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Londonist Hackney Wick Park, London

Stour Rd, London
2.6 mi from City Center( 58m. 33m. 14m)
study area
bills included
laundry facility
2 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £350/ week
Amber Exclusive

Peckham, London

Old Kent Rd, London
3.1 mi from City Center( 1h 9m. 41m. 16m)
cinema room
rooftop terrace
2 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
From £200/ week
Student's Choice

London Nest Don Gratton House, London

Old Montague St, London
1.4 mi from City Center( 32m. 19m. 9m)
laundry facility
Common Room
Bike storage
2 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £349/ week

Mannequin House, London

Blackhorse Ln, London
6.5 mi from City Center( 2h 24m. 36m. 30m)
bills included
laundry facility
game room
15 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £319/ week

Canvas Walthamstow, London

Forest Rd, London
6.5 mi from City Center( 2h 24m. 1h 17m. 30m)
study area
25 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £330/ week
Upto £500 Cashback

iQ Will Wyatt Court, London

Pitfield St, London
2.9 mi from City Center( 1h 6m. 37m. 17m)
bills included
laundry facility
Outdoor Courtyard
8 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
From £334/ week

Chapter Old Street, London

Paul St, London
2.5 mi from City Center( 51m. 35m. 17m)
bills included
Games Area
laundry facility
34 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £379/ week
Top Rated

Vita Student Lewisham Exchange, London

Loampit Vale, London
4.6 mi from City Center( 1h 43m. 23m. 20m)
study area
7 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £423/ week

Chapter Aldgate, London

Commercial Rd, London
1.4 mi from City Center( 28m. 9m. 6m)
bills included
laundry facility
41 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £319/ week

Chapter Spitalfields, London

Frying Pan Alley, London
1.9 mi from City Center( 40m. 26m. 12m)
dual occupancy
Onsite Gym
Karaoke Rooms
13 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £524/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get student accommodation close to Limehouse?

Yes, you can get student accommodation close to Limehouse. We provide many student accommodation options near the university. Scroll up and keep browsing. For further queries, you can contact us

Which are the best areas for student accommodation in Limehouse?

The best student accommodations in Limehouse for pupils studying in London are Mile End, Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs, which provide excellent facilities. However, consider the commute and budget before booking and book whatever is best for you.  

When should I book my student accommodation in Limehouse for the September intake at the university?

Suppose you plan to come for the September intake in Limehouse. In that case, by February, you should start looking for student accommodation near the institute at the earliest. To check out further details, contact us.  

What is the most affordable student accommodation in Limehouse?

Belsize House is Limehouse's most affordable and pocket-friendly student accommodation. It costs around  $102 per week and provides basic living facilities.  

What is the cost of a student room? Is it affordable to rent a student accommodation in Limehouse?

Several factors determine the rent of a student room, and one of the critical factors is the locality. The student rooms are available at an affordable price of £102/week to even an enormous  £2750/week. Apart from the location, the cost also depends on the amenities and perks the student accommodation gives. The rent will drastically decrease as you move further away from Limehouse

How do I pay for my student accommodation in Limehouse?

You can choose from multiple payment options in the student accommodation in Limehouse. They are net banking and debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I stay with my friends in the student accommodation in Limehouse?

Yes, you can do that. You can choose to share a flat with 1-6 other students or share a room with 1-3 other students.

Can I view the housing option before booking student accommodation in Limehouse?

Yes, for the virtual tour, you can contact us

Can I get discounts for student rooms in Limehouse?

Yes, you can get discounts if you book your student accommodation earlier. Cashbacks are also available on group bookings.  

Can a post-graduate get student accommodation in Limehouse?

Yes, all postgraduate students can rent accommodation in Limehouse.

Student Accomodations in Limehouse, London

Limehouse Student Accommodation

Sustaining a thriving population of various ethnicities, Limehouse is one of London’s oldest and most beautiful locations. The city area is best known for the number of students and travellers it welcomes. Being a famous city area, it has many student accommodation options that provide comfort and all the vintage living feels. The best part about the student housing in Limehouse provided by amber is that they are situated near many prestigious universities. They include Queen Mary University, UCL School of Management, University of Sunderland and Arden University.

You will never be disappointed when finding student accommodation in Limehouse because this locality has something for everyone. The town comprises private residence halls, studios, ensuites and private student rooms. They range from £102 per week to £2750 per week. It is much easier to book student accommodation in Limehouse than in any other student accommodation in London. Moreover, finding student accommodations in Limehouse for short-term tenancies is also easy. Amber provides you with smooth services every step of the way. Some famous private student residences that you will find here are Walmsley Studios, iQ The Arcade, Thane Villas, Harrington House Canary Wharf, Mannequin House, Newington Court, and Sandeman Allen House.

