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Silk Mill, Edinburgh
Standard Studio - Bedroom
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Common Area
Common Area
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Silk Mill, Edinburgh

Dundee St, Edinburgh, EH11 1FH, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Silk Mill Edinburgh student accommodation is located in the bustling heart of Scotland's capital,  at 162 Dundee St Edinburgh EH11 1FH, UK. Silk Mill Edinburgh is one of Edinburgh's best student apartments, offering thoughtfully designed room types. The options at the Silk Mill student lets in Edinburgh range from studios and en-suites, including 8 Bed Standard Ensuite and 9 Bed Premium Ensuite. Silk Mill is a private student accommodation in Edinburgh that is situated conveniently near top educational institutions. The Silk Mill Edinburgh is close to the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University, and is in proximity to various campuses of Edinburgh College, making it an ideal choice for students looking for proximity to their study destinations.

Edinburgh, renowned for its historical significance and vibrant cultural scene, is an irresistible choice for students seeking a remarkable university experience. Silk Mill Edinburgh, nestled in this bustling city, stands out for its proximity to prestigious academic institutions such as the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University, which attract a diverse student population. The city's rich architectural heritage seamlessly blends with contemporary amenities, earning it a reputation as one of the world's most livable cities and a prime educational hub. Amidst this backdrop, student accommodation options, including student apartments in Edinburgh, are among the varied options for private student accommodation in Edinburgh strategically positioned near iconic landmarks like Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's Seat. These accommodations offer students not only convenience but also the opportunity for cultural immersion in this captivating city. Whether students are focused on their studies or exploring leisure activities, choosing Silk Mill, Edinburgh accommodation ensures a well-rounded lifestyle. With its thriving student population and enriching environment, Edinburgh promises an unforgettable university journey for those who call it home during their academic aspirations.


The remarkable Silk Mill, Edinburgh student accommodation provides an unparalleled living experience set in the enchanting backdrop of Edinburgh. Offering a diverse array of room types, including Luxe Studios and 9-bed premium ensuites, every student can find their perfect match for a comfortable and stylish living space. Each room at Silk Mill Edinburgh comes fully equipped with modern amenities such as a small double bed, dedicated study area, storage space, kitchen, and dining area.

Life at Silk Mill Edinburgh student accommodation is more than just academics. The property boasts a range of common amenities that cater to both relaxation and recreation. Residents can relax in the high-end Karaoke room, outdoor cinema screen, dry bar lounge, breakfast bar, and gym to ensure a seamless living experience. Students can indulge in the luxury of having their 24/7 free coffee, attentive customer service, wellness service, central location, on-site bike storage, dry bar, digital gaming room, and an outdoor courtyard. The presence of CCTV surveillance, 24/7 maintenance, and comprehensive security measures ensure a safe and supportive environment at the Silk Mill. Your bills include water, heating, electricity, gas and wi-fi, making it the best choice among the student apartments in Edinburgh.

Location and What's Hot?

Cultural enthusiasts will revel in the close access to landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle and the historical narratives woven within the walls of The National Museum of Scotland. Meanwhile, Silk Mill student accommodation places you amid prestigious academic institutions such as the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, and Edinburgh Napier University, fostering a rich learning environment. For those who like to stay connected with nature, Fountain Park offers a myriad of entertainment options. When it's time to unwind, the lush greens of Bruntsfield Links and The Meadows serve as serene retreats amidst the city's hustle.

Whether it's for study, leisure, or practical living, Silk Mill, Edinburgh accommodation in Edinburgh embodies the essence of convenience and vibrant student life. Conclude your day by returning to your cosy, modern room at Silk Mill, Edinburgh, a perfect sanctuary designed for student success. Centrally located in the pulsating heart of Edinburgh, Silk Mill Edinburgh offers an enriching living experience for students. Imagine stepping out of your fully furnished room and finding yourself surrounded by an eclectic mix of gastronomic delights and vibrant social hangouts. If you have a penchant for luxury dining, Britannia Hotel Edinburgh, Premium Inn Edinburgh City Centre, and Premium Inn Edinburgh Central are the go-to places. The Witchery by the Castle and the Le Monde Hotel are dining spots you cannot miss. You can also try eclectic dishes at the Black Ivy. The city of Edinburg is one of the top destinations for students worldwide due to the intricate mix of luxuries of the modern world and the laid-back old-world charm. Students staying at the Silk Mill Edinburg student accommodation have access to the best shopping places and convenient stores nearby. Stores and services near the Silk Mill student apartments in Edinburgh like Sainsbury's Local, Happy Pets Veterinary Surgeries, Kwik Fit, Bravissimo, and the Elephant House make Silk Mill the first choice for students.


