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Canterbury Technical Institute | 0.1 mi
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About the Property

Located at 363 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia, Student One Adelaide Street Brisbane is an esteemed student accommodation choice that caters to a spectrum of student needs. This prioritised location is conveniently nestled in the heart of Brisbane, providing a variety of studios and shared apartments. Notable educational institutions such as Canterbury Technical Institute, Kaplan International English, and Impact English College are situated within accessible proximity, making Student One Adelaide Street a desirable property for students looking for student accommodation in Brisbane City.

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, is a vibrant metropolis nestled along the winding Brisbane River. With its subtropical climate, Brisbane boasts a relaxed lifestyle and an abundance of outdoor activities. The cityscape is a blend of modern skyscrapers and historic buildings, showcasing its rich cultural heritage. One of Brisbane's most iconic landmarks is the Story Bridge, offering breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. The South Bank Parklands, a sprawling riverside parkland, is a hub of entertainment, featuring lush gardens, eateries, and the popular Streets Beach, a man-made lagoon perfect for cooling off on hot days. For those seeking cultural experiences, the Queensland Cultural Centre is home to the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum, and Queensland Performing Arts Centre, showcasing a diverse range of exhibitions, performances, and events. Brisbane's culinary scene is equally impressive, with a plethora of dining options ranging from trendy cafes and food markets to fine dining restaurants serving up world-class cuisine. Whether exploring its vibrant neighbourhoods, relaxing by the river, or immersing oneself in its cultural offerings, Brisbane captivates visitors with its charm and warmth, making it a must-visit destination in Australia. Offering an effective transportation system, residents at Student One Adelaide Street can travel to various destinations and explore the city's cultural and historical spots.


At Student One Adelaide Street, your rent includes all the essentials for a cosy living experience. That means water, gas, and electricity are covered, along with unlimited free Wi-Fi to keep you connected. The common amenities are pretty exciting, too. You can join the lively, active community, utilise the free bikes to share, or have fun gaming on our free Playstations. If you're into fitness, Student One Adelaide Street Brisbane offers a gym for your use. And for relaxation, there's a games room, cinema, and BBQ area. Laundry facilities are available on-site, so no worries about dirty laundry piling up. Sit in the study spaces or meeting rooms to complete your assignments. Safety is a priority, so there are CCTV cameras and staff on-site 24/7, with secure gate access at all times. At Student One Adelaide Street, the property provides everything you need for a comfortable, enjoyable, and secure living environment.

Location and What's Hot?

Situated at the epicentre of university life, Student One Adelaide Street Brisbane offers a remarkable locale for scholars in Brisbane City. For students at Canterbury Technical Institute, Kaplan International English, and Impact English College, among others, commuting is a breeze, as these education giants call Brisbane City their home. Not just academics, when the need for leisure and relaxation arises, the iconic green spaces like Roma Street Parkland and the serene Brisbane Botanic Gardens serve as your urban escape.

It's just a short distance away from where the thriving urban scene pulses with energy, bringing an array of amenities within your reach. Whether you're looking to satiate your culinary cravings or enjoy a lively social scene, various established eateries such as Hellcat Maggie Laneway Bar and Kitchen and Ramen Danbo Brisbane City East caters to every palate. When the essentials call, nearby  IGA Local Grocer (Adelaide Street) and Woolworths Macarthur Central grocery stores are your pantry allies, while the Queen Street Medical Centre ensures healthcare is never far away.

Moreover, culture enthusiasts will revel in the proximity to the MacArthur Museum Brisbane, Queensland Museum and Science Centre and Gallery of Modern Art, where inspiration lies at every corner. Students can visit Humanity Coffee Container - Adelaide St or Pocket Microcafe for a cosy study session while sipping amazing coffee.

Your life at the Student One Adelaide Street Brisbane student accommodation is one where convenience mingles with excitement amidst the rich educational landscape of Brisbane City. Reside here, and the city's most popular spots – be they cafes, shops, or parks – are mere moments from where you lay your head. Evidently, opting for Student One Adelaide Street does not merely mean finding a place to stay; it means embracing an entire lifestyle that complements your academic journey.


