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Altitude at Taringa
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Altitude at Taringa

Morrow St, Taringa, 4068, Australia
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swimming pool

About the Property


Altitude at Taringa is located in Taringa, approximately 6 km from the Central Business District of Brisbane. The apartments were opened in January 2003 and offer the highest standard of student accommodation in Brisbane. There are 100 units ranging from Studios to three-bedroom apartments. It isn't far away from the city center. It's also moderately close to Central Queensland University and James Cook University.

The apartments are fully furnished, offer a high level of security with on-site managers, key-card access, and individually locked rooms.
Broadband internet access and telephones are available in each room. The complex has a gym, two pools, and three bar-be-que areas.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Swimming pool
Outdoor area
No smoking within units (permitted on balconies)

Booking Details



Once the deposit is paid you are committed to the booking. You will forfeit part or all of your deposit depending on how much notice you provide prior to the scheduled start of the lease....

Payment Details



A Holding Deposit equivalent to the RTA Bond is required to secure the booking. The Holding Deposit can be paid by either bank transfer or by credit card (a 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments). You will be required to pay rent from the lease start date irrespective of your arrival date. The first months rent is payable on or before your...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a room or apartment?

The easiest way to book a room is using the online Reservation link complete the online form and press the submit button. Altitude Management will normally acknowledge receipt of the booking request within 24 hours.

When can I inspect a room or apartment?

Inspections are always by appointment and the Queensland rental laws require us to give the current tenants 24 hours notice. Inspections are normally held closer to the end of each semester period to avoid unnecessary interruptions to the current tenants. You can book your inspection by email to or by phone to 07 3721 8300.

Are Non-Students permitted to live at Altitude?

Yes, Non Students are welcome to live at Altitude currently around 20% of Altitude residents are non-students.

How do I know when my booking is confirmed at Altitude?

Once your request has been processed and room allocated, Altitude Management will send a confirmation email confirming the general details of your reservation and including details of the rent / deposit and other requirements. To secure the booking you will then be required to pay your deposit. Once the deposit is received and acknowledged, the booking is confirmed. See our Reservations / Procedures page for more detailed information.

What if I change my mind after confirming the booking?

Once the deposit is paid you are committed to the booking. You will forfeit part or all of your deposit depending on how much notice you give us prior to the scheduled start of the lease.

How does the Unlimited Internet work?

Each bedroom has its own dedicated internet port and standard connection to the Altitude network is via Ethernet/LAN cable directly to your computer. There is an option to purchase or hire a compatible wireless router and establish your own private wireless network in your room so that you can have multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time. If you have a device that does not have en ethernet port (eg McBook Air; tablet ; mobile phone) a wireless router will be required.

Does my rent include Utilities (electricity & hot water)?

Accounts for Utilities (electricity and hot water) are maintained by Altitude Management so that you have connected Utility services when you arrive.
FOR OTHER UNITS, Utility usage is payable in addition to your base rent and is calculated and billed on consumption. Your Total Monthly Payment will be inclusive of a Rent + Utility offset contribution. The amount of the offset contribution is based on the lower scale of usage for the various styles of unit and the amount will be detailed in your lease and your letter of offer.
Commencing the Semester 1/2017, if you are renting a Studio, 1 Bedroom Standard, 2 or 3 Bedroom apartment, your utilities are included in your monthly rent. If you are renting a 1 Bedroom Double apartment, you are required to pay a monthly Utilities Prepayment which goes toward your utilities usage. These are as follows: 1 Bed Large (one person)= $80 per month, 1 Bed Large (two person)= $110 per month.  Consumption statements will issue quarterly so you can track your usage. Bills / refunds will normally be finalised at the end of each term lease period in January & July.
** If your contributions exceed consumption you will be refunded the excess contribution amount. If your consumption exceeds the contribution, you will be billed for the excess used. **(Interim bills or contribution adjustments may apply where quarterly consumption review varies significantly to the contribution being made)

What is a kitchen pack?

A kitchen pack includes Crockery (cups/plates/bowls); Cutlery (knives/forks/spoons); pots, pans, serving bowls and general cooking utensils (egg flip/tongs/can opener). Kitchen packs are standard in share units (2 & 3 bed) and included in the base rent. Kitchen packs are optional extras in studios and 1 bed apartments if you wish to hire a kitchen pack you will need to confirm your requirements prior to your arrival date.

What is a linen pack?

A linen pack consists of bed sheets, pillow slips and bath towels which are not supplied as standard to any apartment. Pillows, mattress protector and bedspread are also not supplied as standard inclusions.

What is a Bond - and how do i get it back?

