This student accommodation offers every Student their own bedroom, sharing kitchen, bathroom and living areas with other residents. Students come from many different countries and enjoy a range of facilities, as well as a variety of recreational activities here. Our apartments are comfortable and specially furnished for students. We offer a choice of different size student rooms consisting of 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 bedrooms.

Apartment Facilities

24 hour wireless broadband internet access
Locks on all doors including bedrooms, bathrooms and entry doors
Telephone connected in every bedroom
All bills included
Fully furnished bedrooms and apartments
Individual bedrooms

Community Facilities

On-site study lounge
Coin operated washing machine
24 hour assistance
Security keyed gates at all entrances
All apartments and common areas cleaned fortnightly
Walking distance to class
Swimming pool
Table tennis
Billiard tables
Wireless internet access throughout the village
Spacious grounds with BBQs


7 bedroom Apartment (per person)AU$290/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
6 bedroom Apartment (per person)AU$295/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
5 bedroom Apartment (per person)AU$300/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
4 bedroom Apartment (per person)AU$305/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
3 bedroom Apartment (per person)AU$310/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
2 bedroom Apartment (per person)AU$315/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom

A Security Deposit is a compulsory fee of A$1000 and is refundable at departure. There is a compulsory $A100 departure fee deducted at departure and this covers the cost of cleaning and restocking bedrooms and apartments as well as steam cleaning of carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do residents need to bring with them?

Personal items, clothes, and their technology, laptop, ipad, phones etc. Once you arrive at International House you will go shopping and buy your food and your cooking items (unless you purchased on of our kitchen packs). You will also get things like dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, rubbish bags etc. Those type of items you will most likely share with the other residents in your apartment, this is what usually happens. You might even go and get a local SIM for your mobile phone and some adapters so you can plug your things into our electricity. You might like a lamp in your bedroom or even your own TV. There is really no need to bring everything with you as you can always enjoy a bit of shopping when you get here.

Is any bedding provided?

We provide a single mattress on your bed and a mattress protector but  do NOT provide any bedding. A bedding pack is available for $140 AUD + 10% GST, or residents can bring their own or purchase some when they arrive in Australia or buy one from us on the day of their arrival. Bedding packs contain a pillow, quilt, sheets, quilt and pillow covers, blanket and a towel.

Will residents be met at the airport?

Residents are required to provide their arrival date, flight number and flight arrival time as soon as possible. This is very important to ensure that the room is ready for the residents arrival and our caretakers are on site to greet them when they arrive All airport transfers are arranged by the school and you should contact them for details. WE DO NOT ARRANGE THIS SERVICE. Residents will be given an airport reception confirmation from the school after booked a pick up. Residents MUST carry this with them on their flight. There is an emergency contact telephone # on the confirmation sheet should they have any difficulty when they arrive at Melbourne Airport. Usually residents are directed to meet at the large red "meeting point" sign in the arrivals hall at Melbourne airport. Melbourne airport is very small and residents should have no trouble finding their pick up person. Residents should NOT contact us if they have any problems as we DO NOT organise this service and we can not assist them with any airport pick up questions. Residents MUST contact their school about this in order to gain assistance.

Can parents stay?

Yes parents are very welcome to stay free of charge for up to 5 days at the time of the residents arrival (with a maximum stay of 10 days). During the semester a nominal charge of $A35 AUD per person per night must be paid to our Caretaker or our office. It is important for us to know when parents are arriving so we can arrange for a fold up bed to be placed in the residents bedroom. Parents will need to provide their own bedding or purchase a bedding pack from us. Please advise us of this if required.

Can the residents have friends stay over?

Yes friends are very welcome to stay for short stays only. A nominal charge of $A35 per person per night must be made to our Caretaker or the office. Residents must advise us if a friend or relative is coming to stay so we can provide a fold up bed for their visitor. Resident?s friends or relatives will need to provide their own bedding or purchase a bedding pack from us. Visitors are allowed to stay for short periods of time only.. Residents must discuss any visitor arrivals with their housemates as a sign of respect. Under NO circumstances are visitors allowed to stay without permission from the caretakers.

What is provided in the apartments?

Each apartment has 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 bedrooms. Residents are allocated their own bedroom and we do not have share bedrooms. Residents share the public areas in their apartments such as kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and toilets. Each apartment provides lounge chairs, digital televisions, dining chairs and tables, heating, cooling as well as kitchen facilities.

