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Student One Wharf Street, Brisbane

Wharf St, Brisbane City
0.5 mi from City Center( 11m. 7m. 9m)
dual occupancy
swimming pool
Sky Lounge
games areas
8 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$299/ week

Student One Adelaide Street, Brisbane

Adelaide St, Brisbane City
0.5 mi from City Center( 12m. 6m. 9m)
dual occupancy
laundry facility
8 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$229/ week
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Student One Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

Elizabeth St, Brisbane City
0.2 mi from City Center( 4m. 4m. 2m)
bills included
game room
8 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$289/ week

UniLodge Herston, Brisbane

Bramston Terrace, Herston
1.9 mi from City Center( 40m. 13m. 12m)
dual occupancy
Car Parking
Study Room
25 Room Options
7 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$199/ week

Scape Tribune, Brisbane

Tribune St, South Brisbane
1.2 mi from City Center( 24m. 6m. 9m)
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
laundry facility
8 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From AU$259/ week

UniLodge South Bank, Brisbane

Colchester St, South Brisbane
1.2 mi from City Center( 24m. 6m. 10m)
dual occupancy
Vending machines
Exercise gym
13 Room Options
6 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$269/ week
Upto £250 Cashback

Scape Merivale, Brisbane

Merivale St, South Brisbane
1.1 mi from City Center( 23m. 8m. 9m)
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
laundry facility
study area
16 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$299/ week

Scape Regent, Brisbane

Regent St, Woolloongabba
2.8 mi from City Center( 56m. 15m. 7m)
Taking 2023 Bookings-Enquire!
bills included
study area
10 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From AU$249/ week

UniLodge Park Central, Brisbane

Gillingham St, Woolloongabba
2.8 mi from City Center( 58m. 14m. 10m)
dual occupancy
Study Rooms
Car Parking
19 Room Options
7 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$299/ week
Upto £10 Cashback

Iglu Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Blamey St, Kelvin Grove
1.5 mi from City Center( 31m. 16m. 9m)
Study Spaces
laundry facility
4 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
From AU$369/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of accommodation in Brisbane?

The average cost of accommodation in Brisbane varies. On-campus accommodations typically range from AUD 250 to AUD 450 per week, while off-campus student accommodation Brisbane options might range from AUD 200 to AUD 400 per week. Prices can vary based on location and amenities.

How can I find student accommodation Brisbane options?

You can find the best student accommodation Brisbane choices through university housing services, online platforms like amber, and specialised student accommodation providers. Starting your search early and comparing different options can help you find the best deal.

What are the best areas to live in Brisbane for students?

Popular student areas in Brisbane include St Lucia, Kelvin Grove, and South Bank. These neighbourhoods offer proximity to universities, vibrant social scenes, and excellent student accommodation Brisbane options.

Are there student accommodation Brisbane properties that offer meal plans?

Yes, some student accommodation Brisbane properties offer meal plans as well.

What facilities are typically included in student accommodation Brisbane properties?

Typical facilities include fully furnished rooms, Wi-Fi, study areas, communal kitchens, laundry facilities, and social spaces. Some of the best student accommodation Brisbane options also offer gyms, swimming pools, and organised social events to enhance the student experience.

Can I get short-term student accommodation Brisbane contracts?

Yes, many providers offer short-term student accommodation Brisbane options. These are suitable for students attending summer courses, exchange programs, or those who need temporary housing before securing long-term accommodation.

How safe is accommodation in Brisbane?

Student accommodation in Brisbane properties prioritise safety with features like secure entry systems, CCTV, on-site security personnel, and 24/7 support services. Choosing reputable and well-reviewed accommodations can ensure a safe living environment.

What is the process for booking student accommodation Brisbane properties?

The booking process typically involves selecting your preferred student accommodation Brisbane property, submitting an online application, providing necessary documentation, and making a deposit payment. Some providers may also require a guarantor to complete the booking.

Are utility bills included in the rent for student accommodation in Brisbane?

This depends on the accommodation provider. Many student accommodation Brisbane choices include utility bills (electricity, water, internet) in the rent, while others may charge these separately. Clarifying this before signing a rental agreement is essential.

How can international students secure accommodation in Brisbane?

International students can secure excellent student accommodation Brisbane options by applying through university housing services or using trusted student accommodation websites like amber.

Student Accomodations in Brisbane

Brisbane Student Accommodation

Discovering the right Brisbane student accommodation is an essential part of the university experience. Whether you're just starting your academic journey or are continuing it, finding a comfortable and convenient place to live can significantly impact your student life. Amber simplifies this process with its dedicated website.

Off-campus student accommodation Brisbane City options offer distinct advantages over on-campus options, including more independence, a wider range of living environments, and often more competitive pricing. Amber's role is to help you navigate through these choices by providing a variety of room types and locations that cater to different needs. From shared apartments to studio flats, you'll find student accommodation Brisbane options close to major educational institutions such as Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus), Central Queensland University, SAE Institute, and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

With amber, students can also expect a host of amenities designed to facilitate a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Select properties in prime locations around Brisbane, offer several amenities - all conducive to both study and socialising. Choosing Brisbane student accommodation through amber ensures that your student housing needs are met with just a few clicks. Some of the best properties include UniLodge Herston, Scape Tribune, Student One Adelaide Street, and many more.

About Brisbane

Located on the banks of the meandering Brisbane River, Brisbane, the vibrant capital of Queensland, Australia, is not only a cultural melting pot but also a safety haven for its bustling student community. Boasting a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary allure, this metropolis offers an array of activities for students beyond its renowned universities. With a focus on safety, Brisbane ranks among the safest cities globally, ensuring peace of mind for residents and students alike. Its well-connected public transportation system and pedestrian-friendly streets make exploring the city a breeze, day or night.

