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Swanston House, Belfast
Ensuite Bronze  - Bedroom
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Common Area
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Swanston House, Belfast

Queen St, Belfast, BT1 6ET, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Swanston House is one of the many student accommodations in Belfast, but not a lot of accommodations can beat it in terms of location and amenities. Swanston House offers a variety of accommodation options for students, including en suite rooms, studios, shared rooms, and private apartments. Located on Stranmillis Road, it is an 11 min walk away from The Open University, also an 11 min walk away from Ulster University,  an 8 min drive away from Queen's University Belfast and a 12 min drive away from  Stranmillis University College. The city centre is just a short bus ride away, with a number of bus stops nearby.

Welcome to Belfast, one of the best places to visit in the UK, after all it is the largest city and capital of Northern Island (Don’t worry, it is still a part of the United Kingdom). With a lively population of 350,000 the city is rich with history and established its role as a major industrial centre. With a rather vibrant and diverse atmosphere, the city thrives with art, eating joints, pubs and offers a range of tourist attractions. The city has treats like the Titanic Belfast museum, street art murals to keep you engaged or you can always explore the exquisite grounds of Belfast Castle or walk along the river Lagan for a more peaceful time. The city’s location also allows you to explore other parts of Northern Ireland which are absolutely beautiful like the famous Giant's Causeway or the stunning Antrim Coast. Did we mention the cost of living in Belfast is relatively low as compared to mainland UK? With Botanic Studios you can make your United Kingdom plans not only a reality but a success as the city and student accommodation are bound to give you a good time!


Swanston House, Belfast, is a modern and stylish student accommodation that is perfect for students. Swanston House, Belfast, has top-notch amenities and features that make it an ideal place for students to call home. Swanston House offers a range of accommodation options for students, from shared rooms to private apartments. All rooms come fully furnished with comfortable and modern interiors, providing a welcoming and homely atmosphere for students. Plenty of storage space and comfortable beds including kitchen, and study area are present in all the rooms at Swanston House, 

All rooms come fully furnished with comfortable and modern interiors that are designed with students' needs in mind. The student accommodation has a range of communal spaces for students to socialise and relax, including a lounge area, study area, and communal kitchen are also offered. 24-hour security and CCTV monitoring is present to make the students comfortable and at ease, and an outdoor courtyard and cinema room are also offered to keep the residents of this student accommodation social. Swanston House has an on-site laundry facility, very fast wifi and bike storage for its residents.

Location and What's Hot?

Swanston House, Belfast has a number of amazing places nearby for the residents to visit, from cafes, restaurants, and clubs to gardens. The most important thing is the access to the universities of Belfast, being an 11 min walk away from The Open University. Also an 11 min walk away from Ulster University, an 8 min drive away from Queen's University Belfast and a 12 min drive away from  Stranmillis University College. Swanston House offers a range of accommodation options for students, from shared rooms to private apartments with all rooms fully furnished.

Many restaurants in Belfast are near Swanston House, where you can enjoy a good and affordable meal like Bootleggers, Little Wing Pizza, Blu Restaurant, Flame and The Northern Whig. There are also cafes where you can relax like Cafe Red, Caffe Nero, Foggy Brew, The Bobbin Coffee Shop and Metz Express. Many pubs and bars nearby are known for their amazing drinks like Bittles Bar, Fountain Lane, McHughs Bar and restaurant, Monaco Bars, Muriel’s Cafe bar and Henrey’s. There are many things to do and see in Belfast, like The Titanic Belfast, Ulster Museum, The Titanic Memorial Garden, Timescape, The Tropical Ravine, SS Nomadic and CC Lewis Square. There are a number of green spaces and parks nearby to visit on a pleasant day, like Memorial Tree, King William Park, Dunville Park, Queen’s Square Park and Woodvale Park. Many Supermarkets and grocery stores are also nearby for the residents convenience like Tesco Express, Lidl, Dunnes convenience and Centra. If you're wondering How expensive Belfast is, here is a Cost of Living in Belfast Guide and also a student city guide Belfast.


Getting around Belfast does not need much effort because of the amazing public transport system. Swanston House is connected relatively in the system as the bus station closest to Swanston House student accommodation is Wellington Place, is just a 1 minute walk away, and the nearest train station, Great Victoria Street, is within a 6-minute walk. There are always a lot of student discounts and student cards available to take advantage of. Cycles and walking are the healthier and more eco-friendly ways of commuting, while taxis are faster but significantly more expensive.

