
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    Flexible payment terms
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The contract dates don't suit me, can I negotiate?

Unfortunately all contract dates are fixed and non-flexible. You are more than welcome to arrive at the village after the contract start date but please note that you must pay rent from the contract start date, not the date you check in.

Will my room have an ensuite?

All rooms at our village are equipped with an ensuite with exceptions of the twin room, which has a shared bathroom between two residents, and the 2 bedroom apartment which also has two residents sharing the same bathroom.  All lounge and kitchen areas are shared, unless you are in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Is there after hours support?

There is always a staff member or resident assistant available for support at the village in case of emergency. You can call us at any time for assistance.

Is there any heating/cooling in my room?

There is no heating or cooling in any of the rooms. Residents are able to bring their own pedestal fans and oil heaters with them if they wish.

Is there a cleaning service?

There is no cleaning service at the village. You are required to upkeep your personal areas yourself, and organise among the other residents of the apartment how to keep the common areas clean. There are inspections throughout the year, and if areas are deemed below standard, penalties will apply where relevant to cover the cost of professional cleaning.

Who has access to my room?

Every room has a lockable door - only you will have access to your room. If you are in shared accommodation, the communal areas will the be accessible to all tenants of the specific apartment.

Can a couple live at the village?

All rooms are single occupancy at the village so unfortunately couples are unable to stay in the same room. The village does feature twin rooms however please note that individual applications are required to be submitted and both applicants must be students of Macquarie University.

Can I apply at reception?

Applications for our long term accommodation are made online through our student portal.

Can I live at the village if i do not study at macquarie university?

To stay at the village you must be enrolled at Macquarie University, SIBT, or ELC.

Why am I required to make an application so early on?

Applications open early due to the high demand of students looking for on campus accommodation. To secure a room at the village we recommend submitting your application as soon as possible.

Can I bring my pet?

The village has a no pet policy – this unfortunately also includes pet fish.

Do I have to find my own roommates?

You are not required to find your own roommates. You are more than welcome to apply on your own and we will allocate you to an apartment that is suitable.

How far is the village from the university?

The village is located on the university campus and is only a short walk from classes and university facilities. Walking from your room to the farthest point on campus will take at most 10-15 minutes.

What is the latest I can apply?

There is no deadline for applications, however please note that once the village has reached capacity you are only able to sit on the wait list and we cannot guarantee that a room will become available.

Do you accept payments over the phone?

For confidentiality purposes, we cannot take payment information over the phone and require payments to be made through the portal or through secure bank transfer.

Is there access to public transportation?

There is a bus stop right outside the village which can take you to nearby shops, and directly into the CBD. Macquarie University train station is a short walk or bus ride away, and from there you can use the Metro and train services to get anywhere in Sydney

Does my room have a window?

All rooms at the village have a window that can be opened.

Is the village secure?

The village has A+ security, with a staff member or resident assistant on duty at all times in case of an emergency.  Residents are issued with swipe cards so only they have access to the village through the security gates, and you are the only person with a key to your room.

How would i get my mail at the village?

All parcels delivered to Macquarie University Village are collected by our reception team. We will contact you via email to collect the parcel or letter from the administration building once it has arrived. Residents should include their apartment and room number in the address when having parcels delivered.

If the office is closed on the weekend, how can i check in?

If you are looking to check into the village on the weekend, there will be a resident assistant on duty who will be able to assist you. Please notify the village by email if you plan to check in after 5pm on Friday and we will be able to provide you with the relevant contact details for the person on duty.

What type of heater am I allowed to bring?

You are allowed to bring oil heaters.

How much is it to do laundry?

There are two laundries at the village, one on the West side and one on the East side. The washing machines cost $4 per load and dryers cost $1 per load.

How does my rent get charged?

Your rent is direct debited from your account or credit card using the account details that you have nominated through the portal. To update these details, please log into the student portal - click on the 'my payment/refund details' tab at the top of the page and follow the steps to complete the process.