About Limehouse

Limehouse is a gorgeous town with a loving community, one of the oldest city areas in London. The city has a remarkable history that gives it an all-vintage feel. It is a beautiful area and London’s significant economic and cultural sector. Limehouse is a highly connected area close to many more popular locations, such as Croydon and Kingston upon Thames

When exploring the city, you will find that Limehouse’s architecture and buildings are influenced by historical warfare and a mixture of the early 19th and 20th centuries. The city welcomes more than 3,82,000 international students from all over the world. Students are attracted to this place mainly because of the career opportunities and a good lifestyle thrust it promises. 

Limehouse’s esteemed universities include the University of Greenwich and the University of Sunderland. These universities provide undergraduate, postgraduate and specialist degrees to students in various subjects, including science, engineering, fashion and arts. Moreover, there are many local attractions that you can enjoy visiting. They include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Trafalgar Square. 

Best Student Accommodation in Limehouse

There are several areas for student accommodation in Limehouse. Students can make their living experience a comfortable and luxurious one. The universities here have a lot of opportunities that students can make sure to grab. The areas in Limehouse are full of hip and lively vibes. Limehouse is home to many student accommodation options that provide exceptional services and a living environment. Some options to check out the private student accommodations in Limehouse are iQ Will Wyatt Court, Londonist The Curve, Clover Court and Cambric Apartments.

Cost of Living

The students living in London have to juggle many things while studying, such as part-time jobs, overtime work, tuition fees, accommodation costs, etc. Before they plan their budget for accommodation in Limehouse, they should go through the basic costs of living in England as a student. 

  1. Food and Groceries  £90-105 per month 
  2. Utilities  £100-130  per month
  3. Health £100-200 per month
  4. Transportation £100-107 per month
  5. Miscellaneous  £80-100 per month

Student Travel in Limehouse

One of the primary day-to-day activities of a student living in Limehouse is to travel. It can be from the student accommodation in Limehouse or around the university. Limehouse travel is easier than it seems, as the city has an excellent public transportation system. Public transport is the safest and most comfortable way to travel around. Being a full-time student or under 25, you can purchase a Railcard and get student discounts by saving one-third of the fare. For more information, check out the official rail website.


The public transport networks serving Limehouse are the Tube, DLR and London Overground


Buses run 24 hours a day in Limehouse. With several buses running up and down, students and staff can catch one from the central bus terminal near the city centre. For more information, browse here


Biking is an option that will never go wrong. It reduces harm to the environment by reducing local traffic and air congestion. For more information, browse here. An area like Bartlett Park is one exclusive place where you can enjoy cycling.  

Student Life in Limehouse

Limehouse provides a holistic experience to its students as one of the oldest and most gorgeous cities. People who want to achieve great heights and realise their dreams travel to come and study at prestigious universities in Limehouse. 

Student life in Limehouse is packed with fun, learning, global exposure and numerous opportunities. Again, to ensure that the student life is equal to amazing off-campus, we at amber make sure that you find the perfect student accommodation in Limehouse with enough ways to grow and learn. If you are a nature lover and want to relax and unwind after a long university day, check out Limehouse Park. 

To check out the nightlife in Limehouse, visit The Victoria Pub. If you are short on budget, visit the Two Magpies Cafe Ratcliff and The Greedy Cow Restaurant, where you will find excellent dishes of different cuisines. 

The area in Limehouse is covered with green spaces and water bodies. To explore Limehouse, you must discover the surrounding areas. There are many local shops and city malls which you will fall in love with. Check out The First Friday Nightclub if you want to enjoy a drink watching a football match. 

As a Limehouse student, you will find various student-led clubs, societies, and friends to make countless memories in the universities. Many sports clubs and student services provide career counselling, health and childcare.

Tourist Attractions in Limehouse

People staying in student accommodation in Limehouse can take a day or two off from their studies and work, hop onto public transportation, and visit these fine tourist attractions in Limehouse. 

  1. Museum of the Book
  2. The British Museum
  3. Tower of London
  4. Buckingham Palace
  5. Windsor Castle
  6. Stonehenge

Universities in Limehouse

The main aim of students coming to Limehouse is to study, make their careers and shine as young citizens. Apart from student accommodation in Limehouse, the primary objective of students aspiring to study in universities in Limehouse is to get a world-class education. For that, they need to know the various prestigious institutions here. These esteemed universities are enlisted below.  

  1. Queen Mary University of London( Mile End)
  2. Northumbria University
  3. University of Sunderland
  4. Ravensbourne University
  5. University of Greenwich 
  6. UCL School of Management

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