Convenience is paramount when it comes to student living, and Student One Adelaide Street Brisbane student accommodation offers just that. Located in the heart of Brisbane City, residents have seamless access to various forms of transportation. Nearby public transport stops such as Central Station, Adelaide Street Stop 33 near Wharf St bus stop, and Riverside Ferry Terminal offer swift commutes to universities and other parts of the city. These pivotal transport links are just steps away, ensuring that students at Student One Adelaide Street Brisbane student accommodation can navigate their daily journeys with utmost ease.

Pet policy

They are aware these aren’t pets, but guide-, hearing- or assistance dogs are of course permitted on the premises. For health and safety reasons they do not recommend bringing a pet, but, if you really must bring your pet, please apply for permission by contacting them.

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Cancellation Policies (2)

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    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.

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    This property requires security deposit.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many beds do you have?

Property management Adelaide Street has 698 beds available.

Can I live there regardless of where I’m studying?

Property management has relationships with all of Brisbane’s education providers and they are happy to accommodate you as long as you are studying. No matter what you study and no matter where you study.

What types of rooms do you have?

Their room types include single, double, bunk, twin, king and executive studios, and shared 4-, 5- or 6 bedroom apartments.
If I have a medical condition and I use a wheelchair do you have accessible rooms?
They have wheelchair-accessible rooms and rooms they can reconfigure to suit your needs. They’ll work together to ensure you are comfortable and at home at property management.

What do I need to bring with me?

Your clothing, bedding and any personal items you wish to bring. If you want to travel light, property management has bedding packs available for hire or purchase, so there’s no need to bring anything big with you. All kitchens are fitted out with essentials such as pots, pans, pates, cups and cutlery.

Are the rooms air-conditioned?

Yes, all studios and apartments are air-conditioned. As Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate theydo not provide any heating, just cooling.

Do you have a prayer room?

No, they do not have a dedicated prayer room, however they can provide you with information on the closest places of worship.

What if I arrive late at night?

Their official check-in time is from 2pm and check-out is before 10am. As their reception is staffed 24/7 they will always be able to accommodate you at any time of the day.

Can you arrange my airport pick-ups?

Absolutely. They can arrange airport pick-ups for you. Just email them your details and they will arrange. they will, advise you of the cost of the pick up at the time of the booking.

Will I be able to meet other people?

They have an extensive social calendar full of events organised by their activity coordinators. Some of their events include city tours, semester balls, theme park visits, cultural tours, sporting events, to name a few. You will have many opportunities to meet other like-minded students from across the globe.

Do you prepare my meals?

Each studio and apartment is fitted with kitchen facilities to allow you to cook for yourself to your own schedule and culinary needs. There are no catered options available but several food outlets are located within the buildings on street level and they frequently organise food nights as part of their community engagement program.

Do you clean my room?

The short answer is no. they are responsible for keeping all public and common areas clean while you are responsible to keeping your own room clean and tidy, just as is is when you arrive. You can arrange to have your room cleaned at a cost (actual cost is depending in size of room and time required). They do provide vacuum cleaners at reception free of charge but all other cleaning materials have to be purchased by yourself.

Do you offer car parking?

No, they do not offer any car parking at either of their residences. If you need a space for your car they recommend Parkable.

Can my family and friends stay for a visit?

As property management is purpose built for students and students only they recommend your visiting family and friends stay at their partner hotel, HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS just 300 metres up the road from Adelaide and Wharf street.

What do you offer?

They offer flexible living options to suit all budgets and needs. All of their apartment types are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Room types include a range of studio types and five-bedroom share apartments. To view more of their options follow the menu prompts to rooms. You will have the opportunity to live in the heart of Brisbane, enjoying access to free unlimited WiFi internet, communal facilities such as kitchens and BBQ areas, gaming and entertainment areas, a 24hr customer service team and high-level security features.