Do I need to bring kitchen utilities such as a kettle or toaster with me?

The kitchens are already kitted out with basic amenities, such as the fridge and the microwave. However, you will need to supply your own utilities such as a toaster, kettle, and sandwich press for example. If you live in shared accommodation, you can always wait until you meet your roommates to organize a group shop to figure out what everyone has brought along with them.

I am having trouble completing the steps on the portal, is there a way i can speak to someone during the process?

During working hours, one of our staff is usually manning our 'chat' service which is available to you on the student portal in the bottom right hand corner.

What is the application fee?

A one off payment to process your application and contract.

What is the difference between the east and the west?

The East was built for the 2000 Olympics, and the West was built in 2007. The West is a duplicate layout of the East. The West is a 1 or 2 minute longer walk to campus.

How do I check in after hours?

Once you have arrived at the village you can call the RA or evening duty manager who will check you in as normal. If you expect to arrive very late into the night or early in the morning please give us as much advance notice as possible.

Can i live here if I am under 18?

If you are under 18 and want to stay at the village you must meet certain criteria; - you must be turning 18 within the same semester you expect to move into the village - you must complete and return a guarantor form prior to confirmation

Are meals included?

Macquarie University Village does not provide catering. However each apartment has access to a fully equipped kitchen including a fridge, freezer, stove top, and microwave so feel free to cook up a storm at any time of the day.

How can i prove i am a student?

When you arrive at the village you will be asked to provide your student ID card.

If you are a first year university student and have not received your student ID you must provide your letter of offer as your proof of enrollment upon check-in and provide your student card once you have received it.

What if i'm locked out of the gates, how do i get in?

If you are locked out of the village you can use the intercom at the gates to contact reception and a team member will let you in. If you are locked out after hours you can call the RA or evening duty manager who will let you in.

I'm not a macquarie student, am i still eligible to stay on campus?

You must be enrolled to study at Macquarie University and be over 18 years of age to stay at the village.

Is there Internet access?

All residents can connect to the free and fast WiFi provided by Macquarie University. Additional data can be purchased from reception if required under a plan.

Once i have signed my contract, what are the options for cancellation?

For information and the processes regarding cancellation, please email the management with your query.

How are roommates allocated? Can i put in preferences?

Roommate allocations are conducted in accordance with any requests, such as: study preference, age, and gender. You will be prompted to include any requests during the application process. However, if you would like to add any retrospective requests please email  You will be advised of your room allocation upon moving into the village. Please note that while they do endeavour to accommodate all roommate requests, they are sometimes unable to, and cannot guarantee or make any promises. The property management will do our best.

What apartment types are on offer at the village?

We have two sides of the village known as EAST and WEST. The room types available on each side are:-East 1 Bedroom 5 Bedroom 5 Bedroom Premium-West 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 5 Bedroom 5 Bedroom Premium 5 Bedroom Twin 5 Bedroom (6 residents)

I am an international student who is new to the area, how can i travel from the airport to the village?

The village does not operate a direct airport pick up service, however Macquarie University does offer a service for international students which you may be eligible for. Public transport, taxi, and Uber are alternative options. Please contact the university directly for more information.

What fees am i required to pay to secure a room at the village?

Application Fee:paid when submitting your application for the first time.Security Deposit:this amounts to 4 weeks rent and is held over the course of your stay in case of damage to the room. Where applicable, this will be refunded at the end of your contract. Please note that the security depositis notrent in advance.Registration Fee: this is a one off processing fee, which is put towards residential life and your student experience at the village.Annual Cleaning Fee: this is held over the course of your stay and used to clean your room once you depart the village.

How do I know if my application is approved?

You will receive an invitation of accommodation from the village via email if you are successful. Please note, an invitation can only be sent if all steps of the application process are completed.

What hours is reception open?

Our village reception is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. After hours you can contact our evening duty manager or resident assistant if you need any assistance.

