Student Accommodations near Bournemouth University(Talbot Campus), Bournemouth

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17a Christchurch Road, Bournemouth

Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth
( 53m. 22m. 9m)
16 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Games Area
Study Area
Fitness Suite
Communal lounge
Communal Lounge
Rooftop Gardens
laundry facility
Lifts To All Floors
Social Calendar Of Events
Onsite Recycling Facilities
Outdoor Courtyard & Garden Space
Free Wi-Fi & Wired Internet (100Mb)
Wheelchair Accessible Rooms Available
Laundry Room With Washing And Drying Facilities
From £213/ week

St Peter’s Hall, Bournemouth

Hinton Rd, Bournemouth
( 53m. 20m. 12m)
12 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
Cinema Room
Cinema Room
bills included
Free On-Site Gym
Free On-Site Gym
Modern Communal Area
Up to 100 Mbps* Free Wi-Fi and Broadband
From £263/ week
Student's Choice

Oxford Point, Bournemouth

Oxford Rd, Bournemouth
( 52m. 21m. 8m)
11 Room Options
5 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
study area
Games Area
Study Rooms
bills included
Table Football
laundry facility
Master the Art of Pool
From £209/ week

Yugo Belaton House, Bournemouth

Holdenhurst Rd, Bournemouth
( 48m. 20m. 9m)
6 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
study area
Study Room
Cinema Room
Cinema Room
Common Room
Laundry room
Laundry room
Bike storage
Communal spaces
Wellbeing events
Content Insurance
Outdoor Games Area
Rooms for everyone
On-site maintenance
Post and parcel service
From £206/ week

Skyline, Bournemouth

Oxford Rd, Bournemouth
( 41m. 18m. 9m)
21 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Sky Lounge
Games Area
Cinema Room
Cinema Room
Virtual Gym
Roof Terrace
Security Team
Vending Machine
Residents' Events
Wi-Fi & Broadband
From £215/ week

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Mercury House, Bournemouth

St Peter's Rd, Bournemouth
( 50m. 24m. 8m)
5 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Pool Table
Communal TV
Bike Storage
Bike Storage
Laundry Room
Table Football
Disabled Access
Communal Lounge
Vending Machine
Central Heating
laundry facility
Central Location
Onsite Maintenance
Up To 100Mbps* Internet
From £255/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you start looking for Bournemouth University student accommodation?

It's best to start your hunt for Bournemouth University student accommodation as soon as possible to ensure you find a stay that fits all your needs and is budget-friendly. Usually, six months before is the ideal time to book your accommodation in Bournemouth. Amber will help you with the paperwork about the place, the amenities offered, and the location and proximity to your university.

What should I keep in mind while booking accommodation in Bournemouth?

Consider the following things while looking at the off-campus accommodation in Bournemouth with amber.

  • Number of people you want to live with
  • Housing-catered or self-catered
  • En-suite or studio
  • Single or double bed
  • Room size
  • Budget
  • Off-campus accommodation
  • Any additional facilities

How can a student rent Bournemouth student housing?

Select, pay, and book. After you shortlist from our catalogue of more than 5000+ options for Bournemouth student housing, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. You can contact us further for any queries and guidance, and we will be happy to assist you.

What is the cost of living for students at Bournemouth University accommodation?

Several factors, such as room amenities and facilities offered, decide the rent, location being one of the essential aspects. The average cost of living at Bournemouth University accommodation ranges between $600 to $800 per month.

Which are the best student places for Bournemouth University student housing?

The city has everything a student needs; no matter where you live in Bournemouth student housing, you will enjoy all that the city has to offer. Bournemouth Beach, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, and Bournemouth Pier are some of the most popular and affordable places. Do keep in mind to consider your commute to universities and budget to decide what’s best for you.

How much money will I spend on bills in Bournemouth University student accommodation?

Your expenses depend on the Bournemouth University student accommodation you rent, but most of our student properties have bills included, so you will only have to pay the rent. The bills include WiFi, amenities, and other shared spaces. You can reach out to the amber team to clear your doubts. 

How do I pay rent for accommodation in Bournemouth?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay rent for accommodation in Bournemouth via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I get discounts for Bournemouth student housing?

Yes, students who book early often earn good discounts and pay rent at a significantly discounted rate for their Bournemouth student housing. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Can I view my Bournemouth University student housing before booking?

Yes. If you wish to schedule a viewing before booking Bournemouth University student housing, contact our booking experts, and amber will arrange a virtual tour for you.

