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Student Housing Melbourne


The capital city of the Australian state of Victoria is located on the southeastern fringe of the Australian Landmass and in the southern central part of the state. Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia and is inhabited by around 5 million people. The metropolitan city of Melbourne incorporates some of the most honourable universities like University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University and Deakin University which are known worldwide for their excellence in academics which draws a massive number of students to Australia every year and contributes to the cultural diversity. Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square, Southbank and Art Centre Melbourne and the Shrine of Remembrance are some of the world-famous tourist attractions in Melbourne attracting a considerable group of tourists to the city every year.

Student accommodation

Wondering where to live in Melbourne? Well do not stress as there are a wide variety of comfortable, luxurious yet cheap student houses in Melbourne. The Private Halls of Residences in Melbourne include a wide range of non en-suites, en-suites,studios and shared apartments. The budget of student housing in Melbourne varies from $180 per week to 1000$ per week which are inclusive of all the bills. All the private halls of residences are contemporary and crafted keeping in mind a student’s uber comfort. The student rooms in Melbourne also provides modern amenities along with many student benefit offers which makes them the most preferred type of student housing in Melbourne. So, research well before booking your student accommodation in Melbourne so that it suits you perfectly. 


There is a wide range of affordable transportation options in Melbourne, which makes not only the commutation but also the student life in Melbourne convenient and easy. Melbourne has a well connected and extensive transportation system of trains, trams, buses and taxis, which makes it easier for people to travel to any part of the city. Southern Cross Station is the major railway station of Melbourne which has both Metro (blue; suburbs) and VLine (purple; regional/rural links) trains, with two separate departing areas that are colour coded. Melbourne’s tram network covers an area of 250 kilometres while the Melbourne's bus network consists of almost 300 routes which majorly covers the suburban areas which in turn bridges the gap between the rail and tram services.


The students in Melbourne need not stress at all about unwinding after a long week, as the student life in Melbourne can be really happening as the city has some vibrant and lively places to offer. If you are into exceptional dining, then Red Spice Road, Lake House and Chin Chin are among some of the most popular restaurants in Melbourne that offer some lip-smacking cuisines. The Toff in Town and Prince Bandroom are among the most go to bars in Melbourne if one is in the mood to unwind with some drinks and live music. Are you feeling like letting it go and grooving to the trendy beats? Well, then Revolver Upstairs and Radar are just the places for you. They are among the most popular clubs in Melbourne which guarantees a nightlife filled with fun, joy and spirit — excited for your student life in Melbourne already? If not, then buckle up because the city offers not only offers quality education but also quality student life.