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Note: Valid for 22/23 Academic Year bookings only. 

Mayfield Residences is our brand new for 2022, purpose-built student accommodation in Edinburgh! Comprising of self-contained studio apartments, a reception area, office, and breakout spaces, could this be your home for the next academic year? 

Conveniently located just a short walk from The University of Edinburgh King's Buildings Campus, this property is perfect if you like rolling out of bed just before your 9am lectures! Its easily accessible to local transport links, which can take you straight into Edinburgh city centre in just 25 minutes. 

If youre a fan of scenic routes and parks, Mayfield Residences is actually nestled right next to Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve. With views over the city from this hillside walk, youre guaranteed to fall in love with Edinburgh even more whilst taking this route. 

Community Amenities

Laundry Room
Bike Storage
Common Room

Apartment Amenities

Desk and Chairs
En-suite bathroom
Storage Space
comfortable bed

Bills Included



Classic Ensuite£180/week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Area12 sqm

Room Amenities

comfortable bed
cosy desk area
Storage Space

This luxury Classic Ensuite is the ideal space if you enjoy socialising with your friends. Your new private room measures around 12.5m2 and is equipped with a comfortable bed, wardrobe and storage space and a cosy desk area, perfect for knuckling down on your deadlines. Whilst staying here, youll share a kitchen and social area with your flatmates, which comes with brand new facilities and kitchen appliances.

Duration:51 week
Move in:10 Sep, 2022
Looking for different dates? Contact us
Classic Studio£231/week
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Area18 sqm

Room Amenities

Double Bed
Desk and Chairs
Plenty of storage

Classic Studio, your new cosy haven with all the amenities you could need for a comfortable stay. Measuring around 18m2, our Studios features a double bed, ensuite bathroom, desk area and plenty of storage for all your belongings. If you enjoy cooking, prepare to fall in love with your brand new kitchen area, equipped with super modern facilities.

Duration:51 week
Move in:10 Sep, 2022
Looking for different dates? Contact us
Classic Accessible Studio£238/week
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

Room Amenities

Cosy Double Bed
Desk and Chairs
Plenty of storage

If youre on the hunt for luxury living in Edinburgh, then you need to book yourself a Classic Accessible Studio. Featuring lots of storage space, a cosy double bed, your own ensuite bathroom and a modern kitchen, your new room has all the amenities you could need to replicate your home away from home. When you feel like socialising with others, the onsite common room is the perfect place to relax and unwind with all of your uni friends.

Duration:51 week
Move in:10 Sep, 2022
Looking for different dates? Contact us

Booking Details

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your booking up to 14 days after you accept your offer or pay your deposit (the Initial Cancellation Period), which reduces to 7 days from 1st August ahead of the academic year being booked, providing you have not already moved in to the property and they will refund your security deposit in full. Deposits will normally be refunded within 28 days of cancellation, however our legal obligation as a landlord is to secure all deposits with a third party protection scheme. In the event that your deposit has already been sent to the protection scheme by the time you cancel your booking, your refund could take up to 60 days to be refunded due to the protection schemes processing period and your deposit refund will come directly from them you will need your repayment ID which will be sent to you directly by the protection scheme. If the deposit has already been sent to the deposit protection scheme, unfortunately, they are unable to influence their processing time.

If you cancel your booking after the 14 day Initial Cancellation Period (7 days after 1st August), you will remain liable for the weekly rent (for each and every week or part week) until they are able to re-let the room. If they are able to re-let the room they will release you from the agreement upon payment of a GBP 250 release fee which they will recover by retaining your deposit (which will not, therefore, be returned). If you have paid a lower deposit amount, thats the amount that will be retained.

Payment Details

Payment Info:- 

Pay Deposit to confirm the booking 

Rent Payments: 

If you have a valid UK Guarantor, you can choose to pay your rent in three instalments, which are due in September, January and April.

If you don't have a valid UK Guarantor, you are required to pay the full rent in August, 1 month prior to your contract start date.

Please note you must have paid the rent due by the time you arrive to check in.

Other instalment options may be available, however admin fees may apply.

Mode of Payment: 

Online via by logging into your student account

At the property reception desk

By telephone to the property team

By bank transfer (please ensure you use your name and student ID as the payment reference).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live at this property?

You must be a full-time student to live with us. You can book with us whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. However, please be aware of their cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not yet be confirmed.

Are pets allowed?

No pets of any kind are permitted in this property, except registered assistance dogs.

Can I choose who I live with?

If you are applying to live with friends, please ensure that you follow their create application link online, list the friends that you would like to live with and they will then contact them and make the arrangements for you!

Can I choose my room?

If you follow the book now process you can select the room of your choice or you can make special requests within the create application route which they will do their best to accommodate, however all requests and subject to availability and conditions.

Can I request to move rooms during my tenancy?

You would need to make a formal request to the accommodation team of the property you are residing in. If you request to move rooms during your tenancy please note there is an admin fee of 50.00. You will also be issued with new documents confirming the details of the room move which you will need to sign or accept online. Should your new room be more expensive, then you and your Guarantor shall be liable for the higher rent from the date you are given access to it.

Do you provide summer accommodation?

Yes, their summer bookings usually open around March. Keep a look out for pricing and information or contact the property team.

Do I have to move out in the holidays?

Your room is yours for the full contract period and you don't need to move out during academic breaks.

Does my rental price include insurance?

Contents insurance is included at some properties which will be specified in your tenancy agreement.

Do I need to pay council tax?

