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Sheffield is a major hub for all industrial related activities and other economic endeavours. The city possesses some deep roots in manufacturing and education as well. Several establishments have been made in the past to promote educational reforms in the town. Universities such as Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University are the two most renowned universities in the city. Both of these universities combined bring in about 6,500 students annually from all across the globe. Both the universities are over 100 years old and very reputed in and around the region. The students have a blast with the activities that go around on the campus and the other events that happen in and around the city as well. 


Accommodation options in Sheffield are somewhat quite cheaper than in other places. If you look into the student apartment and other student dorms, then you can see that each student room starts at around 80 pounds per week and goes up to 200 pounds per week. All the costs mentioned are inclusive of all the bills that might be paid by the landlord of the student village. Other than this you could stay in university hostels and student homes over there. But they are quite expensive as they are close to the university and also might not provide the right kind of features that the other student townhouses would provide. So try to do your research well and find the desired student halls. 


Travelling in the city of Sheffield is rather quite interesting. Some canals connect a few parts of the town which are rather cheap and efficient as well. Other than this if you even want to get from your student en-suite to any other part of the city, then you can take public means of transport as they are readily available without any hassle and can provide the cheapest and the most efficient way of getting from one place to another. Other than this you can opt for bicycles as well as there are various bicycle stands that are spread across the city such that anyone can pick them up for extremely cheap rates and use them as much as they like. These rental options prove to be the best option if you ever want to travel in and around the city. 


Sheffield also has numerous spots that could provide the students a frolicsome experience. If you are into exceptional dining and luxury eating experience, then Rafters is one of the best places where you can have the best cuisine of your choice made in the most beautiful way possible. The theatre is something that many people tend to have a keen interest in, and The Crucible is the best place where you can get the latest of plays that would blow your mind. For music, you can head onto the Leadmill where you can enjoy classic rock and pop music and have a night filled with fun, games, and food. With so much the city offers, it’s a traveller’s keen eye to know where they might want to go and there is something for everyone. So try to see what suits you the best as you never know how it can blow your mind away. Also, bars and pubs are present in every street, so pick your poison that you wish to exploit. 

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