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UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane
Studio   Basic - Bedroom
Common Area
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UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane

Castlebar St, Kangaroo Point, 4169, Australia
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12 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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About the Property

Located in the vibrant precinct of Kangaroo Point, UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane at 9-19 Castlebar St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169, Australia, stands out for its prime location and the array of comfortable living options it offers. The property boasts a variety of studio types including Studio - Basic, Short Stay, Standard, Courtyard, Riverview, Special limited, and City View, ensuring that there's something to suit the preferences and budgets of a diverse student community. This student accommodation in Brisbane is conveniently located within easy reach of numerous universities, such as Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Central Queensland University (CQU), and Griffith University, making it an ideal choice for students seeking proximity to their academic commitments.

Brisbane, a bustling educational hub blending modern amenities and rich cultural tapestry, offers a vibrant backdrop for students choosing UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane. The city boasts a significant student population contributing to its lively atmosphere and fostering a multicultural environment. Home to world-ranked institutions like the University of Queensland and QUT, the region is respected for its academic excellence and innovation. Students residing in UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane will not just benefit from the high-quality education but also immerse themselves in a city known for its historical landmarks and picturesque settings, including the iconic Story Bridge and Brisbane River. The UniLodge management group, focused on providing a supportive and enriching living experience, ensures that students have access to all necessary amenities ranging from fully furnished studios to common study areas and social spaces. UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane student accommodation isn't just a place to reside; it's a gateway to embracing the dynamic student life that Brisbane has to offer.


Welcome to UniLodge Student Living—Shafston, Brisbane, a place where convenience and comfort blend seamlessly for the modern student. Located in the heart of Kangaroo Point, this prestigious Brisbane student accommodation offers a host of amenities designed to make student life both enjoyable and convenient.

Each studio room, be it the Studio - Basic or the picturesque Studio - Riverview, is fully furnished to cater to a student's every need, providing a cosy atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. The accommodations are equipped with air conditioning and heating, ensuring comfort no matter the season in Brisbane. The Studio - City View promises breathtaking views and a serene environment that is conducive to both studying and relaxation.

Common facilities ensure that residents of UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane student accommodation have everything they need right at their doorstep. With on-site parking, students can conveniently keep their vehicles nearby and secure. Fitness enthusiasts can maintain a healthy lifestyle at the gym, while the common social areas provide the perfect setting to meet fellow residents and wind down after a day of studies. Other essential amenities, such as laundry services, shops, and a library, are available to ensure that daily routines are as smooth as possible.

The outdoor terrace is a prime spot for soaking in the Queensland sun, while the availability of WiFi throughout the property keeps students connected at all times. On-the-go snacks and drinks are just a button press away with convenient vending machines, and getting to class is a breeze with several universities like Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland located in close proximity.

Rest assured, the property management group UniLodge ensures that every aspect of the property is maintained to the highest standard, promising a hassle-free stay at UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane Kangaroo Point. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Location and What's Hot?

Situated on the picturesque peninsula of Kangaroo Point, UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane, is surrounded by an array of vibrant amenities perfect for students. Just outside your door, tantalise your taste buds at local dining establishments like The Cliffs Café, where you can soak in the views while sipping coffee or enjoy a hearty meal at Pineapple Express Superfood Box for some health-focused fare. When the evening beckons, students can unwind at Story Bridge Hotel, known for its lively atmosphere.

For daily needs, grocery shopping is a breeze with IGA supermarket offering a wide selection of products. Healthcare is equally convenient, with Kangaroo Point Health & Fitness ensuring students can stay fit and seek medical assistance without hassle. Nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts will enjoy the lush greenery and outdoor activities at Captain Burke Park and the iconic Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park.

Iconic tourist attractions like the Story Bridge Adventure Climb and the Brisbane Riverwalk provide picturesque escapes from the hustle of student life. For a dose of art and culture, the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Maritime Museum are within easy reach.

Students residing at the UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane accommodation, are ideally positioned to access renowned educational institutions. The proximity to leading universities like Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and Griffith University (Nathan Campus), as well as specialised institutions like SAE Institute and JCU Brisbane, makes it a prime location for local and international students alike. The vibrant student community at UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane Kangaroo Point can enjoy the convenience and excitement that comes with living in such a strategic and well-connected location, making it an ideal choice for student accommodation in Brisbane.


The UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane student accommodation not only offers contemporary living options but also ensures seamless connectivity that simplifies your daily commute. When staying at this prime location, you have access to a variety of public transportation options. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs ferry terminal is within easy reach, offering a scenic route across the Brisbane River to the city's core and educational institutions. Students can hop onto buses at the nearby Main St at Story Bridge East stop, which is part of a comprehensive network connecting you with the entirety of Brisbane. Whether you are travelling for leisure or heading to university campuses, UniLodge Student Living - Shafston, Brisbane student accommodation places you right at the heart of it all, ensuring a hassle-free commute.

