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The Old Mill, Dundee
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The Old Mill, Dundee

Brown St, Dundee, DD1 5EF, United Kingdom
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71 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
Prime Location
Fully Furnished
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About the Property

Situated on Brown St, Dundee, DD1 5EF, the Old Mill is a cosy and affordable student accommodation in Dundee. The stay offers numerous cluster flats and studios. Specifically, 2,3,4,5,6 cluster flats, 1 bedroom flats and a premium duplex studio. One can choose any as per their preferences. The Old Mill Dundee is a short walk away from Abertay University and a short drive away from the University of Dundee. Additionally, this student-friendly property offers a wide range of room options, all equipped with modern amenities and features, providing students with a comfortable and convenient place to live while they study.

Dundee is a vibrant and historic city in the east of Scotland, in the United Kingdom. Dundee, located on the northern side of the Firth of Tay, has a rich cultural legacy and an intriguing history dating back centuries. It is Scotland's fourth-largest city, with a population of over 150,000 people, and has long served as an important centre for trade and business. The history of the city is entwined with its nautical past since it was formerly a significant port and shipbuilding powerhouse. Dundee is currently a lively and contemporary metropolitan centre known for its contributions to education, research, and the arts. Dundee is also noted for its stunning natural surroundings, including numerous neighbouring national parks. Cairngorms National Park, one of the UK's largest national parks, and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, which offers spectacular mountain scenery and attractive lochs, are two notable parks in the area. When it comes to education, student flats in Dundee are home to numerous prestigious universities. The University of Dundee is a world-class research university noted for its work in the living sciences, medicine, and engineering. Abertay University is another prestigious institution that excels in computer science, gaming, and cybersecurity.


The Old Mill Dundee provides rooms with complete furnishing suited to your needs. You can choose from a wide variety of cluster flats and studios. Nimi Halls Leicester is equipped with basic in-room amenities like a desk & chair and storage spaces to accommodate all your clothes and belongings, free high-speed broadband to cover up all the lag in life and many more. However, one needs to be informed that cluster flats are private bedrooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms. The Studio is a private room with a private kitchen and a bathroom.

Besides the room amenities, The Old Mill Dundee also offers a bunch of common amenities to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Some of the common amenities include parking spaces (Limited)  and a TV. The utilities like Wi-Fi, water, heating, electricity and contents insurance bills will be included in the rent. There is a good safety and security system too: 24/7 surveillance and CCTV Security. The Old Mill Dundee furnishes all the facilities mentioned above and is all-inclusive in your rent with no extra charges.

Location and What's Hot?

This student accommodation in Dundee is in proximity to Abertay University and the University of Dundee. The Old Mill Dundee provides easy access to various shops, restaurants, and other amenities, making it an ideal choice for students looking for quality student accommodation in Dundee. The property is in a prime location, close to several universities, making it an ideal option for students studying here. These universities are very famous for some courses and attract students from around the world, with the accommodation carefully situated at a vital place, long commutes or taking public transport won't be a concern anymore.

As we know, The Old Mill Dundee is situated at a prominent place. Here are a few things one should know about the city. Regarding dining options, the property is surrounded by various restaurants, cafes, and takeaways, serving different types of cuisines to suit all tastes and budgets. There's something for everyone, from traditional Scottish pubs to international cuisine options. Papa Johns's Pizza serves delicious pizzas in a bright setting. Marco Polo is another warm and vibrant place. Duke's Corner is one of the coolest bars in the area. Students may relax and socialise on Riverside Drive while admiring the scenic views of the River Tay. The bustling West End region presents a variety of events and performances for students to experience local culture. Nature lovers will appreciate Dundee's rich green places, such as Camperdown Country Park and Magdalen Green. These parks provide peaceful settings for strolls, picnics, and outdoor workouts. Beyond its everyday attractiveness, Dundee also offers an interesting selection of festivals to pique the curiosity of students. Music fans will enjoy the Dundee Blues Bonanza and the Dundee International Jazz Festival, while science and technology enthusiasts will enjoy the Dundee Science Festival. These events offer an added layer of excitement and learning to the student experience in Dundee, making it really remarkable.


The Dundee government has made public transport easy to navigate through websites which display the timings, cost and availibilty of the vehicles. All the major commute points, like railway stations and bus stops, are well-connected and close to the property, making student travel more fun and hassle-free. The closest train station to the accommodation is the Dundee Central Train Station for travelling long distances and within city limits. Police Station Bus Stop and Bell Street are the nearest bus stops. Students can also rent bicycles to take strolls around the city and areas near this student accommodation Dundee.