A Bond is also known as a security deposit and is the equivalent of 4 weeks rent. A Bond is payable at the start of the lease in addition to rent and covers the unit owner for unpaid rent or bills and any damage to the unit. Bond payments are held in trust by the Queensland Government (Residential Tenancy Authority / RTA). At the end of the lease, provided that all rent and bills are paid and the apartment is left in a clean and undamaged condition we will both agree on any deduction amounts and send a Bond Refund Form to the RTA to release the Bond. Refunds will normally be lodged in a nominated Australian ban account if you are leaving to return home overseas and will not have an Australian bank account open to receive your refund, you will need to complete an International Funds Transfer form in addition to the Bond refund form. For more information on Bonds and the Residential tenancy Authority (RTA) see the RTA website

How much do i need to pay to start a lease at altitude?

With a standard lease, you will be required to pay your first Monthly Payment+ refundable security bond before the start date of a lease: Monthly Payment is a combination of your Rent  + Utility Offset Contribution. See Utility Charges for further details on the Utility Offset Contribution. Refundable Security Bond will be lodged and held in trust by the the RTA (government bond authority) and is refundable at the end of your lease provided all payments are made and the unit is returned in satisfactory conditon. There is also an option to pay for the full semester upfront at the start see our All Inclusive Package prices for more information.
How often do i pay the rent and what forms of payement are accepted Rent is payable monthly in advance, normally on the 6th day of the month. Standard preferred method is by cash, funds transfer to Altitude Management Trust account. EFTPOS is also available at the office noting that a 2% fee applies to all credit card transactions.

What does an Accommodation / Study Abroad Package include?

Accommodation Packages are designed to take the worry out of paying rent every month ideally suited to international students where the costs of transferring money can be expensive. Accommodation Packages include Rent and Internet, Kitchen Packs, Linen Packs, Electricity and Hot Water as well as Exit costs. Click HERE for further information and pricing

How do get to Altitude from the Airport?

The best way will depend on the time that you arrive in Brisbane. UQ provide a free shuttle service for students and this is the best option if you are attending UQ. However additional people will be charged and this service is only available as a once off. There is a train from the airport you will need to change trains at Central and then catch a train to Taringa station (which is approx 200 metres from Altitude). If you arrive late or have a lot of luggage, a taxi will cost approximately $50AUD and they will drop you at the front door of Altitude.

What if i want a lease for less than 6 months?

All leases are for a minimum period of 6 months and rent is priced accordingly. Once you enter into a 6 month lease, you are committed to pay rent for the full 6 month period, even if you do not use it for the full term. From time to time there are opportunities for a lease of less than 6 months this would be subject to application and separate short term lease pricing.

What happens if may family and friends wants to visit and stay with me?

Family and friends are welcome to stay. when they are visiting you in Brisbane. If they are staying for more than 3 days you are required to make arrangements with the office, as a small surcharge is payable for guests. Additional bedding can be arranged at a small costs to assist you. If you are staying in a share apartment, you will also need to make arrangements with your housemates and make sure that they are OK with the extra guest/s. Boyfriends/girlfriends are not permitted to stay overnite in your apartment at Altitude on a regular basis.

How secure is Altitude?

Altitude has security CCTV cameras on all exit doors and swipe card security access to the front door of each building and onto each floor. Internal bedroom doors in share units are key lockable to provide a secure space for those who share an apartment. Altitude also has onsite managers they are available to assist with problems that arise from time to time and in need attend to issues out of hours on a fee for service basis including calling police and emergency services as required.

How do i find out the rules of renting in Queensland?

The governing body for residential accommodation in Queensland is known as the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA). See the Fine Print tab at the bottom of this web page for links to the RTA Information Booklet.

How do i find out more about the the rules of living at Altitude?

The Tenant Handbook and ByLaws of Altitude govern the general conduct of living at Altitude. See our Fine Print tabs at the bottom of the web page for links to all relevant documents.

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Student Accomodations in Brisbane

Brisbane Student Accommodation

Discovering the perfect student accommodation in Brisbane may require some effort, but it's certainly not a daunting task. It is relatively easy to find Brisbane student housing at reasonable prices. These student residence in Brisbane are located near many renowned universities, such as SAE Institute, University of Queensland, University of the Sunshine Coast, TAFE Queensland (Southbank Campus), Australian Institute of Business and Technology, and BROWNS English Language School.

Ranging from luxurious student housing to the budget-friendly Brisbane student accommodation, it has properties for everyone. Studios, private residence halls, and PBSA are the three types of Brisbane student accommodation available. There are several affordable student accommodation Brisbane in various versatile locations. Private student housing is inexpensive, comfortable, and luxurious, and the property configurations include en-suites, studios, and shared apartments. This is where amber steps in as your reliable companion. Amber streamlines Brisbane student housing search process, offering a vast database of options tailored to your requirements. Whether seeking convenience, cost-effectiveness, or specific amenities, amber simplifies finding the perfect student housing.

About Brisbane

The beautiful capital city, Brisbane, is a wonderful place and a great adventure spot. With an exquisite education system, the city attracts a huge number of students from all over the world. The latest advancements in technology, city innovation and creativity can be seen in its architecture & everyday life. The city welcomes people from all over the world and is known for creating a safe environment for them. You will find people from different ethnicities and backgrounds mixing well in the city’s vibrant life.