What will you get

Your Rent Include


Common Amenities

Onsite Laundry Facilities
Bike Storage
Study Room
Cinema Room
Communal Lounge
Outdoor Courtyard

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What room types do you have?

Whether you want to share with friends, or have your own private Studio, our Property offer a great selection of room types for everyone. Our rooms range depending on where you decide to book and you can view these through our individual property pages. For more information, please visit our About  Property page.

What communal spaces do you have?

They know making new friends is a must! That’s why they offer great communal spaces where you and your neighbours can get to know each other. Facilities are site specific however each property guarantees a fun-packed and fully inclusive social calendar for all our students to enjoy, all year round… free of charge! Visit our individual property pages to find out what each  Property has to offer.

What if I have a disability or special requirements?

Property’s top priority is making sure you have a comfortable and safe stay, so please declare any medical information or disabilities on your application. All properties offer rooms types with additional and accessible facilities. When creating your application, please make sure you tick the ‘DDA’ box and enter in as much detail as possible so our teams can ensure you reserve the most suitable  Property for your requirements.

Some studio rooms offer dual occupancy - can my friend come to live with me?

Yes! Check with the property whether your studio room is eligible for dual occupancy, but please note that both individuals who occupy the room must be students.

What is the difference between bronze, silver, gold and platinum rooms?

How big it is. Specifically the floor space. Each room has the same furniture, features, and decor, but it will differ in size. There are some exceptions; at John Bell House for example, the rooms are categorised using a mix of reasons such as location and layout as well as size. Some rooms look and feel bigger/smaller because of their shape so we’ve taken this into consideration when categorising them.

Can I change rooms if I don’t like mine?

It would be possible if someone drops out or someone else wants to swap with you. Please contact your property team and they will do their best to accommodate your needs. Remember that all rooms are effectively the same apart from the floor space.

Do we provide the TV license in the shared flat kitchen?

Property do not provide any TV Licenses for the studios or shared flats so you’ll need to register for your own TV licence.

How close is my accommodation to the university?

All of the properties are in convenient, central, locations. Whether it’s close to your campus depends on where you’re studying! Check out the relevant property page on this website or get in touch with the on-site property team for details. All of our cities have excellent transport links and secure bike storage if you don’t fancy walking.

What should I bring with me to live at a property?

Bedding is not provided unless included in an offer (check with the relevant property team or Ts & Cs), so bring a sheet to cover the mattress, a duvet and pillows. Information about bed sizes can be found on the room pages. You can get a bedding pack, kitchenware or bathroom accessories before your arrival from UniKitOut, a UK based company that will deliver your items before your check-in date. This will be delivered to your room or the property reception desk ready to use from day one of your arrival (if items are ordered before the deadline).

What is covered by my insurance policy?

They understand students have a limited budget so Endsleigh have launched brand new, unique student insurance options. They have been designed to cover the risks that you may encounter whilst living in student accommodation and away from home.Your contents. Covered. By partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider, we’ve arranged contents insurance for all our students staying with us in our residence at no cost to you. It is important all students confirm their cover to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered. Plus you’ll also be entered into a prize draw specifically for residents, courtesy of Endsleigh! Visit confirm your cover to see:What is and what isn’t covered Key exclusions - where cover isn’t provided Policy excess – the amount you pay when you make a claim How to make claim Personalise cover

What counts as an act of anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour can be any behaviour that causes, or may cause, distress, nuisance, annoyance, alarm or harassment to other residents,  Property team members, contractors, visitors to the property or the wider community. For example, playing loud music late at night, using illegal drugs, smoking in your flat or using threatening or abusive language towards other residents or  Property team members. There are specific obligations in your tenancy agreement addressing anti-social behaviour that you must comply with. Failure to do so is a breach of your tenancy. They are: · Not to cause, or allow visitors to engage in, anti-social behaviour, which means any conduct causing or capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord, other occupiers, neighbours or people engaging in lawful activity within the locality. Examples of anti-social behaviour include (but are not limited to) not properly disposing of rubbish and inconsiderate use of the property, as well as more serious problems such as noise, violent and criminal behaviour, the supply and use of controlled drugs and intimidation, harassment or victimisation on the grounds of a persons’ race, sex (gender), sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity status, or socio-economic status. and · Not to cause any nuisance, offence, disruption, harassment, annoyance or persistent disturbance to others.