What will you get

Your Rent Include

Contents insurance

Common Amenities

Fully Furnished
Fully Managed
High-Speed Broadband
Prime Location
Parking spaces(Limited)

Cancellation Policies (1)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.

Payment Policies (4)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the accommodation before I book?

Yes. Their site offices are open between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and they will be happy to show you around. It is advisable to book your appointment by contacting our team via email or phone beforehand. Alternatively, you can review our website for more information on each room-type and for photos of the location.

Who can live in Property accommodation?

Any full-time student attending a university, college, or other educational institution. You will need to have the status of full-time student throughout your stay with them. They accept any undergraduate and postgraduate students. Part-time or internship students without full-time student status will not be accepted, sorry.

Can I share a room with my partner/friend?

Their rooms (both en-suite and non-en-suite) are for single occupancy only and cannot be shared. However, their 1-bedroom apartments or studios can be shared with a partner.

What do I need to do when booking?

You will need to submit a payment of £99 in order to reserve your room by a credit card or debit card. This is non-refundable. There is an energy charge of £100, payable with your first instalment or in your annual payment. If you select an option to pay with instalments, you will also need to have yourguarantor details ready.

Who can be a guarantor?

A UK based person who is able to take financial responsibility for your licence/lease if you are unable to do so. A guarantor cannot be another student, another resident of property, or anyone under the age of 22 as well as anyone in a bad financial situation. A guarantor will be required to provide them with their photo ID, proof of address and they might ask for a copy of a recent utility statement or other documents. They also reserve a right to refuse a guarantor that they do not feel is suitable.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who takes joint financial responsibility for your licence/lease. If you default on any payment under your licence/lease, it is your guarantor’s responsibility to pay the outstanding amount. A guarantor will be asked to sign your licence/lease in order for them to accept it and must be UK based as well as have sufficient status to support your application.

Who needs a guarantor?

If you are looking to pay them via instalments, you will need a UK-based guarantor. If you select the option to pay tmen in full, no guarantor will be required, plus you will be offered a discount of 2% on your full rent.

What if my university, my government, or some other institution has agreed to act as guarantor?

A named person from your university, your government, or some other institution will need to sign your licence/lease and, in doing so, accept the terms and conditions of their responsibility. They will be able to use the university's or the named organisation's address. They will need an official statement from such guarantor to fund license fees shall you default on any payments.

How do I know when my booking is complete?

Once your application is fully complete, they will send you an email confirming the licence/lease booking. The steps to finish your application will be shared with you once you receive an offer of accommodation from us.

What happens if I change my mind after booking my room or don't get the grades/visa for my chosen university?

That depends on your circumstances, but if you do not get a place at the University of your choice or did not manage to obtain a student visa and let them know in time (as per terms and conditions of the licence/lease), they will refund your deposit in full.See full terms and conditions of our cancellation policy for Scotland (if you were planning to come to Dundee) in their blank license/ lease example downloadable from our website (Booking Stage 4).

What contract lengths do you offer? Can I move out before my licence expires?

They offer 2 contract lengths; 46-week and 50-week terms. You can move out any time, but you will be responsible for any outstanding rent due on your licence/lease unless you are able to find like-for-like replacement student to take over the remainder of your licence/lease.From time to time they will also offer short-term lets/ semester lets but those contracts are subject to availability.

I have a disability. Do you accept disabled students?

Yes, they do. And would love to have you stay with them. Please note, though: not all of their locations have disabled-ready rooms or can accommodate any disability, so they advise to check with them and discuss your requirements before making a booking.

When is my first rent payment due?

Your first payment date will be due 10 days before you move in or per your lease agreement for all property locations. Please remember this payment must be submitted on time. The rest of the instalments will be made available to you when you complete your booking.

When I complete my accommodation licence/lease, what else do I need to upload/send with my application?

If you are paying the rent fully in advance, you need to upload the following documents:1 x passport photo and a photocopy of your passport. For proof of address, you will either need a recent utilities bill/bank statement or a letter from your university – and whichever one you choose to provide, it will need to have your name on it and be dated within the last three months.If you are paying the rent in instalments, you are required to provide the same information as above, plus a copy of your guarantor’s proof of address in the UK, which must be in the form of either a utilities bill or bank statement and a copy of your guarantor’s photo ID.

When can I move in? Can I move in early?

Move-in dates vary from one location to another, but they are all available to view before you submit your booking here on their website. Please note: You can only move in on the day your license/lease starts or any day thereafter, but not before.

What is included in my room rent?

All the bills: electricity, internet, and utilities. Plus contents insurance.

Are there any other charges?