What is provided in the kitchen?

The kitchen in each apartment is provided with a refrigerator, freezer, gas hot plates and oven, kettle, toaster, microwave oven and individual food cupboards (with locks). Most apartments have dishwashers. Residents enjoy cooking together and experience many different cuisines and cultures. We have a Kitchen Pack available for residents to purchase for $140 AUD + 10% GST. This pack contains all kitchen items for the student to use whilst they live at International House. The pack is theirs to keep and they can take it with them when they vacate. Residents can purchase this pack from us or they can purchase their own equipment when they arrive.

Do we provide meals?

We do NOT provide meals. Residents are required to cook for themselves. There are a number of restaurants and take away food shops nearby which can provide home delivery to International House. There are also catering companies who can provide cooked meals for residents at a reasonable cost. Many residents enjoy cooking together.

Will the apartments be cleaned?

It is the responsibility of all residents to keep their apartments clean and tidy. Residents are required to wash their own dishes and clean up after themselves. There is a vacuum cleaner, broom and bucket in each apartment to aid residents in keeping their apartments clean and tidy. Every week our professional cleaners vacuum the living areas of all apartments. They also wash the bathroom and kitchen floors as well as cleaning the showers, baths, basins and toilets in the bathrooms. All residents are responsible for the cleaning their own bedrooms and we do not enter any residents bedroom throughout the length of their stay.

What Internet services are provided?

Wireless broadband internet. Please refer to the "Internet" and "Prices" secetion of this website for all internet information and cost.

Do the residents have to pay for gas, electricity or water?

No these costs are included in the accommodation fees

Is the telephone connected?

Yes, every bedroom has a telephone. Residents are given their own personal telephone number on arrival. All outgoing calls can only be made with a telephone calling card.  There are no charges for incoming calls.

What recreational facilities are provided?

Residents have free use of all recreational facilities provided at International House village. All facilities can be viewed under "facilities" on our website.

Can residents request to stay with a friend?

Yes, and we will endeavour to follow their wishes wherever possible. Each apartment has only same sex residents. Please make a note on the application form if residents have a friend that they wish to share with.

Is there on site supervision?

Yes International House has a resident live in Caretaker who provides after hours assistance as required. Our Caretaker lives on site and are available to assist residents during the night as well as the day and on the weekends.  There is other staff on site during the day.

What security is provided?

All bedrooms and apartment front doors have security locks and can only be accessed by the residents of the apartment and individual bedrooms. International House has security gates and residents are given their key on arrival. International House is a safe and secure place for residents to stay.

What heating is provided?

Each bedroom has a heater with thermostat control. The main living area has an electric heater. All heaters are on two hour timers as a safety precaution and can be reset with the touch of a button. For safety reasons residents are not permitted to use their own fan heaters and any found will be confiscated.

What cooling is provided?

Each bedroom has windows with insect screens and a fan is provided. Apartments have central evaporative cooling systems which are centrally controlled from the living area.

Is there a photocopying service?

Yes there is photocopiers located in our study lounge at International House. Residents can make as many copies as they like. Residents must provide their own paper.

How about a laundry?

Coin operated washers and dryers are available at International House. Each washing machine performs a wash, rinse and spin dry cycle over a forty-five minute period and the dryers complete the drying over a forty-five minute period. The laundry is open all day until 11pm every day of the week.

What is provided in the bedrooms?

Each bedroom has a long desk a few metres in length, a bookcase, a connected telephone, a 24 hour live internet point, comfortable ergonomic work chair, single bed and inner sprung mattress, rubbish bin, whiteboard and notice board, clothes wardrobe, clothes hangers, four desk drawers, mirror, personal refrigerator, electric wall heater, adequate lighting and a student welcome bag.

What public transport is available?

There is a range of bus, tram and train services located only a short distance from International House. Residents are provided with information on these services on their arrival as well as timetables and fare costs.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew at International House for residents over the age of eighteen (18). Residents are free to come and go as they please. The village has security gates and these are closed all day and all night. Residents are given their own key to the main gate when they arrive which enables them to come and go as they please. Residents are reminded to respect other residents and neighbours at all times when coming and leaving the village.


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