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Curtin 12 is a perfect student accommodation for students to study and explore the city in a fully-furnished apartment. Curtin University is just a few blocks away from the accommodation and Canning College 2 minutes away. Run out of grocery and a student can head to IGA Bentley Supermarket which is just a stone's throw away. 

Shop and drive back home through a secure gated entrance. There are also security alarms on doors and windows. 

This student accommodation provides students with latest amenities for their comfortable stay. 

Apartment Facilities

Furnished rooms
Laundry facilities in room
Air conditioning
Shared Kitchen
Storage units
Wifi in room
All bills included

Community Facilities

Library or study area
Outdoor area
Car Parking
On-site Laundry
Bike Storage
Wifi in communal areas
Secure access
Controlled access gate
CCTV/ Security Alarm


Share Bathroom RoomAU$145/week
Shared Bathroom
Shared Room
Ensuite RoomAU$185/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom

Booking Details

If either party wishes to terminate the homestay agreement then the following shall apply:

1. If the student elects to terminate his/her agreement with the homestay family then the student must give a minimum of two (2) weeks
   notice. Rent shall be paid to the homestay family to cover the period up to and including the date of leaving. If this leaving date is in the
   first four weeks of the students stay with the family the student will forfeit the balance of the four (4) weeks advance payment

2. If the homestay family wishes to terminate the agreement then the homestay family must give a minimum of two (2) weeks notice. The
   homestay family will receive rent to cover the period to the date of leaving. Any surplus rent will be refunded to the student. In this
   scenario, the family will forfeit the right to retain a maximum of four (4) weeks rent. If the homestay family wishes to terminate the
   agreement without notice then the family will refund to the student, on a pro rata basis, any monies paid in advance. In this scenario, the
   family will forfeit the right to retain a maximum of four (4) weeks rent.

Payment Details

Placement Feee:

The non-refundable Homestay Placement fee of AUD $275 (GST & international bank charges included).

Advance Rent:

Students must pay 4 weeks rent in advance. This must be done before arrival. 

Other Fee:

Students applying from colleges other than PIBT and Curtin College, or any students applying without a local agent, are required to pay a $100 deposit on a placement fee of AUD $275. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance is to be paid before arrival. If the same students require airport pickup, a fee of $125 is required to be paid. Any friend or family member must be notified in advance as extra passenger, it will be charged accordingly by the transport service. Airport pickup for first time PIBT or Curtin College students will be paid for by the college.