No, that’s all you have to pay in regards to your stay with us. However, if you choose to have a television in your room, or if you intend to watch live TV (whether on your computer, tablet, or smartphone), then by law you will be required to purchase a TV licence. Furthermore, they provide laundry facilities on-site at an extra cost. Also, if you wish to park on their premises they offer a parking license in all property locations. 

I placed my booking more than 7 days ago, but I still haven't received my offer of accommodation. Is something wrong?

No, everything is okay. In some cases it takes longer for the offers to be sent out, because they have to go through numerous procedures before they can send you an offer of accommodation.

How will I get onto the internet?

All of their sites offer strong Wi-Fi internet connections of up to 100Mb/s in speed. The actual speed may vary from site to site and will depend on your usage and your device.

Can I smoke in my room/studio?

No, sorry. Smoking is strictly prohibited within their buildings. It is only permitted in the designated outdoor areas. Smoking in your rooms or using other banned substances will result in the termination of your license/ lease.

Can I park on site?

Yes, they have limited car and motorbike parking spaces. Their car parking spaces come at a fee that's payable for the year upfront - please contact your site/ location to find out about availability and reserve your parking space in time to avoid disappointment. (Living with Us)

How will I get my post?

You will be given your own personal postbox, where most of your mail will be delivered. They advise that you check it regularly, because they will process important site communication via mail too. Their on-site team will take collections for your larger parcels whenever possible. Please do not arrange for post (any mail or package) to be delivered to the location before your move-in date, because they are unable to store anything that arrives before you do.

What can I expect to find in my room upon check-in?

All rooms and studios are equipped with a bed, a mattress, a desk and chair, a wardrobe, bookshelves, and more.

Something is not working or is broken in my room/flat. What do I do?

Contact site reception immediately. They have on-site maintenance teams that are available to assist whenever necessary. If it is outside of working hours, they have a 24/7 service available.

Who will clean my room and the corridor?

You will be responsible for cleaning your own room/flat for the duration of your stay with us, but they will ensure that communal areas (including corridors) and facilities are always clean.

Do I have to share my bathroom and/or kitchen?

That depends on what sort of room you book: An en-suite room has its own bathroom but requires you to share a kitchen A non en-suite room has a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen A studio has its own bathroom and its own kitchen If you stay in one of their cluster flats, you can expect to share with between one and five other residents, depending on your room-choice and your location. 

Do you have a equality and diversity policy?

They ensure that individuals or groups of individuals are not treated differently or less favourably on the basis of their specific protected characteristic, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, and age.

Reviews (7)

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71 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Dundee

Dundee Student Accommodation

For students choosing to pursue higher education in Dundee, the demand for comfortable and convenient student accommodation in Dundee is on the rise. Opting for off-campus housing offers a level of independence and flexibility that on-campus living sometimes cannot. With the University of Dundee, Abertay University, and Dundee and Angus College (Dundee Kingsway Campus) in the vicinity, students are often looking for suitable student housing in Dundee that caters to their needs.

Amber is a comprehensive solution for students seeking out the perfect living space in Dundee. By simplifying the accommodation search process, amber connects students with a variety of housing options close to their respective institutions. From shared flats to private studios, amber provides access to a range of room types and locations to suit different budgets and preferences. The Dundee student homes ensure a comfortable stay for students with amenities like high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, and ample study areas. A few good student housing in Dundee include Stanley Studios and Marketgait Apartments, which offer modern living spaces and are conveniently situated for easy access to campus and city amenities.

About Dundee

Dundee, a dynamic city in Scotland, is steeped in history and innovation, creating a unique tapestry that makes it an ideal location for students. As the fourth-largest city in Scotland, UK, Dundee has transformed into a hub for culture and education, boasting a burgeoning arts scene and a regenerating waterfront, which includes the striking V&A Dundee museum. Its economy is driven by a combination of life sciences, digital media, and the creative industries, positioning Dundee as a city of economic and social significance.

With a vibrant student community, Dundee is home to prestigious institutions such as the University of Dundee, known for its cutting-edge research and contributions to the fields of medicine, law, and fine art. Recognising the needs of its spirited student population, the city offers a range of student flats in Dundee that blend affordability with community living. The city’s compact layout ensures that shopping, entertainment, and natural spaces are always within reach, enriching the student lifestyle.