Edinburg is reputed for its intricate network of public transportation. The city offers various modes of commute to students. The Edinburg student accommodation, Silk Mill Edinburgh, is well-linked to public transport in Edinburgh. Grove Street bus stop, Haymarket Station (Stop HG), Haymarket Station (Stop HB), and Port Hamilton are just down the lane. You can also catch a tram from Haymarket, which is within a 13-minute walk. To travel far away, you can reach Haymarket train station with a short walk. All the major bus stops and the Haymarket station are located in proximity to the top-ranking institutions in Edinburg and the UK.


Fountain Park Shopping Center - 3 minute walk

Edinburg Napier University - 12 minute walk

Edinburg City Center - 27 Minute walk

University of Edinburgh - 30 Minute walk 

What will you get

Your Rent Include


Common Amenities

Karaoke room
Outdoor cinema screen.
Dry bar lounge
Breakfast Bar

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a studio room?

All studio apartments include:
• Small double, double or king sized bed with under the bed storage
• Study area with desk and chair
• Wardrobe
• Fridge
• Oven & microwave, or combi-microwave
• Washer-dryer
• Dishwasher
• Smart TV And some studios also include:
• Sofa
• Dining table and chairs Specific details about what is included in each room type can be found on PMG property page.

What is included in an en-suite room?

All en-suite apartments include:
• Small double bed and underbed storage
• Private en-suite
• Study area with desk and chair
• Double wardrobe
• Full length mirror All shared living and kitchen areas feature:
• Fridge
• Oven
• Microwave
• Sofa
• Dining Table and Chairs
• Cupboard space for each resident
• Washer
• Dryer
• Dishwasher
• Smart TV

Who can live at PMG?

Property management welcome you with open arms and would love to be part of your university experience. Any person who is a full-time student, over the age of 18 and enrolled with an educational institution can live within PMG buildings.

What are your payment plans?

Rent will need to be paid in full via Transfermate if you do not have a UK-based Guarantor or a guarantee from Housing Hand. If you have a UK-based Guarantor or guarantee from Housing Hand then you can pay your Rent by Direct Debit on the first of the month either in 4, 10 or 12 instalments whichever is most convenient.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Property management require a reservation fee to secure your room. Your reservation fee will be equal to one week’s rent. This is shown as a credit against your first rental payment.

How to pay rent?

All Rent payments are due on or before the due date set out in your tenancy agreement. If you are unable to pay the rent instalment, you must speak to a member of your onsite team, who will assist and advise you on your options. If you fail to pay your rent, then PMG will refer your debt to STA, Property management debt management company, who will recover the debt on PMG behalf, all additional costs incurred to recover the debt will be added to the amount owed up on collection of this.

When is my first instalment due?

On the 9th August. For those paying in instalments a months rent is due on this date and for those paying in full all the rent will be due.

What’s included in my rent?

Free 24/7 coffee, free of charge in-apartment washer-dryers, in apartment Smart TVs, free bike hire, weekly events, CCTV, on-site leasing team and more! As well as….. All utility bills including gas, water and electricity (to reasonable consumption), 100MB high-speed WIFI with a personal private network, and weekly cleaning of communal spaces (all included in your rent)

What documents do I need for my application?

PMG will need a copy of your passport, visa (if required) and offer letter for university so please have these handy. If you do not yet have an offer from your university or a visa yet, you can still book with us and supply these documents later at check in.

Can I arrive earlier than my tenancy start date?

If your room is available, you may be able to move in early and you will be charged Rent for this period. Please contact a PMG's team member at the property to enquire about early arrivals.

Can I share my room?

Yes. Dual occupancy is accepted in Studio rooms only. Couple-friendly rooms are identified and can be searched for within PMG booking system. Couples will both need to sign the Tenancy Agreement and be jointly/severely liable for the rent. A 20% uplift to rent is applied to all couple-friendly rooms.

I am under 18, can I book with PMG's?

Yes. PMG allow students who are 17 years of age to book with us, but they should be turning 18 prior to move-in (or shortly thereafter).

What if I have a disability or special requirement?

PMG cater for all individuals, and PMG have rooms to accommodate students with a disability and if you have any specific requirements, please contact us and speak to a member of staff so PMG can ensure to be as accommodating as possible. In addition to this, PMG have step-free/level access. PMG can provide information on the availability of disabled parking for customers and there are accessible WC’s in the communal areas for visitors.

