If you have been accepted for a course at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) congratulations to you! There will be so much for you to look forward to including new friends, challenging uni assignments, and of course lots of social events. Make most out of your time at UNSW by choosing to stay at UNSW Village. This is on-campus student accommodation that offers not just proximity to your classes, but also support and assistance to all student residents when required. Through social events and educational workshops, you will be able to make strong bonds and unforgettable memories with other residents here. 

Community Facilities

Communal Kitchen
Swimming Pool

Apartment Facilities

Fridge And Freezer
Desk in Room


7 Bedroom Apartment AU$311 - AU$356/week


16 weekAU$356/week
20 weekAU$356/week
32 weekAU$346/week
32 weekAU$346/week
48 weekAU$336/week
52 weekAU$311/week
6 Bedroom Apartment AU$316 - AU$363/week


16 weekAU$363/week
20 weekAU$363/week
32 weekAU$352/week
32 weekAU$352/week
48 weekAU$342/week
52 weekAU$316/week
5 Bedroom Apartment AU$322 - AU$369/week


16 weekAU$369/week
20 weekAU$369/week
31 weekAU$358/week
35 weekAU$358/week
48 weekAU$348/week
52 weekAU$322/week
4 Bedroom Apartment AU$327 - AU$354/week


48 weekAU$354/week
52 weekAU$327/week
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3 Bedroom Apartment AU$338 - AU$366/week


48 weekAU$366/week
52 weekAU$338/week
2 Bedroom Apartment AU$348 - AU$377/week


48 weekAU$377/week
52 weekAU$348/week
Studio Apartment SmallAU$419 - AU$453/week


48 weekAU$453/week
52 weekAU$419/week
Studio Apartment AU$430 - AU$465/week


48 weekAU$465/week
52 weekAU$430/week
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Studio Apartment Premium AU$451 - AU$489/week


20 weekAU$489/week
48 weekAU$451/week
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1 Bedroom Apartment Large AU$462 - AU$616/week


48 weekAU$616/week
48 weekAU$500/week
52 weekAU$569/week
52 weekAU$462/week
1 Bedroom Apartment Premium AU$479 - AU$639/week


48 weekAU$518/week
48 weekAU$639/week
52 weekAU$479/week
52 weekAU$589/week
1 Bedroom Apartment Large Premium AU$489 - AU$652/week


30 weekAU$652/week
48 weekAU$529/week
52 weekAU$652/week
52 weekAU$489/week
52 weekAU$602/week
Studio Apartment Accessible Sold OutAU$453/week
1 Bedroom Apartment Sold OutAU$489/week

Booking Details


After paying the application fee during the initial steps, if you receive an invitation of accommodation for UNSW Village, you will be required to pay two other fees to secure a room with us:

Security Deposit: this amounts to 4 weeks rent and is held over the course of your stay in case of damage to the room. Where applicable, this will be refunded at the end of your contract.

Annual Cleaning Fee: this is held over the course of your stay and used to clean your room once you depart the village.

For more information regarding fees, please visit our rooms and pricing page on the website,

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if i lose my key?

 It's important to make sure that you always know where your keys are. If you do misplace your room key, please note that there is a $330 cost to replace your bedroom door lock and key. This cost will be placed directly onto your account. If you have lost your swipe card, a temporary card can be provided during reception hours for a 1 hour period free of charge. Please note a $20 lost swipe key charge will be added to your account if the card is not returned during this time. If you are locked out after hours, either call the after hours number or press the red button on one of the blue communication poles in the village to call the duty manager/security. A $10 fee is placed on your account for lockouts after-hours. This must be paid within a week and we donate all lockout fees to a charity of your choice

Is there access to public transportation?

There easy access to bus routes which run all over Sydney. There are express buses which run directly from the university to the city only a short 2 minute walk from the village; and, there is quick access to buses running to Coogee beach and Bondi Junction. For more information, please visit the NSW transport website, for exact times and routes.

Am i able to leave my belongings in my room before my contract starts?

You will not be able to access your room or leave any belongings in the village before your contract starts.

Do i need to bring kitchen utilities, such as a kettle or toaster, with me?

The kitchens are already kitted out with basic amenities, such as the fridge and the microwave. However, you will need to supply your own utilities such as a toaster, kettle, and sandwich press for example. If you live in shared accommodation, you can always wait until you meet your roommates to organise a group shop to figure out what everyone has brought along with them.

Is the village secure?

The village is A+ security with a staff member or resident assistant on duty at all times in case of an emergency. 

What supermarkets are close by for me to purchase food?

There is a Coles and a Woolworths only a short 15 minute walk from campus at the Randwick shopping complex. There is also an IGA located on the campus, a quick 2 minute walk from the village. If you feel like treating yourself, there are also plenty of take-away joints and restaurants within walking distance of the Village centre. 

Is there internet access?

high speed wireless internet is provided

What is the security deposit?

If you receive an offer of accommodation from the Village, a refundable security deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rent is payable by you to confirm your accommodation.

How do i know my application is approved?

If you are successful, you will receive a letter of offer to stay at the village via email. Please note, an offer can only be sent if all steps of the application process are complete, including application fee payment.