What will you get

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Common Amenities

Non-Student Permitted
Coin or card operated laundry
Public area air conditioned
Front desk
Onsite laundry
Wireless internet connection in public areas

Cancellation Policies (1)

  • Other cancellation policies
    General cancellation policies may apply to this property.

Payment Policies (2)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Additional Fees
    Additional Fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this property have an Application fee?

No. There are no application fees.

Is an advanced rental payment required?

Yes. To secure an apartment, the Tenant must pay two week’s advanced rent and a Bond of 4 weeks rent on arrival.

Is there a cancellation fee once I have secured an apartment?

Yes there is a cancellation fee of 2 weeks rent.

Are car parking spaces available?

Yes there are 16 car parking spaces available which are free upon successful application. Car spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. There are also free bike spaces.

Do I need to pay a departure clean fee?

The cost to clean a room at the end of a lease is $350 which includes a carpet steam clean, replacement of shower screen and mattress protector. For short term leases, there is a $150 departure clean fee.

If I want to break my lease, what are the costs associated with this?

The cost is 2 weeks rent + GST plus costs until the apartment is leased again.

What electricity cost am I responsible for?

Electricity costs are included in the rent and payable by the landlord.

How much is the Internet / WIFI? Who is the provider and how much bandwidth do I have?

Unlimited WiFi internet access provided by Urban Wireless is included in your rent.

Do I need a mattress protector?

Yes, these are charged at $30 per protector.

What do I do if I, or my family need somewhere to stay prior to checking into this accommodation?

If you or your family need somewhere to stay for a couple of nights to a week, or rest your head after coming in from a late-night flight then why not book at Essence Suites Taringa. Offering fully furnished suites that give you the freedom to relax in a place away from home.

Where can I find resources to manage my health and wellbeing?

This accommodation has listed a number of resources on our Student Health and Wellbeing page.

What if I get locked out of my apartment?

If you get locked out of your unit after hours, please note that entry is given by onsite staff .

For the replacement of lost swipe cards, keys or other assistance with a lock out the following fees will apply:

  • For assistance during office house, UniLodge resident fee: $30
  • For assistance after hours for UniLodge resident:When Security is conducting a patrol: $75
    When Security is not conducting a patrol and immediate access is required: $175

All fees are payable at the time of lockout via Eftpos to Security or Staff member attending.

Reviews (8)

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(8 ratings)
12 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Brisbane

Brisbane Student Accommodation

Discovering the right Brisbane student accommodation is an essential part of the university experience. Whether you're just starting your academic journey or are continuing it, finding a comfortable and convenient place to live can significantly impact your student life. Amber simplifies this process with its dedicated website.

Off-campus student accommodation in Brisbane offers distinct advantages over on-campus options, including more independence, a wider range of living environments, and often more competitive pricing. Amber's role is to help you navigate through these choices by providing a variety of room types and locations that cater to different needs. From shared apartments to studio flats, you'll find accommodation close to major educational institutions such as Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus), Central Queensland University, SAE Institute, and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

With Amber, students can also expect a host of amenities designed to facilitate a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Select properties in prime locations around Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, offer amenities like high-speed internet, on-site laundry facilities, fitness centres, and communal lounges—all conducive to both study and socialising.

Choosing Brisbane student accommodation through Amber ensures that your student housing needs are met with just a few clicks.

About Brisbane

Located on the banks of the meandering Brisbane River, Brisbane, the vibrant capital of Queensland, Australia, is not only a cultural melting pot but also a safety haven for its bustling student community. Boasting a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary allure, this metropolis offers an array of activities for students beyond its renowned universities. With a focus on safety, Brisbane ranks among the safest cities globally, ensuring peace of mind for residents and students alike. Its well-connected public transportation system and pedestrian-friendly streets make exploring the city a breeze, day or night.

Brisbane boasts several prestigious institutions as a centre for higher education. Creative minds also find their place at the SAE Institute, while those in pursuit of a comprehensive educational experience can weigh the offerings at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Students seeking accommodation in Brisbane have the choice of various neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm. From the trendy cafes and shops of South Bank to the bustling nightlife of Fortitude Valley, there's a precinct to suit every preference and lifestyle. With a comprehensive transport network and abundant green spaces, this city truly embraces its student population, offering them a wide range of opportunities to study, explore and grow in a supportive environment.

As a gateway to a memorable educational journey, discovering the perfect Brisbane student accommodation through Amber is just the beginning of what could be the most enriching chapter of a student's life.