Where is the nearest swimming pool?

There is a pool at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre, which is roughly a 5 minute walk away.

What does a twin room mean?

The twin room is shared between two residents. Within the room you each have your own single bed, desk, and bedside table - the bathroom is shared.

Can i choose my own room?

During the application process, you are welcome to advise us of any house or room requests, including if you wish to stay with any friends. Specific rooms and houses are not confirmed until you arrive and check in. Please note that although we will do our best to accommodate your requests we cannot make any guarantees.

Can i have people stay over?

Although they do not encourage overnight guests, they do understand that you may have someone stay from time to time. Please make sure that you sign your guest into reception upon arrival and sign them out on departure, and understand the rules surrounding visitors.

As per the village rules, you can have a guest stay no more than 2 consecutive nights in a 7 day period.

How far away is sydney cbd? How do i get there?

You can catch a bus straight to the city from outside the village which can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. Alternatively, you can take a bus or walk to Macquarie University Station and take Metro and train services into the CBD. This option takes about 45 minutes.

What is the cleaning fee?

A one off payment to cover the deeper clean required at the end of your stay with the management. This payment would also be made by the previous resident to have the room cleaned prior to your arrival.

How is the village different to the other types of university residential housing?

The village fosters independent living while also accommodating students who are just moving out of home for the first time. There is a strong communal atmosphere among the residents which helps students adjust to a more self-sufficient lifestyle while they learn to look after themselves through their cooking, laundry, and housekeeping duties. There are many options for residents to become involved in the village community. There are heaps of opportunities to make new friends and create a memorable university experience, and if you prefer more time alone or in quiet we also have the right spaces for you. In the case of any queries, the village team is always there for support in case the student is looking for assistance. For more information or to ask any questions, please email.

What supermarkets are close by for me to purchase food?

Woolworths Marsfield is about a 15 minute walk from the village. For more variety you can visit the nearby Macquarie Centre where you can shop at Aldi, Coles, and Woolworths. Macquarie Centre is approximately a 5 minute drive. Trafalgar Supermarket and Cellars is a 5 minute walk from the village if you need something closer to home. There are also cafes and food spots which are located on campus and available to students throughout the day.

Do i have to pay extra for utilities?

Utility prices are included in the advertised room rates on our website. You are not required to pay an additional utility fee on top of the rental payment - there are no nasty surprise charges! For more information regarding our weekly rental prices, please visit the website

Can i purchase a kitchen or linen pack from the village?

There is an option to purchase a linen or kitchen pack upon your arrival at the village.
You can purchase one in advance through the website

What is the closest train station?

The closest train station is Macquarie University train station and is a quick walk through the university campus or you can take a bus from outside the village which will drop you off at the station.

Will my room have a TV?

Unfortunately we don't provided TVs, however you can bring your own. There are TV aerials located within the lounge room of each apartment and within your bedroom.

Can i smoke in the village?

Macquarie University is a smoke free campus. Residents must abide by Village Rule 66 - no smoking within any undercover area or within apartments and rooms.

Can i bring my own internet?

You are more than welcome to bring your own internet provided it is a Wi-Fi dongle, they do not permit ADSL to be installed. Keep in mind that residents can connect to the free wifi provided by Macquarie University no matter where they are in the village!

Where can i park?

Secure parking is available within the village at a rate of $11.55 per week (charged with rent). There are limited free parking spaces on Culloden Road and Waterloo Road for visitors. Macquarie University itself has parking facilities that can be used, visit the website for more information.

What happens if i miss my rent? is there a late fee?

It is important to always pay your rent on time. If you know there will not be sufficient funds in your account prior to the rent date, please make sure that you email management so that we can make arrangements for you.

If your rent is processed and there are insufficient funds, please note that a $20 late fee will be charged and you will receive a breach notice from village management.

What is the registration fee?

A one off payment to go to towards any resident activities and events that are held throughout the year for your enjoyment.

