Dubai is a perfect blend of cultures, vibrant heritage and a fascinating history. It is a global knowledge hub and an excellent place for the students who are interested in learning about other ways of life and meeting new friends from all over the world.There are lots of things that make Dubailand unique, let us tell you all about us!

Space to Grow  a programme designed to provide a series of learning and experience opportunities to optimise your lifestyle and success. Our student council help us shape this programme and provide continual feedback to our staff team. Workshops include cooking, debating and language lessons and the events programme includes cultural sharing like religious festivals, nationality evenings and international book club. Sports matches, career seminars and excursions are also part of the programme.

Shuttle-bus Service  We are committed to ensuring students can regularly travel between our Dubailand residence and their University as well as to key destinations in Dubai.

Our Residence  One of the best things about living at Uninest Student Residences, Dubailand is to mix with students from all over the world, who are attending other Universities in Dubai. This creates a warm, friendly and culturally diverse community.

Community Facilities

Security and CCTV
Car Parking
Study Room

Apartment Facilities



Twin En-Suite Room (7 Bed Room)AED50/week
Lease Duration44 month - 52 month
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Twin En-Suite Room (5 Bed Room)AED55/week
Lease Duration44 month - 52 month
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Twin En-Suite Room (4 Bed Room)AED56/week
Lease Duration44 month - 52 month
Single Standard En Suite RoomAED74/week
Lease Duration44 month - 52 month
Single Large En Suite RoomAED91/week
Lease Duration44 month - 52 month
Studio En Suite RoomAED100/month
Lease Duration44 month - 52 month
Twin En-Suite Room (3 Bed Room)Price on Request
Sold Out

Payment Details

Payment Plan:

AED 2,500 security deposit to secure your room.

First rental instalment of two months rent is due prior to arrival.

Following instalments depending on the tenancy contract are due by the 8th of the month.

Mode of Payment:

Pay using a debit card or a credit card online, over the phone or at the reception.

Or pay via easy bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tap water in Dubai safe for drinking?

The tap water in Dubai is not safe for drinking. You can either purchase a bottle of water from the reception (water dispensers are provided in the flats) or you can order water from supermarkets around.

How do I report maintenance?

You can report maintenance at the reception by completing one of our maintenance request forms.

Is there a washing machine or tumble dryer?

Every flat is equipped with a washing machine and a laundry room is available with more washers and dryers. These facilities are included in your rent

Can I keep a fridge in my room?

Yes.  Students in sharing en-suites must consult with roommates to make sure they are comfortable with it as well.

Can I personalise my room?

As long as you are able to return it to its original state upon check out.

Are pets allowed?

No. Due to allergies and health and safety issues, pets are not allowed at Dubailand.

Can I smoke or drink alcohol in my room?

No. Alcohol is strictly prohibited within the Dubailand building in line with UAE law. Uninest is a non-smoking building and smoking is only permitted outside in the designated smoking areas. In case of any of the policy breach, the contract can be terminated after a management review.

Is there a gym and swimming pool?

Yes, there is a communal gym and swimming pool in the building and these are available to all students. All facilities are included within the price of your room, therefore there are no additional charges. Our swimming pool area will always have a trained Lifeguard present during opening hours and there are also separate swimming times for males and females at certain points throughout the day.

What happens if in case of any major or minor maintenance issues?

Any maintenance problems should be reported to our Student Support Team at the reception. Your maintenance fault will be logged and our on-site Maintenance Team and we will try to resolve it within 24-48hrs, however in case of a major problem where we would have to involve external contractors the work might take longer to complete. In such situations, alternative arrangements are made for the students to avoid any inconvenience.

Are my guests allowed to stay in my room?

Uninest Student Residences is your home, so we welcome all our students guests to visit the Dubailand building. We offer 3 nights per month to each resident to host friends of the same gender to stay with them in the same room due to our apartments being segregated, however, permission will be required from the General Manager. Please contact our on-site Student Support Team for more details.

Can I bring my friends to the property?

Yes, we welcome guests to Dubailand. All visitors will be required to sign in and meet the security team before being allowed access to the building and residents are responsible for their guests behaviour.
All our apartments are segregated offering different living spaces for male and female students. Providing your friends are of the same gender, you are welcome to bring your friend to your apartment. We ask that out of courtesy for others sharing your apartment, that you ask them in advance if they are comfortable with visitors. 

Can I have a social event at Dubailand?

You can book the roof-terrace area or communal areas for special events such as birthdays, please note that this will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and needs to be agreed by the General Manager in advance. Guests are welcome, however, they must sign in and out at reception.

How do I travel to my university?

Dubailand is committed to ensuring students can regularly travel between Dubailand and their University as well as to key destinations in Dubai. We provide extensive transport coverage to all the major locations where Universities are located.
The shuttle bus service picks and drops students from the universities in areas like Dubai Academic City, Knowledge Park, Health Care City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay and Dubai Design District.  The cost is included in the rent. Please note that the shuttle bus route is provided where we have students moving in groups. For a university route which falls outside the prime academic zone, it is advisable to check with the team before booking.   
We endeavour to provide the following:
6 to 10 trips per day to all major University hubs in Dubai Sunday to Thursday
1 trip per evening to a one different mall
3 trips on weekends  (Friday and Saturday) to selected Dubai destinations such as Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, The Beach, Dubai Mall etc
1 trip on a Friday to the local mosque
It is important to note that the shuttle bus is not an on-demand taxi service and although we do our utmost to ensure a frequent a reliable service we must ensure that our drivers take regular breaks in order to keep our residents safe at all times. The shuttle bus schedule is planned with safety as the priority.

Is Dubailand located in a safe area?