Do you offer short term lets?

If you are looking for short term stay, PMG are here to accommodate you. Whether you are searching for somewhere to stay during the summer period where you may be on placement, a pre-sessional course, a language course or just want to settle in earlier, please get in contact with us to explore PMG short-term letting options.

What are false fire alarms and how can I help to reduce them?

False alarms or unwanted fire signals occur when the fire alarm is activated when there is no fire. False alarms can be a significant inconvenience to all residents and staff and cause unnecessary pressure and resources for the local fire authority. You can help to reduce false alarms by following a few simple rules:
1. Close you bathroom door when taking a shower, steam can cause an activation.
2. Do not smoke in your flat, room or studio.
3. Do not cover a fire alarm detector and never tamper with fire safety equipment..
4. Keep kitchen fire doors closed, open a kitchen window or use extract fan to clear room of smoke when cooking.
5. Avoid using products such as deodorant and hair spray near smoke alarms.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)?

A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is an inspection of fire safety in your buildings . The purpose of the assessment is to:
1. Assess the risk of a fire occurring,
2. Assess the likelihood of the occupants being able to respond to a fire,
3. Assess the consequences of a fire occurring in the building,
4. Take preventative action.

Who carries out the Fire Risk Assessment?

PMG employ experienced, qualified, independent specialist assessors from PEMCO LLP to carry out the assessments - In addition, PMG consult with local fire authorities to ensure PMG are doing everything to keep you safe.

How often are Fire Risk Assessments carried out?

A Fire Risk Assessment is carried out annually and preventative actions reviewed monthly. On occasion it may not be possible for us to meet the desired target dates for actions set out in the assessment due to factors outside of PMG control. In such circumstances (and where applicable) PMG will identify and introduce additional or temporary measures to ensure fire safety at all times.

Who can I speak to if I am concerned about fire safety?

In the first instance speak with the Responsible Person (RP) for your building. Information on how to contact your RP can be found in your welcome handbook and on notices in reception. If unsure speak to a member of staff who will be happy to assist you.

How can I prepare myself in case of fire?

Be aware of the fire evacuation strategy and procedure. You will find information on your assembly point and what to do in the event of fire displayed on Fire Action Notices dotted around the building and in your welcome handbook. Every six months PMG will hold a fire drill, PMG ask for your cooperation as this will help guide you on the evacuation procedure. Failure to evacuate the building upon hearing the fire alarm puts you and others at risk. If in doubt please speak to the Responsible Person for your building.

How do I reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen?

1. Never leave cooking food unattended.
2. Check the cooker and hob are turned off when cooking is finished.
3. Never cook under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
4. Keep towels away from the cooker and hob.
5. Clean your toaster frequently to avoid combustible crumbs.
6. Never tamper with the fire blanket. This is there for your safety.

How can I reduce the risk of electrical fire?

Please ensure you check your welcome handbook for details of prohibited items:
1. Never use portable heaters. These are prohibited.
2. Do not use non-UK electrical items or adapters and never use a two-point plug with a three point socket.
3. Do not dry laundry on your electrical heater.
4. Do not leave mobile phones on charge while unattended or asleep.
5. Keep electrical items and leads away from water.

How can I reduce the risk of fire in my bedroom or studio?

Please ensure you check your welcome handbook for details of prohibited items:
1. Do not use candles.
2. Do not smoke in your flat, room or studio - smoking is prohibited. Please use the designated smoking area.
3. Do not have barbeque on a balcony or inside your home.
3. Do not cover a fire alarm detector and never tamper with fire safety equipment.
4. Clean the fluff/lint from your tumble-dryer after each use.

Why are fire doors important?

Fire doors stop smoke and fire from spreading through a building, giving people time to escape. Never wedge open a door marked with a blue and white (circular) sign that reads "Fire Door Keep Shut" and never disconnect the self closing device. If you see a damaged fire door please report this to the Responsible Person without delay.

If I need assistance to evacuate in the event of a fire, what should I do?

In the unlikely event of a fire, and you need assistance evacuating a building, even if this is only on a temporary basis, then you need to bring this to the attention of the Responsible Person for your building. PMG will work with you to complete your Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan. You do not need to reveal any personal medical information but PMG do ask that you tell us about anything that affects your ability to evacuate a building.

What is the Payment Criteria?