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Student Village North Ryde in Sydney is known for its lively social scene and picturesque surroundings. While residents appreciate the vibrant community, diverse social events, and scenic views, there is some mixed feedback about cleanliness, maintenance, and management responsiveness. On the bright side, the social events are diverse, and the sense of community is strong.
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92 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Sydney

Sydney Student Accommodation

Sydney is a beautiful, student-friendly city, welcoming over 40,000 international students annually. The city is home to a range of top-ranking universities where students can pursue courses like business, law, medicine, engineering, film, architecture and much more. Amber offers a range of options for the best student accommodation in Sydney, Australia, so that students can begin their housing search quickly. But that is not all; you’ll also find some of the best student housing in Sydney for international students.

With a simple three-step booking process, amber makes booking your student housing in Sydney simple and hassle-free. We have over 2,500 options where you can browse through a selection of budget-friendly and fully furnished student apartments in Sydney. On our website, you can find studios, ensuites, non-ensuites, and student flats options. Many of the student accommodations in Sydney offer various utilities and amenities, like swimming pools, rooftop terraces, 24x7 building security, games rooms, cinema rooms, and study lounges. Amber has a range of great options for student housing in Sydney to choose from, like Scape Glebe, Scape Mountain, UME Darlinghurst Village, Link 2, and Pitt Street. Students who are looking for short-term rentals can also exploit these amazing options for room for rent in Sydney for students!

About Sydney

Sydney is Australia's largest city, with a rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes. With more than 5 million population, it is the country's largest city and bustling hub of activity. Sydney's history dates back to 1788, when it was a British penal colony. From a humble beginning, it has grown into an internationally renowned city, with landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge that have become a distinct part of Sydney’s identity.

Beyond its urban allure, Sydney boasts an abundance of natural wonders. The city is home to beautiful national parks, including the famous Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains, offering breathtaking views, hiking trails, and nature walks just a stone's throw from the city. Sydney also has a great educational environment, with many universities known for their diverse student population. The University of Sydney is Australia's oldest university, offering a wide range of courses and is renowned for its excellent research. The University of New South Wales and the Sydney University of Technology are also prestigious institutions that attract students from all over the world. Experience the best combination of historical charm, natural beauty, and learning opportunities in Sydney. Whether exploring the city's fascinating past, absorbing the culture or embarking on an adventure in beautiful national parks, Sydney has something to appeal to every student.

Best Student Accommodation in Sydney

Student housing is critical in emphasising academic concentration, convenience, safety and security, personal growth, intercultural experience, and economic accessibility for students. Sydney is a beautiful place to live in, with all the scenic places it offers. Sydney offers beautiful places to visit and gives students an opportunity to explore the city's culture. Amber offers the best student accommodation in Sydney options for students. These student apartments in Sydney are located near restaurants, universities, grocery stores, and green spaces. Choosing suitable student housing in Sydney may be difficult since one must consider the convenience of commuting, local facilities, sustainability, and, of course, the appropriate price range. Here are some of the best student housing in Sydney:

1. UME Redfern

2. UME Darlinghurst

3. UME Darlinghurst Village

4. UME Redfern East

5. Y Suites on Regent

6. Y Suites on Gibbons

7. Sydney Student Living Top Ryde

8. Student Village North Ryde

9. Western Sydney University Village Parramatta

10. 30 Kerr Parade Auburn

Cost of Living

The cost of your student accommodation in Sydney will likely be the largest of your expenses after your college tuition. Your cost of living greatly depends on your student residence Sydney rent, the location of your Sydney student residence, and your personal preferences. To help plan out your budget and expenses, we have provided rough estimates of a few other mandatory costs you will have to bear while living as a student in the city. Most of these estimated prices will vary depending on personal preferences but are a helpful way to gauge how much you could be spending.