What internet options do I have at property management?

Free unlimited WiFi internet is available throughout all property management properties for you to use and you can have up to 3 devices online at any given time.

Are water, gas and electricity included in my rent?

Yes, all utilities including water, gas and electricity are included in your rent.

What are the rates?

Their rates vary depending on the type of living solution you are seeking. You will always find the most up-to-date rates on this website.

Do you offer financial accommodation support/scholarships?

From time to time they offer thown accommodation scholarship. The details are shared on their website when scholarships are available.

How often do I need to pay rent?

Rent is paid fortnightly in advance, with the exception of a 4-week contract where full payment is taken prior to your arrival. they will provide you with a rent schedule so you can plan for each of the rent payments.

How do I pay for my rent?

A two-week rent in advance payment can be paid via a MasterCard and Visa to secure your place at a property management residence. The ongoing rent can is to be paid from a bank account as long as it is from an Australian bank account.

Are the rental rates shown as per person or per apartment?

Your rental rate is per person, per week for all studios and apartments. they do however offer some ‘couples rooms’ that can cater for two with a surcharge for the second person. Their Executive-, King- and Queen Studios can accommodate up to two people.

Do I need to pay a bond?

Yes, you will be required to pay a bond which will be forwarded to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). This is used as a security payment in the event of any damage, rental arrears or cleaning to the property is required upon your departure. If the apartment is left in an acceptable condition and your rent is paid up to date, then the bond will be returned in full.

What if I need to cancel?

They understand life happens and sometimes you are forced to cancel your booking. If you do so by no less than 14 days prior to your booked check-in date they are happy to refund your 2 weeks’ deposit in full.

Will I be bound by any residency rules?

Yes, you will be provided with a copy of the Residence Rules as part of your offer. Each property management resident is required to follow their Residence Rules.

What happens if I damage or break something?

If you damage or break any of their property then you will be required to pay for the repair or replacement. You will be given notice of this charge and it will be charged to your account. In the event items are damaged when you move out, the cost of repair/replacement will be deducted from your bond payment. If this amount exceeds the amount taken as bond, you will be required to pay any outstanding fees. If there is damage caused by multiple residents, then the cost to fix the damage will be divided between you and the others involved.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Their official check-in time is from 2PM.
The check-out time is 10AM.
As they operate 24/7 you might be able to check-in at any time, but please check with your residence as your room might still be occupied until 10AM.

Can I check in after the agreement start date?

Yes, however your rent starts from the date of your tenancy agreement, whether or not you have checked in.

If I don’t like the property what is the refund process?

You are bound by the Residential Tenancies Agreement. property management will endeavour to work out any issues with you within the guidelines set out by the Agreement.

If I pay the deposit and my visa is denied, will I get any refund?

Property management management will review your individual circumstance in order to determine the most appropriate outcome. If you notify them by no later than 14 days before the start of the agreement then all rent paid will be refunded.

Will the price of my rent increase?

Your rent will not increase for the term of your contract however, all future pricing will be assessed each year.

Can I stay with you for less than six months?

Property management offers Brisbane’s most flexible living solutions, so they can tailor your contract length to as little as four weeks.

Can I stay longer than 12 months?

Yes, you certainly can. But please note that the maximum length of a lease with property management is 52 weeks (1 year) at a time. Before your current contract has ended, you will be offered the opportunity to extend your stay.

Can I live there if I’m under 18?

Yes, all their employees have Queensland Government Blue Card certification, a background check that allows them to work with people aged under 18 years. property management is also Brisbane’s only purpose-built student accommodation that has been approved by all major universities and schools to accommodate their under 18 year old students.

Can I live with my partner?

Yes, property management welcomes couples. Please take the time to look at their Rooms page to book an Executive -, King- or Queen Studio, which can be configured to accommodate couples. Please note there is a small weekly surcharge for the second person.

Can I live there if I’m on a working holiday visa even if I can prove I’m studying?

Yes they welcome all students, as long as you can provide a proof of study enrolment.