Rent will need to be paid in full via TransferMate if you do not have a UK-based Guarantor or a guarantee from Housing Hand. If you have a UK-based Guarantor or guarantee from Housing Hand then you can pay your Rent by Direct Debit on the first of the month either in 4, 10 or 12 instalments whichever is most convenient.

Is there any discount on Full payment?

PMG do not offer any discount for full payment.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who takes financial responsibility of your tenancy. If, for any reason you are unable to pay any amount owed to PMG, the guarantor is liable to do so. Your guarantor will be required to sign paperwork to check they are eligible and that they agree to this procedure. If needs be, PMG have the right to contact this person under PMG agreement.

Who needs a guarantor?

If you would like to pay your rent in instalments, you will need to have a UK-based guarantor or a guarantee from Housing Hand. If you are part of a couple booking a room with us and paying in instalments only the lead-tenant requires a Guarantor. However, as you are jointly and severely liable for the rent should they choose to not guarantee you both then your partner will require their own UK-based Guarantor. If you are under 18 at the time of booking then you will require a Guarantor and that person must be your parent or legal guardian.

Who can be my guarantor?

Your guarantor is anyone over the age of 18. They should be in full time employment, a homeowner and/or renting accommodation. It is important you check with this person before booking your room that they are happy to act as Guarantor.

What documents does my guarantor need to provide?

Proof of address (this could be a utility bill dated from the last 3 months or a council tax letter). PMG also need a proof of ID which could be a provisional /driver’s license or a passport. Your Guarantor will need to sign a separate Guarantor’s Agreement when you sign your lease with us.

What is Housing Hand?

Housing Hand provide the only secured, reliable and insured Rent Guarantor Service for students and working professional tenants renting in the UK. Housing Hand acts as a guarantor for students who want to pay for rent in instalments but do not have a UK-based Guarantor. Payments start when you move in, from £31pcm. You can find out more about Housing Hand here.

Can I bring a pet?

No, unfortunately pets are not allowed. Of course, if you need a guide dog or working dog to assist you, please do get in touch to discuss your options with the PMG's team.

Will my room be cleaned?

Rooms themselves are not cleaned weekly but you can book a clean via PMG online service portal for an additional charge.

What happens if there is a maintenance issue in my room?

PMG have a dedicated maintenance team on-site who are there to quickly resolve any breakages you may have in your room. Simply log the issue via PMG resident’s app, and one of the team will attend to swiftly resolve the issue.

What amenity spaces do you have?

Cinema area, games area, on-site gym, lounge, study spaces, private dining, breakfast bar and more! Check out PMG property page for all PMG spaces!

What laundry facilities are available on-site?

PMG studios come with their own washer-dryer in their kitchen, and PMG shared apartments with a washing machine and dryer in communal kitchens solely for the use of you and your housemates. This is at no additional cost, and your laundry is therefore included in your rent.

Is there Wi-Fi in the building?

Yes, PMG provide a 100MB connection as standard. Each resident also has their own private network, offering a secure connection between up to 15 devices.

Can I bring my bike?

PMG have on-site bike storage. Don’t have a bike? You can hire one of PMG's for free!

What about bringing my car?

At PMG properties are centrally located, within walking-distance to university campus’ most within the City Centre itself, reducing the need to travel by car, however please enquire with PMG leasing team who can assist you further with paid options or in-house parking.

Is there a gym in the building?

Yes, PMG have an on-site dedicated gym free for you to use, equipped with both cardio and strength related equipment.

What time of the day can I move in?

PMG provide a variety of time slots throughout the day, staggering out PMG move ins so that PMG's team can greet and assist each resident as they move in. If you would like to book in a particular slot please let a member of the property team know when you will be arriving as soon as possible.

Do you employ students?

PMG are creating communities of happier, healthier students and want everyone to feel at home. If you are looking for some part time work and are an enthusiastic person who enjoys helping others, then please get in contact with us and ask about applying to one of PMG student Community Assistant roles.

Which room types do you have available?

For those looking to share with friends, or live communally with likeminded others, PMG have a selection of en-suite rooms in shared apartments, with living areas, dining seating and plenty of kitchen space to cook up a storm. If you are looking for a bit more privacy, PMG have a variety of studio rooms available, each with their own private kitchen.

What is the difference between rooms?

All PMG rooms have been designed for both style and practicality, spaces which largely all have the same furniture and fixtures. However, they do differ on size, layout, and location in the building, so they have been categorised and priced with this in mind. Further room information about a specific room or type can be found on PMG property page.

