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Perfectly situated on 141 Victoria St Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia, Venus Hostel Potts Point, Sydney student accommodation is a popular choice among students seeking convenient and comfortable living near their academic institutions. Offering various room types in shared and private apartments, alongside Twin Share Rooms with incredible views, Venus Potts student accommodation in Sydney is strategically positioned for easy access to several universities, including the National Art School, University of Newcastle, and Australian College of Applied Psychology. You are also close to important cities and areas, such as Camperdown, Guildford, Wollongong, and Sydney CBD.

The bustling Potts Point is ideal for students choosing Venus Hostel Potts Point, Sydney student accommodation, as their home. Renowned for its vibrant blend of culture and entertainment, Potts Point offers a lively student atmosphere amidst cafes, bookshops, and galleries. Sydney welcomes a substantial number of students annually, drawing from diverse corners of the globe. In 2020, for instance, over 400,000 international students enrolled in Australian universities, with Sydney being a prime destination. The city's appeal lies not only in its academic offerings but also in its balance of modernity and tranquillity. Venus Potts Point, in particular, embodies this mix, providing an ideal study environment amidst its vibrant culture.

Moreover, with affordable student accommodations offered by Venus Potts Point Sydney and lower overall lifestyle costs compared to other major cities, Sydney stands out as a favorable choice for students seeking both academic excellence and quality living. Aside from the academic opportunities, the suburb's proximity to well-known attractions like the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge adds to the enriching experience for students living here. With a significant student population, safety, and a reputable network of accommodations provided by Venus Hostels Potts Point becomes an even more attractive option for those pursuing their studies in Sydney.


Discover the comfort and convenience that come with staying at Venus Hostel Potts Point, an ideal destination for students looking for quality student accommodation in Sydney. In terms of room choices, Venus Hostel Potts Point, Sydney, offers four 4-bed share rooms and 6-bed share rooms, perfect for making new friends, or more private options like the Twin Share Room, including ones with mesmerising Harbour Views. Each room is equipped with essential amenities like wi-fi, air conditioner, and linens & towels, ensuring that your comfort is a priority no matter the season.

Venus Potts Point has some top-notch common amenities for you, including internet access to keep you connected with friends and family, a cable/ satellite TV for your entertainment needs, and communal bathroom facilities that are maintained to high standards. These features are designed to enhance your living experience, making your stay seamless and enjoyable.

Location and What's Hot?

Discover the ultimate convenience at Venus Hostel Potts Point, centrally located in the vibrant city of Sydney. With a wide range of popular hangout spots just outside your door, students can relish the local culture and amenities of this lively neighbourhood. For caffeine enthusiasts, Room 10, The Butler Potts Point, and Gypsy Espresso serve up your morning cup. At the same time, Cho Cho Shan offers the perfect ambience for an evening unwind. Culinary delights can be savored at Yellow Potts Point and Fratelli Paradiso. The convenience continues with Coles Express, Woolworths Potts Point and Harris Farm Markets for all your grocery needs.

Sydney offers a plethora of attractions and experiences beyond its renowned landmarks. For adventurous souls, the city boasts stunning national parks like the Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains, perfect for hiking, picnics, and wildlife encounters. Water enthusiasts can explore the thrilling rides at Wet'n'Wild Sydney or indulge in sea treks and scuba diving adventures along the coastline. Students seeking entertainment can immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife, with live shows at iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House and concert halls hosting world-class performances. Additionally, amusement parks like Luna Park offer thrilling rides and carnival games for an exciting day out. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or simply seeking a relaxing journey through picturesque landscapes, these train journeys offer a delightful way to explore the beauty of Sydney and its surrounding regions. One notable journey is the Blue Mountains Line, which takes travelers from Sydney's Central Station through picturesque landscapes to the stunning Blue Mountains region. Along the way, passengers can admire breathtaking views of lush valleys, towering cliffs, and cascading waterfalls. With its dynamic blend of culture, adventure, and entertainment, Sydney provides an unparalleled backdrop for students to enrich their academic journey with unforgettable experiences. Not to forget, Venus Hostel Potts Point, Sydney, also positions you within reach of esteemed educational institutions, including La Trobe University and Navitas English Sydney Hyde Park, among others. It's not simply accommodation; it's a launchpad to an enriching student life in Sydney. It makes Venus Hostel Potts Point, student accommodation in Sydney, so much more than a place to stay – it's where education meets lifestyle and convenience. Rest assured that your pursuit of knowledge will be complemented by a wealth of culture, entertainment, and convenience at Venus Hostel Potts Point, Sydney accommodation in Potts Point.