1. Food and Groceries: 60AU$ - 110AU$ per month

2. Transportation/Conveyance: 100AU$ - 250AU$ per month

3. Internet/Mobile Tariff/Electricity: 60AU$ - 160AU$ per month

4. Electricity/Gas: 140AU$ - 200AU$ per month

5. Clothing: 150AU$ - 450AU$ per month

6. Inexpensive Restaurant: 17AU$ per meal

7. Mid-range Restaurant: 100AU$ per meal

Student Travel in Sydney

Sydney, a city of endless possibilities, offers a fantastic destination for student travellers. Not only is it culturally beautiful, but it also makes it easy for students to explore the city and beyond. When it comes to travel, Sydney has a variety of travel options for students near student accommodation in Sydney, Australia:

1. Bus: Buses are a popular mode of transport, covering the entire city and its outskirts. The cost of a single adult bus ticket is around £3.20 for 3km. You can take the Martin Place Station bus stop, Pitt St opp Barlow St bus stop, and Parramatta Rd opp University of Sydney Ross St Gate bus stop.

2. Trains: Trains provide fast and efficient transportation in the city with regular services to important points. An adult train ticket is usually around £2.50. This type of transport is especially suitable for travelling to urban areas and nearby towns.

3. Ferries: This is another way to travel in Sydney that provides a unique experience while enjoying the beautiful harbour. Students can explore famous places like Manly Bay or Watsons Bay by ferry. A one-way adult bus ticket costs around £4.

4. Cycling: Students are encouraged to take a bicycle and travel around Sydney. The city has dedicated lanes and bike sharing for cycling. Students can save on transportation by cycling to and from work. In addition, travel cards such as the Opal card offer discounts on bicycle rides, making it even more convenient for students to explore the city.

Travel cards are a great option for frequent business travellers. Opal Card is Sydney's electronic ticketing system that offers discounts on a wide variety of travel options. Students can save money with an Opal card, which is around 30% cheaper than regular tickets.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Sydney

Sydney is a vibrant and diverse city that offers students an unrivalled lifestyle. Sydney has many entertainment venues, restaurants, events, green spaces, and organisations that support all aspects of student life. Home to universities such as The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, and Macquarie University, the city attracts students from all across the world.

One of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach is a popular place to relax, surf, and socialise. The beautiful climate and beaches make it the perfect place for students who want to take a break from their studies. The city is also known for its fine dining scene, with many restaurants and cafes serving dishes from around the world. From favourite restaurants in Surry Hills to the many restaurants in Newtown, students can fulfil their culinary desires while exploring different products and culinary experiences. Plus, the many bars in Sydney are where you can experience the city’s amazing nightlife.

Sydney is a cultural and celebration centre that offers students unlimited fun. An annual festival of lights and music, Vivid Sydney transforms the city into a vibrant place of colour and creativity. The Sydney Festival showcases a wide variety of performances, from theatre to music and dance to art, that showcase the essence of the city's vibrant arts scene. For those seeking green spaces and tranquillity, Sydney has many parks and gardens. Hyde Park and Century Park are also popular options for outdoor activities and sports. From the nightlife of King's Cross to the modern amenities of Darlinghurst, students can dance in the beautiful surroundings or socialise with their friends.

Sydney Tourist Attractions

Students can visit these places to unwind and take a break from their academic life. Carrying their respective student ID cards issued by their university ensures that students can explore these sites at a lower price. Here are some of the most famous tourist attractions in Sydney:

  1. Sydney Opera House
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge
  3. Bondi Beach
  4. Taronga Zoo
  5. Royal Botanic Garden
  6. Darling Harbour
  7. Sydney Tower Eye
  8. Blue Mountains National Park

Universities in Sydney

Sydney is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world. Thousands of students come to Sydney every year to attend these universities to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies across disciplines. Here are some of the top universities in Sydney that offer an excellent quality of education and also offer a great student life on campus.

  1. University of Sydney
  2. University of New South Wales
  3. Sydney University of Technology
  4. Macquarie University
  5. Western Sydney University
  6. SAE Institute
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