Best Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Relocating to Brisbane for educational opportunities comes with the thrilling prospect of finding the perfect student accommodation in Australia. Brisbane student accommodation options are diverse, offering budget-friendly rooms with a vibrant community feel that can make your study experience unforgettable. With various types of residences, including ensuite rooms, student areas, studio apartments, and more. These properties offer a mix of amenities where students can connect and thrive. Here are some of the top-rated Brisbane student accommodations:

1. UniLodge Herston

2. Scape Tribune

3. Student One Adelaide Street

4. Scape Merivale

5. Scape Regent

6. UniLodge South Bank

7. Iglu Kelvin Grove

8. UniLodge Student Living - Shafston

9. UniLodge Park Central

10. Student One Elizabeth Street

Cost of living in Brisbane

Understanding the cost of living in Brisbane is crucial for students planning their finances to ensure a comfortable lifestyle while studying. On average, students in Brisbane can expect a cumulative monthly cost of living between A$1,400 and A$2,500. Knowledge of Brisbane's living expenses empowers students to budget accordingly and make informed decisions about their Brisbane student accommodation, overall costs, and daily expenses.

1. Food & Groceries - A$400-A$450 per month

2. Transportation - A$100-A$150 per month

3. Utilities - A$200-A$250 per month

4. Clothing - A$100-A$150 per month

5. Sports & Leisure - A$200-A$250 per month

Student travel Brisbane

Finding suitable Brisbane student accommodation is crucial for ensuring a comfortable study experience, and a big part of that is the ease of travel to and from the university. The student apartments in Brisbane provide a range of public transport options for students, making commuting effortless and cost-effective. Below is a summary of the transport means available to students residing in Brisbane student accommodation:

1. Buses: Brisbane's extensive bus network caters to students' needs, with frequent services covering the entire city. The typical fare starts at approximately A$3.31  for a single-zone adult journey, with prices varying according to the number of zones traversed. Students can take advantage of the Go card, as it offers discounted fares and the convenience of tap-on and tap-off travel.

3.Cycling: Brisbane is known for its bike-friendly routes, and cycling can be an incredibly efficient and cost-effective way to get around for students. It's free, and with dedicated bike lanes and paths, it's also a healthy and green alternative.

4.Trains: The city's train network has stations conveniently located throughout the city, which are easily accessible from various Brisbane student accommodations. Train fares are similar to bus fares and can be paid using the same Go card. A single-zone adult ticket costs about A$3.31 and fares go up as you travel through more zones.

5.Ferries: The CityCat and ferry services are an enjoyable way to travel across Brisbane's riverside locations. These services are frequent and can be a scenic route to and from university campuses from your Brisbane student accommodation. Fares range from A$3.31 to A$5.84 for a single adult trip, depending on the number of zones.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland's sunny capital, not only shines with its warm climate but also with its warm welcome to students from around the globe. For those seeking Brisbane student accommodation, one can anticipate a life that blends academia with the quintessential Aussie lifestyle. The city is safe and laid-back, perfect for student apartments in Brisbane, reflecting an ambience that is conducive to studying and living a balanced life. Known for its vibrant culture and sophisticated urban spaces, Brisbane boasts a plethora of hotspots where students often congregate. The West End, just a small car ride from the Queensland University of Technology's Kelvin Grove Campus, is famed for its eclectic eateries and coffee houses that serve as a second home to many a scholar. For those looking for a green retreat, the South Bank Parklands present a lush landscape along the river, perfect for picnics, jogging, or a quiet read. Brisbane is a city that always seems to be celebrating something, often hosting a slew of events that cater to a diverse range of interests. Music festivals are a regular affair, echoing through venues like The Tivoli and The Zoo, offering students a musical escape from their study routines. For art enthusiasts, The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) curates exhibitions that inspire and captivate creative minds. Student apartments in Brisbane are designed with student needs in mind, ensuring that comfort and convenience are not compromised.

Brisbane Tourist attraction

Brisbane is home to some of the finest tourist attractions in the city. Well, to rejuvenate and refresh, students can spend some time visiting these beautiful places from their Brisbane student accommodation. Some of the tourist attractions in the city are:

1. Story Bridge

2. Opal Museum

3. Suncorp Stadium

4. Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane

5. Boggo Road Gaol

6. Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

7. Brisbane Powerhouse

Universities in Brisbane

Brisbane, a dynamic and vibrant city in Australia, is renowned for hosting some of the most esteemed and reputable universities:

1.  Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus)

2. Central Queensland University

3. SAE Institute

4. University of the Sunshine Coast

5. Central Queensland University - Brisbane

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