How do I report an act of anti-social behaviour?

Property teams are available 24/7 to support you with any concerns around anti-social behaviour in your property. You can contact us via our property telephone, live chat or email or speak to one of the team in reception. They can then take appropriate action. This might include speaking to the resident(s) in question about the obligations in their tenancy agreement and the effect of their behaviour on others, or informing their guarantor, university or other authorities. If you witness an incident where there is immediate risk to others, you should alert emergency services by ringing 999 immediately.

Where do I access relevant support if I have been affected by an act of anti-social behaviour?

Property teams will be able to guide you to the support available within your area. They have great links with student services at the university and the local police. They would also encourage you to contact a family member or friend for additional support. (Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. Their website is a great source of information and advice. Your property team, and student services will also have further signposting guidance that can support you during your time at university.)

How do I book with my friends?

Property welcomes group bookings of any size! When using the Book Now option, please make sure you tick you are part of a group. If you are the first, we’ll ask you for the names and email addresses for everyone in your group (so come prepared!). Your friends will then be invited to register with our website too! When all applications are received, our Property Teams will ensure you are offered the perfect Property for you to rule! Just to note when it comes to dual occupancy in studio rooms, both individuals who occupy the room must be students.

Can I arrive earlier than my tenancy start date?

Early arrivals are possible depending on the availability of the room you have booked. If you wish to arrive earlier than your tenancy start date, please contact the property team. They will do their best to accommodate your needs.

When do we have to pay deposit?

When you accept your booking you’ll need to pay your deposit.

Do you do flexible tenancies/semester lets?

Many of our properties offer flexible tenancies. Visit the relevant property page on this website or get in touch with the property team for details.

When rent is due, does it come out as a direct debit?

Rent does not come out of your bank automatically. You have to log on to your Property portal to set up your payment, or you can pay by card at reception. They do allow bank transfer but this is usually only in special cases, they prefer the first two options. You will choose your payment plan when booking.

Can I sublet (tenancy takeover) to/ from my friend?

No, you are not permitted to sublet any part of your accommodation, as per your accepted tenancy agreement. If you need to move out early, you should contact the reception team to discuss the option of a tenancy takeover.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit payment is uploaded into a deposit protection scheme until you check out. This will be returned to you after your tenancy end date based on a successful check-out inspection (i.e. no damage or cleanliness related issues)

What is a guarantor and why do I need to provide one?

Your guarantor is a person who agrees to pay your rent or make other payments due under your tenancy agreement if you are unable to. They’re standard practice for rental accommodation, particularly for students. they will only contact your guarantor if there is a delay in payment or they are concerned that the terms of your tenancy are not being complied with. Your guarantor should be over 18 years of age. They should be in full time employment and a homeowner and/or renting accommodation. Property welcomes international guarantors.

What does my guarantor need to do when I book?

They’ll send your guarantor a separate form to fill in once you’ve made your booking and provided their details. They’ll need to complete this form to prove they are eligible. If your guarantor needs to see a copy of this form before you book, then they can ask a team member in your property, who’ll be happy to provide a copy to read in advance. They’ll also be able to answer any questions that you or they have about this document.

What happens if they don’t or can’t sign the form?

If the person a resident names as a guarantor would prefer not to sign the agreement or isn’t eligible to act as a guarantor, they ask them to nominate someone else. If they’re not able to find a guarantor, we’ll then discuss this with the resident – they may need to cancel the booking, or they may be able to agree with the resident that because of their individual circumstances the tenancy agreement can proceed without a guarantor.

When might you contact my guarantor?

Unless you’ve asked us to notify them of other issues, we’ll only contact your guarantor if there’s a delay in payment or they are concerned that the terms of your tenancy are not being complied with. Typically delays in payment will relate to rent, but it would also cover issues like any damages to your room that haven’t been paid for. More information is explained in the agreement we’ll send to your guarantor.

Can my parent/guarantor ask questions about my tenancy on my behalf?

If you’ve signed a tenancy agreement with us, they will communicate with you directly. We’ll only contact your guarantor if there’s a delay in payment, if we’re concerned that the terms of your tenancy are not being complied with, or if you’ve specifically given your consent for us to discuss your tenancy with a named third party. However, they can provide general information about our tenancies and processes.