Brisbane boasts several prestigious institutions as a centre for higher education. Creative minds also find their place at the SAE Institute, while those in pursuit of a comprehensive educational experience can weigh the offerings at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Students seeking student accommodation Brisbane options have the choice of various neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm. From the trendy cafes and shops of South Bank to the bustling nightlife of Fortitude Valley, there's a precinct to suit every preference and lifestyle. With a comprehensive transport network and abundant green spaces, this city truly embraces its student population, offering them a wide range of opportunities to study, explore and grow in a supportive environment. As a gateway to a memorable educational journey, discovering the perfect Brisbane student accommodation through amber is just the beginning of what could be the most enriching chapter of a student's life.

Best Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Relocating to Brisbane for educational opportunities comes with the thrilling prospect of finding the perfect student accommodation in Australia. Brisbane student accommodation options are diverse, offering budget-friendly rooms with a vibrant community feel that can make your study experience unforgettable. With various types of residences, including ensuite rooms, student areas, studio apartments, and more, students can make the most of their university life in Brisbane. These properties offer a mix of amenities where students can connect and thrive. Here are some of the top-rated choices for student accommodation in Brisbane:

1. Iglu Brisbane City

2. Scape St Lucia

3. Scape Toowong

4. Scape Merivale

5. Scape Regent

6. UniLodge South Bank

7. Iglu Kelvin Grove

8. UniLodge Student Living - Shafston

9. UniLodge Park Central

10. Student One Elizabeth Street

Cost of living in Brisbane

Understanding the cost of living in Brisbane is crucial for students planning their finances to ensure a comfortable lifestyle while studying. On average, students in Brisbane can expect a cumulative monthly cost of living between AUD$1,400 and AUD$2,500. Knowledge of Brisbane's living expenses empowers students to budget accordingly and make informed decisions about their student accommodation in Brisbane, overall costs, and daily expenses.

1. Food & Groceries - A$400-A$450 per month

2. Transportation - A$100-A$150 per month

3. Utilities - A$200-A$250 per month

4. Clothing - A$100-A$150 per month

5. Sports & Leisure - A$200-A$250 per month

Student travel Brisbane

Finding suitable student accommodation in Brisbane is crucial for ensuring a comfortable study experience, and a big part of that is the ease of travel to and from the university. The student apartments Brisbane options provide a range of public transport options for students, making commuting effortless and cost-effective. Below is a summary of the transport means available to students residing in student accommodation Brisbane City properties:

1. Buses

Brisbane's extensive bus network caters to students' needs, with frequent services covering the entire city. The typical fare starts at approximately A$3.31  for a single-zone adult journey, with prices varying according to the number of zones traversed. Students can take advantage of the Go card, as it offers discounted fares and the convenience of tap-on and tap-off travel.

2. Cycling

Brisbane is known for its bike-friendly routes, and cycling can be an incredibly efficient and cost-effective way to get around for students. It's free, and with dedicated bike lanes and paths, it's also a healthy and green alternative. Also, most student accommodation Brisbane properties also come with secure bike/cycle storage facilities for added convenience.

3. Trains

The city's train network has stations conveniently located throughout the city, which are easily accessible from various student accommodation in Brisbane options. Train fares are similar to bus fares and can be paid using the same Go card. A single-zone adult ticket costs about A$3.31 and fares go up as you travel through more zones.

4. Ferries

The CityCat and ferry services are an enjoyable way to travel across Brisbane's riverside locations. These services are frequent and can be a scenic route to and from university campuses from your student accommodation in Brisbane. Fares range from A$3.31 to A$5.84 for a single adult trip, depending on the number of zones.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland's sunny capital, not only shines with its warm climate but also with its warm welcome to students from around the globe. For those seeking Brisbane student accommodation, one can anticipate a life that blends academia with the quintessential Aussie lifestyle. The city is safe and laid-back, perfect for student apartments in Brisbane, reflecting an ambience that is conducive to studying and living a balanced life. Known for its vibrant culture and sophisticated urban spaces, Brisbane boasts a plethora of hotspots where students often congregate. The West End, just a small car ride from the Queensland University of Technology's Kelvin Grove Campus, is famed for its eclectic eateries and coffee houses that serve as a second home to many a scholar. For those looking for a green retreat, the South Bank Parklands present a lush landscape along the river, perfect for picnics, jogging, or a quiet read. Brisbane is a city that always seems to be celebrating something, often hosting a slew of events that cater to a diverse range of interests. Music festivals are a regular affair, echoing through venues like The Tivoli and The Zoo, offering students a musical escape from their study routines. For art enthusiasts, The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) curates exhibitions that inspire and captivate creative minds. Brisbane student apartments are designed with student needs in mind, ensuring that comfort and convenience are not compromised.

Brisbane Tourist Attractions

Brisbane is home to some of the finest tourist attractions in the city. Well, to rejuvenate and refresh, students can spend some time visiting these beautiful places from their Brisbane student accommodation. Some of the tourist attractions in the city are:

1. Story Bridge

2. Opal Museum

3. Suncorp Stadium

4. Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane

5. Boggo Road Gaol

6. Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

7. Brisbane Powerhouse

Universities in Brisbane

Brisbane, a dynamic and vibrant city in Australia, is renowned for hosting some of the most esteemed and reputable universities. Here are some of the top universities near most student housing Brisbane options:

1.  Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus)

2. Central Queensland University

3. SAE Institute

4. University of the Sunshine Coast

5. Central Queensland University - Brisbane

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