Can I get discounts for Bournemouth University student accommodation?

You can avail of generous discounts for accommodation in Bournemouth by booking earlier. Even group bookings for Bournemouth student housing can help you earn discounts.

Student Accomodations in Bournemouth University(Talbot Campus), Bournemouth

Student Accommodation Near Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Accommodation in Bournemouth can become a hard job, especially while studying. However, with Bournemouth University student accommodation, there's a diverse array of choices to cater to every student's needs. From cozy shared apartments to private studios, there's something for everyone. However, the popularity of on-campus accommodations often means they fill up rapidly, leaving many students searching for off-campus alternatives.

That's where amber steps in as your trusted ally. We provide an extensive list of off-campus accommodations in Bournemouth, offering many options near Bournemouth University. Our platform allows you to explore various properties, including options like 17a Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, and Lulworth House, Bournemouth, all conveniently located for easy access to the campus. We offer comprehensive assistance throughout your accommodation journey for Bournemouth student housing. Our experienced team helps you navigate the paperwork, understand the amenities, and select the perfect location to ensure a smooth transition into your new Bournemouth student housing. Thus, with the high demand for on-campus accommodation in Bournemouth, it's wise to explore off-campus options like those provided by amber. Our extensive listings and dedicated team make it easier for you to secure the ideal student Bournemouth University student housing, ensuring your academic journey is both comfortable and successful.

About the Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Bournemouth University's journey into modernity traces back to the early 1970s when it emerged as the Bournemouth College of Technology. During this period, new structures were erected on the vast expanse of what was once the largest farm in Talbot Village. Today, this area stands as the renowned Talbot Campus, a testament to the institution's evolution. Fast forward to the present, Bournemouth University stands proud, offering an impressive array of nearly 140 undergraduate degrees and over 100 Master's degrees.

In the global academic landscape, the university consistently ranks between 731 and 740 in the QS World University Rankings, solidifying its position as a respected institution for higher education. The university's commitment to inclusivity and gender equality is evident in its accolades. In 2019, BU was honored with a bronze Athena SWAN award, recognizing its dedication to improving gender equality in higher education. Furthermore, it earned the distinction of becoming a Stonewall Diversity Champion, underscoring its inclusive ethos. Bournemouth University's Talbot Campus is celebrated for its extensive academic facilities, encompassing lecture theaters, seminar rooms, and specialized labs, such as those dedicated to forensics and genetics. High-tech studios and computer labs further enrich the learning environment. It boasts an impressive employability rate of 90%, a testament to its commitment to preparing students for successful careers. It's an institution that has evolved significantly from its modest beginnings, now firmly established as a leading hub for education and innovation.

Best Student Accommodation near Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Finding the right Bournemouth University student accommodation is a crucial part of the college experience. It can significantly impact a student's well-being, academic performance, and satisfaction with their university journey. Location, budget, facilities, and roommates are vital in this decision-making process for Bournemouth University student accommodation. With the wide array of choices available for Bournemouth student housing, evaluating these variables carefully is essential. That's where amber comes in. We simplify the accommodation-hunting process for Bournemouth University student housing, helping students find the perfect place to call home during their academic years.

17a Christchurch Road, Bournemouth:

Located at 17a Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, this Bournemouth University student housing offers a range of studios and en-suite rooms designed for maximum comfort. Students can unwind in the common room, socialize with peers, or enjoy the games room with a pool table for fun and relaxation. With top-notch security features like CCTV and a fob entry system, safety is a priority at Bournemouth University student accommodation. The friendly on-site maintenance team is always ready to assist, ensuring a comfortable stay at Bournemouth University student accommodation. Plus, utility bills, including water, heating, and electricity, are all included in the rent, making budgeting a breeze.

Lulworth House, Bournemouth:

Lulworth House in Bournemouth provides well-appointed rooms with comfortable beds, ample workspace, under-bed storage, and private bathrooms. If you prefer more privacy, the studio option is available at Bournemouth University student accommodation. Residents can enjoy free high-speed WiFi, laundry facilities, access to a gym, and an on-site café. This Bournemouth student housing offers stunning sea views, adding to the appeal. Bournemouth student housing caters to the diverse needs of students, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay throughout their academic journey.

