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Kexgill Tower, Bradford
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Kexgill Tower, Bradford

Smith St, Bradford, BD7 1DJ, United Kingdom
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About the Property

There are some amazing options for student accommodation in Bradford, but Kexgill Tower Bradford is one of the best. Located at Smith St, Bradford, BD7 1DJ, United Kingdom, Kexgill Tower Bradford offers some spacious studios. The most loved feature of Kexgill Tower Bradford is the ideal proximity to the prestigious universities in Bradford. The University of Bradford is a short walk away from the student accommodation, and Bradford College is just a stroll away. Kexgill Tower Accommodation Bradford is also away from the city centre and is very well connected with public transport.

Bradford, one of the biggest cities in the UK, is located on the eastern foothills of the Pennines. Over 500,000 people call this metropolitan city in West Yorkshire, England home. After Leeds and Sheffield, Bradford is the third-largest city in the Yorkshire and the Humber region and the seventh-largest in the UK. The city was named the first City of Film in the world by UNESCO and has made numerous contributions to the film industry (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The name Bradford is a confluence of two words from olden english where ford meant crossing of the Bradford beck. This city experiences a maritime climate with restricted temperature changes and moderate rainfall. You can come across some popular fashion brands like H&M, Primark, Superdry, Marks and Spencer and many more! With such a rich history and expansiveness, getting yourself Kexgill Tower Student Accommodation Bradford near Bradford University is the ultimate way to go. The public transport in Bradford is convenient and cheap, so getting around won't be a problem. The distance from the city centre is also just a 10 min walk, so the students will not miss any of the action.


Kexgill Tower Bradford has very comfortable and chic rooms and ensuites that the students love. The students have multiple different choices of rooms to choose from, like studio-S, studio-M, studio-L and studio-XL. Many amazing amenities are offered to the students staying at Kexgill Tower Bradford student accommodation. Kexgill Tower in Bradford offers a range of convenient features for its residents. In the common areas, there's a BBQ for outdoor gatherings, and a 24-hour maintenance team is on call for any assistance. Smoking is not allowed on the premises. Residents can enjoy a social space for interaction. Laundry facilities are available with card or coin-operated machines. Inside the furnished rooms, residents have access to WiFi, a dishwasher, and a TV for entertainment. Safety is a priority, with CCTV and surveillance cameras ensuring a secure environment for everyone. They also have all the benefits of being in a central location. It also has a very buzzing and fun atmosphere, and there are many events that help the students make friends and settle in. Kexgill Tower student accommodation in Bradford also includes bills of Wi-Fi, electricity, water, gas and content insurance in the rent, making it one of the ideal options for student accommodation in Bradford.

Location and What's Hot?

Kexgill Tower student accommodation, Bradford, is located in a very safe and buzzing area just a walk away from the city centre, where all the action happens. The Main attraction of Kexgill Tower Accommodation Bradford is the distance from the universities in the city, with The University of Bradford less than a few minutes walk away and the Bradford Metropolitan College just a walk away. There are plenty of things to do in Bradford, from cafes and pubs to parks and museums; this city has it all.

The students will never be left with nothing to do. The public transport in the city makes it easy to get around, and other than that, walking is also a great option as many of the places are close by. Visiting restaurants near the student accommodation that serves delicious food like Manjaros, 786 Restaurant, Saas Restaurant and Pollo Ranch Bradford is common, and so is getting drinks at the fun bars and pubs nearby like the Peacock Bar, Crafted, Rabbit Hole and Sunbridgewells. There are also many things to do around, like visit museums like the National Science and Media Museum, Bolling Hall, Bradford, Bradford Industrial Museum and Cartwright Hall, along with other attractions like Bradford Cathedral, City Park Mirror Pool and Fountain and Yorkshire Dales National Park. There are also many parks to visit to get some sun and fresh air or host a picnic, like City Park, Grosvenor Park, Trident Park and Horton Park. There are also plenty of grocery stores and supermarkets nearby for the student's convenience, like Southgate Minimarket, Tesco Express, Sparken Food and Wine and Sainsbury's Local.


Due to the very prime and central location of Kexgill Tower student accommodation in Bradford, there will be no problem for the students to get from one place to another. The public transport is affordable and convenient and very well connected. The nearest bus stop to Kexgill Tower Accommodation Bradford is Arkwright Hall, which is less than a few minutes walk away, while the nearest train station, Thornton Rd Westholme Street, is a short ride away from Kexgill Tower Bradford. Walking can be used as the primary commute method as everything is pretty close by, and cycling can also be a good option.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Maintenance Team (24-hour On Call)
No Smoking
Social Space
Card or Coin-Operated Laundry

Cancellation Policies (1)

  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.

Payment Policies (4)

  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live here?

You must be a full-time student, and be 18 years or older to live in the property. You can book with this property whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. However, please be aware of the cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not yet be confirmed.


Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not permitted in the buildings.