If you are a qualifying full-time student, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax. You must provide us with your council tax exemption certificate which your university will be able to arrange. If you do not have this when you move in because you have not yet enrolled on your course, please ensure that you bring with you the name of your university and your university student ID number.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you have a valid UK Guarantor, you can choose to pay your rent in three instalments, which are due in September, January and April. If you dont have a valid UK Guarantor, you are required to pay the full rent in August, 14 days prior to your contract start date. Please note you must have paid the rent due by the time you arrive to check in. Other instalment options may be available, however admin fees may apply.

When do I pay my rent?

When you accept your room offer, you'll be given two options: * To pay your rent in full * To pay your rent in instalments spread throughout the year You can choose whichever is most convenient for you. Some instalment options may have an admin fee.

What is included in my rent?

All utility bills such as gas, electricity, water are included in your rent. Unlimited wifi* is also included. Your TV licence is not included in your rent as this is not classed as a utility and is your responsibility to purchase. All of their properties offer a Wi-Fi connection included within the rent, so you won't have to pay anything to get online. During your stay, unless otherwise provided by your accommodation, your internet provider will also offer both free and premium television packages. Depending on the site at which you choose to live at, your internet provider will be either StudentCom, or Ask4. * StudentCom services include Wi-fi connectivity for up to 5 devices. * Ask4 provides connectivity for up to 3 devices, with optional upgrades for further devices to be added. For information on the speed of your internet connection, please your Property Team for more information. *a one off connection fee may apply dependent on property. Please see your property page for more information.

Can I move in before I pay my rent?

All rent that is due must have been paid when you check-in. If you are having difficulties or this will be a problem, please contact the property as early as possible who will assist you.

What if I don't have a UK guarantor?

If you are unable to provide your own UK Guarantor, they recommend the service of Housing Hand you can find further information, prices and how to apply on their website.

Who can be a guarantor?

To be a guarantor you must: * Be resident in the UK for a minimum of 1 year * Be over 21 years of age * Be a homeowner or in full-time employment) * Provide a copy of photographic identification, such as a passport, driving license or ID badge * Provide a copy of proof of your UK address which must be less than 3 months old, such as a utility bill (e.g. electricity, water, gas, telephone), a bank statement or a Council Tax bill.

Can I pay my rent from overseas?

You can pay your rent either online by logging in to your student account, by bank transfer or by credit or debit card over the phone. Your bank may charge you a fee to make an international payment so please make sure you check their terms and conditions first.

Do I need a guarantor?

If you wish to pay your rent in instalments, you will need a UK guarantor.

Do I need a guarantor if I am a sponsored student?

They may be able to accept sponsors in place of guarantors in some cases, however this depends on the terms of your sponsorship and whether your sponsor is willing to guarantee rent payments. If you are a sponsored student, please contact your chosen property directly to enquire about using a sponsor in place of guarantor.

Can I pay my rent weekly?

Weekly rent payments are not available, however Straits Manor offers a number of instalment options for students to pay their rent.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

They don't charge a booking fee. When you accept your room offer, youll be asked to pay a deposit to secure your room which is secured with a deposit protection service and refunded at the end of your tenancy.

Can I book if Im under 18?

If you turn 18 in the first semester of university, they can accept your booking with no restrictions other than an adult over the age of 18 must be a co-signatory on your tenancy agreement and must accept the terms of it. They can accept under 18s in some of their properties subject to their Policy for Students under the Age of 18.

What do I need to bring with me?

When you come to pick up your keys you need to bring some photographic ID. To find out what else you may need to bring check out their what to take to university page.

Is there car parking facilities for when I move in?

Some properties have car parking facilities available for a small charge, please speak to your property team directly if you would like to reserve car parking.

What happens to my deposit?

Your deposit is placed into a deposit protection scheme, where it is held safely throughout the academic year and will be returned to you at the end of your contract subject to the contract terms. * Deposit Protection Service (England and Wales) * Letting Protection Service (Scotland)

When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy agreement has ended and your room has been inspected. The amount returned to you will depend on any outstanding charges and any damage found in your room or the communal areas of your apartment. Please see your tenancy agreement for more information. The deposit can take up to 30 working days to be credited at the end of your tenancy period. All deposits are secured with a deposit protection scheme, such as the Deposit Protection Service or Letting Protection Scotland. You will be contacted by the deposit protection scheme and asked to authorise the refund and submit your bank details to them. For this you will require your deposit repayment ID, which will have been sent to you via email at the time of registering your deposit. Please be aware, the deposit refund process is managed by the deposit protection scheme and is not able to be influenced by us. Should you have any queries regarding your deposit repayment ID, you should contact the deposit protection scheme directly: Deposit Protection Service or Letting Protection Service. Please note if you ask for your deposit to be repaid to a non-UK bank account, bank charges will apply. Please see deposit protection scheme FAQs: Deposit Protection Service (England and Wales) Letting Protection Service (Scotland)

Can I terminate my tenancy once I have moved into the accommodation?

No, you cannot terminate your tenancy agreement once you have moved in, even if you have terminated your university/college course. You can move out of the accommodation, but you will remain liable for the remaining rent charges until the end of the fixed term period, or until you find a suitable replacement student who they agree to. Once they have accepted the replacement student, you must return the room key to the property office and confirm your contact details when you leave. You can submit an appeal to be released from the contract earlier than the fixed end date by submitting a request to the property office along with supporting evidence. This will be passed to a panel who will review your request and make consideration of your circumstances. Once the panel has reached its decision, both you and your guarantor will be notified in writing.