With many leading universities, students will get a great chance to explore different courses and increase their chances of getting selected for one of them. What makes Brisbane different from other cities is the exceptional number of wildlife sanctuaries and river cruises, which will give one view of the entire city. Students will also get the chance to explore nature by visiting various Botanic Gardens, which have a wide range of flora species. Not just this, the city offers great nightlife as well; students can explore different cafes and clubs over the weekend to celebrate their birthdays or special occasions as well. If you love water, then the city is for you as it has some of the best beaches where you can chill out.

Best Student Accommodation in Brisbane

With a large number of students enrolling for better education in the city, finding perfect Brisbane student housing can be a daunting task. But amber makes this tiresome process of picking, paying, and booking easy and flexible for students. Brisbane student housing offers a wide range of facilities and amenities for students to choose from, which will make their stay amazing in the city. Brisbane student accommodation makes one feel happy and comfortable in an environment where they can peacefully study and stay. Taking care of all the necessities, the Brisbane student housing is close to many universities, which makes the travelling part easy and sorted as well. Below are some of the best Brisbane student housing for you to choose from:

1. UniLodge Herstone

2. UniLodge Park Central 

3. Scape Regent

4. University Park Accommodation

5. Scape Tribune

6. Scape South Bank

7. Scape St. Lucia

8. UniLodge South Bank

Cost of living in Brisbane

Living in Brisbane student accommodation is much more affordable than living in Sydney. So to further help plan out your budget and expenses, we have provided rough estimates of a few other mandatory costs you will have to bear while living in Brisbane student accommodation. Here is a breakdown:

1. Rent: $600-$1760 /per month

2. Utilities (gas, electricity, water): $150-$175/per month

3. Food: $320-$600/per month

4. Mobile phone/internet: $80-$120/per month

5. Public transport: $50-$100/per month

Student travel Brisbane

Brisbane has a large transportation network that connects it to regional hubs, interstate, and international locations. The most common means of transportation in Sydney, as in many Australian cities, is a private vehicle. Travel by public transportation comprises rail, bus, and ferry services. TransLink serves South East Queensland with a uniform ticketing and electronic payment system (known as a 'go card'). The city is a hub for all public transportation services, focusing on the Roma Street, Central, and Fortitude Valley railway stations. There are ferry wharves at King George Square, Queen Street, Roma Street bus terminals, North Quay, Riverside, and QUT Gardens Point. The transport links in Brisbane City connect swiftly to all of the major student properties in Brisbane.

1. Bus: Brisbane has a large dedicated bus rapid transit network known as the Brisbane Busway network. The busway stations on King George Square, Queen Street, and Roma Street are major network centres. The average adult fare is $4.80, going up to $8.00 as distance rises.

2. Rail: The Queensland Rail City network has 152 railway stations located along 13 suburban rail lines and throughout the metropolitan area, including the Airport line, Beenleigh line, Caboolture line, Cleveland line, Doomben line, Exhibition line, and so on. A day of rail travel will cost you between $90 and $170.

3. Bicycle: Central Brisbane promotes cycling, with numerous dedicated routes such as Brisbane River Loop, Kedron Brook Bikeway, and Wynnum To Manly Shoreline. Riding is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Brisbane

Spending some of the crucial years of life, one needs to be familiar with the city and its lifestyle as well. Brisbane is not just an educational hub but is home to some of the best tourist attractions one can explore. While spending their daily hours in college and studies, students can spend their weekends and holidays exploring the city.

Brisbane offers a wide range of places to visit. Hence, students wouldn’t get bored here. South Bank Parklands is an oasis situated on the edge of the Brisbane CBD, which one can explore during weekends. If you are into wildlife, then visit the beautiful Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and spend some time amidst the most beautiful Koalas and other animals. The Brisbane River is another beautiful spot that can refresh one’s mind after a long time in college. Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt. Coot-tha is home to the living fossil where a tree has been growing for more than 200 million years. The nightlife here is buzzing with zizz and light all through the night; some of the famous clubs include The Cabaret Nightclub, Family Nightclub, Prohibition Brisbane, and Prohibition Brisbane. Visit the City Hall, the epic historical building of the city, to relive the history. If you are an art lover, then visit the Gallery of Modern Art to witness some of the beautiful artworks. The Museum of Brisbane is another building of historical importance that will take you back to the history of the city.

Brisbane Tourist attraction

Brisbane is home to some of the finest tourist attractions in the city. Well, to rejuvenate and refresh, students can spend some time visiting these beautiful places from their Brisbane student accommodation. Some of the tourist attractions in the city are:

1. Story Bridge

2. Opal Museum

3. Suncorp Stadium

4. Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane

5. Boggo Road Gaol

6. Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

7. Brisbane Powerhouse

Universities in Brisbane

The city of Brisbane is known for its educational system and has some of the best universities that attract students from across the world. Below are some of the top universities in Brisbane.

1. SAE Institute

2. University of Queensland

3. University of Sunshine Coast

4. BROWNS English Language School

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