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Edinburgh is fashionable students WHO need all the advantages of vivacious town life while not being flooded by its quick pace.

This capital town is astonishingly compact, jactitation numerous culture and gorgeous landscapes facet by facet with a vivacious nightlife and eclectic bars and retailers, all of that is presided over by the celebrated Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh could be a massive town with associate intriguing past, and Edinburgh students realize themselves creating new discoveries and unsteady upon hidden gems well into their third or fourth year of study.

However, Edinburgh students need to deal with the high price of living in Scotland's capital. 

A pint of Lager: £2.50 +

Double hard liquor & mixer: £3 +

Average Rent: £90 per week

Single ticket to uni: £1.30


Edinburgh differs from some student cities in this most of the co-ed accommodation is flats instead of homes, therefore having nine housemates is not associate choice. A five bedchamber flat within the centre can have a median rent of £1850 (£90 per week each).

For initial years, there's catered accommodation in Pollock Halls for University of Edinburgh students and self-catered in Panmure Court, Kincaid's Court, iQ Elliot House, Morningside, and Bruntsfield are widespread areas for college kids later in their studies.

There are heaps of scholar’s flats in Edinburgh, therefore you do not need to worry concerning finding somewhere to measure. However, competition is stiff for the simplest flats, therefore be fast if you actually like somewhere.


Edinburgh students have no need for transport in their everyday activity as a result of all the co-ed haunts are at intervals walking or athletics distance of the university campuses. travel in and out of Edinburgh is additionally straightforward. There are 2 train stations at either finish of the town, and low cost Megabus services to city, a well-liked destination for an evening out or searching trip, are out there. Edinburgh additionally contains a kinky method for tourists to examine the town - by rickshaw! 

Buses: Lothian Buses run throughout Edinburgh and into Midlothian and East Lothian, creating obtaining around low cost and straightforward for college kids. there's an evening service with a bus exploit each ten minutes from Waverley Steps at the east finish of Princes Street. This service gets you home safely from an evening out and saves you having to splash out on taxis.

Edinburgh buses solely settle for the proper amendment, therefore be ready with coins unless you're thinking that you'll charm the driver!

Cycling: Despite the cobbled streets, athletics could be a widespread method for college kids to urge around Edinburgh. However, you'll need to realize another mode of transport between Nov and Gregorian calendar month, once European nation is commonly reworked into a white winter wonderland. Edinburgh has stop lines contribute to its in depth network of cycle routes, that alter cyclists to beat the traffic. Edinburgh's ill-famed sneaky facet streets additionally build athletics a quicker thanks to hand that essay in before the point.

Due to the recognition of machine transport, Edinburgh has countless bike retailers.

Trains: There are 2 major train stations in Edinburgh: Haymarket and Waverley, the latter is the nearest to college of Edinburgh field. Haymarket is nearer to Murrayfield structure. whereas the raised value of drinks in bars at weekends in Edinburgh means that most students are acquainted with mid-week sessions, Edinburgh's nightlife rivals its neighbouring Glasgow's with its eclectic bars, pubs and clubs. the most nightclubs are to be found on Saint George Street.

Here are some of the foremost widespread clubs for student nights with the simplest drink deals.


Edinburgh's history and culture occur in its holidaymaker attractions and scenic landscapes.

The Royal Mile invitations you to require a walk up Edinburgh's celebrated street, stopping for a pint in one amongst its ancient Scottish pubs (just the one although - holidaymaker areas charge high holidaymaker prices). The purple Edinburgh Castle lies at the highest of the mile. do not trouble with the entry fee, however get a photograph of yourself outside it, post it on Facebook, then ne'er return!

Hike the 287 steps of Scott's Monument for gorgeous views of the town from a gothic tower.

Princes Street Gardens are beautiful within the summer once a day's searching on Princes Street and a drink on Rose Street, and therefore the Grassmarket could be a nice drinking space and vintage searching destination.

Edinburgh could be a completely different town counting on the season. attempt to pay a summer here to catch the perimeter competition, throughout that the town is overrun with tourists and performers. At Christmas, Princes Street Gardens acquire associate ice and German Christmas Market - make certain to grab a drinkable or post-shop vino.

The rumpled student fashion in Edinburgh is reflected in its nightlife. Indie nights are common all told the massive clubs. The Liquid space homes completely different music genres nightly and has vie host to several indie bands. Mansion Wednesdays and Indigo Thursdays are the foremost widespread student nights.

A lot of clubs in Edinburgh cater for sleazy guilty pleasures, and chart music frequently hits the decks on the co-ed nights. volcanic rock & Ignite - Students flock to CAV on Sunday nights for the large floor and alcopops from £1.50.City - Chart music, shots from £1, and a capability of 1500 build town a student favorite.

Edinburgh boasts some fantastic restaurants, significantly on Saint George Street, however these are a lot of treat for once the fogeys come back to go to. apart from all the expected chains like Bella Italian Republic, Jimmy Chung's, Prezzo and enthusiasm, there are several nice eateries for college kids on a budget. El Barrio could be a Latino bar and grill, The house of prayer room could be a low cost and cheerful canteen, The 3 Sisters - Students will get 2-4-1 main meals, seven days per week during this massive however cosy gin mill.

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