Cost of Living

Bournemouth offers a dynamic and vibrant student environment. While pursuing your education here, considering the cost of living, including accommodation in Bournemouth, is essential. Bournemouth University student accommodation provides various options, from on-campus residences to off-campus housing. Understanding these costs and choices is crucial to ensuring a comfortable and budget-friendly stay in this charming coastal town. Here is a breakdown-

  • Food and Groceries:  $508 per month
  • Electricity and Gas: $126 per month
  • Transportation: $81 per month
  • Internet: $44 per month
  • Miscellaneous: $42 per month

Student Travel near Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Nestled in Bournemouth, this university enjoys a strategic location that offers students exceptional travel accessibility near accommodation in Bournemouth. The city's robust public transportation system makes navigating Bournemouth student housing and its surroundings incredibly convenient for students. Bournemouth student housing offers students a blend of travel accessibility and comfortable living options. Students can easily explore the city with a well-connected bus network, convenient train stations, and a bicycle-friendly environment whilst staying at Bournemouth University student housing. Coupled with diverse and student-centric accommodation choices, staying at an accommodation in Bournemouth becomes an enriching and hassle-free experience.

  • Bus: Bournemouth has an extensive bus network, making it easy to get around Bournemouth student housing. The Bournemouth University (Stop G), Bournemouth University (Stop J), and Bournemouth University (Stop K) bus stops enable smooth travelling for Bournemouth University student accommodation. The cost of a weekly bus pass for adults typically ranges from $14 to $25, depending on the travel zones and duration.
  • Train: The city has good rail connectivity, and a weekly train pass for adults can range from $20 to $60, depending on the destination from Bournemouth student housing. Some of them are- Branksome, Bournemouth, and Parkstone, offering hassle-free travelling for student accommodation in Bournemouth.
  • Bicycle: Bournemouth offers a bicycle-friendly environment with dedicated lanes like Bourne Valley Greenway, New Forest Rides, and Skyride for accommodation in Bournemouth. While there isn't a specific weekly cost for bicycle use, you can rent bikes from $3 to $5 per day through various providers at accommodation in Bournemouth.

Travel cards like the 'Key Card' or 'Breezer Card' are often available for discounted travel on buses for Bournemouth student housing. These cards can provide cost-effective options for commuters and students, including those residing in Bournemouth University student accommodation.

Student Life at Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Bournemouth University provides a vibrant student life enriched by its diverse culture. The Student Union (SUBU) enhances students' experiences by offering over 100 clubs and societies. If you can't find one that suits you, SUBU assists in creating your own. The union even boasts the Old Fire Station nightclub, perfect for club and society events. Dylan's Bar & Kitchen at Talbot Campus is a favorite for a more relaxed atmosphere. The Student Shop also provides snacks, merchandise, and study essentials, with profits reinvested into SUBU. The academic year culminates in the country's largest Summer Ball, attended by 5,000 students in elaborate costumes.

Around Bournemouth University, you'll discover fantastic chill spots and dining experiences. Restaurants like Dylan's Kitchen, La Stalla, and Ristorante Barolo offer culinary delights. If you're in the mood for clubbing, check out The Vault Nightclub Bournemouth, Talbot Rise Club, or The Vibe Night Club, all close to Bournemouth University student accommodation. Bournemouth University, near Bournemouth student housing, is not just about academics; it's about crafting a well-rounded student life. The university welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, encouraging involvement in various aspects of campus life. Whether you prefer active engagement or a more relaxed approach, Bournemouth University has something for everyone, ensuring your university experience is unforgettable.

For accommodation, Bournemouth University student housing provides a range of options, making it easier for students to find suitable places to stay. The university's commitment to a diverse and enriching student life extends to the available accommodation in Bournemouth choices, ensuring students can fully immerse themselves in their academic journey while enjoying everything this vibrant city offers.

Tourist Attractions near Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Bournemouth is a coastal gem along England's southern coast, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant tourist attractions. Students can reside in Bournemouth student housing, where seaside charm meets academic excellence. Explore attractions like:

  1. Bournemouth Beach
  2. Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum
  3. Bournemouth Pier
  4. Lower Gardens
  5. Oceanarium, The Bournemouth Aquarium
  6. Bournemouth Pier
  7. Bournemouth International Centre
  8. O2 Academy Bournemouth

Courses at Bournemouth University (Talbot Campus)

Bournemouth University offers a diverse range of courses to suit various academic interests, such as-

  1. Accounting, Finance & Economics
  2. Archaeology & Anthropology
  3. Business & Management
  4. Computer Animation, Games & Visual Effects
  5. Computing & Informatics
  6. Design & Engineering
  7. Health & Social Care

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