What are your contract lengths?

Each of the properties offers different contract lengths and room types.


Can I choose who I live with?

If you are applying to live with friends, please ensure that you enlist the details of friends that you would like to live with in the booking form with us, we will then contact them and make the arrangements for you!


Can I choose my room?

Rooms are allotted on first cum first served basis.

Can I request to move rooms during my tenancy?

You would need to make a formal request to the accommodation team of the property you are residing at. If you request to move rooms during your tenancy please note there is a room move admin fee of 50.00, you would also be issued with new documents confirming the details of the room move. A room move would be impacted by the availability at the time of the request and if there is a waiting list for the requested room or flat type. Should your requested room move result in moving to more expensive accommodation then yourself and the Guarantor shall be liable to pay the higher rent from the date the Tenant is given access to the more expensive accommodation.

Do you provide summer accommodation?

Yes, the summer accommodation of the same provider usually opens around March.


Do I have to move out in the holidays?

No, your room is yours for the full contract period! You wont have to move out in the holidays, so you wont have to remove your belongings every term.


How do I book a viewing?

You can book a viewing of any selected property by sending us an email.


How do I cancel or re-arrange my viewing?

By dropping us an email for the same.


Can I book a room without a viewing?

Absolutely. However, we would always recommend booking a viewing wherever possible.


How long does a viewing take?

Usually up to 30 minutes. However, the sales team are always happy to spend as much time as is needed assisting you with your booking.


What will I be shown on my viewing?

All communal areas and room types requested (dependent upon availability).


I'm in a different country, how do I view a property?

All the properties of the provider have access to Skype option, so you can view a property from wherever you want. Just drop us an email the date & time that suits you and we would arrange a viewing for you.


What do I do if I'm a first-year student and I'm still waiting for my exam results?

If you;re still waiting for your exam results and you're not sure whether your place at university is confirmed, don't worry! You can still apply. You just need to ensure that if you do not get your place at university, you let us know on your chosen property in writing a maximum of 3 days after the A-Level results day, to cancel your booking. You must provide a UCAS letter to verify your change in circumstances. In this instance, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If you don't let us know within 3 days, your tenancy agreement will remain in place, and you will be liable for the rent on your room for the entire contract period.


Can I book if I'm under 18?

The bookings from students who are under 18 are accepted only if they will turn 18 in the first term of the academic year. Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, applications from students who wont turn 18 in their first term are not accepted.


What is included in my rent?

All utility bills are included in your rent such as gas, electricity and water and unlimited wifi*. However, your TV license is not included and this is the sole responsibility of the resident as this is not classed as a utility. 


Can I pay my rent from overseas?

You can pay your rent either online or by bank transfer depending on your chosen property. Please note that if you make your payment using a credit card or an overseas debit card, you will be required to pay a surcharge of 1.5%.


Can I pay my rent weekly?

The largest instalment plan with this provider is 10, the total contract value is divided into 10 equal amounts and this is paid across 10 months.


What do I need to provide to be a guarantor?

Please note to be a guarantor you must be in full time employment or a homeowner and lived in the UK (England or Wales) for more than 5 years. You can provide: A copy of proof of identity (with photograph) such as: * Passport * Driving License * ID Badge A copy of proof of address (less than 3 months old) such as: Utility bill statement (i.e. Electricity, Water, Telephone) * Bank statement * Council tax bill for the current year


Reviews (15)

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(15 ratings)
13 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Bradford

Bradford Student Accommodation

Finding suitable student accommodation in Bradford can be a hassle, but it's not complicated. Amber offers many affordable options for comfortable student accommodations that are priced affordably. Numerous prestigious universities, including the University of Bradford, Bradford College, Leeds Trinity University and Leeds Beckett University, are located close to student accommodation in Bradford. The city has all, from luxurious student accommodation in Bradford, Barkerend, to cost-effective student housing in Thornbury, Bradford. All of Bradford's rooms are designed for the utmost comfort of the students. There is something in the city for everyone. Depending on your preferences for accommodation near Bradford University, such as comfy ensuites and studios to cost-friendly shared apartments and rooms, we have it all. Set sail on your student accommodation in Bradford with us today.

Some of the most famous student accommodations in Bradford are Longside House, The Green, Horton House, and iQ Arkwright House.

About Bradford

Bradford, one of the biggest cities in the UK, is located on the eastern foothills of the Pennines. Over 500,000 people call this metropolitan city in West Yorkshire, England home. After Leeds and Sheffield, Bradford is the third-largest city in the Yorkshire and the Humber region and the seventh-largest in the UK. The city was named the first City of Film in the world by UNESCO and has made numerous contributions to the film industry (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). With such a rich history and expansiveness, getting yourself accommodation near Bradford University is the ultimate way to go.