Best Student Accommodation in Dundee

Finding the right student accommodation in Dundee can significantly enhance your college experience. Moving to Dundee opens the doors to independence, affords you the opportunity to manage finances wisely through affordable living options, and allows you to immerse yourself in a vibrant student community. Amber provides a diverse range of student accommodations near the University of Dundee, Abertay University, and even a short drive from the University of St Andrews. With options ranging from ensuite rooms in shared apartments to private studio apartments, every student can find their perfect home. Dundee student housing offers both convenience and excellent facilities. Listed below are some of the top student housing in Dundee:

1. The Old Mill

2. iQ Parker House

3. East Shore

4. The Student Space

5. Lyon Street Terrace

6. Keiller Court

7. Meadowside Court

8. Greenmarket Studios

9. Stanley Studios

10. Marketgait Apartments

Cost of Living in Dundee

Dundee is known for having a very reasonable cost of living compared to many other cities in Scotland. Housing prices, whether renting or buying, are quite affordable, especially for a coastal city. The costs for necessities like groceries, utilities, and transportation are typically lower than the national average. While costs for dining out and entertainment are relatively inexpensive, the city's vibrant cultural scene means there are still plenty of budget-friendly options for social activities. Overall, Dundee provides an affordable lifestyle for students and families alike due to its low overall living costs. Below, we have provided the breakdown of the expenses:

1. Off-campus accommodation: £630 - £680 per month

2. Transportation: £45 - £60 per month

3. Food: £480 - £490 per month

4. Entertainment: £40 - £75 per month

5. Groceries: £170 - £185 per month

6. Clothes: £100 - £110 per month

Student Travel in Dundee

Finding the perfect student accommodation in Dundee, Scotland, is just the first step in preparing for an amazing university experience in Dundee, Scotland. But once you're settled in your comfortable new home, how do you get around? It's important to know about the affordable and accessible student travel options near your Dundee location. The city offers a range of public transportation means to ensure that students can reach their educational institutions and explore the city with ease. Here are the most common modes of transport that you can rely on:

1. Bus: Dundee has an extensive bus network connecting students from their Dundee student accommodation to the city's universities and various locales. With frequent services run by companies like Xplore Dundee, students can travel efficiently. The fare starts at around £1.55, but you can get better deals with a student travel card or a season pass, cutting down on daily commuting costs.

2. Cycling: Dundee is a cycle-friendly city with dedicated cycling routes for those who prefer a healthier and more eco-friendly mode of travel. It's a great way to get some exercise between study sessions while reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Metro: While Dundee itself does not have a metro system, the city's rail connections can take you farther afield, like to the nearby University of St Andrews. ScotRail services offer regular trains and affordable tickets, especially with a Railcard, which gets you up to 1/3 off rail fares throughout the UK.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Dundee

Immersing oneself in student life in Dundee, students can expect a vibrant and secure environment that makes it an excellent place for study and leisure. This Scottish gem boasts a reputation for being one of the most student-friendly cities, offering a range of amenities and experiences tailored to suit the student population. Safety and suitability for student living are hallmarks of the Dundee experience, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all.

As for the social landscape, Dundee's hangout spots offer students a plethora of options to unwind and socialise. The lively Perth Road is dotted with cosy cafes and quirky bars like Braes and The Union, where students often gather to enjoy a break from academia. Just a stroll away, one can find the cultural hotspot of Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, not just for art enthusiasts but also a popular gathering place thanks to its cinema and café-bar. Meanwhile, Magdalen Green provides a peaceful retreat with its green spaces, perfect for picnics or a quiet read under the charm of its iconic bandstand. Enriching the lives of its scholars further, the city hosts a number of festivals like the Dundee Science Festival and the Dundee Literary Festival that bring a buzz to the city. The Dundee Rep Theatre is another cultural jewel that students have at their doorstep, offering a range of performances from drama to dance.

Life in Dundee extends beyond academics and libraries; it's a blend of cultural experiences and relaxation within the student community. Whether it's the search for Dundee student accommodation or simply engaging in the city's vibrant student scene, Dundee proves to be a place where educational aspirations and lifestyle satisfaction meet.

Dundee Tourist Attractions

Dundee, a vibrant city nestled on the east coast of Scotland, is brimming with culture and history that attract tourists far and wide. From the iconic V&A Dundee to the historic ship, the RRS Discovery, students can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of attractions. With Dundee student housing close to the University of Dundee, students can easily explore these marvels in their leisure time.

1. V&A Dundee

2. RRS Discovery

3. McManus Art Gallery & Museum

4. Dundee Science Centre

5. Broughty Castle & Museum

6. Verdant Works

7. The Law

8. Olympia Leisure Centre

9. Caird Hall

10. Tay Rail Bridge

Universities in Dundee

Dundee, renowned for its vibrant student community, plays host to some of the most prestigious universities in Scotland. Below are the universities in the city located close to the Dundee student accommodation:

1. University of Dundee

2. Abertay University

3. Dundee and Angus College (Dundee Kingsway Campus)

4. University of St Andrews

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