How to pay?

Here at Property, they believe in being flexible. That means you get the choice on how you pay your rent. You can choose from annual, termly and monthly payment plans across the year. And don’t worry – we’re different! Your instalment dates will never fall before your student finance and there’s no small fee when checking in.

Does this property have any certifications or accreditation?

Yes, the property is registered with ANUK and National code. The Accreditation Network UK is a central resource for tenants, landlords and scheme operators interested in accreditation of private rented housing.

How do I report maintenance issues?

Sometimes things fail to work. You might experience an issue with your heating or hot water, or simply just need a light bulb changing. Don’t worry, They are here to help! Each property has its own on-site Maintenance Team who are only too happy to get things fixed as quickly as possible. If you experience a maintenance issue, please see your friendly team at reception and they will take down the relevant details and have the Maintenance Team take a look ASAP! If you experience an issue out of hours, their on-site night owls will be able to assist. While they try to resolve any issue as quickly as possible, they sometimes require the assistance of an external contractor. If that’s the case, they will let you know. All emergency repairs are tended to within 4 hours.

What speed is my broadband and how many devices can I connect?

Bandwidth speeds, together with the number of devices that can be connected, are detailed below. Please note that the bandwidth speed detailed below is “up to” the stated wireless speed. Provider:ASK4Devices:6Bandwidth (Wireless Speed MB): 100Bandwidth (Wired Speed MBps): 200 You may find your broadband speed varies during the time of day, for example during the peak time of 7pm to 11pm or there may be other factors affecting your speed (e.g. uploads running in the background, security features performing scans etc). However, upon check-in you will receive details on how to contact the internet provider directly so that they may be able to troubleshoot any problems. Your personal Wi-Fi connection is available in your flat. If you wish to connect to Wi-Fi in common areas, please contact your reception team who will be able to give you the guest log-in details.

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Student Accomodations in Belfast

Student Accommodation Belfast

One of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom is Belfast. Every year a large number of students come to the city to pursue their professional journey. Finding student accommodation Belfast can be a little difficult however, amber makes this task easy. Amber provides a wide range of student accommodation Belfast.  Belfast has some of the most reasonably priced student accommodation in the UK, including Little Patrick Street, Swanston House, and Great Patrick Street, which are close to Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Queen's University, American Musical Theatre Academy (Belfast) and Ulster University (Belfast Campus).

Compared to other cities, Belfast is relatively budget-friendly. In Belfast, there are numerous alternatives for private rentals. Finding suitable student accommodation in Belfast can be a task, but it's not at all problematic.

From pricey student accommodation in Belfast City Centre to reasonably priced student accommodation in Belfast Downtown Area, the city offers something for everyone. Belfast student accommodation is designed with the utmost comfort of the students in mind.
Amber provides many student accommodation options that are comfortable and offer uber service. There are many options for elegant, comfortable, and reasonably priced en-suites, studios, and shared flats. Some of the student accommodation options include Alma Place, LIV Student Belfast, Aster House, Great Patrick Street, Nelson Place, etc.

About Belfast

It is the second-largest city on the island of Ireland and the twelfth-largest metropolis in the United Kingdom. Belfast is considered Ireland's travel and tourist centre, even though many other cities may be more well-known. The capital and largest city of Northern Ireland was established in the early modern age of battle in the 19th century. This stunning city is unique in that it is situated on the banks of the River Lagan on the east coast and borders numerous well-known cities, including Glasgow, Liverpool, and Edinburgh.

Belfast is a strong contender among foreign education providers as it is home to several of the nation's top universities. The city has strong origins in both manufacturing and education. The town is home to two renowned universities that offer undergraduate and graduate studies. Ulster University and Queen's University are both universities in Belfast. Nearly 25,231 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in these two universities, which is expected to rise yearly. In Belfast, there are numerous inexpensive places to stay for students that are safe, convenient, and affordable. Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Belfast's surrounding landscapes, from the scenic coastline of Belfast Lough to the picturesque parks and gardens scattered throughout the city. Cave Hill, with its panoramic views of the city and iconic Napoleon's Nose rock formation, offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to escape the urban hustle and immerse themselves in nature.

