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Welcome to Cardiff!  

Are you looking for somewhere spacious to stay, with plenty of room for everyone?   Once you access the apartment building, you have to go up the staircase on the right side is flat 3.  On your left is bedroom 1, a double bedroom with drawers and a wardrobe. Next is the door, in front of you, is the bathroom. Newly refurbished and freshly cleaned. If you go right from the front door, you will find the second bedroom.   And at the end of the corridor, you'll find the living room, kitchen and dining room all in a single plot.  

You will be benefiting from:  

Free Wifi 

Fully Equipped Kitchen 

Fresh Towels and Toiletries 

Tea, Coffee and Biscuits provided  



Free Cleaning

Free Towel and linen cleaning

Free Final cleaning

Community Amenities

Self check-in
Enhanced cleaning
Regular cleaning
Washing machine

Apartment Amenities

Smart TV
Towels and sheets
Additional bed
Hygiene utensils
Work Desk
Cooking Utensils
Microwave Oven

Property Rules

No pets allowed
No smoking allowed


2 BR 1 BFrom £554/week
Shared Bathroom
Shared Room
Shared Kitchen
Lease Duration4 week - 24 week
Available from26 Oct, 2024
Area700 sqft

Room Amenities

Double Bed
Shower and toilet
Balcony and Living Room
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Booking Details

Cancellation Policy :-

Free cancellation up to 30 days before the move-in date. 

Booking date-  Free cancellation

30 days before move-in date -You must pay 100% of the first month's rent.

Move-in date- Termination policy applies

Termination Policy:-

It is possible to terminate the contract during your stay with a 1 month notice period. 

Payment Details

Payment Info:-

Pay Deposit and any other required to secure your room.

Security Deposit:- GBP 400.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Property provide an insurance?

As an additional service, they are working together with the AXA insurance company. Together with them they managed to set up different packages that are relevant for the furnished lease. As a tenant you have the opportunity to book those packages for your stay.

My credit card payment failed, what happened?

After real-time verification of your credit card number by payment provider Stripe, it may happen that a payment is not successful. The most common cause is unintentionally entering incorrect credit card information. If you can rule this out, it is likely that your bank has declined the charge. Check whether your credit card is activated for international payments and internet transactions. Exceeding your credit card limit can also be the reason for a declined payment. If your credit card is declined, please contact your bank to request information. You will usually find a service number on the back of your credit card.

Do I get an invoice for my payments?

Please contact your Property if you require an invoice for your rental payments, deposit payment etc. Your Property  will be able to provide these documents for you.

When will I receive my deposit back after I moved-out?

Deposit reimbursement times can vary from Property to Property , depending on individual policy. For short-term rentals, deposits are usually refunded once the Property has had a reasonable amount of time to inspect the apartment for damages. Deposit reimbursement will generally take longer in cases where damage has been reported to an apartment.