Getting around the city from Venus Hostel Potts Point, Sydney, is a breeze, thanks to its prime location. Conveniently situated for both local and wider travel, key bus stops, like Kings Cross Station, Darlinghurst Rd (Stand B), William St Before Dowling St, Bourke St at Charles St, and William St at Palmer St, and William St after Crown St, among others are within easy reach. The nearby train stops you can access from Venus Hostel Potts Point are Chatswood, North Ryde, Macquarie Park, and Macquarie University. The other options for commuting to your college and beyond are calling a private taxi, driving, walking, and cycling from Venus Hostels Potts Point, student accommodation in Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dual occupancy allowed, if yes what are the charges?


What does the room include?

Bedding (mattress, pillows, sheets, duvets), lockers, aircons.

Is parking available on site?


Upon checking out, do the students have to pay for departure cleaning?

No (if there is physical damage to the properties, yes).

Do you provide content insurance?


Is smoking allowed in the room or premises?

Smoking in the room or the premises is strictly prohibited (when found, they required to vacate the property).

What are the penalties for cancellation?


Is it possible to defer the move in date?

No (bookings are fixed, flexibility may be given when bookings are made 2 months or more in advance).

Are pets allowed on the property? If someone has "emotional support animals", can they bring it with them?

No pets are allowed.

Is there any charge for a Dependent stay?

No dependent stay charges is Required.
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Student Accomodations in Sydney

Sydney Student Accommodation

Finding quality student accommodation in Sydney can be a challenging task, but amber simplifies the search with its comprehensive housing market specifically for students. The advantages of choosing off-campus housing over on-campus student accommodation Sydney options are plentiful, offering more freedom, often larger living spaces, and the opportunity to immerse in the local Australian community. Amber serves as a vital resource in locating the perfect student housing Sydney choices, fitting within diverse preferences and lifestyles. It streamlines the process, facilitating students to find well-located housing close to educational institutions such as The College of Law, Central Queensland University, and the Australian Catholic University among others. From private studios to student apartments Sydney options, amber's range of room types ensures that every student finds their ideal home away from home. In terms of convenience and community, properties like Urbanest Darling House, Iglu Broadway, and many more are strategically situated, providing easy access to campus, public transport, and local entertainment hubs. With amber, securing your ideal Sydney student accommodation amid the vibrant culture and stunning surroundings of Sydney, New South Wales is just a few clicks away.

About Sydney

Immersed in a vibrant tapestry of culture, commerce, and natural beauty, Sydney stands as a bustling metropolis and a global icon of Australia. Renowned for its stunning harbourside location, the city’s rich history stretches back to its origins as a colonial settlement, evolving into a contemporary hub of activity that resonates with locals and visitors alike. Sydney's picturesque landscapes and iconic landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, have elevated it to the pinnacle of international fame. Home to a diverse student population, Sydney is celebrated for its dynamic educational landscape, hosting several prestigious institutions. Among these, The College of Law, Central Queensland University, Navitas English Sydney Hyde Park, International College of Management, and the Australian Catholic University are noteworthy for their academic excellence and comprehensive curricula. These educational institutions contribute significantly to the city's reputation as a centre for academic pursuit and innovation. Students seeking Sydney student accommodation will find a variety of options, ranging from shared apartments to private studios. Student accommodation Sydney properties in popular localities offer convenient access to university campuses and the city's eclectic mix of eateries, entertainment venues, and shopping districts—ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle for the scholarly community.

Best Student Accommodation Sydney

As students embark on their academic journey, finding the perfect off-campus student accommodation Sydney property becomes a priority. With the picturesque city vistas and vibrant campus life as the backdrop, independent living spaces ranging from ensuite rooms to studio apartments await the discerning student. Choosing to live off-campus in Sydney empowers students to foster independence, manage living expenses effectively, and immerse themselves in a lifestyle that syncs with their personal and academic needs. Sydney student accommodation listings, offered by amber, provide a diverse array of options tailored to match every preference, ensuring that students find a space they can call their own. Here are some of the top options for student accommodation in Sydney:

1. Venus Hostel Potts Point

2. Venus Surry Hills

3. Sydney Pod Hotels

4. Scape Mountain X

5. Scape Sydney Central

6. Scape Cleveland

7. Scape Darling Square

8. Scape Redfern

9. Y Suites on Gibbons

10. Y Suites on Regent

Cost of Living in Sydney

The cost of your student accommodation in Sydney for international students will likely be the largest of your expenses after your college tuition. Your cost of living greatly depends on your student accommodation Sydney rent, the location of your accommodation, and your personal preferences. To help plan out your budget and expenses, we have provided rough estimates of a few other mandatory costs you will have to bear while living as a student in the city. Most of these estimated prices will vary depending on personal preferences but are a helpful way to gauge how much you could be spending.