Best Student Accommodation in Belfast

Belfast student accommodation is known for its chic and modern infrastructure. Students from across the world come to Belfast to broaden their professional career hence, finding an ideal student accommodation in Belfast can become a little hectic sometimes. However, amber provides you with the options that will meet your needs & preferences. Belfast student accommodation is loaded up with a great range of facilities and amenities, which makes the stay comfortable & flexible. Amber makes this tiresome process of picking, paying, and booking easy and comfortable. Some of the best student accommodation in Belfast that you can choose are

  1. Alma Place
  2. LIV Student Belfast
  3. Aster House
  4. Vita Student Bruce Street
  5. Great Patrick Street
  6. Little Patrick Street
  7. Nelson Place
  8. Bradbury Place 
  9. John Bell House 
  10. Bradbury Place

Cost of Living in Belfast

Ireland's legislative government has concentrated primarily in recent years on ensuring that its inhabitants may live comfortably. Therefore, it is clear how student accommodation Belfast has developed into a top name for enjoying a frugal life. To help you out, here we have mentioned a quick breakdown of the average monthly costs linked with students in Belfast.

  1. Food -  £90- £110/month
  2. Local Transport -  £40- £60/month
  3. Books and Stationery -  £50- £60/month
  4. Internet and Mobile Phone -  £50- £60/month
  5. Social and Leisure Activities -  £90- £100/month

Student Travel Belfast

The Belfast City transportation system assists the local populace through the water because of its high exposure to both land and water. The Port of Belfast, the busiest ferry port on Ireland's island, is located in the city and is home to over 1.2 million annual passengers. Students can easily travel to university from their Belfast student accommodation as the frequency of the public transport is good.

  1. Bus: Belfast offers an extensive network of delicate bus lines at minimal travel expenses. Here, several bus companies, including Translink, Translink Metro, Ulsterbus, and Aircoach, are offering fantastic deals for student ID cards. These are ubiquitous, making them the city's most used form of public transit. Students can take a bus from their student accommodation in Belfast to the university easily.
  2. Taxi: The Belfast City Council has built a regional taxi network managed by private companies. You may reserve these cabs using their free mobile apps, which offer the fastest form of transportation in the city. In this manner, you can have the best roadside view of Belfast for less money than in other areas of Ireland
  3. Cycling: Students can easily travel and explore the city on their own by cycling. It is one of the best ways to roam around the city. One can easily roam around the city and it will be a great experience to explore the city as well.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Belfast

Belfast is home to several noteworthy buildings, works of art, and historical locations. Belfast also boasts many living areas that might offer the students a fun experience. The city also supports various cultural and artistic endeavours. The only full-time symphony orchestra well-known in the UK is the Ulster Orchestra, which is situated in Belfast. Additionally, the city boasts a long-standing underground club scene that keeps people up late into the night. Great Patrick Street in Belfast and Little Patrick Street in Belfast are some of the safest areas to live in the city's centre.

The city also includes practical amenities for running, ten-pin bowling, swimming, cycling, rugby, and hockey. Parks and gardens are essential to Belfast's history, a haven for a wide variety of local animals, and well-liked locations for picnics, strolls and jogs. Belfast contains more than 40 public parks and open areas.

You also have lots of options if you want to eat out or get some refreshments. The Kremlin, Alibi, Boombox Belfast, and Bert's Jazz Bar are a few of the exotic locations for a glitzy night out. Visit Connswater Shopping Centre, CastleCourt Shopping Centre, or Forestside Shopping Centre for indoor shopping. Choose the poison you want to use as a weapon. Try to determine what best suits you and how to make your time as a student memorable since the city has a lot to offer.

Belfast Tourist Attractions

Students can travel to different places from their Belfast student accommodation during a weekend or as per their feasibility. Belfast has some of the best places that attract a lot of tourists every year. Some of the best places to visit in Belfast include

  1. Titanic Belfast
  2. Crumlin Road Gaol
  3. City Hall
  4. Ulster Museum
  5. St. George’s Market
  6. Irish FA Tours
  7. Botanic Gardens
  8. HMS Caroline
  9. Grand Opera House
  10. Parliament Buildings

Top Universities in Belfast

Belfast is home to some of the best universities in the city. Students from across the world come to Belfast to further their education.

  1. Ulster University Belfast Campus
  2. Queens University Belfast
  3. Belfast Metropolitan College
  4. Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
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