Can I have my own private bathroom and kitchen?

No problem at all, of PMG rooms come with their own private shower room en-suite. If you would also like your own private kitchen, then PMG would recommend booking one of PMG studios.

I am booking by myself but want to share with others, is this possible?

Absolutely! PMG en-suite apartments have their own private bedroom and bathroom, but also benefit from a shared kitchen and living area – the ideal space to get to know your new flat mates! PMG do also accept applications for Dual Occupancy in Studios. NOT APPLICABLE FOR HUXLEY STUDIOS

Do you offer student jobs?

PMG have community assistant roles available for students, please contact us for further information.

Is there a TV in my room?

Some studios have a TV in their room, and some shared apartments feature TV’s in their living rooms. If your apartment does not feature its own TV you can bring your own if you wish. PMG also feature Smart TVs in the shared communal spaces of the property.

Who buys my TV License?

PMG do not provide any TV Licenses, so you will need to register for your own TV license.

Can I change my room?

PMG want you to be happy with your room choice and will do PMG best to accommodate any requests to change rooms. However, these are largely dependent on what rooms PMG have available at the time the request comes in. Booking early will mean you get your pick of all PMG rooms so that you will not have to settle for your second choice.

How far is the university to my accommodation?

PMG are centrally located within close proximity to universities and the City Centre, please visit PMG property page for exact travel times.

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22 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Student Accommodation

Edinburgh student accommodation is highly affordable. Yet, it can be demanding, given the challenges in finding the most suitable and inexpensive Edinburgh student housing. Explore the Edinburgh festival & discover the hidden gems of the Royal Mile, and enjoy world-class cuisine. From the stunning Edinburgh Castle to the atmospheric Old Town, this cultural hub has something for everyone. Amber is there to cater to all your needs regarding student accommodation in Edinburgh. Amber has a choice of stylish studios and convenient en-suites, fully-furnished equipped kitchens and sleek modern designs and is committed to offering high-end student living solutions to meet every need and desire.

We offer a substantial list of options available for accommodation in Edinburgh. Some of the best options for Edinburgh student accommodation include The Keel Houses, Edinburgh, Silk Mill Edinburgh, Edinburgh College Residence, Edinburgh, Potterrow, Edinburgh, etc. These options for student accommodation come fully equipped with all the amenities a student needs. At amber, we are committed to making the search for Edinburgh student accommodation easier for students.

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and is known for being one of the most captivating cities globally. It is home to the Forth Bridge, Scott Monument, and Edinburgh Castle, known for their astounding structural beauty. Its spectacular rock structures, rustic buildings, and massive collection of mediaeval and classic architecture make it one of the buzzing cities in Europe. Edinburgh's population thrives on diversity, with a mix of locals and foreigners. A crucible of traditions and ideas, it is a city that blends the modern with the traditional to create a beautiful place that inspires all its inhabitants. Nature awaits you around National Parks like the breathtaking Pentland Hills or the rugged beauty of Holyrood Park.

Edinburgh is proud to be home to many renowned universities that nurture the spirit of tomorrow's leaders. From the historic University of Edinburgh and its rich educational heritage to Heriot-Watt University and research, the city is a destination for knowledge seekers. These institutions attract diverse student groups and foster an environment of intellectual exploration and innovation.

Beyond the lecture halls, Edinburgh's dynamic atmosphere invites exploration. The city's rich history provides an inspiring backdrop for academic pursuits. In Edinburgh, students are not just there to study. They are also active participants in a thriving intellectual community that values curiosity and innovation. By securing student accommodation in Edinburgh, students can embrace the opportunity to study in this enchanting city, where education transcends the classroom, and each corner tells a story waiting to be discovered.

Best Student Accommodation in Edinburgh

Having the right student accommodation is one of the most important parts of studying overseas. The right housing can not only make you feel at peace, but it can also be a huge burden on you while you have other things to do at university. Amber's priority is to make sure that student housing is never a concern for students studying abroad. Thankfully, there are several options for student accommodation in Edinburgh. Students can make their living experience a comfortable and luxurious one. The universities here have a lot of opportunities that students can make sure to grab. Edinburgh is home to many accommodation options that provide exceptional services and a comfortable living environment. Some options to check out for Edinburgh student accommodation are:

1. Westfield

2. Gorgie

3. iQ Fountainbridge

4. The Mont

5. iQ Grove

6. iQ Elliott House

7. Portsburgh Court

8. New Park

9. London Nest Straits Meadow Edinburgh

10. Student Castle Edinburgh

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Edinburgh can depend on various factors. It is the second most expensive city in the UK, so it can incur high-end charges if you do not plan the budget well before moving. Keep a budget of £1000-£1200/month to plan your month well. Planning your student accommodation in Edinburgh can help you waive a few expenses and save a few extra pounds. The fees and approximate costs are as below:

1. Food: £75 - £95/ month

2. Gas & Electricity (Utility Bills): £45 - £60/month

3. Internet & Phone Bills: £20 - £40/month

4. Dinner at a Restaurant: £15/meal at a standard restaurant and £50/meal at a mid-range restaurant.

5. Travel & Conveyance: £80 - £100/month

6. Storage & Shifting Costs: £25/hour

Student Travel Edinburgh

Transport and travelling are very convenient tasks for student accommodation in Edinburgh because of the city's well-connected transportation system. The town is famous for its travel services, including buses, trams, and rental bikes. Lothian Buses is a leading bus company that operates bus connections across the city on over 50 different routes. Additionally, the city also has an excellent railway system. The city has two major train stations - Waverley Railway Station and Haymarket Railway Station. The Waverley Station is nearest to the Edinburgh Fields College, while the latter is closer to the Murray Fields structure.

1. Bus

Travelling by bus in Edinburgh City makes it easy to explore this beautiful Scottish city with a range of travel cards and passes. The city has a Rida card, a payment option for unlimited travel on buses, trains and trains in certain regions. With comprehensive bus services and student fares, commuting is hassle-free and allows students to explore the city's attractions, universities and theatres easily. A ticket for a single journey will cost you around £1.60.

2. Tram

For student accommodation in Edinburgh, the tram system provides convenient and fast transportation. Buying a Rida card can make unlimited trips on trams and buses. The tram network connects key places such as universities, shopping malls and tourist attractions, giving students the confidence and convenience of travel. A ticket for a single day will cost you around £4.50.

3. Cycling

Cycling in Edinburgh is easy for students, with many affordable options. Edinburgh's excellent bike and cycle paths make it easy and convenient for students to explore the city on two wheels.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a vibrant, historic city in Scotland that offers a unique student lifestyle that combines academics with an exciting lifestyle. With its rich heritage, beautiful scenery and many attractions, Edinburgh has something to offer for every student. Explore the city's social life during student holidays at the famous Grassmarket, a large square filled with quirky bars, colourful shops and street performers. Experience Dine at The Witchery for a taste of Edinburgh food or Ondine, both known for their exceptional dining experiences. When the sun sets, students can immerse themselves in nighttime activities. Clubs like Cabaret Voltaire and Sneaky Pete's provide the perfect setting for any night of fun with musicians and live music.

When it's time to take a break from your studies, Edinburgh has lots of green spaces. Holyrood Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens are peaceful places for recreation and outdoor activities. Students can also take the Arthur's Seat Walking Tour, which offers beautiful panoramic views of the city. Edinburgh hosts world-famous events throughout the year, such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the International Film Festival and New Year's Eve Celebrations, showcasing art, music and culture from around the world. These activities give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative spirit of the city.

All in all, Edinburgh is a great place to start your academic journey. There are plenty of exciting things to do for students. Edinburgh is also home to several world-class universities that offer the best standard of education. To top that, there are plenty of options for student accommodation in Edinburgh too, which can make shifting there for educational purposes a lot more convenient too.

Edinburgh Tourist Attractions

There are some famous places to visit near Edinburgh. Students can explore the area and learn more about the places. The best part is that most of these tourist spots are easily accessible from the student accommodation in Edinburgh through public transport. Here are some of the tourist attractions in Edinburgh that should not be missed:

1. Edinburgh Castle

2. National Museum of Scotland

3. Arthur's Seat

4. Palace of Holyrood House

5. Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Top Universities in Edinburgh

Edinburgh boasts a stellar lineup of universities, each offering a unique blend of academic excellence and student-centric environments. Its diverse range of programs caters to various interests and aspirations, ensuring that students not only receive top-notch education but also find their academic passions embraced. Here are some of the top universities in Edinburgh located near the options for student accommodation in Edinburgh:

1. University of Edinburgh

2. Heriot-Watt University

3. Edinburgh College of Art

4. Edinburgh Napier University

5. Queen Margaret University

6. University of Edinburgh (King's Building Campus)

7. Edinburgh College (Granton Campus)

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