Can I choose who I live with?

Generally, yes, if you have a friend who also wants to stay at property management and you would like to live together then you are both able to make the request so they can assist with your query. All requests are subject to availability.

Can I live with 3 or 4 of my friends in a 5 bed apartment?

Yes, they are happy to accommodate you and your friends if you wish to live together. If there are spare spaces in your apartment then they will find other students to fill the remaining bedrooms. All requests are subject to availability.

If I want to host a visitor, can they stay with me at property management?

Yes, you are permitted to have visitors, however you must inform them. If you have room-mates, you must seek the permission beforehand. In the event that any of your room-mates are not happy to have a visitor then your visitor will have to make other arrangements.

Can I have a pet?

They are aware these aren’t pets, but guide-, hearing- or assistance dogs are of course permitted on the premises. For health and safety reasons they do not recommend bringing a pet, but, if you really must bring your pet, please apply for permission by contacting to team.

Student One Adelaide Street, Brisbane
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Student Accomodations in Brisbane

Brisbane Student Accommodation

Discovering the right Brisbane student accommodation is an essential part of the university experience. Whether you're just starting your academic journey or are continuing it, finding a comfortable and convenient place to live can significantly impact your student life. Amber simplifies this process with its dedicated website.

Off-campus student accommodation Brisbane City options offer distinct advantages over on-campus options, including more independence, a wider range of living environments, and often more competitive pricing. Amber's role is to help you navigate through these choices by providing a variety of room types and locations that cater to different needs. From shared apartments to studio flats, you'll find student accommodation Brisbane options close to major educational institutions such as Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus), Central Queensland University, SAE Institute, and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

With amber, students can also expect a host of amenities designed to facilitate a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Select properties in prime locations around Brisbane, offer several amenities - all conducive to both study and socialising. Choosing Brisbane student accommodation through amber ensures that your student housing needs are met with just a few clicks. Some of the best properties include UniLodge Herston, Scape Tribune, Student One Adelaide Street, and many more.

About Brisbane

Located on the banks of the meandering Brisbane River, Brisbane, the vibrant capital of Queensland, Australia, is not only a cultural melting pot but also a safety haven for its bustling student community. Boasting a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary allure, this metropolis offers an array of activities for students beyond its renowned universities. With a focus on safety, Brisbane ranks among the safest cities globally, ensuring peace of mind for residents and students alike. Its well-connected public transportation system and pedestrian-friendly streets make exploring the city a breeze, day or night.

Brisbane boasts several prestigious institutions as a centre for higher education. Creative minds also find their place at the SAE Institute, while those in pursuit of a comprehensive educational experience can weigh the offerings at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Students seeking student accommodation Brisbane options have the choice of various neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm. From the trendy cafes and shops of South Bank to the bustling nightlife of Fortitude Valley, there's a precinct to suit every preference and lifestyle. With a comprehensive transport network and abundant green spaces, this city truly embraces its student population, offering them a wide range of opportunities to study, explore and grow in a supportive environment. As a gateway to a memorable educational journey, discovering the perfect Brisbane student accommodation through amber is just the beginning of what could be the most enriching chapter of a student's life.

Best Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Relocating to Brisbane for educational opportunities comes with the thrilling prospect of finding the perfect student accommodation in Australia. Brisbane student accommodation options are diverse, offering budget-friendly rooms with a vibrant community feel that can make your study experience unforgettable. With various types of residences, including ensuite rooms, student areas, studio apartments, and more, students can make the most of their university life in Brisbane. These properties offer a mix of amenities where students can connect and thrive. Here are some of the top-rated choices for student accommodation in Brisbane:

1. Iglu Brisbane City

2. Scape St Lucia

3. Scape Toowong

4. Scape Merivale

5. Scape Regent

6. UniLodge South Bank

7. Iglu Kelvin Grove

8. UniLodge Student Living - Shafston

9. UniLodge Park Central

10. Student One Elizabeth Street

Cost of living in Brisbane

Understanding the cost of living in Brisbane is crucial for students planning their finances to ensure a comfortable lifestyle while studying. On average, students in Brisbane can expect a cumulative monthly cost of living between AUD$1,400 and AUD$2,500. Knowledge of Brisbane's living expenses empowers students to budget accordingly and make informed decisions about their student accommodation in Brisbane, overall costs, and daily expenses.