Dubai as a whole is a very secure city to live in. Also at Dubailand, safety and security of all our residents is our key focus. Our residences have the latest security features and every student is provided with a personal access card and we make sure that only residents can access the building. All visitors to the building are required to sign in at the reception.
Dubailand is a safe, residential area and if you observe the usual personal safety protocol  and UAE lawl such as checking before crossing roads, not walking out alone late at night, not drinking in non designated areas,  informing reception where you are going and when you plan to be back etc then Dubailand does not expect any safety issues.

What do I bring with me when I move in?

All rooms are fully-furnished* with built-in wardrobes, beds, and study desk and storage. Therefore, there is no need for you to bring any furniture with you. However, you will need to bring your personal essential items for your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. See below for more details. You should also plan to bring items from home that will make you comfortable and happy such as photographs and items of sentimental value.
Many of our residents prefer to bring their own items from the home to make their Dubailand room really feel like a home away from home. However, for others, they prefer an out with the old and in with the new approach as they embark on this exciting stage in their life.
You can purchase basic bedding a pack for single rooms for AED 170. For a studio or double room for AED 370

Can I choose which room I live in within the residence?

Dependent on availability we try to take your choices into account but cannot guarantee your exact choice of room.

Do you allow couples?

We do not accept couples to live in the same apartment, however, they can book with us and stay in the flats allocated to males and females in adherence to UAE laws.

How do you decide who I live with?

Rooms are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Should you have preferences we would be happy to consider those on the application, however, meeting those expectations are based on availability at the time of booking.

Is there a discount for doing group bookings?

Our prices are pretty competitive and hence the discounts are not offered unless there is a corporate agreement in place for any University.

Can I live with my friends?

Yes; list your friends' names in the preferences section of your booking contract and we'll do our best to accommodate. However, please note that should the dates of the contract vary we are not obligated to keep the room empty till the arrival of your friend.
In case I cancel the contract before joining Dubailand can I claim for the full refund? Once payment is made or contract signed or booking form signed it is considered as an acceptance of the contract terms and conditions by the customer and hence our standard cancellation policy applies which is 1-month rent and security deposit withheld.

Can I cancel my contract and move out early?

Yes, we hold 1-month rent and the security deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

The Security Deposit together with 1 months rent is not refundable if the reservation is cancelled by the resident.

What if I dont pay?

A late payment fine of AED 500 will be imposed after the due date and security deposit would be adjusted against the outstanding payment.  After 15 days, the resident may face eviction followed by legal action in accordance with your contract.

How can I find out how much I owe?

Your instalments and due dates will be on your contract.  If you are confused at any time to what you owe, anyone of our team members can help you know your balance.

Can I change my rent instalment plan?

Yes, contact any of the Residents Assistants for adjustment of your instalment plan. The change in instalment plan is subject to approval from the management team, reviewed on a case by case basis.

How can I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent by cash, credit card, bank transfer, or local cheque.

Whats not included in my rent?

Food! Linens, crockery and personal consumable items

Whats included in my rent?

Your fabulous en-suite room, all bills, utilities (including wifi), facilities, cleaning, and transportation.

What is the damage deposit for?

This amount is a refundable deposit, taken to cover any possible damages caused within the property taking into consideration wear and tear, or any fines incurred under the behavioural policy during your tenancy period.  If the resident at check out has any outstanding payments, the security deposit will be taken against the payment due.

What is the payment plan for rent?

AED 2,500 security deposit to secure your room.
First rental instalment of two months rent is due prior to arrival.
Following instalments depending on the tenancy contract are due by the 8th of the month.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, our lowest payment plan option is on a bi-monthly basis. However, 5% discount is offered on full payment on long term contracts.

Do I need to have a UAE guarantor?

No, your guarantor can be internationally based but proper contact details are required with a valid photo ID.

Can I sublet my room for the summer?

We do not allow students to sublet their rooms.

Do you provide summer accommodation?

Yes, Dubailand Student Residences is operational 365 days a year. Various promotional discounts and bookings less than a month are offered during a summer stay. Get in touch for more information. 

What are your contract lengths?

Minimum tenancy is one month. Any contract booked below 4 months would not be eligible for any promotions and will incur 5% VAT.

Can I live in your residence?

You must be a full/part-time student or intern, 18 years or older to move in. You can book with us whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer, however, please be aware of our cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not be confirmed yet.

What will I be shown on my viewing?

All social spaces, including the pool, gym, study room, TV lounge, terrace and games room. You will also view our different room options.

How long does a viewing take?

A viewing will take approximately 30 minutes.

Can I book a room without viewing?

Yes, of course, you dont need to view a room to book. The room pricing list, images and facilities are mentioned on the website. You can send us your booking request for online.

How do I cancel or re-arrange my viewing?

Give us a call, send an e-mail, or a WhatsApp message

How do I book a viewing?

You can book viewing by calling, sending an email or a WhatsApp message. Viewings are available between 8:30pm - 9:30 Sunday-Thursday and 10am-8pm Friday/Saturday.
You can arrange an online viewing or by walking in between the designated hours.
How can I contact you? We are available by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail and webchat every day until 10pm.
Phone: +971 4 453 6018 WhatsApp: +971 50 409 0494 Toll Free Number: 800 864 6378 Duty Ph Number: +971524477191 E-mail:

How do I get to you?

By Taxi The nearest landmark to our building is Sky Court Towers on Al-Ain road, when on the Dubai Al Ain highway going toward Jebel Ali E 44 towards Al Ruwwaiyah / Al Ain take E 16 (D54) towards Dubailand. From Sky Court Towers, you will be able to spot Uninest behind the yellow Al Sondos buildings and next to the Armada hotel.
By Metro Take the train to Business Bay or Rashidiya metro station. Uninest is equally distant from both stations, and from there you can catch a taxi and direct him to Sky Court Towers on Al-Ain road.