It is now only two hours by train from London, 20 minutes from Leeds, and a short drive from Salford Media City, where several critical national broadcasters are based. The freshly expanded Leeds-Bradford International Airport welcomes travellers from all around the world. The city has long been a popular film location because of its fantastic architecture and environmental legacy. Suppose you are interested in media and mass communication. In that case, getting student accommodation in Bradford lets you garner important connections as well as try out all the things to do in Bradford.

Best student accommodation in Bradford

Finding the right student accommodation in Bradford can be a daunting task, especially with thousands of students flocking here every year to pursue their dreams. However, amber makes this entire process quite easy for you. All you have to do is follow three simple steps: pick, pay, and book. And it's that easy to find your perfect student accommodation near Bradford University with a few clicks! With so many things to do in Bradford, you will be pleasantly surprised by the lovely chic accommodation options here, ranging from multiple sharing rooms to multiple-bedroom ensuites and studios! The possibilities are never-ending. Amber has something for everyone as you can go over its sleek sorting features and see which student accommodation in Bradford is close to your preferred University or if you wish to see which Bradford student accommodation is the most affordable. You can even check out restaurants, grocery stores and commute options near your preferred student accommodation in Bradford with amber! Here are some of the best student accommodations:

1. Longside House

2. The Green

3. Horton House

4. iQ Arkwright House

5. Storthes Hall Park

6. Mary Morris Park

7. The Glass Works

8. Austin Hall

9. Asquith Hall

10. The Edge

Cost of Living in Bradford

You must have your spending organised if you want your time as a student in Bradford to go more smoothly. We list the costs you'll incur while attending University in the city.

1. Rent- £450-500 weekly

2. Groceries- £90-100 weekly

3. Travel - £30-40 weekly

4. Leisure- £40-50 weekly

5. Food- £40-50 weekly

Student Travel in Bradford

The transportation network in England is among the world's most efficient networks, helping you access all the things to do in Bradford. In Bradford, all the transportation systems are smartly connected, making them easily accessible and conveniently located within walking distance of every accommodation near Bradford University. In Bradford, students can access various transportation options, including the renowned Bradford train station, buses, and friendly taxis.

1. Bus: More than 100 buses run continuously up and down the City of Bradford, 24 hours a day. Students can board buses that connect to all of England's national highways at Bradford Interchange, which is close to the city centre. Buses have been the primary source of transport in England since time immemorial!

2. Train: Leeds, Manchester, London, Halifax, and Huddersfield are among the cities connected by Bradford Interchange. The Interchange houses Bradford's bus and coach station as well. The Interchange is about a 5-minute walk from Bradford Forster Square Station. The areas served by Bradford Forster Square include Shipley, Saltaire, Bingley, Keighley, Ilkley, and Skipton.

3. Cycling: You can also explore local parts of the city via cycling. You can visit Bradford's exclusive cycling areas, like Bradford's famous City Park. When you opt for walking and cycling, not only do you get to explore the city via an eco-friendly option, but even the health aspect of it. You also get to witness the beauty of Bradford from up close!

Student Lifestyle and Living in Bradford

Bradford has a well-established reputation among international students for having a great student life. The town is excellent for exploring and travelling for people of all ages because it has so many exciting and vibrant places for the audience. Visit the well-known Lister Park for the breathtaking natural beauty that will please all Instagram followers if you enjoy spending time beside quiet bodies of water. For all the foodies in our midst, you better head to Mezza Restaurant, Cona Restaurant, Jinnah Restaurant, and the Classic Persian Restaurant to grab some great nosh on the go. If exploring artistic locations is more your cup of tea, check out Bradford Industry Museum, Bolling Hall, and Cartwright Hall to satisfy your curious brain. These locations will all be sprawled close to your student accommodation in Bradford.

The Corn Dolly is a great place to grab a drink while watching your city's football team play, and The Mill NightClub, located directly next to City Center, is a great place to dance to the hottest disco beats. If you're someone who likes to stay fit, you better run a mile around Horton Park, Lister Park, and Peel Park. Your stay won't be anything but fantastic, with so many options available for you to feast your eyes (and stomach) on. Tourist attractions in Bradford tend to have this effect on everyone.

Bradford Tourist Attractions

For culture, history, and a unique look into Yorkshire life, Bradford continues to be a great city. Its stunning setting makes it ideal for discovering the countryside and connecting with nature, all within walking distance of your student accommodation in Bradford. To make the most of your visit to this exciting and diverse city, here are some of the best things to do in Bradford, as well as the tourist attractions in Bradford.

1. Bradford Industrial Museum

2. National Media Museum

3. Lister Park

4. Bradford Alhambra

5. Bolling Hall

6. Bradford Cathedral

7. Cartwright Hall

Universities in Bradford

The city of Bradford in England is home to many world-famous universities and colleges. Numerous students from around the world choose these universities and colleges to get a fuller education and a student experience. Here is a list of the top universities and colleges in Bradford:

1. Bradford College

2. University of Bradford

3. University of Bradford (Emm Lane Campus)

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