1. Food & Groceries - A$400-A$450 per month

2. Transportation - A$100-A$150 per month

3. Utilities - A$200-A$250 per month

4. Clothing - A$100-A$150 per month

5. Sports & Leisure - A$200-A$250 per month

Student travel Brisbane

Finding suitable student accommodation in Brisbane is crucial for ensuring a comfortable study experience, and a big part of that is the ease of travel to and from the university. The student apartments Brisbane options provide a range of public transport options for students, making commuting effortless and cost-effective. Below is a summary of the transport means available to students residing in student accommodation Brisbane City properties:

1. Buses

Brisbane's extensive bus network caters to students' needs, with frequent services covering the entire city. The typical fare starts at approximately A$3.31  for a single-zone adult journey, with prices varying according to the number of zones traversed. Students can take advantage of the Go card, as it offers discounted fares and the convenience of tap-on and tap-off travel.

2. Cycling

Brisbane is known for its bike-friendly routes, and cycling can be an incredibly efficient and cost-effective way to get around for students. It's free, and with dedicated bike lanes and paths, it's also a healthy and green alternative. Also, most student accommodation Brisbane properties also come with secure bike/cycle storage facilities for added convenience.

3. Trains

The city's train network has stations conveniently located throughout the city, which are easily accessible from various student accommodation in Brisbane options. Train fares are similar to bus fares and can be paid using the same Go card. A single-zone adult ticket costs about A$3.31 and fares go up as you travel through more zones.

4. Ferries

The CityCat and ferry services are an enjoyable way to travel across Brisbane's riverside locations. These services are frequent and can be a scenic route to and from university campuses from your student accommodation in Brisbane. Fares range from A$3.31 to A$5.84 for a single adult trip, depending on the number of zones.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland's sunny capital, not only shines with its warm climate but also with its warm welcome to students from around the globe. For those seeking Brisbane student accommodation, one can anticipate a life that blends academia with the quintessential Aussie lifestyle. The city is safe and laid-back, perfect for student apartments in Brisbane, reflecting an ambience that is conducive to studying and living a balanced life. Known for its vibrant culture and sophisticated urban spaces, Brisbane boasts a plethora of hotspots where students often congregate. The West End, just a small car ride from the Queensland University of Technology's Kelvin Grove Campus, is famed for its eclectic eateries and coffee houses that serve as a second home to many a scholar. For those looking for a green retreat, the South Bank Parklands present a lush landscape along the river, perfect for picnics, jogging, or a quiet read. Brisbane is a city that always seems to be celebrating something, often hosting a slew of events that cater to a diverse range of interests. Music festivals are a regular affair, echoing through venues like The Tivoli and The Zoo, offering students a musical escape from their study routines. For art enthusiasts, The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) curates exhibitions that inspire and captivate creative minds. Brisbane student apartments are designed with student needs in mind, ensuring that comfort and convenience are not compromised.

Brisbane Tourist Attractions

Brisbane is home to some of the finest tourist attractions in the city. Well, to rejuvenate and refresh, students can spend some time visiting these beautiful places from their Brisbane student accommodation. Some of the tourist attractions in the city are:

1. Story Bridge

2. Opal Museum

3. Suncorp Stadium

4. Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane

5. Boggo Road Gaol

6. Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

7. Brisbane Powerhouse

Universities in Brisbane

Brisbane, a dynamic and vibrant city in Australia, is renowned for hosting some of the most esteemed and reputable universities. Here are some of the top universities near most student housing Brisbane options:

1.  Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus)

2. Central Queensland University

3. SAE Institute

4. University of the Sunshine Coast

5. Central Queensland University - Brisbane

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