1. Food and Groceries: AU$60 - AU$110 per month

2. Transportation/Conveyance: AU$100 - AU$250 per month

3. Internet/Mobile Tariff/Electricity: AU$60 - AU$160 per month

4. Electricity/Gas: AU$140 - AU$200 per month

5. Clothing: AU$150 - AU$450 per month

6. Inexpensive Restaurant: AU$17 - AU$20 per meal

7. Mid-range Restaurant: AU$100 - AU$120 per meal

Student Travel Sydney

Finding the right accommodation in Sydney for international students is paramount, but equally important is easy access to efficient transport links. For students navigating Sydney, the city not only offers a myriad of student accommodation Sydney options, but also a robust, affordable, and accessible transport system. Whether you're rushing to a morning lecture or exploring the bustling city, Sydney's public transportation options connect you seamlessly to the vibrant student life. Here are the primary modes of travel available around your Sydney student accommodation:

1. Buses

Sydney's extensive bus network operates extensively throughout the city and its suburbs. Regular bus services are easily accessible from most accommodations in Sydney. Travel time and frequency vary depending on the route and time of day, but you can expect buses every 10-15 minutes during peak hours. The Opal card makes fare payment convenient, with a single trip within the city averaging around AUD $2.24 - $4.80 depending on the distance covered.

2. Metro

The Sydney Metro offers a fast and reliable way to travel, particularly useful for students living in accommodations further from the city centre. With a frequency of every 4 minutes during peak hours, you won’t find yourself waiting long. Fares start at AUD $3.61 and, like buses, are best paid through the Opal tap-on-tap-off system, offering discounts for frequent travel.

3. Cycling

For the environmentally conscious or fitness-focused student, cycling is another great option. Many areas in Sydney provide dedicated cycling paths, and with numerous bike-sharing services, getting a bike is easier than ever. This option costs you almost nothing, especially if riding your own bike, and gives you the freedom to move at your own pace.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Sydney

Diving into the tantalising world of Sydney, students can anticipate nothing short of a dynamic and enriching lifestyle within this bustling city. Nestled in the heart of Sydney's pulsating student districts, an array of popular hangout spots is scattered around, offering an eclectic mix catering to all tastes. For the caffeine enthusiasts, quaint cafes like The Grounds of Alexandria present a delightful space to unwind and study, being less than a 5-mile radiance from the central locality. Gastronomes can venture into budget-friendly restaurants like Spice Alley for a taste of Asia's finest, while The Rocks hosts a selection of rustic bars perfect for those weekend socials. Beyond the regular jaunt of food and drinks, Sydney's alluring scenery and recreational spaces such as the Royal Botanic Garden provide an idyllic escape from the busy city life. Students can also experience the thrill of arcade games at places like Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, which is always abuzz with youthful exuberance. The pulse of Sydney's student life is further quickened by a myriad of cultural festivities and music extravaganzas such as the celebrated Sydney Festival. All in all, student life in Sydney transcends the confines of academia. It is a holistic blend of comfort, convenience, and cultural effervescence. Whether it's the proximity to prestigious institutions or the colourful lifestyle that the city promises, student accommodation Sydney Australia properties ensure that your journey will be as vibrant and multifaceted as the city itself.

Sydney Tourist Attractions

Sydney boasts a plethora of captivating tourist attractions that draw visitors from around the globe. From iconic landmarks to natural wonders, the city offers something for everyone. Here are some of the most famous tourist attractions, that are easily accessible from your Sydney accommodation for international students:

1. Sydney Opera House

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. Bondi Beach

4. Taronga Zoo

5. Royal Botanic Garden

6. Darling Harbour

Universities in Sydney

Sydney is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world. Thousands of students come to Sydney every year to attend these universities to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies across disciplines. Here are some of the top universities in Sydney that offer an excellent quality of education and also offer a great student life on campus.

1. University of Sydney
2. University of New South Wales
3. Sydney University of Technology
4. Macquarie University
5. Western Sydney University
6. SAE Institute

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